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Pilu Temple, Changiang Lu, Nanjing, Jiangsu, Nanjing, China

nice people

26 Jul 2007

no english menu or speaking people, make it hard. there isn't any staff really, just monks and a cook.
the food was standard temple fare, however still a godsend.
the people were really nice, no english spoken and trying to communicate was difficult. before i knew it though, they had me in the kitchen showing me there buffet selection. the food wasn't brilliant, but it was fresh and cny10.

Friedrichstraße 191, Berlin, Germany

good option

29 Mar 2016

pros and cons, all organic but sells meat.

we had a flat near here for five days and it was great option for breakfast goods and snacks.

lots of soy drinks, yogurt substitutes, wheaty and bio dynamic veggie products.

58 Serangoon Rd, Central Singapore, Singapore

fantastic...a must

08 May 2008

What can i say, counter service, staff giving suggestions, fantastic food!!!!
I had a nan meal, sg$6/gbp2/us$3. two nan breads, three curries.
Go there now!!!

1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

healthy food

09 Oct 2007

Another place which is trying too hard, like many other veggie places is doing too large a menu. should focus on perfecting less dishes and doing them better. The food was good, but could have been better. It was very heathy tasting though, and the staff very very nice. Worth a try.

20 Havelock Rd 01-04 Central Square, Central Singapore, Singapore

Spicy buffet

15 Jul 2016

One of the first pure veg Indian restauranta in Singapore I have found without ghee everywhere.
Warmly welcomed to a very busy buffet restaurant, o was on here on Friday night and the place was heaving. This of course meant the food was fresh and changed frequently.
A large selection of curry dishes served in a thali style tray from the buffet. O ghinknibhad about five different curries all tasting different and varying in spice and heat. Two to three rice choices and a limited amount of bread.
A selection of fruit for dessert if required, however I didnt manage.
A pay as feel policy is in operation and the staff were discreet with this.
A great evening option close to central.

Praça Mahatma Ghandi  2, 104, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

not veggie

21 Nov 2009

restaurant aimed at healthy eating rather than veggie. their basic plates is vegan, consists of rice, lentils, cabbage and carrot. was pretty tasy and filling. all other diishes seem to offer this basic plate with eith chickn or fish, which in all fairness is served on the side. there are a selection of deserts, many of which are tofu based, however not sure if they are veggie. my plate was about 4gbp.

Warschauer Strasse 33, Berlin, Germany

great selection

30 Mar 2016

idiots like me hate internet shopping. is an age I like to to physically see and feel something, I"m sure it's a vinyl & vhs hangover.
it's good to be able to go and actually try something on, feel it. a good selection of animal cruelty free footwear and a shop that deserves supporting. although not cheap, it's pretty good value and costs are similar to elsewhere. I've always bought vegetarian shoes because I believe in what they do, and think that's great value.
there is no value on killing an animal to wear, so spend some cash here, it's with it.

23 Caoyuan Hutong, Beijing, China

lama temple

23 Jul 2007

best way to find this place, head to lama temple hostel, and head past it down a small street.
the food was excellent, for one of the first times in china i get a staff member to suggest something. they asked if i liked hot food, i said yes, and for once....it was hot.
wide range of veg, beancurd and mock meat dishes. prices start from cny15.
staff were fab, and they were very happy to see my happycow print, and took it to show everyone.

55 Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


03 Dec 2008

went for evening meal here, and was gobsmacked. the food was out of this world, with a fantastic menu, featuring a large selection of north and south indian dishes. the waiter was great, when my other half ordered, he asked if she liked her food hot as it was a spicy dish. we both went north indian, although the dosa's around looked very tasty. we has some pakora to start which was great, and both main dishes were really tasty, and very fresh. it's a classic, as always the fact the palce was full of indian people eating gives you confidence. the one thing i would note is that the breads, if you don't get one, you will regret it. the best nan i have had. go go go.

14 Carrier de Monges, Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain


19 May 2015

On holiday and have had two lunches here. Luckily I have over a week to go so will be back.

Added some pictures which I'm sure won't do justice in showing the chilled vibe which this resataunt has. Shade and sunshine a winning combo which really makes you relax straight away.

A large menu ranging from burgers and fries to heathy salads everyone is catered for. I had the chefs salad which was unbelievable with vegann ice cream topping the plate, gradually melting into the salad in the warm afternoon sun. Deserts are a plenty and if you come to anywhere in Majorca make the effort to come here.
Just been back for the third visit of my holiday. Once again awesome. Good to see it busy and the food was fantastic again.

Joan XXIII, 52, 07470 Puerto De Pollensa, Islas Baleares, Mallorca, Spain

Tofu options

31 May 2015

A great option if you are in the area and are looking to cook at home. Lots of organic fruit and veg and they get organic bread delivered on tuesdays,

They havde a double fridge which does have one shelf of flesh, but it is kept away from everything else. The best options for soy milks and deserts and a goos selection of tofu products, burgers, sausage and several different natural tofu. Lots of pulses available and packets/tinned products.

A good selection of veg wines and beers which are all organic. staff were really helpful and there is an emphasis on local products.

I have to say if the store was in edinburgh i would say it was okay but when you are in a small town is a lifesaver.

42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

healthy option

20 Aug 2016

Small but packed full of goodies. Plenty of selection with lots of heathy salad choices, on. Sunny day a great option for takeaway lunch.
They had a 3-4 hot dishes as well impeccably presented cafe, unjust thought for a veggie cafe there should be more vegan options, especially in the cake department.
You will feel healthy and full after your lunch, I have to say the sight of whole booked eggs did little for me.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-19

Leipziger Pl. 12, Berlin, Germany

quick eats

31 Mar 2016

if you are near here and in a rush, it's a good option. great falafel and okay hummus with a good side of Glasgow salad.
they seem to offer vegan halloumi, but I was concerned it may be lost in translation so gave it a miss.

1/F, 9 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

great selection

08 Jun 2007

you have to say this place has a hell of a choice, both north and south indian dishes. the thali selection is great value for money and the food is very tasty.
main dishes start around hk$35, thali's priced between hk$50 and hk$ 75.

362 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland


21 Jun 2016

The Brass mo key is a great pub, has a good selection of beer and really nice staff. i have visited on many occasions and finally had some food.

the have a decent vegan menu and i went for the chilli dog. it was a good size portion with vegan slaw and chips. although the bread and dog were not the finest the slaw was good and the chilli was healthy, full of lentils and chickpeas.
overall it was decent value, but lacking in taste a little. more flavours required, even a bit of seasoning. its worth a visit if in the area.

34 Bread Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

good monthly option

07 May 2014

went here a wee while ago as part of the edinburgh meet up group, and very happy with the night.

the vegan night had a choice of thee starters, three mains and three deserts, they also went to the trouble of listing which beer and wines were vegan and the staff were really good.

there were some innovative food and some older staples, but my creamy mushroom samosa was very good, using local produce such as kale added to the menu.

a good option if you happen to be in edinburgh when the monthly menu is available.

11-12 Seafield Rd E, Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland

fantastic bread

04 Aug 2015

What a bakery.

Bread that can now be found throughout the central beltbof Scotland, because it's so good. Managed by an Aussie couple who know their stuff, organic and vegetarian. A great example of what can be created from a small base, now featuring a small cafe offering a couple of main courses a day.

I have had the bread on numerous occasions and can't. Recommend it enough, I stopped for soup which was great on a cold Scottish spring day.

I would upgraded to 5cows as debra and jeff have a constant commitment to offering organic vegan products. Several of the breads are vegan and they have introduced vegan clootie dumpling and a a vegan coconut and strawberry jam slice, using the jam for Tiphereth, in a jar.

they are also attending the vegan festivals in edinburgh and glasgow.

65 Pleasance, Edinburgh, Scotland

Good option for a quick bite.

13 Apr 2016

I have been to BBL as few times for there now famous vegan lorne sausage sandwich.
Although primarily a takeaway there is quite a few seats. I also know they have started to increase the vegan options. if you are here during the edinburgh festival, this is right opposite the Pleasence courtyard and a god send.
Very aware of vegan needs and really trying to raise their game.

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