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on the path down to natural bridge, Imi-n-ifri, Morocco

A surprising vegan treat

We discovered this little place by chance on our descent to the natural bridge at Imi-n-ifri. We sat on a beautiful terrace, enjoyed two ginger-spiced coffees and chatted with the friendly owner. He also offers organic vegan tajines (too bad we had just eaten lunch elsewhere)!

9 Rue Loubnane, Ville Nouvelle, Marrakech, Morocco

Magnificent mezzes!

This quiet little restaurant in la ville nouvelle, was a great treat! We ordered the mezze combination platter for two (240 dhr), which came with a choice of eight different dishes from the mezze menu. The selection of vegan mezzes was quite big - easily at least two-thirds of the mezze choices. The food was really delicious!

Rue des Banque Hotel Kanriya 10, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Very disappointing

After specifically tracking it down, we were disappointed to find only a few vegetarian menu items, no more than any other cafe in Marrakesh. Given the cafe's prime location in Marrakesh and it's French/English menu board, the server did not seem to know their menu. After having asked for the Moroccan salad (tomatoes and peppers) we were given salads with egg (we're vegan). Once we got the right salads, they were tiny, quite boring and expensive.

Lange Nieuwstraat 71, Utrecht, Netherlands

Delectable food for a night out

My husband took me here to celebrate my new job offer. He called ahead (1 1/2 hours before our reservation) to let them know that we're vegan. If you're vegetarian there are both appetizers and main courses that you can order from the menu (which is often a rarity itself in Utrecht). The food was out of this world, considering that restaurants in Utrecht generally tend to charge quite a bit for low quality/unoriginal food. The staff were very knowledgeable in terms of what vegan is and what it was that we could have. It was a bit expensive but the portions were reasonable (my husband wasn't hungry after the meal) and it's definitely more of a place for a celebration or a nicer meal out! We'll definitely be going back!

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

An Elegant Meal

I had about 5 hours to kill on my way through Berlin and I noticed that La Mano Verde was near Hauptbahnhof. The atmosphere in the restaurant was elegant and relaxed, and other than the reaction from server that I was on my own, I felt at ease in the restaurant. La Mano Verde is all vegan and serves a large selection of raw food. I ordered raw cannelonni, which was thinly sliced sweet potato filled with cashew cream and chocolate ice cream for dessert. It was really delicious and well presented. I was glad that I wasn't overly hungry that evening because despite eating slowly and savouring it all it wasn't actually very much food for the price. That being said, however, I would go back if I'm ever in Berlin again.

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delicious meal in a cozy setting

We went here a Sunday night and although it was pretty busy it had a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The meal was pretty varied and was quite a lot of food for the price. That night they served black beans, rice, pumpkin, salad and stir-fried bok choy. It was all really tasty. For dessert they had a heavenly hazelnut chocolate pie with a nice nutty crumb crust. We'll definitely go back again!

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 331, Amsterdam, Netherlands


I really like supporting vegetarian restaurants and I will usually give places the benefit of the doubt, however I was disappointed by my experience at De Vliegende Schotel. We ordered the aubergine soup (soup of the day) and the fried seitan as appetizers. We found the soup to be good but a bit too salty. I liked the fried seitan but my husband didn't care for it. For the main course I ordered the goulash and my husband order the Bornea curry. My goulash came with sour cream on it (after I was told that it was a vegan option), but they did give me a new one. It was alright but it actually really needed to be served with the sour cream to balance out the flavours. My husband found his curry to be ok, but the vegetables were rock hard (and this wasn't a raw dish) and the curry flavour was somewhat bland. Both meals came with an assortement of small salads, which we both didn't find very tasty (one was even an egg salad which I ate around). We didn't order dessert but I wouldn't have anyway since there wasn't anything vegan on the dessert menu. On the plus side the restaurant stocks really interesting organic/fair trade beer, so we enjoyed those. Also, the service was not as a slow as some of the other reviews indicated. All in all, however, we probably won't go out of our way to go to this restaurant again.

2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Tasty break from typical tajines

After having been in Morocco for a couple of weeks it was great to have something other than vegetable tajines! The cafe ambiance is very colourful and bright, which we really liked. We ordered the burger and the spring rolls. They were both very tasty, although quite similar to one another since they essentially contained the same ingredients.

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

Amazing bagel sandwiches!

We went here for lunch on our first day in Salzburg. We ordered the smoked tofu bagel, tempeh bagel, lentil soup and salad. We were really impressed by the bagels! We also ordered an apple struddel for dessert. The food was really good, and the vegan choices are clearly marked (although most of the menu is not vegan).

Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent, Belgium

Very filling and delicious!

My boyfriend and I were in Ghent this past weekend and Komkommertijd happened to be just around the corner from the B&B we were staying at. The dishes were varied and delicious! We would definitely go again!

Maria-Hendrikaplein 5-6, Ghent, Belgium

Funky Lunch Spot

This was a perfect place for lunch! It's set up cafeteria style where you can either grab a tray and choose your own food or you can order a set menu from the person at the cash. My boyfriend chose the seitan stew with fries/chips and vegan mayo and salad. I had the lunch plate, which was a small buffet-style selection of salads, ratatouille, amazing baked aubergine, rice/mushroom fritters, etc. We also shared a fresh strawberry milkshake made from soy milk and soy ice cream. We ate outside on their terrace amongst their mini veggie garden, where some of the herbs and veggies that use are grown. I'll definitely be back if I'm every in Gent again!

Rue Mohammed ed Diouri, Essaouira, Morocco

Not your typical Morccan fare

This restaurant served several unusual Moroccan dishes, not typically offered as a vegetarian version - such as pastilla, beans and lentils with msemen. Most excitingly, the restaurant offers an entire vegetarian menu, including salad and dessert and bread/dips for 80 dhr per person. Of the six entree choices, two were vegan (we strongly recommend the lentil dish!)! Definitely an awesome choice!

Place Med Ben Abdellah, El Jadida, Morocco

A veg friendly oasis

We stumbled across this little Lebanese restaurant, after several weeks of eating variations of vegetarian couscous and tajine. The staff was really friendly and the food was quite good and affordable.

20, Rue Laalouj - Place El Khayma, Essaouira, Morocco

Best tajines in Morocco!

This tiny restaurant serves Moroccan vegetarian food, offering many different variations that are usually not available in regular restaurants. To start, we ordered the harira soup, which was good, although it could have used a bit more spice/salt to round of the flavour. We ordered two tajines as entrees, one with green beans and prunes and the other chickpeas. The first few bites of the tajines seemed a bit bland, however the bottom layers were spiced perfectly, making these two of the best tasting tajines we've had in a month travelling through Morocco!

Antonius Matthaeuslaan 112, Utrecht, Netherlands

Amazing Chinese Food!

My husband and I decided to order takeaway from here last week. Despite my dulled taste buds from a nagging cold, we both thoroughly enjoyed the food! We ended up ordering their combination menu for 2, and were able to switch the soup for wonton soup for an extra Euro. Despite it being a little pricey, we'll definitely be going back!

Pauwstraat 11, Utrecht, Netherlands

Good veg food in a sea of omni restaurants

Although Sunshine is off the beaten track, it's definitely worth your while. We've been a couple of times so far and the food has been really good. For vegans it's important to note that if you order the vegetarian dishes you need to tell them that you're vegan (you might also want to say that you don't eat dairy) as they will add cheese and a cream dressing to the salad on the injera. They have a few different vegetarian toppings/curries to choose from, including dishes made from lentils, kale or brown beans. They also serve Ethiopian beer as well as fair trade Mongozo beer. Despite my initial mishap with dairy on the injera toppings, Sunshine is a great little place serving veg friendly food in a city with very few good vegan/vegetarian options.

1 Hoogpoort, Gent, Ghent, Belgium

Awesome Fast Food!

We were in Gent for the weekend and were super impressed with Tasty World! Awesome choices in burgers and the milkshakes (which can be made with soymilk) were incredible! This place is a chain restaurant, so I'm wondering why the concept hasn't spread. I'd love to see this place in Utrecht (the Netherlands), where I live, which is a city very similar to Gent in terms of being a student town.

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