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Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany, 10623

A gourmet vegan cuisine destination in Berlin-Kudamm, La Mano Verde was created to showcase and introduce a sophisticated way of preparing plant-based products. Features 50% vegan cooked, 50% raw food, and all organic drinks. Pre-theater menu is offered from 5pm. Closed Aug 2015. Open Mon-Sat 5:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by corey

Amazing food - Edit

I was here Juli 2013 and it was my best vegan dining experience ever. We got four dishes with wine for a reasonable price - and all the food was tasty and beautifully presented.

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elegant and special food - Edit

I guess I expected a bit more but the food still was good, although, I think it is a bit overpriced. We spent more than a 100 € for 2 people for a three-course menu.
The salad sauce was amazing and their avocado rolls were so delicious! Try them! I didn't really like their tempeh "steaks" with the gravy but the gnocchi were good. You couldn't really taste the filling of the capeletti because the sauce was overpowering the taste. The dessert were amazing though! Their chocolate fudge was like a giant truffle (you can't finish it by yourself!) and the crème brûlée was fruity and different from the usual!
If you are looking for big portions, don't go there. I wasn't really satisfied after the meal because I usually eat quite a lot.

Pros: nicely presented food, different and new dishes, g

Cons: small portions, a little too expensive and overrat

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Great Raw food - Edit

My first three meal raw food. Very good and great service. Impressed.

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Fine dining - Edit

Beautifully presented and elegant dishes. I selected all of my meal from the excellent range of raw options. Pleasant and helpful service.

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Hehehe…. - Edit

Accidentally reviewed this place…..sorry!

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Elegant and tasty - Edit

We reserved a table for saturday night. It's elegant, plate are tasty and well presented. Good choice gluten free or raw too. I loved the cappelletti and the triple chocolate fudge :)

Pros: All vegan, Gluten free option, Tasty

Cons: Reservation

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Best [raw]restaurant ever - Edit

I went to la Mano Verde for the first time for my Bday two years ago. I'm really into raw foods, it makes me feel like I'm really discovering something new.
I think it's my favorite restaurant for many reasons, but the main reason is obviously the food.
I think I've tried the whole menu over these years, it changes sometimes but I can tell everything is just fabulous.
The Salade de la Mer, which is a mesclun of different seaweeds with a creamy lemony sauce. When your plate arrives you might think these are really small portions but trust me, rawfood makes you feel satisfied very quickly.
The Quiche Mediterranean is A MUST!I just can't describe how delicate it is, with the sun-dried tomatoes and all these grains.. It's epic. I also had the raw raviolis, not really my think but give a try to the raw sushi, they will melt in your mouth and you will re-discover sushi.
The Pasta de La Mer are gluten free and truly amazing, and they now have a Kimchi tower which is also a great deal. I had some risotto once, which is not raw, but still vegan, creamy and very satisfying.
Good selection of wines too!
Regarding the desserts: I'm not a huge fan of raw desserts, but they have a cashew/plum cheesecake if I remember correctly, and a triple fudge chocolate or something, but I'm not into chocolate, and this one wasn't gluten-free or raw.
I've seen they have 2 new desserts on the menu: A "Charlotte" and kinda Snickers as well, both look amazing, I can't wait to get back there to try them!!
A great experience, great place and great service overall :)

Pros: lots of raw, great food, great wine, nice location

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Good food - Edit

good food but a bit pricey

great location

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Excellent - Edit

My husband (who is a meat eater) and I went here for lunch during our trip to Berlin. We were both very impressed with the food. The atmosphere was also very nice. We ordered the three course meal, which included a bugler salad, a mushroom pasta, and a fruit salad for dessert. We enjoyed everything. My husband doesn't even really like mushrooms, but he really liked the dish. Everything was presented beautifully.
It's lovely to sit out on the patio area on a nice day.

Pros: lovely atmosphere, excellent food, good service

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the best vegan restaurant in Berlin? maybe - Edit

Updated from previous review on February 20, 2014
I came back to this restaurant for another lunch because I wanted to see if I just had bad luck with the pasta last time. The soup for starter was wonderful. They were out of the main course for the lunch menu but they politely offered us to choose something else from the ordinary menu. We both tried the raw vegan lasagna which was delicious.

great food and great service.

Previous review from Tuesday February 11, 2014
It is a really nice restaurant but the lunch was a little bit of a disappointment. There were only one daily lunch alternative. A wonderful carrot soup for starter and some awful spaghetti with ratatouille. I love pasta but I don't go to a restaurant to eat simple thick white soft spaghetti which reminds me about the food we were served in school. For desert I made the mistake to order chocolate cake. It looked wonderful but there was no real taste from chocolate. Made me think about cakes for children parties. I will return to this place because I would like to try other dishes from the menu and not only the daily lunch alternative.

Pros: atmosphere, service, quality

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well-presented food - Edit

iPads are used for the menu - self-explanatory, for the most part. There was a lunchtime deal of starter plus main or main plus dessert, but only one option in each category (not from the à la carte menu). I had the starter plus main for €10.50: couscous salad with bits of apple, raisins, cabbage, carrot, coriander and mint on a bed of greens – delicious. The main was two baked eggplant rounds topped with tofu Bolognese, cashew crème and rocket (arugula), sprinkled with pink peppercorns on the plate. There was almost too much Bolognese, making a fairly rich meal. (Bread or raw crackers cost extra.) The à la carte menu had several interesting but rather expensive items such as a type of gazpacho and a tasty-sounding lasagna.
Dishes were attractively presented.
I ate outside on the patio, which was pleasant.
(I was there in September 2013.)

Pros: tasty and vegan

Cons: relatively pricey

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Exquisite experience; game-changing cuisine - Edit

This incredible restaurant is in the "never forget" category. Although I live in Los Angeles, an area filled with vegan-friendly cuisine, La Mano Verde truly held its own against even the very best places I've been to.

The food is meticulously crafted and prepared. The flavors, colors, and textures are as ambitious as they are dramatic, making every bite an excitingly delicious adventure. Best of all, though the food was special enough to impress a long-time vegan like myself, it is deliciously accessible enough to impress and satisfy my boyfriend's parents (who were, in fact, trying vegan cuisine for the first time).

I love this place -- the mushroom risotto alone must be from another planet it's so divine. A vegetarian's trip to Berlin isn't complete without coming here. Go and treat yourself!

Pros: Impeccable Food, Creative Menu, Wonderful service

Cons: wish this was closer to my home! (Cali)

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High class vegan dining - Edit

I've been here a couple of times and have had mixed experiences. The food was good, the atmosphere was lovely and the waiting staff were very attentive and it certainly has the feeling of high-class dining. The prices were extremely high. If you are getting exceptional food then I would say this is reasonable, especially given the posh location of the restaurant. However, the food was good, not exceptional. I also remember the portion sizes being ridiculously small and we ended up snacking once we got home.

Pros: Very attentive staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: value, Small portion

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I had to sell a kidney but it was worth it! - Edit

I came to this restaurant not expecting much as vegan and raw food in Germany is still a little behind in taste in my humble opinion but was pleasantly surprised by this New York style fancy pants restaurant.

I started the evening with the raw Lime-Almond-Gazpacho which was refreshing and tasty and continued with the raw sushi which I wasn't too keen on. Nice idea but Ladyveg thinks they need to work on the flavour a little more. The side sauce was delicious though. I chose the Risotto Melange de Champignons as my main and it was a little on the small side but utterly delicious! I would have licked the plate but I know the Germans at the table beside me wouldn't have appreciated that kind of behaviour.
I finished off the evening with the Crême Brulée. Very, very yummy!

The staff were friendly and attentive and the owner also greeted us. A very nice fellow even if he looked like a dish washer from New Jersey.
But what's up with the crummy pre 1985 bathrooms? Again, there was that New Jersey vibe. I almost didn't feel safe! Sorry Jersey...

But aside from a few little things, I am definitely saving that second kidney for a future visit :)

Updated from previous review on Saturday September 21, 2013

Pros: Food, Staff, Choice

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too expensive - Edit

Our dinner for two here cost 100 euros. In Berlin two people can eat dinner out for a week with that kind of money. It was absolutely not worth the money. Firstly, the service is not courteous, the iPad menus are superfluous and hard to use, and the open kitchen is not attractive. When it comes to the food, it is very, very average, from appetizer to dessert. Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet. To charge this kind of money for vegetables you have to do something amazing with them. It's not enough for the food to be edible. I can tell you I've had much better and more interesting vegan and raw dinners in my life. After leaving this place I felt cheated out of my money - it just did not deliver.

Pros: nice decor, good location near shopping

Cons: too expensive, food, cold service

8 Responses

jcjury 16 Nov 2013 - My dear Roxette,
If for you €100,00 for two are too much why are you coming in first place? La Mano Verde Menu is published on line, on a menu board before entering the restaurant and as you mentioned on i-pads. So if you don't have the budget, don't blame the restaurant, go to eat somewhere your budget permits. After reading the diverse reviews you published so far you have only very positive or very negative comments. My kitchen team and service team are doing the best they can to satisfy customers, don't tell me they are not courteous, at this point I think they probably just reflected your negativity. La Mano Verde is for the 3rd year classified in Germany Top 800 Restaurants. So please stop to write comments about gourmet food, review places your budget can afford. People love our open kitchen, everybody else love the i-pad menus, learn the way to use the i-pad and don't blame us for your lack of knowledge. If you had much better and more interesting somewhere else, great, please go back to those places you loved and leave us in peace... We are working to hard to accept this kind of unjustified comments. Wish you a wonderful life. Jean

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roxette521 17 Nov 2013 - Actually, if you read my review, you would notice that I don't "blame" the restaurant for being expensive. I state that the food was not delicious and the service was not friendly. Clearly I did have the budget to pay 100 euros for a meal, which is why I visited the restaurant. But whether people are spending 10 euros or 100, they still expect value for their money. Nobody comes to spend 100 Euros on boring, tasteless food. Berlin, even West Berlin, is a city on the cheap side. So 100 Euros should buy you more than in Paris, in NYC, in London, or even in Munich. I've had gourmet vegan meals in all of those cities for less money that delivered more creativity and expertise, better execution and flavor, prettier presentation, a more varied wine selection, and a superior dining experience overall. I stand by my review, and I think your defensive reaction makes you look much worse than my original review ever could. Frankly, you sound insane and bitter, and you're clearly not interested in improving your business.  

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jcjury 22 Nov 2013 - My dear Roxette,
I stand to my comments, tasteless people are easy to spot by just reading the reviews and I read all of your comments published so far on Happy Cow. Just stop to be so negative or get a proper food education before bullying restaurants the way you do. Insane and bitter? really? what about you?  

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roxette521 22 Nov 2013 - And I read all of your "comments" on Happy Cow. You basically tell every single person that didn't like your restaurant that he or she is cheap and stupid. I'm trying to help others find value and quality by sharing my experience, nothing more. You just spew insults at people that dare to not like your restaurant. If you can't take criticism, you shouldn't be i nthe restaurant business. "Bullying", "negative", and "get a proper food education" are all things that describe you very well. You also need some serious therapy.  

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jcjury 29 Nov 2013 - Roxette521 or what ever your real name is, if you don't like people like me going after you stop to use strong words like you are doing. If you don't like the food, write as a title: I did not like the food or similar, but don't write "Waste of Money". By doing so you insult a team doing a wonderful job, and you tell all customers having a great experience with us how stupid they are to like our food. You don't like good food, Roxette, you like bargains, as much as you can at the best price, and sorry this is not what we are about. Enjoy the next bargain!  

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runsten 11 Feb 2014 - Why do you attack Roxette? Every restaurant here at Happy cow have many reviews. You read several of them and make up your mind, not after just Roxette's review, but after your conclusions after reading maybe 5 - 10 reviews. Every one understands that people have different taste and some people like Roxette and me might be "picky and spoiled" but if there are many other good reviews, people will disregard our reviews since we are just the spoiled picky ignorant people.

I did like your restaurant but I was disappointed about the dishes for lunch today. I really felt that I was back in school eating spaghetti with ratatouille and at a children party eating some sweet unhealthy cake. Maybe it is because if come from Scandinavia but we would never go to a restaurant to eat Spaghetti. Pasta, yes, but not thick white soft worms (what we used to joke about in school). A la dente might be a concept you should introduce, to avoid giving the feeling that you are eating in a canteen.

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janne 29 Jun 2014 - For me this review was the most helpful. I'm on my way to Berlin tomorrow and I was looking for nice places to eat. Le Mano Verde seemed promising, it was near my hotel and it was all vegan.

I was going to go check it out, but luckily I ran into this thread. Whatever the food is like, I can't imagine dining in a restaurant with an owner/staff as arrogant and hostile as what I've seen here. Thanks for the heads up.  

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AmandaUCSC 30 May 2015 - I see both sides to this thread and just wanted to make a comment. I've eaten at La Mano Verde twice and both times I had a very nice experience, above all because the staff is courteous and the service impeccable. I find it a bit hilarious to insult that aspect of the experience, maybe it was a one-off for this poster's experience, but I find it laughable to complain about what I think has been my best service experience at *any* restaurant in Berlin *regardless of the food.* I've dined many times in Paris and find it laughable to even try and compare to places there. I was just in Paris (again, and I used to live there for years, too) and just locating a vegan-friendly non-generic-café is impossible.

Regarding the comments on the food, you wrote, "Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet." But do we have evidence? You haven't told us what you even ate or tried. If it was so tasteless why not tell the owner and chef what exactly you disliked so he/she can try hard to improve it? This is vital if you post a negative review. I have noticed in Berlin that owners and chefs do often read these responses closely - as we see in this thread here - and if you actually want them to give you a better food you need to specify what it was you didn't like about the food you ate. Complaining gets you nowhere unless you can provide specifics.  

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On the whole a nice dinner - Edit

I really enjoyed the food here, especially having tortelli and crime brûlée. The crime brûlée by the way, is worth a flight to Berlin for. Yes it is a bit expensive, but no more so than places like Manna in the UK which is also higher end vegan dining. I really enjoyed the beer too. The only thing that annoyed me slightly was not being brought water when we asked for it. Twice. I don't know if asking for tap water in Germany is a faux pars, but we just wanted some but not a whole bottle as it was a hot day and we were drinking alcoholic drinks. If had we not ordered other drinks as well I could understand. We would have got bottled water happily if this had been pointed out rather than just ignoring us. I worked in a famous celebrity chef's restaurant for 2 years and was required to offer water in the order of "tap, still or sparkling".

Anyway, other than that the staff were nice enough, although clearly rushed off their feet. I would visit again, although next time I will remember not to ask for water!

To end of a positive note, we had a lovely glass of Prosecco at the end :)

Pros: Yummy food, Beautiful restaurant , Easy to find and central location

Cons: Aloofness in service

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High quality restaurant - Edit

I am vegan for 20 years and I like restaurants where I can eat better than I can prepare food myself.
This restaurant satisfied my taste and quality. Owner is well informed and menu is carefully selected.
They know even what to do with nightshades vegetables which I am avoiding in my diet.
It is a place where you can have excellent dinner time.

Pros: Good taste, Good quality, Vegan knowledge

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nice, pricy, but not healthy conform our standards - Edit

We went here to taste some really good vegan food, that we would not cook at home. As starters we had chickpea soup, which was ok but not supreme, and the quiche that looked and tasted very good. As a side salad we had the 10 kinds of green leafs. Although I asked for a walnut free salad because of allergy, they served it with walnut, so they had to make it a second time. Fortunately I saw this on time and my evening wasn't ruined by an allergy attack. The salad was almost dripping of oil and also our main dishes were quite fatty.
As a main dish I wanted to order a raw lasagna, but this was not possible because they pre-made it with hazelnuts for which I have an allergy, so I went for the sea spaghetti. My wife went for the tortellini.
The tortellini and sea spaghetti were nice, but drizzled in olive oil, too salty and the pasta was not whole-wheat. The portion size was good. The deserts were okay. We had 'cheese' cake made from cashews and mango and fruit sorbet.

In short, this is an Italian restaurant where everything is veganized. Because of the oil, salt and white pasta we would not call this food healthy, as they advertize. It would be better for publicity if the chef and some of the staff members would indeed look healthy and trim. We recommend looking at the way Dr. Fuhrman cooks:
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 10, 2013

Pros: food looks beautiful, everything is vegan

Cons: too much oil, salt and refined grains, many dishes contain nuts (allergic!), expensive

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