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Ooh Cha Cha

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207, Sec. 2, Nanchang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan,

Health-focused, vegan cafe in the Guting area, since Oct 2013. Serves green drinks, sandwiches, bowls, and raw desserts. Quiet, with Wi-Fi access. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Raw, Western, Juice bar, Take-out

Reviews (23)

First Review by kim2121

Healthy whole foods - Edit

I've been there about 5 times, trying different things on the menu. I really appreciate how they focus on healthy pesticide free whole plant foods, lots of greens, whole grains, etc. It's a pretty nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and reliable place to eat 100% vegan and healthy, which is nice in Taiwan as you can often have hidden ingredients like animal products in some other vegetarian places like in mock meats or dressings.

Pricing is a little bit high for Taiwan but not ridiculously high, and for organic whole foods I guess it's rather fair.
The taste is alright, but I think could be a little improved sometimes. I very much appreciate that they do not cover the food in chemical flavors, white sugar, oils, or too much salt as many other restaurants do, but I think using a bit more healthy flavorings like herbs, spices, lemon, balsamic or cider vinegars, etc, would make it perfect ! It's still enjoyable and I'd still go back as it is though :)

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-29

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Good sandwiches, mediocre bowls, expensive - Edit

I am editing this review to increase the rating now that I have visited a few times. Based on the quality of the burgers and sandwiches, I would definitely recommend eating here. They are very good and fresh, and still worth it despite being pricey. I did not enjoy my tempeh bowl the one time I tried it and I would recommend avoiding those menu items. The tempeh is bland, the salad has no dressing or flavor to it, the kimchi is okay but fills far too much of the plate and is difficult to finish, and the rice/quinoa portion is too small. The burgers on the other hand are pretty thick and they taste great. I wish that the side portions would be bigger because I feel like I have to order extra food in order to feel full, and that increases the cost further.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-05

Pros: Burgers and sandwiches are good, Vegan, Close to Guting MRT

Cons: Small portions, Expensive, Bowls are not good

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MaiBach04 07 Oct 2016 - Hi VeganDavid,
One of the owners here. Thank you for taking time to write up a review. I can't go into each of things you wrote about, but I can give you a general answer to the biggest grievances, cost and portion. I do understand your sentiments. Due to our sourcing of ingredients, mainly using pesticide-free and locally grown ingredients it does reflect in our prices and we have portioned out food to minimize food waste that does inevitably occur. Our main mission was to make vegan food more accessible, and hopefully you take this at face value, we do not add unnecessary fees to our prices. We also do not use any fryers, or cheap processed oils in our foods, which makes most of our food more labor intensive. If you do make it back to Taipei, please feel free to speak to me or any of our managers. We do appreciate feedback.
- Mai

Pretty decent, but pricey - Edit

Had Acai Twist Smoothie and Bacon Cheeseburger

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MaiBach04 07 Oct 2016 - Hi Vinyinnyincy,
We would love to hear if you had any issues with the food besides the price. We do source ingredients that are pesticide-free and local, which does reflect in our prices.We have chosen not to add the normal 10% service charge to try to combat the idea that truly healthy and good vegan food is inaccessible. Hopefully you come in for a chat in the future!

- - Edit

I used to go here all the time when it was principally a sandwich place. I loved it then. (My only serious complaint was how noisy the smoothie maker was.)

They've updated the menu and included more options overall but reduced the sandwich options. I think it was right to update the menu as one could miss there being something new to try if one was a regular there.

Having said all this, I was a bit disappointed by the changes. I tried a few of the burgers a few months back. I found them pretty dry and uninspiring. They aren't competitive with the burgers available at Miss Green or About Animals. (I've been told that the burgers at Ooh Cha Cha have recently been improved.)

Before the changes they had their bowl dishes. These are healthy dishes with good ingredients. Now there a lot more of these dishes on the menu. They're fine and I'm sure they're good for me, although I don't find them that exciting.

Ooh Cha Cha is incredibly popular, it's often difficult to get seats, has a nice relaxed atmosphere, and the food is good. Give it a try!

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MaiBach04 07 Oct 2016 - Hi Shanery,
Thank you for your valued feedback. We did run into some kinks with the burger preparation in the beginning roll out. Due to circumstances out of our control, we did have to move away from the sandwiches and switch the menu up a bit. We do still commit to preparing our food in the most healthy way possible, which means we do not deep fry or used processed vegetable oils in any of our food. If you ever see the owners or staff, please feel free to chat!


This is excellent, fast, healthy vegan food at restaurant quality but without the restaurant prices! My friends and I shared the Banh Mi, the beet ball bowl and the pesto mushroom burger, all of which I would recommend getting. I had the blue goji smoothie and my friend had the green standard smoothie; both exceeded my wildest expectations of how great a healthy smoothie can taste! If I could, I would have one of these smoothies everyday of my life for dessert, they're that yummy. We got a chance to chat with the owners, whose genuine cruelty-free philosophy made me tear up a little as a longtime vegan. They make everything from scratch (except the bread & kimchi), even stone grinding their own almond butter! Wonderful people who have truly created a heart-filled cafe. It's such a cute space, too!

Pros: Excellent healthy food, Great value, Very friendly staff

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Excellent! - Edit

Not a full-service restaurant (order at the counter and then delivered to your table) but great food quality and very friendly staff. We had to wait a few minutes for a table as they are a relatively small & busy cafe. However, that did allow us some time to read through the menu and decide on what we wanted to have. We opted for the Beet Ball Roll with Eggplant Bacon and Balsamic Mushroom "Add-Ons", the Friendly Macro (biotic) Bowl, and a couple of Anderson Valley Pale Ales. Everything was well-presented and tasted great.

Pros: Great quality food, Friendly staff, Reasonably priced

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newly rennovated - Edit

I ate here right after they finished renovating after Chinese New Year 2016.

I had the hummus bowl. It was extremely delicious. I don't know how they get their hummus to be so rich and creamy. It wasn't oily.

I also had a smoothie and a slice of cake. Overall the whole meal was very filling, I almost had to the force the cake down but it was delicious.

I ordered a Bahn Mi sandwich as takeout. It was not bad. I think the other sandwiches might be better.

I definitely recommend the bowls and cakes!

The space was also lovely and very clean.

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They are improving...:) - Edit

Hello, I was pleasantly surprised when I went back here with how they've improved in just a few months.

But before addressing that, you should know what to expect. It is not a restaurant, it's a sandwich small place, so I will rate it according to that.

The smoothies are healthy, fresh and tasty, but small sizes and expensive. The salads are plain, just brown rice or quinoa with a classic veggie salad. The sandwiches are yummy and healthy! My top two are the Ooh Cha Cha (made with lentil and cashew cream...oh God, still thinking about it) and the Hummus Garlic! You won't be disappointed, plus the bread slice size is just right this time. Try the first one for a good surprise. The raw cakes are varied but not my type. They are healthy and they taste like a regular raw cake tastes like. Anyway, I'm picky cause I cook and bake at home almost daily, so don't mind me. It's a great sandwich restaurant. The only problem is the price but I think the price is high cause of the quality of the ingredients. That matters too, at least to me.

I'll encourage them and give it a 5 star. Congrats on improving!

Pros: they speak English, they've improved, they have pictures of the food

Cons: very expensive , not a lot of variety

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Great space - Edit

I love this place! We come here all the time. The bowl with the Kim Chi is amazing, so is the Tofu sandwich. The mocha cake is absolutely Divine! The coffee and teas could be better, but they do really well on their smoothies. The service is fine, sometimes the staff look a bit stressed and don't really make conversation, but the food arrives on time and is delicious, so you can't go wrong! It's a tad bit pricey though, but they do have a stamp card so every, say 3rd or 4th meal ends up being free. Great place, definitely worth a visit, or two! :-)

Pros: Good food, Great Space, Great raw cakes

Cons: Bit pricey, Food could have a little more flavour, A specials menu would be great!

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Simple & Healthy - Edit

Ooh Cha Cha serves principally salads, sandwichs, smoothies and raw desserts. Everything is fresh, a lot of vegetables and fruits. Nothing transformed which is really refreshing! You can choose any sandwich or salad (prices are between 130 and 250 ntd) and do a set meal by adding 200 ntd to the price of your sandwich or salad. The hummus is very good! The smoothies and desserts are also good.

Pros: healthy, good and fresh

Cons: very small restaurant

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Simple, Healthy , Delicious Western Food - Edit

It's interesting to see such mixed reviews of Oh Cha Cha, because people seem to expect different things, so I hope this will clarify what it is and what it isn't.

Oh Cha Cha serves simple, healthy, western food, and in my opinion it's done very well; their sandwiches are by far the best in Taipei, especially their handmade sauces.

There's nothing fancy about Oh Cha Cha's's food (except the raw desserts, which are amazing, when available). It's not the place to come for your only meal out in Taipei. If you want Taiwanese food there are plenty of places offering it, with the Guangfu Loving Hut probably the best, or for a European twist head to Sophie's Garden.

But sometimes I just want the type of food I'd love to cook myself every day, if I had the time, know-how and inspiration to do so. I don't want over-boiled vegetables or fake meats made of who-knows-what, drowned in MSG-laden sauces, so I don't want to go to the local buffet. And I don't want to spend a fortune either. That's when I go and have a delicious, healthy sandwich, or a bowl of whole grains and vegetables from Oh Cha Cha. And I'm pleased to be able to - as strange as it sounds a simple healthy sandwich while out and about in Taipei is not easy to find! And with sandwiches starting from 140NT it's excellent value.

It's the best option if visiting the Botanical Gardens / History Museum, and also for Liberty Square / Dictator (Chiang Kai Shek) Memorial Hall.

Five stars because what it does it does brilliantly, being one of a few good truly western-style restaurants in Taipei.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy Food, Real Western food, all vegan, Excellent value

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MaiBach04 01 Apr 2015 - Thank you JesseD for your visit! You definitely understand our food philosophy!

not bad, not special either - Edit

I went there today with a friend at about 5 p.m.
I had seen the menu online and I was really looking forward to having a delicious slice of vegan cake. Unfortunately the one I would have liked to taste was sold out, and so were other two types. So, amongst 6 types of cake, 3 were sold out. That kind of forced me to order one I wouldn't have chosen and which was not very good. The one my friend had also was average, but better than mine.
Coffee and smoothie were nice, but pricey overall. Sad.

Pros: vegan, english menù

Cons: few choices available, pricey

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MaiBach04 04 Feb 2015 - Hi Peas-full, sorry to hear about your unimpressive trip to our shop. I don't know the exact circumstances of that day, but I do apologize. Our cakes our handmade, in-house following raw food theory, which means it takes hours for our cakes to be made and set. Once we run out for the day, we can't really make more in a timely manner. Our goal is to make sure at least four flavors are in stock at all times, but we can't always anticipate demand. I, for one, know the disappointment of ordering something not available. Hopefully you give us another try and we don't disappoint you.

peas-full 19 Feb 2015 - Hi MaiBach04

Thank you for your reply.
In fact I went to your shop a few weeks later with the same friend and we had the chance to taste the cakes we wanted.
One flavor was sold out but the waiter offered us to cut a slice from a new one, even though it should have set a little longer. So we get to taste the cake we wanted and it was absolutely delicious. I bet it is highly demanded! :-)

Delicious juices & raw desserts - Edit

Ooh Cha Cha is a small, fully vegan restaurant with lots of healthy options. After waiting for a table for approximately 30 minutes, my wife & I ordered two juices, a sandwich, a salad plate & two desserts. Both juices were delicious but the potion size was smaller than expected. The salad, featuring Tempe & brown rice, was expensive at TW$250 but nonetheless very tasty. The hummus sandwich was decent but nothing special. And the two raw desserts tasted delicious but the texture could have been more solid. The restaurant is small and reservations cannot be made, so be prepared to wait. Overall, a nice place for a healthy lunch.

Pros: Lots of healthy options, Delicious raw deserts, Friendly owners & staff

Cons: Small restaurant, had to wait for a table, A little pricey by TW standards

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MaiBach04 10 Nov 2014 - Glad to hear you had a good meal with us! If you stopped by on the weekend wait times can be a little longer, but weekdays are usually more casual. Always great to hear feedback!

Disappointing (nearly) all around - Edit

A vegan cafe with raw offerings in a convenient location? This has all the markers of being my new favorite place...but was such a disappointment. Perhaps my expectations were high but, even if they were lowered, I doubt that the place would have met them.

The location is convenient and easy to find. The place is well-marked and the restaurant rather attractive.

I don't know if it's affiliated with a school of some kind or not but when we visited, there were 10-12 school age children coming in an out; most seemed to know the western male who sometimes walked behind the counter (but I'm not sure actually worked there or was just hanging out). The person taking our order seemed distracted and we needed to remind them to bring out the latter half of it. One of the "kids" actually came by the table and swiped my drink while I was washing my hands (and flushing the toilet for the person/people ahead of me), which the workers in the restaurant seemed to think was cute. They didn't think it was cute enough to offer a replacement though took it off the bill when I requested.

Food...was average. My son, who likes everything, disliked the ABJ Sandwich and said it tasted wet. The hummus and chickpea sandwiches were fine. Smoothies were very good though portions a bit small compared to similar restaurants.

The staff did ask if everything was ok. I said that the ABJ wasn't what we expected and they said "good.To the surprise of nobody reading this, we decided not to.

Perhaps I hit them on a bad day. I was surprised to see the positive reviews listed here so I probably should consider giving them another try but, considering the vast number of vegetarian options in Taipei, probably won't.

Pros: Location, Bilingual menus and staff

Cons: Service attitude, Cleanliness (in bathroom)

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gtwucla 10 Nov 2014 - I would like to apologize for your unpleasant experience in our little restaurant. However, despite your review having been posted only a week ago, we do recall your visit and it was nearly a year ago within our first few months of opening. Unfortunately, we were understaffed and still without our uniforms, otherwise it would have been easier for you to spot our working staff. I can assure you that at any other time, you and your family would have had our undivided attention.

We are simply unable to ask 24 customers to leave, even if they are acquaintances. I can assure you that I tried my best to keep the many children running in and out of our store outside, so as not to bother your family, perhaps that's why you thought I didn't work in the store. We do in fact remember each time one of our old classes came to visit, because it is stressful serving 12 children and their (more than) 12 parents in our store, which has only 17 seats including the bar. Fortunately, it has not happened for nearly a year and it only happened twice.
I can honestly say that our bathroom is always clean and our staff is extremely friendly. If you complained and our staff replied 'good', I can beyond all doubt say that he/she did not hear you correctly. Although our staff's English ability is good, it is in no way their native language. Despite our larger staff, you will find that they are always friendly and helpful.

Friendly Little Cafe - Edit

A local vegan friend suggested we meet here for an early lunch. A started with a cacao smoothie, which I enjoyed.
We split two of the sandwiches, a roasted garlic hummus, and a Cha Cha. I wasn't a fan of the brown color bread they used on one, but overall they were both good, especially if you miss the comforts of a western style sandwich.
Tried the all raw mocha pie and pumpkin spice pie for dessert. Both were great, and healthy, but the mocha needed to thaw a bit before it was soft enough to eat.The owner was very sweet, speaks English, and went to UCLA.
Great place to get a little, healthy bite.

Pros: Healthy, California Cuisine, Friendly Owner

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MaiBach04 10 Nov 2014 - Thanks for stopping in! Hope I have a chance to pick your brain a little more in the future!

Tasty Raw Tarts & Nice Atmosphere! - Edit

The café is very comfortable & decorated nicely! (Maybe that's why they wrote on their menu that your dining time shouldn't exceed 1,5 hours - because the place is so nice that you could stay there even longer :D )
I had a raw strawberry cream tart which was outstanding! They ran out of soymilk so I had to take a smoothie, but that was fine :)
For the filling raw cake & smoothie I payed 240ntd - not cheap but definitely worth it!

Pros: Healthy , Creative, Atmosphere

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Beautiful Cafe - Edit

I also order the Tofu Bahn Mi after reading the other review here, and it was really good - not too complex flavor-wise but just enough to be really satisfying. I also got the Tropical smoothie, which was delicious and turned out to be worth the high price tag. Lunch ended up costing me about 300 NTW, so about $9, but as the other reviewer mentioned I easily could have gotten lunch for $6 if I hadn't opted for the smoothie. But how could i resist!

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So Delicious! - Edit

Eating at Ooh Cha Cha makes me wonder why I ever eat anything unhealthy like french fries or chips. If healthy food can taste this delicious, there's really no reason to eat anything else!

I tried the Tofu Banh Mi sandwich and was surprised at how much I liked the tofu. Of course I love tofu, but usually I tend to prefer tofu that isn't this soft. It was delicious! The roll was also great. The sandwich had a very wholesome and made-at-home flavor. Ahhh, so good!

I tried the Berry Fulfilling drink and was also very happy with it.

The restaurant is definitely more of an informal, lunch-type place. It's small and you order at a counter. The prices are also reasonable, my food was somewhere around 250 TWD, but half of that price was because I ordered a drink. If I just got a sandwich and drank water it would have been extremely reasonable for a great vegan lunch!

The restaurant is near Guting metro, exit 2. Just walk straight out of the exit and Ooh Cha Cha will be a short walk down, on the right, pulled back from the street just a bit.

Pros: Delicious, Delicious, Delicious

Cons: Limited Seating

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