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Lower Terrace, La Azotea Bldg, Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines

Nice Restaurant With Vegan Filipino Food!

I've been to the restaurant three times and really liked it! First of all it wasn't so easy to find for me - just look for azotea building in Google maps first. The atmosphere is nice and I had the mushroom sisig which is really yummy and a good chance to have an idea what Filipino food tastes like! Just tell them that you are a vegan and they can adjust most dishes. You can also have red rice with a small upgrade fee. The azotea greens salad was also really good - greens, tomato, cucumber, sweet potato, olives, apple and a lovely mango sauce. However, the fresh juice contained a lot of fruit pieces, seems like they need a better juicer/blender :D I like the fact that they also had two vegan cakes, I tried a pili nit cream tart. It was good, but I had way better vegan cakes. The service is also quite slow, but maybe that's why they have a "urgent - hiring waiters" note at the door. The paintings are nice and the WiFi is good. The music sounded a bit strange, but never mind. They also have a small selection of products to buy like vegan fish sauce and natural cosmetics and household products selections. I can recommend visiting!

Munich area, Munich, Germany

everything i love!

as i'm living and studying in munich i often need something for lunch or just to relax between lessons. since boonian is opened (dec 2012) i've been there quite often and always enjoyed it. the lunch (curry dhal, soups, special hotpots...) is sometimes a bit spicy, but i like that very much! i can also recommend the bbq soy meat, hot seitan sandwiches and the salads. i love the almond milk - you can have it as hot chocolate or power chai tea - and one time they had a mousse au chocolat, which was reallyyy great! they produce sauces like cranberrymustard, spicy ketchup (my favourite), smoked nacho "cheese" and many more... the only "bad" thing is, that they don't always have all the different sauces available, as they don't produce them in big amounts. but if you want a special sauce, they don't have at the moment, you can leave your number and they will call you, when they have it! prices are also ok, 5 - 7 € the lunch...

8 Sin Ming Rd, Sin Ming Centre 01-03, Central Singapore, Singapore

Delicious! One of my favourite places in SG!

I love brownice! Everything is vegan, the ice cream is creamy, delicious and they always have different creative special flavours. You can try different ice creams before having to choosing which ones you'll have. The waffles are yummy and their fudge brownie is one of the best brownies I've ever had! Must try :) so fudgy and full of chocolate! I've been there lots of times and the staff is always nice and happy :) you can easily spend a lot of time there, just bring a good book! The pizzas are also nice, creative combinations, Asian fusion I'd say. They're good but not comparable to a original Italian one. But still worth a try. Prices are reasonable too! Not really more expensive than normal ice cream shoos in Singapore - but at brownice everything's handmade, fresh, healthy and vegan, so that's great value! As I said, I love it :)

3, Lane 284, Sec. 3, Luosifu Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

Nice Buffet!

Cheap & good pay-by-weight buffet near Gonguan MRT & NTU University. I went there for lunch and payed 100ntd for good portion of vegetables, mock meat & desserts.
I liked the battered & fried mushrooms, mock chicken legs, mock fish steak & fried red bean mochi best. One of the best Chinese vegetarian buffets I've been to so far! However, they should mark the vegan options as some other comparable buffets do! The staff didn't speak English, so I had to choose the things that I think are vegan.

Bohol Quality Mall, CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran, Philippines

Not Sure If It Still Exists?

We wanted to have dinner at this place but we couldn't find it anywhere in QB mall :( we went to Shakey's Diner for some Fries & Pizza without Cheese instead...

Jl. Jogonegaran 49E, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

wonderful place!

All vegan café with nice interior design (I loved sitting upstairs!), great food & drinks, very nice staff & philosophy.
Their specialty is coffee and they get very creative with that! I tried avocado coffee, coffee lemonade & ice cubes made from coffee. All worth a try! Good with one of their buns - you can have them stuffed with chocolate, kaya (homemade without egg, yay!) etc. or even abon (vegan meat floss), nuts, seeds... But not only for coffee it's worth a visit - also for lunch or dinner! They offer a big variety of indonesian, Chinese (the manager is Chinese!) and wester food. All vegan and everything we tried was nice. The prices - especially for the food - are quite good.
So make sure to visit! It's definitely worth to go there :)

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden


excellent view over stockholm and a very very special and the most cosy atmosphere i've ever experienced in a restaurant. the stuff is loveley, the buffett great, i love that you get organic tea, coffee... as much as you want (like nearly everywhere in sweden). the whole house is designed with some much love, many pictures and quotations... i had a great evening there and recommend it to anybody visting stockholm! it's not very inexpensive but it's really worth it... they have special prices for students some days.
i also love the sentence on the staff's shirts: "give peas a chance"

321, Sec 1, Jinan Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

Nice Snacks & Very Friendly!

We went there and had some snacks - a bug sandwich which was good (but not so exciting) and a really nice big sushi roll! It's quite cheap - 70$ together - and the nice owner even gave us some hot tea and two more sweet sandwiches :D the bagels looked good to, but we didn't try them. It's located on campus of some kind of college where a lot of basketball etc. courts are. To find the café you can look for some sunshades/umbrellas!

Pettenkoferstrasse 8, Munich, Germany

nice, but wrong choice

max pett is an excellent restaurant! i ordered a soy steak and it was not the best choice... a bit to tenacious for my taste and the mustard-coating was a bit to "mustardy". but the potatos were great, the sauce as well. and the dishes of my family i tested were really good! so i probably just ordered the wrong thing. the stuff and atmosphere was also lovely! i'll come again soon and try something else :)
prices are a bit high, so i'll only eat there for celebrating special occasions!

Mainzer Strasse 18, Berlin, Germany

Nice, but the brunch was disappointing...

I've been looking forward to visiting Ohlala for quite some time now, so I finally went to the saturday's brunch now. It was difficult to get a table at 11:30, but we managed. The price is 13€, excluding drinks.
And the brunch was okay, but nothing extraordinary. Everything's not only vegan but also glutenfree, which I don't care about as I'm not allergic to gluten. There was glutenfree bread, which reminded me of Zwieback, that was okay, you could get vegan butter and jams. The mini icecream was nice (although it seems like it was just frozen whipped cream with jam), the blueberry cake was nice too (but really small & thin pieces), the fruit salad seemed like it was cut loooong tim before serving, so it was not the best. The small smoothie had a lot of pieces (not very smooth) and I tasted a lot like they used canned peaches... The crispy chocolate balls made with cornflakes was simple, but quite yummy. Then the savory section began: 3 salads - nice, but nothing special, Chili sin Carne with Tortilla chips (the chili was cold, a bit strange and overall not outstanding). The hummus was good, there was another spread with onions I think, which was also good. The black olive tapenade could have been spiced in a nicer way. Then there were three hot dishes, all of them were quite empty already, so I could only try one of them: the lasagna. The lasagna was really yummy - just a little bit more salt would have been nice.
So all in all I had a lot nicer vegan brunch buffets in Berlin... as a "french vegan café" I would have expected them to have croissants, I'm a big croissant lover, but they didn't. I wouldn't recommend going there for brunch, but their cakes looked quite good, so maybe I'll come back to try a cake.
Ans I hope to find good vegan croissants in Berlin soon :)

207, Sec. 2, Nanchang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

Tasty Raw Tarts & Nice Atmosphere!

The café is very comfortable & decorated nicely! (Maybe that's why they wrote on their menu that your dining time shouldn't exceed 1,5 hours - because the place is so nice that you could stay there even longer :D )
I had a raw strawberry cream tart which was outstanding! They ran out of soymilk so I had to take a smoothie, but that was fine :)
For the filling raw cake & smoothie I payed 240ntd - not cheap but definitely worth it!

Hackenstrasse 2, Munich, Germany

excellent atmosphere

i like the atmosphere of prinz myshkin - it always feels like a special, luxurious occasion eating there! very expensive (for my taste) as well but once in a while it's ok :)
i tried the (non-vegan) fake-thuna pizza, which was really good! they also have many vegan dishes.

Aznar Street, Staff, European Bldg, Urgello, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Good Indian Food!

We went there for lunch - not too busy, food still seemed quite fresh. Google Maps location is wrong, search for "Healthy U" instead, it's right next to it. (Healthy U is a vegan restaurant, you can also go there if you don't find enough vegan items at Roti Corner or to grab a cookie or some soy milk for dessert!). Back to the Indian restaurant: we had 5 vegetable curries, some kind of fried spring roll and roti prata. Everything was quite good, but certainly not the best Indian food I ever had - BUT after having quite boring philipino vegetable dishes or sometimes even only white rice with soy sauce for weeks this place was my paradise! Finally some a good amount of spices again :) (which you can also buy) We paid 430 php for two, which isn't as cheap as in other places, but still good value!

43 Jalan Hang Lekiu, Malacca, Malaysia

Good, But Not Outstanding

We looked for vegetarian place for lunch nearby and found this on happycow!
The menu looks nice (including veg chicken rice balls, laksa, nasi lemak and many more as well as daily specials). The food itself wasn't outstanding but okay! Unfortunately they had already run out of two things we'd have liked to try. But we didn't leave hungry though! They have several big green signs saying "vegetarian" - so it's hard to miss it :) close to many of the melaka sights/jonker street.
Open mon-sat 7:30am-2:30pm, closed sun!

Klenzestr. 53, Munich, Germany

cosy & yummy

they have like a thousand of different teatypes and make lovely cakes! very cosy atmosphere as well :)

Augustenstrasse 5, Munich, Germany

extraordinary cosy cafe

i love the design of yam deli! i'm really comfortable in there :)
the food is also very nice! prices for everyday eating would be a but high, but once in a while i'm coming around!

159, Chung Sun Rd, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Better Than Expected!

We had dinner in this small restaurant, it has red letters on yellow ground as a sign saying vegetarian. They open at 5pm for dinner - until about 8 pm - and for lunch probably as well. We had the 3 dish 1 soup set for two (400ntd) which was enough. [09:46, 12/27/2014] Clary: The dishes included tofu & edamame beans in a little spicy sauce, stir fried cabbage and sweet potato leaves (I fell in love with the latter - they tasted like baby spinach which is quite rare in Asia!). It came with rice. The miso soup with coriander leaves was a bit boring in the beginning but we asked for some soy sauce and then it was fine :)
[09:48, 12/27/2014] Clary: Everything was quite tasty. They have an english menu and one younger women can speak some as well, so it's no problem if you don't speak Chinese.
[09:50, 12/27/2014] Clary: The restaurant has some red letters on yellow ground as a sign on the outside saying vegetarian in Chinese.

218, Sec. 1, Zhongyang South Rd, Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan

Cute Café For Nice Bites!

On my way to the Beitou hot springs I stopped by at Yummy Vegan Café!
The place is lovely, a cozy atmosphere, I sat there for one in the afternoon just reading a book. I tried the handmade dumplings & warm maple soy milk, both was really nice! It's quite small and then menu is limited, so I'm not sure if I would go all the way from Taipei centre to have dinner there, but if you are in the area, do visit them!

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