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4661 Park Blvd, University Heights (at Adams Ave), San Diego, California, USA, 92116

Vegetarian Thai restaurant. Uses organic vegetables (when available) and organic non-gmo tofu. Most food is vegan and gluten free. Opened in July 2012. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Thu 4:30pm-10:00pm, Fri 4:30pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Thai, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Reviews (28)

First Review by TheunSponselee

fantastic Thai food - Edit

I have the tuna salad (extra spicy) and the ginger soy chicken. The tuna salad was really tasty and it is served with little rice flower cups. The soy ginger chicken was delicious- lots of vegetables and very flavorful.

Pros: service, variety of gf vegan options

Cons: it is in San Diego, not Las Vegas where I live

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I'm happy, I'm so happy - Edit

This place is awesome! It's gets crowded so call in to make a reservation if you can.
The soups and the desserts are amazing.
And remember is a Thai place so hot is really hot.

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Yummy Thai food - Edit

The food here is very fresh tasting but never bland. There are many vegan options; actually, more of the menu is vegan than merely vegetarian. The atmosphere and decor is attractive; it can get a bit crowded at times but I've never had to wait very long. Service is good!

Pros: excellent food, nice vibe, Good service

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Great flavor even a meat eater would love. Really nice servers. Just a great feel. Love the area. First time and bought the pad Thai with pho chicken and one with pho beef. Both amazing

Pros: everything. great pricing

Cons: none

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Excellent Restaurant - Edit

I have been going to Plumeria for a couple years and the service, food, and overall experience keeps getting better and better. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and will cater to you individually. The atmosphere is cozy and elegantly decorated. The food is amazing and the faux meat is very realistic in both flavor and texture. They also have a gluten free option, as well as tofu. I would recommend the duck larb, the chicken satay, and the tom yum soup.
Tip: make a reservation on evenings and weekends as it can get busy.

Pros: Excellent service, Amazing food, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: You never know what the spice levels are. , It can get busy.

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Best Restaurant Ever!! - Edit

I became vegan at the begging of the year and this is the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've ever been to. Cute cafe like seeing. Amazing food and drink presentation. I had the Thai iced tea with coconut milk and they had a little flower made out of the straw cover over the straw. Cutest thing ever! The variety of options at this place is amazing I didn't know what to get. They offer vegan chicken, beef, duck, and shrimp. They also have tofu or you could get just veggies. I had the Ka Pow spicy noodles with the duck. It was amazing. The flavor is so rich and the mock duck was delicious. I wished they had a location closer to home. Definitely will return. Must try!

Pros: Extensive variety, Not to pricey, Beautiful presentation

Cons: One location

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Thank you Happycow - Edit

I found this little place due to the happy cow app. The app is a blessing and Pluneria is a cozy little place in normal heights. I ordered the crispy tofu and satay chicken. They were both good. I'll be returning to try more items.

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Wonderful in every way - Edit

I'm visiting friends in San Diego, who chose Plumeria based on recommendations: they knew nothing about vegan, but wanted to cater to my food choices.

We had reservations for six people, and were seated immediately. Service was excellent.

I had some of the best Tom Kah soup I've ever had, Lek Yum noodles with veg duck (delicious!), fresh spring rolls, and cherry chocolate ice cream. Oh. my. god. Everyone in our groups loved their meals. The portions were generous and the prices reasonable.

If I still lived in San Diego, I'd come here all the time.

Pros: Excellent Food, Value, Large portions

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Friendly staff, nice atmosphere. I had the Tom Ka soup. It was soooo good. I wish there was something like this where I lived. I will be missing it and cannot recommend enough. Also had the mango sticky rice, v good.

Pros: Best soup ever, Extensive menu, Friendly

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Excellent Thai - Edit

This restaurant serves great vegetarian Thai food. It's busy even after they have expanded so make reservations if you want to eat there. The place has a nice atmosphere, great for a date. My favorite dishes are the yellow curry, zen soup and satay. The food is awesome!

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Awesome food, Friendly staff

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I was only going to be in San Diego for a couple of days, so my mission to try the best vegan food was somewhat fast and furious. I decided to give this place a shot and it did not disappoint.

Amazing little delicacies. The mock tuna salad had a great spicy flavor and was quite tuna-like (from what I recall of real tuna). The tuna, coupled with the crispy flower cups, was like eating fancy tuna and crackers...but much more delicious. Excellent little dish. The menu labels this as a "must try" and I couldn't agree more.

I got the "chicken" satay. Awesome taste and the mock chicken was melt in your mouth delicious. I am not a peanut fan, so I wasn't sure if I'd like the peanut sauce, but it was yummy as well.

I ordered the Garlic Pepper with "chicken" dish. Sadly, because they forgot to include any utensils in my to-go order, I didn't get a chance to eat this dish until days later, when I returned home. Luckily, there was a fridge in my hotel room, so the dish was saved. When I finally got to taste it, I enjoyed it. I got a level 5 in spice (on a 1-10 scale), and it was perfectly spicy for me. It came with broccoli, which was cooked perfectly 1/2 crunchy and 1/2 soft.

When I return to the area, I'll definitely return here, hopefully for a dine-in experience next time. There was a lot on the menu that looked appealing, and being that everything I had was so delicious, I can't wait to try more of their dishes. This restaurant is strictly vegetarian, but as a vegan, I like that the menu marks the vegan items with a "V".

It's in a popular area that is lined with other restaurants, so the fight to find a space (street parking) is very much a pain during certain times...like most of the time.

Pros: AMAZING flavor and delicious food

Cons: parking

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All Vegetarian, but Great for Omnivores too - Edit

I actually had this place recommended to me by an omnivore. I took my omni husband and our friend (also omni) without making a huge deal about it being an all-veg place, and they weren't disappointed. It was a bit of a wait to get in on a Friday night, so you might want to make reservations if you really don't want to wait. We all started with soy milk thai tea (also available with coconut milk or half-and-half), which was a crowd-pleaser. I started to order the taro tea with soy milk, but the very helpful server informed me that it was made with a dairy-based mix. The entrees were all really yummy. Many of them allow you to choose from a variety of mock meats, organic tofu, or just veggies. Much of the menu is vegan-friendly (and there are a lot of gluten-free items, if that's an issue for you). The portions were generous, and you can select the level of spice you want from 10 levels - I got a level four, which was pleasantly spicy. I think this will become a new favorite spot for us ^_^

Pros: Great food, generous portions, Large selection of Vegan and GF options, Nice, helpful staff

Cons: Parking is limited , On weekends, reservations recommended

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Genuine Thai Food - Edit

I highly recommend it. The thai food is amazing. This place is authentic and cook their dishes on a thai spicy scale. I had a curry and pad thai dish split for 2; we both left full of greatness.

Pros: Authentic, Many Protein options

Cons: Small Resturantant and can be loud when busy

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Awesome food - Amazing service! - Edit

If I could give this restaurant 6 stars, I would. The food was great, better than most Thai restaurants, and I didn't have to worry about asking if there was fish sauce in any of the dishes. Their faux meat choices were fabulous. What made this restaurant stand out for me was their service and attention to detail. We are a family of five and our youngest child is 1 y/o. For the baby, we usually just give him stuff he can hold and eat right out of his hand - a piece of carrot, tofu, some noodles. Needless to say, he ends up eating it off the table... The owner of the restaurant noticed that and brought him a small plastic bowl and mentioned that at the end of the night they clean the tables with chemicals (think windex) we don't really want to ingest. That was very thoughtful! Further, when bringing us our dessert, the staff brought some cut up apples for the kids and some cute edible cake decorations, and extra miniature umbrellas to take home. The restaurant seems to be a little overstaffed, by other restaurants' standards, but they didn't sit around, they were constantly walking by removing empty plates and refilling water glasses. The food also came super-fast, I'm talking three minutes for the appetizers and before we were done with those, the entrees were already coming. What can I say, I was impressed with the quality of the food and the quality of the staff. We will definitely go back during our one-week stay in San Diego!

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Best Vegetarian Thai! - Edit

This is the best Thai vegetarian restaurant I've been and I've been to a few including the ones in LA and Irvine. So glad to find this restaurant.

I like their Spicy Noodle and Veggie Chicken Ka Pow. We ordered with heat level 5 out of 10 and they were spicy enough without adding more hot sauce or chilies. The dishes were designed to be served for one person but you can still share in a family style dinner with your group, ask for plates.

We ordered an appetizer, 'tuna' in flower cups that is popular from chef specialty menu. We thought that it was just ok. The 'tuna' salad is vegan and I know what it is made of since I make vegan tuna salad at home with that ingredient. The filling/ salad was too salty in my opinion. It would have been better if it was mixed with other ingredients such as cube potatoes or yam to reduce the saltiness. There is a version of this with tofu, it may be better and less salty.

However, the veg chicken ka pow with yellow noodle was soooo gooood. The cut green beans were crunchy and the chicken was chewy. There were a lot of holy basil in the dish. Super yummy!

The Spicy Noodle was served with crispy tofu as we requested. YUM! I think their wok is so hot that the dishes came out so hot and crispy. The restaurant accommodate vegans very well, just communicate with them.

I wish that we have more people so we can try many other dishes but we will be back.

Service was quick and friendly. The restaurant is small so maybe during a peak time there is a wait time although we didn't wait too long on a Saturday night. I would recommend a reservation for a group. Also, parking can be hard in this area.

Pros: Tasty, Large portions, Great service

Cons: Small restaurant, Wait for tables, Parking

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Delicious! - Edit

This restaurant is awesome! I would highly recommend going here!

There were lines out the door and we had to wait for 45 minutes for a table on a Saturday night (so try to make a reservation) but it was well worth the wait! Most of the dishes are vegan as well as gluten free (and everything is vegetarian, no fish sauce!). Additionally, I have a corn allergy and they were very accommodating, I had no problems. The owner was very helpful and knew what was in her food. They do serve dishes with eggs and dairy, something the couple at the table next to us was not aware of until they ended up with egg in their pad thai, but if you ask for vegan you will get it!

The one downside with this restaurant is its size. Since it is a small, and very popular, restaurant the wait is long and the tables are close together. However, if you don't have a busy night and don't mind being close to the people next to you, you will have a blast! The waitstaff was also very sorry about the wait and even provided tea while we waited.

Keep an eye out for the chili pepper symbol, it means spicy and it does not lie! I loved the peanut sauce and tom kah soup and the desserts were decadent and beautifully presented! Yummy yummy!!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Accommodating of food allergies

Cons: Long wait, Small restaurant, So good I ate way too much! ;D

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Lucky San Diego! - Edit

I just tried Plumeria yesterday for lunch. What a shocker! I love Thai food, but I'm never really sure that the chefs understand "no fish sauce." I usually have to stick to simply stir-fry. However, here, the are so many vegan choices! We shared the pepper tofu and the pumpkin curry, spiced at a 5. I was in heaven! The curry was fragrant, flavorful, heavenly, perfectly spiced, the vegetables cooked without mushing them, and the cute star-shaped brown-white rice made for a delightful meal. Upscale ambience, impeccable service. San Diego's collection of vegan-friendly restaurants just got a serious boost.

Pros: Quality of food, Number of vegan dishes, Great service

Cons: Not the cheapest, but still good value, I couldn't eat it all :)

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amazing! - Edit

one of the best meals i've ever had! the pumpkin curry was sweet, spicy, and bursting with kafir lime leaf and thai basil flavors. the cucumber based "summer salad" was also delicious with ground peanuts and a sweet lime dressing. coconut icecream and sticky rice for dessert... perfect!

Pros: great flavors, good amount of heat, friendly service

Cons: a bit slow

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Yum! - Edit

This is my neighborhood so I am doubly pleased to have another veg option that I can walk to! Very friendly staff, tasty food and generous portions. And the interior designer in my loves what they did with the decor. It's a small place but has been very busy since they opened. I've only taken my food to go, but one of these days, I'll dine in. I'd like to see vegan desserts on the menu. Everything was very tasty, fresh and they can do spicy if you want spicy. Cashew Nut is always my benchmark entree for this type of restaurant and I was not disappointed. I look forward to sampling the rest of the menu. I like that they use local, non gmo tofu too. The only thing I can't seem to get over is that plant outside in the middle of the other door...something weird about it feng shui-wise or just odd. :o)

Pros: Location, Tasty, Selection

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Wonderful! - Edit

The food here is delicious! All 4 dishes we ordered were wonderful, the satay as well. Their mock meats in particular were tasty. Service was good. The place is decorated very prettily; all purple and flowers. I would love to eat here again. Price was reasonable $8-12. Very vegan friendly. Some dishes have eggs, but they ask you when you're ordering whether or not you want the egg.

Pros: Delicious, Service, Atmosphere

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Great Flavor, Good Variety, Will Return - Edit

I just came back from a lunch at Plumeria. It's a lovely little Thai place with both cushioned booth-bench and chair seating the menu is very decently sized, but not crazy long like some Thai places. I had the Pumpkin Curry w/mock pork, with a requested heat level of 5 (out of 10). I was warned that they skew their spicy hot dishes pretty hot. I pass that warning on to you as they were right, next time I'll ask for a "3." Portions are not huge, but my companion did have leftovers. The flavors are very good, but the pork meat substitute was middling, as I think it was a very well reconstituted TVP, but still TVP. I look forward to trying the fish instead. The chicken was better than the pork, but was "soft," to quote my omnivore companion. Prices are also middle of the road. I'll be going back to try the tangerine dish.

Pros: Mostly Vegan, Very Good Flavor, Reasonably Priced

Cons: Spicy Hot, On The Hot Items, O.k. But Not Great Meat Substitutes

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Good flavors - Edit

Very nice restaurant, found it through this website. It was the best food i've eating on this trip (we're from Holland and traveling the USA west coast). I tried the 'mock chicken satay and the veggie beef in 2 dishes and they both tasted amazing. Both tasted and felt structure wise like meat. Not that i'm in search of substitutes of chicken of beef, but it was a very good alternative and nice variation of flavors.
Both dishes we're seasoned well, not to much, all in balance.

No real cons about this restaurant

Pros: Great flavors, Friendly, Ambiance

Cons: Loud

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