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CLOSED: La Mano Verde

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Contact +49-3082703120

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany, 10623

A gourmet vegan cuisine destination in Berlin-Kudamm, La Mano Verde was created to showcase and introduce a sophisticated way of preparing plant-based products. Features 50% vegan cooked, 50% raw food, and all organic drinks. Pre-theater menu is offered from 5pm. Closed Aug 2015. Open Mon-Sat 5:00pm-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, International, Organic, Raw, Beer/Wine, European, Fusion, German, Gourmet

Reviews (82)

First Review by corey

elegant and special food - Edit

I guess I expected a bit more but the food still was good, although, I think it is a bit overpriced. We spent more than a 100 € for 2 people for a three-course menu.
The salad sauce was amazing and their avocado rolls were so delicious! Try them! I didn't really like their tempeh "steaks" with the gravy but the gnocchi were good. You couldn't really taste the filling of the capeletti because the sauce was overpowering the taste. The dessert were amazing though! Their chocolate fudge was like a giant truffle (you can't finish it by yourself!) and the crème brûlée was fruity and different from the usual!
If you are looking for big portions, don't go there. I wasn't really satisfied after the meal because I usually eat quite a lot.

Pros: nicely presented food, different and new dishes, g

Cons: small portions, a little too expensive and overrat

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Elegant and tasty - Edit

We reserved a table for saturday night. It's elegant, plate are tasty and well presented. Good choice gluten free or raw too. I loved the cappelletti and the triple chocolate fudge :)

Pros: All vegan, Gluten free option, Tasty

Cons: Reservation

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Best [raw]restaurant ever - Edit

I went to la Mano Verde for the first time for my Bday two years ago. I'm really into raw foods, it makes me feel like I'm really discovering something new.
I think it's my favorite restaurant for many reasons, but the main reason is obviously the food.
I think I've tried the whole menu over these years, it changes sometimes but I can tell everything is just fabulous.
The Salade de la Mer, which is a mesclun of different seaweeds with a creamy lemony sauce. When your plate arrives you might think these are really small portions but trust me, rawfood makes you feel satisfied very quickly.
The Quiche Mediterranean is A MUST!I just can't describe how delicate it is, with the sun-dried tomatoes and all these grains.. It's epic. I also had the raw raviolis, not really my think but give a try to the raw sushi, they will melt in your mouth and you will re-discover sushi.
The Pasta de La Mer are gluten free and truly amazing, and they now have a Kimchi tower which is also a great deal. I had some risotto once, which is not raw, but still vegan, creamy and very satisfying.
Good selection of wines too!
Regarding the desserts: I'm not a huge fan of raw desserts, but they have a cashew/plum cheesecake if I remember correctly, and a triple fudge chocolate or something, but I'm not into chocolate, and this one wasn't gluten-free or raw.
I've seen they have 2 new desserts on the menu: A "Charlotte" and kinda Snickers as well, both look amazing, I can't wait to get back there to try them!!
A great experience, great place and great service overall :)

Pros: lots of raw, great food, great wine, nice location

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Excellent - Edit

My husband (who is a meat eater) and I went here for lunch during our trip to Berlin. We were both very impressed with the food. The atmosphere was also very nice. We ordered the three course meal, which included a bugler salad, a mushroom pasta, and a fruit salad for dessert. We enjoyed everything. My husband doesn't even really like mushrooms, but he really liked the dish. Everything was presented beautifully.
It's lovely to sit out on the patio area on a nice day.

Pros: lovely atmosphere, excellent food, good service

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the best vegan restaurant in Berlin? maybe - Edit

Updated from previous review on February 20, 2014
I came back to this restaurant for another lunch because I wanted to see if I just had bad luck with the pasta last time. The soup for starter was wonderful. They were out of the main course for the lunch menu but they politely offered us to choose something else from the ordinary menu. We both tried the raw vegan lasagna which was delicious.

great food and great service.

Previous review from Tuesday February 11, 2014
It is a really nice restaurant but the lunch was a little bit of a disappointment. There were only one daily lunch alternative. A wonderful carrot soup for starter and some awful spaghetti with ratatouille. I love pasta but I don't go to a restaurant to eat simple thick white soft spaghetti which reminds me about the food we were served in school. For desert I made the mistake to order chocolate cake. It looked wonderful but there was no real taste from chocolate. Made me think about cakes for children parties. I will return to this place because I would like to try other dishes from the menu and not only the daily lunch alternative.

Pros: atmosphere, service, quality

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well-presented food - Edit

iPads are used for the menu - self-explanatory, for the most part. There was a lunchtime deal of starter plus main or main plus dessert, but only one option in each category (not from the à la carte menu). I had the starter plus main for €10.50: couscous salad with bits of apple, raisins, cabbage, carrot, coriander and mint on a bed of greens – delicious. The main was two baked eggplant rounds topped with tofu Bolognese, cashew crème and rocket (arugula), sprinkled with pink peppercorns on the plate. There was almost too much Bolognese, making a fairly rich meal. (Bread or raw crackers cost extra.) The à la carte menu had several interesting but rather expensive items such as a type of gazpacho and a tasty-sounding lasagna.
Dishes were attractively presented.
I ate outside on the patio, which was pleasant.
(I was there in September 2013.)

Pros: tasty and vegan

Cons: relatively pricey

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Exquisite experience; game-changing cuisine - Edit

This incredible restaurant is in the "never forget" category. Although I live in Los Angeles, an area filled with vegan-friendly cuisine, La Mano Verde truly held its own against even the very best places I've been to.

The food is meticulously crafted and prepared. The flavors, colors, and textures are as ambitious as they are dramatic, making every bite an excitingly delicious adventure. Best of all, though the food was special enough to impress a long-time vegan like myself, it is deliciously accessible enough to impress and satisfy my boyfriend's parents (who were, in fact, trying vegan cuisine for the first time).

I love this place -- the mushroom risotto alone must be from another planet it's so divine. A vegetarian's trip to Berlin isn't complete without coming here. Go and treat yourself!

Pros: Impeccable Food, Creative Menu, Wonderful service

Cons: wish this was closer to my home! (Cali)

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High class vegan dining - Edit

I've been here a couple of times and have had mixed experiences. The food was good, the atmosphere was lovely and the waiting staff were very attentive and it certainly has the feeling of high-class dining. The prices were extremely high. If you are getting exceptional food then I would say this is reasonable, especially given the posh location of the restaurant. However, the food was good, not exceptional. I also remember the portion sizes being ridiculously small and we ended up snacking once we got home.

Pros: Very attentive staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: value, Small portion

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I had to sell a kidney but it was worth it! - Edit

I came to this restaurant not expecting much as vegan and raw food in Germany is still a little behind in taste in my humble opinion but was pleasantly surprised by this New York style fancy pants restaurant.

I started the evening with the raw Lime-Almond-Gazpacho which was refreshing and tasty and continued with the raw sushi which I wasn't too keen on. Nice idea but Ladyveg thinks they need to work on the flavour a little more. The side sauce was delicious though. I chose the Risotto Melange de Champignons as my main and it was a little on the small side but utterly delicious! I would have licked the plate but I know the Germans at the table beside me wouldn't have appreciated that kind of behaviour.
I finished off the evening with the Crême Brulée. Very, very yummy!

The staff were friendly and attentive and the owner also greeted us. A very nice fellow even if he looked like a dish washer from New Jersey.
But what's up with the crummy pre 1985 bathrooms? Again, there was that New Jersey vibe. I almost didn't feel safe! Sorry Jersey...

But aside from a few little things, I am definitely saving that second kidney for a future visit :)

Updated from previous review on Saturday September 21, 2013

Pros: Food, Staff, Choice

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too expensive - Edit

Our dinner for two here cost 100 euros. In Berlin two people can eat dinner out for a week with that kind of money. It was absolutely not worth the money. Firstly, the service is not courteous, the iPad menus are superfluous and hard to use, and the open kitchen is not attractive. When it comes to the food, it is very, very average, from appetizer to dessert. Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet. To charge this kind of money for vegetables you have to do something amazing with them. It's not enough for the food to be edible. I can tell you I've had much better and more interesting vegan and raw dinners in my life. After leaving this place I felt cheated out of my money - it just did not deliver.

Pros: nice decor, good location near shopping

Cons: too expensive, food, cold service

8 Responses

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jcjury 16 Nov 2013 - My dear Roxette,
If for you €100,00 for two are too much why are you coming in first place? La Mano Verde Menu is published on line, on a menu board before entering the restaurant and as you mentioned on i-pads. So if you don't have the budget, don't blame the restaurant, go to eat somewhere your budget permits. After reading the diverse reviews you published so far you have only very positive or very negative comments. My kitchen team and service team are doing the best they can to satisfy customers, don't tell me they are not courteous, at this point I think they probably just reflected your negativity. La Mano Verde is for the 3rd year classified in Germany Top 800 Restaurants. So please stop to write comments about gourmet food, review places your budget can afford. People love our open kitchen, everybody else love the i-pad menus, learn the way to use the i-pad and don't blame us for your lack of knowledge. If you had much better and more interesting somewhere else, great, please go back to those places you loved and leave us in peace... We are working to hard to accept this kind of unjustified comments. Wish you a wonderful life. Jean

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roxette521 17 Nov 2013 - Actually, if you read my review, you would notice that I don't "blame" the restaurant for being expensive. I state that the food was not delicious and the service was not friendly. Clearly I did have the budget to pay 100 euros for a meal, which is why I visited the restaurant. But whether people are spending 10 euros or 100, they still expect value for their money. Nobody comes to spend 100 Euros on boring, tasteless food. Berlin, even West Berlin, is a city on the cheap side. So 100 Euros should buy you more than in Paris, in NYC, in London, or even in Munich. I've had gourmet vegan meals in all of those cities for less money that delivered more creativity and expertise, better execution and flavor, prettier presentation, a more varied wine selection, and a superior dining experience overall. I stand by my review, and I think your defensive reaction makes you look much worse than my original review ever could. Frankly, you sound insane and bitter, and you're clearly not interested in improving your business.

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jcjury 22 Nov 2013 - My dear Roxette,
I stand to my comments, tasteless people are easy to spot by just reading the reviews and I read all of your comments published so far on Happy Cow. Just stop to be so negative or get a proper food education before bullying restaurants the way you do. Insane and bitter? really? what about you?

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roxette521 22 Nov 2013 - And I read all of your "comments" on Happy Cow. You basically tell every single person that didn't like your restaurant that he or she is cheap and stupid. I'm trying to help others find value and quality by sharing my experience, nothing more. You just spew insults at people that dare to not like your restaurant. If you can't take criticism, you shouldn't be i nthe restaurant business. "Bullying", "negative", and "get a proper food education" are all things that describe you very well. You also need some serious therapy.

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jcjury 29 Nov 2013 - Roxette521 or what ever your real name is, if you don't like people like me going after you stop to use strong words like you are doing. If you don't like the food, write as a title: I did not like the food or similar, but don't write "Waste of Money". By doing so you insult a team doing a wonderful job, and you tell all customers having a great experience with us how stupid they are to like our food. You don't like good food, Roxette, you like bargains, as much as you can at the best price, and sorry this is not what we are about. Enjoy the next bargain!

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runsten 11 Feb 2014 - Why do you attack Roxette? Every restaurant here at Happy cow have many reviews. You read several of them and make up your mind, not after just Roxette's review, but after your conclusions after reading maybe 5 - 10 reviews. Every one understands that people have different taste and some people like Roxette and me might be "picky and spoiled" but if there are many other good reviews, people will disregard our reviews since we are just the spoiled picky ignorant people.

I did like your restaurant but I was disappointed about the dishes for lunch today. I really felt that I was back in school eating spaghetti with ratatouille and at a children party eating some sweet unhealthy cake. Maybe it is because if come from Scandinavia but we would never go to a restaurant to eat Spaghetti. Pasta, yes, but not thick white soft worms (what we used to joke about in school). A la dente might be a concept you should introduce, to avoid giving the feeling that you are eating in a canteen.

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janne 29 Jun 2014 - For me this review was the most helpful. I'm on my way to Berlin tomorrow and I was looking for nice places to eat. Le Mano Verde seemed promising, it was near my hotel and it was all vegan.

I was going to go check it out, but luckily I ran into this thread. Whatever the food is like, I can't imagine dining in a restaurant with an owner/staff as arrogant and hostile as what I've seen here. Thanks for the heads up.

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AmandaUCSC 30 May 2015 - I see both sides to this thread and just wanted to make a comment. I've eaten at La Mano Verde twice and both times I had a very nice experience, above all because the staff is courteous and the service impeccable. I find it a bit hilarious to insult that aspect of the experience, maybe it was a one-off for this poster's experience, but I find it laughable to complain about what I think has been my best service experience at *any* restaurant in Berlin *regardless of the food.* I've dined many times in Paris and find it laughable to even try and compare to places there. I was just in Paris (again, and I used to live there for years, too) and just locating a vegan-friendly non-generic-café is impossible.

Regarding the comments on the food, you wrote, "Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet." But do we have evidence? You haven't told us what you even ate or tried. If it was so tasteless why not tell the owner and chef what exactly you disliked so he/she can try hard to improve it? This is vital if you post a negative review. I have noticed in Berlin that owners and chefs do often read these responses closely - as we see in this thread here - and if you actually want them to give you a better food you need to specify what it was you didn't like about the food you ate. Complaining gets you nowhere unless you can provide specifics.

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On the whole a nice dinner - Edit

I really enjoyed the food here, especially having tortelli and crime brûlée. The crime brûlée by the way, is worth a flight to Berlin for. Yes it is a bit expensive, but no more so than places like Manna in the UK which is also higher end vegan dining. I really enjoyed the beer too. The only thing that annoyed me slightly was not being brought water when we asked for it. Twice. I don't know if asking for tap water in Germany is a faux pars, but we just wanted some but not a whole bottle as it was a hot day and we were drinking alcoholic drinks. If had we not ordered other drinks as well I could understand. We would have got bottled water happily if this had been pointed out rather than just ignoring us. I worked in a famous celebrity chef's restaurant for 2 years and was required to offer water in the order of "tap, still or sparkling".

Anyway, other than that the staff were nice enough, although clearly rushed off their feet. I would visit again, although next time I will remember not to ask for water!

To end of a positive note, we had a lovely glass of Prosecco at the end :)

Pros: Yummy food, Beautiful restaurant , Easy to find and central location

Cons: Aloofness in service

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High quality restaurant - Edit

I am vegan for 20 years and I like restaurants where I can eat better than I can prepare food myself.
This restaurant satisfied my taste and quality. Owner is well informed and menu is carefully selected.
They know even what to do with nightshades vegetables which I am avoiding in my diet.
It is a place where you can have excellent dinner time.

Pros: Good taste, Good quality, Vegan knowledge

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nice, pricy, but not healthy conform our standards - Edit

We went here to taste some really good vegan food, that we would not cook at home. As starters we had chickpea soup, which was ok but not supreme, and the quiche that looked and tasted very good. As a side salad we had the 10 kinds of green leafs. Although I asked for a walnut free salad because of allergy, they served it with walnut, so they had to make it a second time. Fortunately I saw this on time and my evening wasn't ruined by an allergy attack. The salad was almost dripping of oil and also our main dishes were quite fatty.
As a main dish I wanted to order a raw lasagna, but this was not possible because they pre-made it with hazelnuts for which I have an allergy, so I went for the sea spaghetti. My wife went for the tortellini.
The tortellini and sea spaghetti were nice, but drizzled in olive oil, too salty and the pasta was not whole-wheat. The portion size was good. The deserts were okay. We had 'cheese' cake made from cashews and mango and fruit sorbet.

In short, this is an Italian restaurant where everything is veganized. Because of the oil, salt and white pasta we would not call this food healthy, as they advertize. It would be better for publicity if the chef and some of the staff members would indeed look healthy and trim. We recommend looking at the way Dr. Fuhrman cooks: http://www.drfuhrman.com.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 10, 2013

Pros: food looks beautiful, everything is vegan

Cons: too much oil, salt and refined grains, many dishes contain nuts (allergic!), expensive

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I missed flavor - Edit

Well, coming from a place where vegan restaurants are still developing (Brazil), it was very nice to see an upscale vegan restaurant. As I walked through the door I thought "well, this is going to be the most expensive place in my trip through europe". But it is not THAT expensive. And I was very curious to experience a vegan gourmet place.

So, I ordered pasta and some sort of chocolate cake for desert.
The pasta was well prepared and had a nice presentation. But I think it could have more flavor. It was almost like I had to try hard to feel some seasoning.
The chocolate cake was the opposite, It was very sweet and I had to make a huge effort to eat it all.

I'd like to come back someday to have a second opinion.

Pros: nice staff, upscale vegan place

Cons: not that tasty, price?

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runsten 11 Feb 2014 - Yes, forget about the chocolate cake for almost 10 euro! Sweet and tasteless.

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A Curate's Egg - Edit

I saw gushing reviews here and decided to give it a go. The service, I am sorry to say this is my usual experience in Germany, was sadly lacking, but more so. I decided to go for an all raw lunch to see what variety the kitchen could come up with.

I had the Mediterranean Quiche, the Garten Lasagne and the Mango Cheesecake. I felt the Lasagne, delicious and filling though it was, at €20.50 was way overpriced. I have no complaints about the standard of preparation, presentation or taste in the meal. One thing that did surprise me was as I had ordered two raw options I was given bread to eat with it. As I am not a raw vegan I was shocked to think a small detail like this has been overlooked, or is raw food in Germany less restrictive than elsewhere?

I would go back tomorrow to try more of the menu were I not eating alone. For the food I have I would score this 7/10, the service I would mark down as 3/10 (it had improved by the time desert was served).

As a recently bereaved person who is having to dine out alone regularly for the first time in 37 years when I travel, I wish even more than ever that single patrons at restaurants were not treated as an embarrassment, as though we were naked but the staff are too polite or restrained to comment on the fact.

I hate marking anything with a negative comment, but this needs often until attitudes change.

Pros: Well presented, Good balance of raw options, A fine well ranging menu

Cons: Service, Service, Service

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Monique22 10 Aug 2013 - Thank you for the honest review. I'm considering trying this place this weekend and keep seeing that their food is good, but their service is lacking. I'm a bit wary and don't want to spend a ton of money to get service that isn't very good, yet at the same time, really want to try their food.

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Yummy yummy yummy!!! - Edit

I am a passionate vegan and my boyfriend is a passionate meat and dairy eater!he kindly agreed to come to this restaurant with me!we were greeted by the waiter who took our coats and led us to our seat!we had not booked one either!the waiter was quite shy and appeared reserved, as we had imagined that he had rarely been treated with kindness and respect!he quickly came out of his shell and was so informative and recommended an array of delicious foods!we got a bottle of white to share. I got the raw vegan maki which was to die for!for mains my boyfriend got the ravioli and i got the tempeh!the food was delisciuous but I wasnt fond of the tempeh but that is because I do not digest gluten very well so that was probably my problem!the taste was lovely though!the bill came in a lovely wooden treasure chest!the restaurant was quite busy with a diverse age ranged crowd!the location is great and the decor of the place is very upper-class and trendy!would recommend this in a heart beat!however it was quite pricey at 78e!

Pros: Great service, Delicious food, Diverse food selection

Cons: A little pricey

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Vegans need beautiful gourmet food, too! - Edit

On a long weekend Berlin gateway, we (me and two non-vegans) paid a visit to La Mano Verde.
Comfortable location (Kudamm), beautiful decor (really beautiful), welcoming and helpful staff, one friendly and interesting chef (Jean-Christian Jury) and above all: special, colorful, super tasty food!
I have never been to such restaurant before and was more than happy to experience something a little different. A place where you see lots of different people around you, tourists, locals, old elegant ladies, youngsters in casual dressing, vegans and of course, non-vegans.

The variety is interesting and s always in a place where I can take EVERYTHING from the menu; it was very hard to decide. I tried convincing the non-vegans to pick different dishes so I can have a bite :)
We had the Parsnip soup, the mushroom Risotto with the white sauce and the spinach ravioli - all were very good and beautifully served. For dessert we were all eager to try the Creme bralée because we kept smelling the burnt sugar from tables next to us, and indeed, this passion fruit Creme bralée did not let us down and was one big smile. Yum.

In between this wonderful dinner and two bottles of wine, we got to know Jean-Christina, the man behind the concept. We learned about his ideas and were very impressed with his lay back, down to earth attitude and friendliness.
Will definitely go back to visit La Mano Verde and if I'd live in Berlin I have no doubt that I'd join the vegan cooking courses that the place offers.

Bottom Line: not your typical Asian/fast food vegan! Dress nicely, take someone special and enjoy!

Pros: Special food , Nice atmosphere

Cons: It's in Berlin and not in Hamburg :)

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Vegan Gourmet near Kudamm in Berlin - Edit

I am totally happy with this incredible restaurant right in the middle of Berlin!!
The food is very carefully selected and absolutely fresh!
A very nice fancy atmossphere,the restaurant is managed in a gentle professional way and in this case I really appreciate, that vegan food can be a truly gourmet experience

Gottfried Vollmer Berlin 2013

Pros: excellent food, fair price

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Best food I've ever had. - Edit

Wow. I don't think that anything I say can do La Mano Verde justice, but it definitely is a special restaurant.

My mother and I traveled to Berlin for about 10 days over Christmas of 2012, and we wound up eating here either 6 or 7 times. If they had been open every day, we would have eaten there every night. We ate here our first night and had a wonderful meal. We knew that we would come back, but being foodies we wanted to try other places too. After a few days, having a few dissatisfying meals at other vegan and non-vegan restaurants, we decided to stick with the best food we had ever had and go back here every night! Aside from the food, the owner, Jean, is a lovely man and a delight to talk to. Jean and the friendly waitstaff made sure that we were comfortable and had an excellent meal every night. It is a beautiful interior, and the atmosphere is very warm and relaxing.

The menu is half cooked, half raw, with mostly gluten free options. I eat all vegan/gf and mostly raw, but my experience with raw food at restaurants has been rather disappointing (dirty, over-use of rich nuts, hippie-ish). La Mano Verde serves healthy, flavorful, satisfying raw dishes. The raw lasagna was amazing, and bursted with fresh flavorful basil. The raw quiche was a real treat, and we split it every night. I'm not sure what it was made of, but the flaky, almost cheesy crust on top was wonderful. Though my mother is not vegan, or even vegetarian, we both agreed that La Mano Verde was not just the best vegan restaurant we have ever been to, but the best restaurant in general.

The food is beautiful; and it tastes even better. With every bite you can tell that they choose the highest quality, organic ingredients. If it is still on the menu, you need to order the mushroom risotto. I find myself craving it all the time. The most delicious mushroom flavor lingers in your mouth for weeks. The sauce was creamy, foamy, yet light and perfect, with a flavor that I've never tasted before. We also had the soup of the day each day, and they were also some of the best soups I've ever had in my life; silky, flavorful, wonderful, topped with pink peppercorns that complimented each soup perfectly.

We enjoyed enjoyed the exceptional wine selection, as well as coconut water sipped straight from an organic coconut. Overall, we felt that we made some wonderful friends here, and were so lucky to find this place. If the flight wasn't so long, we'd go back just to eat here!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, lovely atomsphere

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J'aime La Mano Verde - Edit

I love La Mano Verde. I am not a vegetarian but I appreciate good vegan food and the meals prepared at La Mano Verde are some of the best in the world. I travel a lot in my line of work and get exposed to great restaurants and whenever I am in Berlin I dine at La Mano Verde. The selection of food is of the highest quality and I enjoy sampling their organic wine list. The owner, Jean, is very charming and always provides me and my guests with a personlized welcome. The ambiance is lovely and you leave the restaurant feeling happy that you have had a great meal and your body will love you for it.

Pros: excellent food, good value, lovely ambiance

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Interesting to try once, most likely not again - Edit

Located close to Ku'damm in Berlin, the Mano Verde positions itself as top of the league vegan and raw cuisine. And you can tell by the price they charge.
The food is definitely tasty and very very good, depending on what you chose also really creative. But then again, nothing THAT extraordinary to justify the price.
We had to wait very long (without any explanation) between starters and main (almost 1 hour) and the restaurant wasn't even full. The size of the portions are...well....small.
It feels more like a place to see and be seen.

Pros: Creativity

Cons: Price, Size, Speed

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Raw food looks beautiful but it's just okay - Edit

This restaurant has a cold, soulless atmosphere. It's okay for a business lunch or dinner, but I wouldn't go there for a romantic meal with my partner. I only ordered their raw food dishes and I was surprised they served me normal white bread with olive oil instead of raw crackers. The prices are quite high, their raw lasagne cost 20 Euros which I think is too much (for not even using organic produce) and that's why I ordered something else: their so called "Cremiges Limetten-Mandel-Gazpacho" was not creamy at all but tasted like a mix of fresh fruit and vegtable juice. Nothing special, I can make a better gazpacho myself. Their Quiche looked very beautiful and it was filling, but the taste of the red and green sauce was not matching with the rest on the plate. I don't understand why the chef would combine those flavours, so it was also not very impressive. As dessert I ordered the plum-walnut cheese cake which was nice and had some cinnamon flavoured fruit sauce. Some more smoothies or fresh juices on the menu would be good. It's nice to try their raw food once, but I wouldn't go there again.

Pros: beautiful food presentation, fast service

Cons: too expensive, not organic

2 Responses

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jcjury 09 Jan 2013 - At La Mano Verde all food, wines and drinks are organic and this is specified on the menu, you may now maybe better understand our price policy. Thanks. Jc Jury

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cocoholic 09 Jan 2013 - Sorry if I was wrong about the organic ingredients, but I checked your website and couldn't see anything mentioned about organic produce... (for instance page "Mission" you only talk about Rohkost und Gourmet but nothing mentioned about Bio... Oh, I just double checked... very at the bottom you say it... sorry, you may now understand why people think it's overpriced :-).

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Best restaurant I've ever been to - Edit

Creative, delicious, unusual ingredients and combinations, good value (not cheap, but reasonable), lovely decor and feel. I had a raw mushroom lasagne which was like nothing I've ever tasted before or since (and much nicer than it sounds...!)

Pros: food, wine, atmosphere

Cons: a bit hard to find

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Best vegan restaurant I've been to - Edit

Me and my father walked to our pre-ordered table and were given the menus.
We ordered a green smoothie at first, as we were choosing our dinner from the menu.
For a first course, I had the raw food quich, which was amazing.
It came with carrot slices around it instead of dough and red pepper sauce (or at least that's my guess of it) on the plate.
As my next course, I had the tempeh steaks.
They surprised me, as tempeh wasn't the main ingredient of the dish, but I didn't care.
It came with some sort of patty or burger and a fried slice of eggplant, some sort of eggplant creamy sauce and a red paste that was delicious but I failed to recognize what it was made of.
for a dessert, I had a chocolate dessert made of cake and mousse with chocolate sauce on it, it was excellent.
accompanied by a good wine, it's a great meal and I don't think anyone would come out of here hungry or unpleased.

The place is expensive (not more than other gourmet restaurants) so I would only visit here only for special occasions, but I would definitely come here again, as the food, atmosphere and staff were worth the price.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, as neat and tidy as it should be

Cons: only for special occasions

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La Mano Verde - a sensual experience - Edit

At the "La Mano Verde" you don't EAT, you EXPERIENCE sensuality: Excellent, pure vegetable cooking at a highest level - especially in Berlin! Playful variations from the finest ingredients and all that in organic quality - by the way very important for me!! The same goes for the wine selection: I rarely drank such excellent organic wines. The Chateauneuf Du Pape was EXCELLENT - especially in combination with the chocolate cake... The staff is friendly, attentive and discreet. Modern, unobtrusive ambience with warm candlelight. All in all a must for adventurous, gourmet, vegetarian, vegan or for people who just like to enjoy pure, fantastic food creation - and simply want to eat well - organic AND healthy!! One evening Hannelore Elsner sat very close to my table - she looked nearly enlighted ;-) like I did... Facit: A MUST TRY for gourmets and "sweet tooths" in Berlin ...

Pros: excellent food, healthy organic cuisine, delicious

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okay - Edit

when we got there it was lunchtime and the restaurant was empty - the bigger our amazement that the waitress rudely told us off (after having shouted from afar, sit wherever you want) - that we had dared to push two tables for two people together and sat next to each other - when we told her, that another friend was to join us, she said - well then maybe move to a table for 4 - i would almost understand it, if it had been a busy saturday evening - but during the whole hour of our stay (tuesday lunch) only 5 of the 20 tables inside were occupied.
anyway - we shared a lunchtime menu (for great 14,50 Euros) and a soup of the day and bombay rolls.
(the drinks menu wasnt particularly exciting - except for an freshly squeezed orange juice for 7,50 euros for 2,5dl)
the pumpkinsoup (my favourite soup in general) was quite bland and the caprese salad (with silken tofu) was also nothing special. the sauce that accompanied the bombay rolls was quite delicious and they themselves very nice. The main of the menu was a polenta cake with roasted veg was very good, the sauce it sat on was heavenly, the desert however, i know there are people that enjoy rohkost cakes but this plumcheese cake was definitely not a friend to my palate.
My main criticism is the price. I dont understand how you can get away with asking a whooping 20,50 Euro for a Rohkost Lasagne - only because you "call" yourself a gourmet restaurant. this shows especially in the drinks menu where the lammsbräu which i have seen around the city restaurants for 3,50-4 Euros, suddenly costs 5,80 - so what do i pay the extra money for - the snobbiness of the waitress, or the white linen?
would probably only come back for lunchtime - because the menu is actually quite worth what you're getting

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Excellent - Edit

A little expensive but unmissable experience: the food is innovative and great! Every dish looks and tastes divinely, and the staff is very kind. Definitely worth the price!

Pros: innovative dishes, staff, all perfect

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Many try, few succeed like La Mano Verde - Edit

I should have written this review last year, but better late than never. My husband and I went to LMN in June 2011. The place is really beautiful! A little hidden, but worth finding it.

I have to start with the service. It was so good! Since we arrived we were treated like royalty, and I could tell that they treated everyone that way regardless of how they looked.

Sure, it is expensive, but sooo worth it! So much so, that my husband and I decided to go back twice in our short stay in Berlin. Yes, we were in love!

The third time, the owner told us his story. He is originally French, but he loves Berlin. He has been opening restaurants here and there and when he found this opportunity, he jumped on it and the rest is history. He kept giving us free drinks and free tastings of his favorite menu items and even introduced us to his dessert chef.

What an experience! I do not remember exactly what we ordered, but check out my pictures. They say it all!

Please, please try the cocktails. They are crazy unusual and super good.

Pros: Presentation, Service, Location

Cons: Price

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Disappointing - couldn't finish our meal - Edit

We came to this place for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, and opted for lunch over dinner because the lunch set-menu seemed to be good value (14.50 for three courses), but the a-la-carte menu was very pricey.

We were very excited to come to my restauarant, as my brother had come a couple of years back and said it was one of the best vegan restaurants he had been to in his life.

The restaurant is really nice inside and the service was excellent, but unfortunately we were quite disappointed both with the menu (which seemed to be very pasta oriented) and the food we ordered.

We ordered one raw lasagne (with pistachio and cashew cream), and one three course meal involving a rocket salad, pasta with Mediterranean vegetables and rocket pesto, and a coconut mouse dessert.

The rocket salad was nice, but nothing spectacular. The raw lasagne was much larger than expected, excellently crafted and presented and was very filling (unlike other raw pastas I've had), but it was so rich (the layers of cashew and coconut cream were very thick) that I felt sick after eating about a quarter of it. I really stubbled to get eat 3/4 of it, and my partner couldn't even eat an eighth of it. The pasta dish tasted really nice, but there was so much oil in the pesto sitting at the bottom of the plate that every piece of pasta was literally dripping with oil when we took it from the dish. After eating about half the dish, my partner felt sick and couldn't eat any more. The coconut moose was nice, but nothing special.

We left feeling really disappointed. The meal wasn't cheap, but eating it was a struggle rather than an enjoyable experience. In general, we really like to support raw vegan restaurants, and don't like giving bad reviews, but given how many other great vegan options there are in Berlin (some of which we never got to visit, I don't think we will be visiting La Mano Verde again.

Pros: Nice Venue, Friendly Service, Innovative Menu

Cons: Food Far too Rich, Too many pasta options

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Great food - Edit

We visited the restaurant during a trip to Berlin and we really enjoied our meal threre. It was a friendly atmosphere and the food wasn't that expensive as we expected after reading the reviews, I mean it es a restaurant serving great, fresh food, so compared to not vegan gourmet restaurants the price is really inexpensive.
I was really happy with my menue, everything was tasty and it looked great. It is the best vegan food I ever had in a restaurant, and I try as many vegetarian/vegan/veg-friendly restaurants as I can find.
The only problem is the unfriendly stuff, they really need better waiters!

Pros: food, atmosphere , price for gourmet food

Cons: STUFF!!!

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most sofisticated vegan dish! - Edit

if you are looking for new ideas and interesting dishes mano verde is the place! loved it! I had a veg lasana and a vegan mango cheese cake that was just to die for!

loved it wanna go back!!

Pros: atmosphere, innovative, tasty

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la mano verde - Edit

My lunch experience was truly lacking freshness. The appetizer was overcooked, soaked veggies wrapped in deep fried spring roll dough with a tiny pile of greens that couldn't escape the touch of the tangy sauce. The main dish at lunch hour on that day, the marinated tofu with vegetables was two slices of tofu, fairly tasteless even if "marinated", swimming in a pool of tomatoish oily broth. The vegatables, not described further when asked upon ordering, turned out to be nothing but bits of leek, overcooked, stock veggie style. The only good thing about the whole dish were the few black sesame seeds on top of tofu. I was surprised also of the bread served aside: completely white, wheat looking bread served thin sliced. Service also left wishing for. The waitress wouldn't describe the dishes further upon ordering when asked. After finishing, expressing my surprise of the dishes and the wish for more freshness the waitress gave me but a nerveous smile. Perhaps a language issue. The interiour is tacky with the poly-weave outdoor furniture but the plaza location does give a shaded moment of calm from the tourists and the street noises. Would't recommend except for a take-away wild herb smoothie or a shot that were on the list and that I regret not ordering instead of the courses described.

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My favorite raw food - Edit

I want La Mano Verde to open up in California, that's how much I love the food there. Best ingredients used, beautifully served, and every dish was so delicious i hated to see the last bite on the plate. Don't miss this restaurant. I would go to Berlin just to eat there. The place is beautiful with a lovely patio. Really nice people and the owner Jean is quite an amazing man. He is a foodie and wants the best for his customers, and makes sure every dish is perfect. You can expect the best raw food meal at La Mano Verde. Don't miss this dining experience. Mimi Kirk

Pros: Best Raw Food, Healthy cuisine, beautiful all round

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What can I say except Bravo - Edit

Sensory overload but empty pockets
Flavours and freshness amazing
Best vegan restaurant I have been for a while
But you definitely pay for the experience

Pros: fresh and tasty

Cons: Very expensive

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Far... - Edit

I honestly don't get all these rave reviews. My partner and I came here for dinner and it was the worst meal we had during our 3-day culinary expedition in Berlin. First off, it's pretty far out. Decor was OK, just something you would expect from a restaurant like this. We got a snooty waitress; actually the whole atmosphere was kind of pretentious. Had the food been good, the attitude would have been slightly more bearable. It wasn't. That evening they had 6 main courses; only the tempeh steak looked remotely appetizing. The other 5 were pasta, tortellini, risotto, raw lasagne (all boring) and raw timbale (uninteresting). We weren't hungry anyway (good thing), so we just settled on two appetizers and the tempeh: Crispy Bombay rolls - Basically spring rolls stuffed with samosa filling. For me, as someone who loves and is used to Indian food, the flavor was too tame bordering on tasteless. Even the chutney was blah. Asparagus panna cotta - Had a subtle hint of asparagus, overall very plain. Sichuan tempeh steaks - Should be renamed tempeh chips. There were literally just 3-coin sized slices of fried tempeh. Came with a starchy cake/patty thing and dollops of sauces. All were bland. I had no idea where the Sichuan bit was. Hate misleading dish names. Well it wasn't all bad. Surprisingly, the balsamic vinegar that came with the bread, which our waitress wouldn't even give us until we asked, was really good. Very fruity and tangy. And that's about it. We paid around €50 plus tips including two drinks. Totally overpriced for what it was. There are a whole lot of other options where you'll get much more bang for your buck, and closer to the city center to boot.

Cons: meh food, overpriced, location

1 Response

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jcjury 24 Aug 2012 - you should really not bother and next time go straight to the Indian at the corner... pretentious? really? snooty? really? you're weren't hungry and go to eat with your girlfriend in a restaurant? what's wrong with you? next time save your money and eat bread with balsamic vinegar in your hotel room, and stop to be snooty and pretentious! closer to the city center? we are located in the city center!

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Highly Recommended!!! - Edit

La Mano Verde is my favorite restaurant in Berlin! The cuisine is innovative, inspiring and delicious. La Mano Verde takes plant based gourmet to the next level and continues to reinvent seasonal specials that WOW me every time I go. The wine list is selected with precision and features only organic and biodynamic wines. The integrity of flavors pay tribute to the finest ingredients. The passion for quality make each dish a culinary masterpiece. The modern decor, open kitchen and lovely outdoor space make it a Berlin destination not to be missed. I can't wait to go back!!

Pros: inspiring cuisine, great outdoor space, friendly staff

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Superb food - Edit

We went to La Mano Verde in December last year and were really impressed. The food was amazing and the service fantastic too, very friendly. I wish we ate here the other two nights, we'll definitely be back when we're next in Berlin.

Pros: excellent food, friendly service, reasonably priced

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Excellent but expensive - Edit

Hidden away from the traffic La Mano Verde provides a quiet and private atmosphere. The food is exceptionally creative and tastes great. Unfortunately it's quite expensive and the servings are incredibly small. I would go back if it wasn't for the price.

Pros: Excellent food , Nice for an intimate and quiet dinner

Cons: Expensive, Incredibly small servings

2 Responses

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jcjury 16 May 2012 - thank you for the great review, we are happy to know that you liked our food. our prices are based on the quality of certified organic ingredients we use in our kitchen. we don't use in our cooking cheap soy meat substitute. first cold pressed organic olive oil, raw organic cashew nuts, raw organic pistacchio or raw organic pine nuts are cost effective, but this is also why La Mano Verde is the first vegan-raw restaurant to be listed in Germany's Top 800 Best Restaurants. Kind regards, La Mano Verde Team

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cmayr 19 May 2012 - there is a special business lunch offer that helps the budget-oriented vegetarian...

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The best culinary experience I've had - Edit

We had two lovely lunch meals at La Mano Verde (no babysitter for dinner), and were delighted to fine beautiful, impeccable cuisine - with creative touches, sensual tastes and commitment to service and aesthetics - both the visual, the gustatory and the relational hosting were unforgettable and without fault. I would go out of my way to come again and again. The Lasagne, cashew cheese cake and gazpacho were particularly amazing!

and they made special effort for our 4 1/2 year-old daughter!

The place is worth every penny!

The only big problem with La Mano Verde is that it's in Berlin, and we dont live in Berlin, otherwise we'd have become regular weekly visitors

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Fine Dining Innovative Vegan Cuisine - Edit

Everything about La Mano Verde is simply out of this world, if you love fine dining and innovative cuisine there is no better adress. The food is 100% organic and vegan, a real culinary experience. The presentation is colorful and the dishes carefully designed. I could never imagined that raw and vegan food could be so intense, pure and so rich in flavors. I was so wrong to think that we are in the United States the best for vegan and raw food, La Mano Verde amazing cuisine proved me wrong. Try the algae's salad and the raw quiche. I had 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts and came back next day for lunch. Highly recommended by a real 15 years pure vegan :>)

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Not to be missed while visiting Berlin - Edit

La Mano Verde to me is the ideal vegan gourmet restaurant. All the food is beautifully prepared with complex flavors, attention to detail with a strong influence of the artistic field of culinary art. The staff is amazingly kind, fast and friendly and speaks a range of languages. I would pay a lot for the meal I experienced but I didn't have to because the prices are really accessible and won't break your bank. Berlin has a lot of amazing vegan and vegetarian options but La Mano Verde is a not to be missed dining experience that may be the best you'll ever have.

Pros: Excellent Food, Attention to Veg not Soy!

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Great food, somewhat slow service - Edit

I was happy to have made a reservation for this restaurant a few days before going there. It got completely packed on a Friday night. Eventhough we were early-ish and hardly any of the tables was occupied, it took forever before we and some other guests had their first course served. It was well over an hour after ordering, and the main dish also came very late after that. However, the food was really yummy and looked amazing. I had the tofu tower. The servings could be larger though.

Pros: choice, quality, food looks amazing

Cons: slow service

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Excellent - Edit

I ate their twice, once in their previous locations, once in the current one. Both times the food was absolutely delicious and the triple chocolate fudge is simply divine.

Pros: excellent food

Cons: expensive

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Excellent - Edit

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Europe, with gourmet and elaborate dishes that look and taste great. Friendly service and very cozy atmosphere. Definitely a must if in Berlin. They also sell a great vegan recipe book in German.

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Fair but overpriced and posh - Edit

The restaurant has changed a lot since 2008 and (imho) not so much to the better. If you look for a very classy experience and have lots of money to spare -- go for it, this is your place. There are other excellent restaurants in Berlin which (again, imho) have a better price/quality ratio.

Updated from previous review on Saturday November 22, 2008

Pros: inventive food, classy

Cons: maybe too classy, very expensive, slow service

1 Response

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c.verde 13 Jun 2013 - Well, I couldn't find other restaurants in this segment in Berlin... high level organic food HAS to be more expensive... It's in the nature of things ;-)
I visited other vegan restaurants in Berlin - but I couldn't really enjoy my food there... and most of them working with foreign spiced which are contaminated. Especially Soja HAS to be organic - everything else is not ethical

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la mano perfecto - Edit

la mano verde was the last restaurant i visited in berlin, and i'm so glad i kept it to the end because after you ate there- you cannot go back to regular vegan burger or pizza.

the dishes in la mano verde are so creative. the owner puts a lot of thought while creating a dish that you won't find anywhere else, for sure.
the combination between the ingredients will surprise you. i ordered Spaghetti with Passe-Pierre, and was delighted by the wakame they added. my friend ordered Cappelletti del Estate, which was a kind of Ravioli that the chef made from the start as we ordered! oh... so fresh!
we were kind of stuffed when we finished eating, but our experience was so good that we decided to ordered another dish, because we knoe it was the only time for a long time that we'll be there, so we ordered Almond Thyme Crushed Tempeh, which was outstandong! the tempeh was crisp and fool of taste.
we recommand you try the dessert Plum Trifle!
and if the owner is available for a chat- go for it, he's a very interesting man! he will explain you all his theory about vegan food.
the staff knows english pretty well, and the service was perfect. the atmosphere is calm but prestigious.

Pros: creative , healthy cuisine, good value

Cons: a bit pricey

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Amazing - Edit

I recently visited La Mano Verde with my boyfriend whilst in Berlin for my Birthday. We were a bit concerned as it was quite early in the evening and the restaurant was quiet. However, the food, service and atmosphere were amazing - it is very similar to Saf in London.

Pros: Ambience, Inventive menu

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Phenomenal Food - Would thrive in NYC - Edit

Just back from Berlin - LaManoVerde meals are outstanding whether you are a vegan or not - Best food in Berlin. Presentation was outstanding and freshness was unparalleled.
If you like typical restaurant food laden with salt and oil with huge portions, this place is not for you.
If you are used to world class restaurants, this restaurant's meals are right up your alley. Service is not top scale but it is adequate.

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Fantastic - Edit

All I can really say is that this restaurant proved to be one of the highlights of my trip to Berlin. The chocolate cake for dessert would be reason enough for repeat visits, but so too would the lovely staff and the head chef that made us feel very welcome. He even gave us other desserts to try as we couldnt make up our minds! If you are in Berlin for a weekend, be sure to book this restaurant in as part of your trip (best to book in advance too)

Pros: Staff, Food, Atmosphere

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Great food, ... - Edit

I've eaten at La Mano Verde (LMV) at least 15 times, so of course I love LMV's food. However I have a major complaint: their really bad (!) service! LMV always points out how they are all about haute cuisine (which their food is), but that also should say something about a certain level of service (and theirs isn't). This time around it took two hours for our main dishes to get to the table, and when we complained about all our plates and dishes being cold (they were NOT raw food), the owner just said that it can't be. Great, so five people can't tell if their dishes are cold or not. Really?! And what really disturbs me is that the owner always has his thumb in the dishes he brings to the tables. Gross! Once he even collected a drop from the wine bottle neck at our table with his (unwashed) finger and slurp it up right in front of us (I was lucky that I don't drink wine). Not only that this is not haute cusine-style, it really is gross. We also always had too look after the waiter to serve us, instead of him looking out for us. Since I love LMV's food I will keep going to eat there, but their service is so terrible that I have to warn everybody to not expect a service that comes anything close to what haute cuisine is all about. I just wish LMV would realize how they really need to improve their terrible, terrible service.

Pros: Great food, Healthy food, vegan all the way

Cons: service, very slow service, can't deal with complaints

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Best vegan food I ever ate - Edit

This was a new experience for us, since we normally don't find ourselves in chique restaurants. But the culinary experience was unequalled. Never have I tasted vegan dishes that were so sophisticated and free of any of the standard expectations of vegan food. Even the soy based ingredients didn't taste like soy. The sheer quality demanded a three course meal, not in the last place because the portions were Haute-cuisine-like small.

Especially recommended comes the Tripple Chocolate Fudge.

Pros: unbelievably good food, large assortment of Gluten free dishes

Cons: expensive, small portions

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The Ultimate Dining Experience - Edit

I have eaten at many many vegetarian establishments across the UK & Europe and consider this to be a hobby of mine. Whilst Cafe V in Berlin is my ultimate all time favourite for various reasons, La Mano Verde is the most exceptional vegetarian restaurant experience I have ever had in terms of taste, dining and atmosphere. Located off Invalidenstrasse close to the the main Hbf in a primarily residential area it's a little difficult to find but absolutely worth every effort. The premises are exquisite creating an amazing impression from the outside. Once inside the highly professional, knowlegeable and attentive staff make your visit extremely welcoming. The interior is beautiful with plenty of seating and a fantastic ambience. This is sophisticated vegan gourmet dining. OK, it's quite expensive (€6 for a starter, €15-16 mains, €6 desserts, house wine €18 and a 250ml bottle of water for €4) but compared to equivalent meat-eating venues this is a bargain. The food is simply delicious, in fact it's sublime and perhaps even more so. I'm not even going to attempt to describe what I had as I wouldn't do it justice. The menu changes regularly and the chef sometimes changes the recipe if she's not happy with a particular combination of ingredients. Check the website for the current menu. The waiter was very knowledgeable explaining every part of the meal in detail, the staff are proud of their restaurant and it is a pleasure to discuss this with them. The only other place that came close was Saf in Munich but La Mano Verde is a far better package. It is 100% vegan, there are gluten free and raw food mains and an exclusive selection of wines. Save up and go there if you are in Berlin.

Pros: food, staff, premises

Cons: location

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wow - Edit

This restaurant is wonderful. The interior, ambiance, food and service are all first class. There is an extensive choice of meals which are all organic, animal free, presented to perfection and the menu changes with the seasons. The price of meals and drinks are more expensive than some of the other vegetarian restaurants in Berlin but they are more than worth the price- mains are about 15 euros and a bottle of house wine is 18 euros. I chose the Aubergine Picatta with rosemary garlic-polenta and the dish blew me away. A visit to La Mano Verde is a must, particularly for a special occasion.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 28, 2010

Pros: Tasty al a carte meals, Beautiful sophisticated surroundings, Extensive choice of meals

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Search for great vegan food pays off - Edit

La Mano Verde was on the list of vegan places to eat in Berlin so we had to try it. Fortunate for us that we did, as other than a very nice place in Amersfoort in NL that we found last year, this was the best proper 100% vegan restaurant I've tried. 10 out of 10 for decor (peaceful, modern, classy), staff (attentive, humourous) and food .... we had the tempeh and schnitzel dishes followed by the chocolate mousse. Everything was delicious, beautifully presented and the portion sizes were appropriate for those of us who'd eaten little all day but built up a big appetite by walking miles around the sites of Berlin.

Like a previous reviewer, I felt a little under-dressed in the lovely surroundings, and would definitely put in a bit more effort if I'm lucky enough to visit again. However, our fellow diners were also dressed casually. I noticed that children, including small children, were welcomed. There was a great atmostphere on the night we were there - lots of people having a good time with great food.

This is the perfect place for a special night out.

Pros: Ambience, Friendly Staff, Creative food

Cons: None

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An Elegant Meal - Edit

I had about 5 hours to kill on my way through Berlin and I noticed that La Mano Verde was near Hauptbahnhof. The atmosphere in the restaurant was elegant and relaxed, and other than the reaction from server that I was on my own, I felt at ease in the restaurant. La Mano Verde is all vegan and serves a large selection of raw food. I ordered raw cannelonni, which was thinly sliced sweet potato filled with cashew cream and chocolate ice cream for dessert. It was really delicious and well presented. I was glad that I wasn't overly hungry that evening because despite eating slowly and savouring it all it wasn't actually very much food for the price. That being said, however, I would go back if I'm ever in Berlin again.

Pros: well presented, good quality, nice atmosphere

Cons: small portions, expensive

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Highly recommended! - Edit

I STRONGLY disagree with the previous negative reviews concerning the quality of the food. My husband and I eat at La Mano Verde at least every two months and have done so since the opening of this beautiful restaurant (old and new location). Every time we have done so it has been a positive experience. We have always had prompt, good service and the food has been consistently very tasty. We do appreciate very much the new menu; the dishes are well presented, light, fresh and original. The flavours are amazing and the service staff is superb! The manager is constantly checking on all of his guests and makes you always feel like you are VIPs. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Pros: excellent vegan food, healthy cuisine, very good service

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One step forward, two steps back - Edit

We originally went to La Mano Verde in Wiesbadener a year ago and had a memorable dining experince. The food, the atmosphere and the service were all first class. We even got to speak to the chef who was very engaging and seemed to take pleasure in conversing with the diners. Returning to Berlin this year we knew we'd have to return for another meal.

Sadly it would appear a year is a long time in the restuarant industry. The menu promised much but in reality delivered little. In particular the starter, Tapas Variation, had a strange unpleasent taste which we couldn't attribute to the list of ingrediants. Of the two starters and two mains we ordered, only the tempah skewers were above average and even then we didn't finish them as they were quite salty.

We asked for the bill immediately after our mains and in fairness to the owner he asked us if everything was alright. It transpires however that main issue is in the kitchen. The head chef, with whom we held in high regard, after our first visit a year ago has left due to a personality clash with the owner. The new menu on offer was varied and inventive but doesn't deliver on the flavours.

I am new to the 'Raw Food' concept but that should not affect the flavours on the plate. It must be said that there were other diners near us that loved their meal and were full of praise. It may be that we ordered the wrong dishes but certainly more time is needed on getting the most out of the food, which is afterall the reason we go to restaurants.

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Disappointing - Edit

After reading so many positive reviews of this place, my boyfriend and I were very excited to try it and had high expectations. The place was empty when we got there and the waitress let us choose our seats, so we sat by the open window, but it was still uncomfortably warm. Then some other customers came in and were seated at the table right next to us, when the rest of the large restaurant was completely empty! It was very awkward.

We went there for lunch, hoping that they would have a lunch menu that wouldn't be quite as pricey as the entrees. They had one lunch special that was cheaper but it didn't appeal to us so we went with the regular-priced options. It was basically a smaller selection of what they offered during dinner hours.

We ordered the bruschetta for an appetizer, and it was good, though not anything particularly special. I had the Tempeh Skewers with peanut sauce and my boyfriend had a raw Tagliatelle for the main course. I was pleased with how the tempeh was cooked, but the whole dish was waaay too salty and I could barely finish it. The rice it came with was really salty and the stir-fried vegetables were an oily mess. The raw pasta dish was pretty average, bland, nothing special. We decided to skip dessert after such a disappointing meal. Maybe we just went on a bad day, but it really should have been better for how much we paid.

Pros: not terrible

Cons: over-priced, salty, not great food

1 Response

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jcjury 22 Feb 2013 - Sorry to hear that you were dispointed. Since May 26th 2010 we are closing for lunch. The main reason why we took this decision is to provide only top quality food to a growing number of regular customers. We having daily meetings with kitchen and service staff. Usually if there is any complain about the quality of the food, the dish is immediately replaced. I don't know why this internal policy did not apply for you but you are of course invited to try our evening menu during your next visit to Berlin. Don't hesitate to contact me,
Jc Jury (G.M)
La Mano Verde Restaurant
Scharnhorststr. 28-29
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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Warmly recommended - Edit

Refined food in a soberly decorated place, in a neighbourhood well away from the masses.
A meat eater will be pleasently surprised to find interesting ingredients on his dish, simple yet full of flavour because of the quality of the ingredients and the talent of the chef. He/She will not notice that this restaurant serves vegan food.
I had polenta, which for the first time ever, I ate without any sauce, because it was full of taste as it was. My carnivore friend was impressed and said that this restaurant deserves to be judged by Michelin.
The wine was good, and also the deserts (even if we had no room left for those, we simply had to order them, given that the starter and the main dish were so nice).
The quantity was perfect, and the bill also : start, main dish, desert and a bottle of wine for 2 gave us a bill of 80 EUR.
We overheard the patron explain that he was about to open another restaurant in Paris.

Pros: quality, ingredients, price

Cons: maybe a limited menu

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Excellent for a special treat - Edit

As a seasoned vegan eating with a veggie/omnivore group I can safely say we all loved this place - the omnis have alteady made a new booking! Well worth the slightly higher than average prices.

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Excellent all-round eating experience - Edit

Superb restaurant. The food looks and tastes wonderful, and the staff are very friendly. 10 minute walk from Haupbanhof (main train station).

I had a three course meal:
- starter: raw beetroot ravioli (little discs of crunchy beetroot with soft cashew nut cheese and pickles)
- main: tempeh cutlets served on a bed of caramelised chicoree, with carot/potato puree and a spicy relish
- dessert: raw kiwi trifle

All three courses were very good, the main in particular. Total cost (including a glass of German wine) was 36 euros excluding service.

The menu was large and varied. It was in German but reasonably easy to understand with the assistance of the waitress. It's not in the nicest part of town but very easy to get to by foot from central Berlin.

Note that the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

Pros: Varied menu, Healthy food, Nice ambience

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Our best dinner so far :-) - Edit

I went there with my wife during holidays in Berlin. From the outside it looked quite pricey for us (a young couple) but it was reasonably-priced and honestly the best dinner we've ever had so far. As you get used to most vegetarian/vegan restaurants that tend to be quite downscale ... being in a REAL restaurant that was vegan was really an amazing experience.

The food was great, service was nice. We really enjoyed it and if you go to Berlin you can't miss it.

Pros: Great food, Pretty and nice atmosphere

Cons: Not in a touristic area, Not cheap

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Am we missing something? - Edit

After reading the reviews on HappyCow my partner and I were looking forward to treating ourselves to a romantic night at La Mano Verde, unfortunately we were disappointed. This was our first visit to a totally vegan restaurant; I'm vegetarian and my partner eats some meat so maybe we don't realise how hard it is to find vegan food but we didn't rate the food here to the standard the very expensive price list (especially for Berlin) seemed to set.

I just don't get some mock meats, just the thoughts of mock tuna and mock chicken makes me feel ill. I craved some wholesome vegetable dishes but found pasta, schnitzel and nuggets. I asked the waitress were the nuggets like mock chicken and she looked at me horrified and said no way. They were exactly like chicken nuggets and even tore like chicken flesh. I couldn't eat them. The gazpacho would be tastier cold, the schnitzel with peanut sauce was ok and the giant ravioli was tasty but the portion was tiny. The mojito was ok but very very expensive and we left without ordering dessert and in search of falafel.

All in all very expensive and tastier food found at other fraction of the price Berlin cafes but as the venue was lovely and the staff were outstanding I really wish they amend their menu to add in even some simple but nutritious vegetable dishes.

Pros: Nice venue, Very friendly service

Cons: Lack of vegetable dishes, Very expensive, Mediocre food

3 Responses

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jcjury 22 Feb 2013 - The answer is in the title of your review! Of course you miss the point, you not only miss the point but you are also a very negative and rude customer for restaurateurs like me. How can you writte that we do not have anything else than mock meat on the menu? How can you writte that after living La Mano Verde you were looking for a veggie place to have "fallafels". Your comments are an insult to all the satisfied customers we had so far, our kitchen team and our service team. If you can not afford it don't come in, go to a cheap Dehli and don't bother. Looks like you just try to impress your partner, hope for you it did work, but did not work for us! La Mano Verde Team.

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beer and veg 22 Feb 2013 - WOW. Hi there, I am so glad you wrote this review, if for no other reason so that I could see that amazing response from someone at the restaurant. After reading that amazingly rude and unprofessional reply, I have very little interest in patronizing this restaurant. What a shame. With such attitude, it's not much of a surprise to read things such as dishes being served with thumbs in the dish, long waits and poor seating choices. Proper service is essential, especially at premium prices. Original poster, don't allow yourself to be bullied. You have a right to post your (helpful) review and not be replied to in such a rude way. Write on.

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roxette521 22 Nov 2013 - Hahaha, beer and veg, whoever is doing social media for this restaurant is INSANE. She or he literally yells at every reviewer who didn't like the restaurant. Check out the rants I got for my perfectly honest review.

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Thanks for two memoable evenings! - Edit

I can unhesitatingly say that the food at LA MAno Verde is the best I ever had!!
The Sushi Mock Tuna Togarashi is so close to tuna it is scaring and was just so smooth, round and nice! The same goes for their Mousse au Chocolat, simply amazing. And their Ravioli Rouge, a raw starter, was so well combined with their home made cashew-ricotta served on a bed of fennel.. Everything we had there was excellent, really.
And my girlfriend, to whom the whole vegan cooking world is quite new, was astounded by the tastes of their animal free food. And what better presentation of that than to try so nice food made with compassion and tenderness, ey!
The staff there ensures a complete dining experience served with elegance and friendliness. I even managed to network my own vegan project quite a bit with the owner, who is so easy going. We miss La Mano Verde and Berlin already..

Pros: Supreme 100% organic/vegan food, Staff, Atmosphere

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I finally found "Vegan Paradise" - Edit

The Paradise for Vegans is located in Berlin, it's called "La Mano Verde". I have travelled extensively in my 26 vegan years and tried almost the best our planet have to offer, from San Francisco to New York, from London to Brighton, from Istanbul to South Africa and La Mano Verde is from far the best choice-presentation-taste for vegan people looking for quality food and great service. The waiter know perfectly the menu and answer politely and professionally all the questions I asked about an extensive menu where creativity compete with great taste. The sommelier came to my table to recommend a perfect match with my starter, and again a perfect match for my main course. Since I am vegan, I never had a meal in a restaurant where I felt so gracefully and politely served. La Mano Verde has a wonderful team of professionals well trained. At the end of my dinner, I meet the owner and we had a long chat about the futur of vegan food and I am still impressed by the vision and the level of creativity of this entrepreneur. Well done guys, I wish you all the success you deserve in the future.
With all my respect,

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absolutely delighted!!! - Edit

La Mano Verde was a wonderful experience from all points of view.

Before you read the rest, you should know that:
1) I have been vegan for 13 years.
2) I have visited virtually all restaurants in London, Stockholm, Berlin and other places as well. I know the ropes and consider myself a demanding customer
3) I am not content with mere replicas of the "real things", such as mock meats and all that.
4) I am a ravenous eater: I always make it a point to stay for more than 2 hours, interact with the owners/waiters and order as many dishes as possible.

so here's a quick rundown:
- set in a quiet, nice neighbourhood. easy to reach
- interiors are in good taste
- perfect service: great manners, very thoughtful, hospitable, perceptive, with great timing and highly educated (the waiter even speaks fluent Italian - French is also spoken, as well as fluent English). The waiter is also passionate about raw food, very knowledgeable and has his own catering business. The chef has extensive experience and is 100% vegan himself. These are people with very in-depth food culture.
- absolutely fabulous presentation. The food looks fantastic.
- incredibly tasty food. Very delicate, sophisticated dishes.
- high attention to detail. Painstaking.
- very creative. they add their own spin to international dishes. They draw inspiration, while still retaining their own, strong personality.
- generous portions. great value.
- everything is fresh, homemade and with a strong focus on raw items. I am known for my ravenous appetite, and had a HUGE feast (ordered a number of dishes) . Notwithstanding, I left with the feeling of replenishment, but didn't feel heavy at all, which is not the case for many other restaurants I visited.

La Mano Verde has made its mission clear (and hardly needs any explanation): to make gourmet vegan food that is attractive to people from all walks of life and different food habits! This place will appeal to omnivores as well. With the vegan Gyros I ordered, you could hardly tell the difference.Not merely a vegan Gyros: a GOOD Gyros,PERIOD.
However, they are not content with merely replicating. They only do it when it really makes sense.
Most of the menu is made up of creative re-interpretations. A lot of dishes are entirely the result of their own creativity.

Please do not be put off by what might seem like a pricey meal. It is entirely worth it.

I used to think Saf in London was the best experience so far. I had to think again.

This is an absolute must.

Pros: delicious, creative, original

Cons: comparatively pricey

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100% Satisfaction! - Edit

At "La Mano Verde", my boyfriend and I probably had the three most delightful hours and a half ever spent in a restaurant.
The service was undoubtedly perfect (extremely competent and super friendly staff), and so was the food offer.
I had a delicate but tasty fresh Tomato soup, amazing Ravioli filled with a mixture of spinach and tofu, incredible Summer Rolls and a great selection of desserts. Words can't definitely tell all the knowledge and ability to combine food and tastes, that we had experienced at "La Mano Verde".
Furthermore, the location is charming and the patio garden creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

100% Satisfaction!

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Reviewer Avatar

The best vegan experience I ever had - Edit

From far the best vegan experience I ever had in a restaurant. Food and service are amazing. A lot of creativity and flavours in the all vegan 3 courses menu we choose. The cocktails where beautifully decorated with fresh fruits and the mix of champagne and raspberry liqueur was so perfect that we ordered a second round. Can't wait to go back to Berlin and indulge more of this great food...

Pros: excellent vegan food, friendly staff, good value

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Reviewer Avatar

Relaxing and charming atmosphere - Edit

Thanks to the staff of Restaurant "La Mano Verde", we had a very delightful dinner. We appreciated particularly the relaxing and charming atmosphere and the kindness and cordiality of the staff. The food is absolutely special, joining traditional vegan cuisine with amazing new tastes and an exceptional way of presenting them. We will come back to "La Mano Verde" as soon as we are in Berlin.

Pros: excellent food, cordiality of the staff, charming atmoshere

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A perfect birthday present :) - Edit

Although we live in Berlin we never ventured to the "Bezierk" where this wonderful 100% vegan super delicious exquisite creative Restaurant is located...now we know it is MORE than worthy the trip and the price, and OMG, the dinner was to celebrate my boyfriend Birthday and it turned out to be the PERFECT vegan dinner ever! Romantic and classy atmosphere, very friendly staff and impeccable service and...the Food, yes Food with capital F! We were über-impressed and especially enjoyed the mock Thuna, all the attentive "extras" to go with the meal (uhmmm the homemade veggie crackers! uhmmmm the vegan Parmesan to go with the - let me add since I am of italian origins - perfectly "al dente" pasta)..and the desserts!!! the best mousse au chocolat I ever tasted in my life! and let's not forget the homemade organic Liquors... (uhmmm Ginger+Chili+Apricot)!! fantastic!!! And the vibe there was fantastic as well...conscious people for a conscious world...I wish La Mano Verde a great great success ..we will be definitely be back there soon and with all our friends!

Pros: delicious and creative, good vibe, impeccable service

Cons: location

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Probably the nicest vegan restaurant in the world - Edit

I had no idea what to expect as we rounded the corner and walked up to La Mano Verde. We were greeted with White Table Clothes, Crystal Chandeliers and an attentive and helpful staff. Berlin continues to amaze me on a daily basis, but this was the highlight of our trip. I wish I had known what a nice place La Mano was before going, I would have dressed a little nicer, but it was no problem. We got a wonderful table at the window and enjoyed an amazing meal. The Mock Tuna Sushi rolls defy imagination and expectations! Do not miss them. We also had Spinach Raviolis & another dish with the mock tuna baked into dumplings on top of tomatos... it was so mind blowing we've decided to name it the best Entree on the planet. We also went for the dessert sampler, which was a perfect end to the meal, not to mention the several flavors of flavored vodka they create and age in house. I also must not leave out the amazing red wine the owner suggested to accompany our meal. La Mano Verde was the perfect celebration for the end of our trip, no trip to Berlin, much less Europe would be complete without indulging in the pinnacle of vegan dining!

Pros: Mock Tuna Dumpling, Ambiance , super friendly!!!

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Yum ! - Edit

We visited La Mano Verde our first night in Berlin and it was a great find. We were happily surprised to find such great vegan fare in Berlin. We had the pineapple boat and the raw tagliatelle. They were both excellent dishes, but we especially appreciated the raw 'pasta' dish. We highly recommend this restaurant to everybody, regardless of their dietary preferences. Ya!

Pros: great food, nice waitstaff, clean, pleasant environment

Cons: slightly pricey, bad musak

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Amazing - Edit

I was slightly skeptical when I first read about La Mano Verde because although it sounded good, it sounded a bit on the pricey side, and I am always fine with a 4 dollar veggie burger. However... I would have paid double what I did if asked to, because the food here was so amazing. The chef obviously takes vegan food seriously, because this was a gourmet restaurant. One would never be able to tell this was a vegan restaurant on first sight, its very classy with candle-lit tables and nice tablecloths. The whole menu is vegan, and where they can they use local and organic ingredients. This place is totally suitable for parents, spouses, vegans and meat-eaters (as long as they have an open mind). I had the ravioli rouge, which was a raw ravioli dish made from beetroot and cashew ricotta. Also I shared a country chicken and potato dish and a tasteful spinach ravioli, a dessert sampler, and two drinks, and it was all 55 euros, which was a lot less than I actually expected.

I couldn't give this restaurant a higher recommendation.

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La Mano Verde - Edit

I visited La Mano Verde with my husband (who eats meat :( ) and our one year old daughter and it was a fantastic evening. The atmosphere is relaxed and elegant, the staff are lovely but the food is the real star! My husband and I had three courses each and we ordered an extra portion of sushi for our daughter (although she ended up eating most of my avacado gazpacho and a good bit of my husbands penne!). This was a lot of food but we just about managed between the three of us! The cheescake was the best I've had, better than any dairy cheesecake I have tried. The prices are very reasonable for the delicious food. The world needs more resaurants like this!

Pros: innovative menu, atmosphere, lovely staff

Cons: no high chair for the baby

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wonderul atmosphere, delicious food - Edit

the food was fresh and creative. the environment was warm and romantic. it's set in a charming neighbourhood, as well. i will definitely return here the next time i'm in berlin and desire a special meal. the tables are spaced well apart. you dont feel over crowded like in a nyc restaurant. the staff was very helpful because my dining partner and i did not speak german very well.

Pros: excellent food, good service, pleasant environment

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