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Typical vegetarian food buffet. Many seats. Nearby Gong Guan MRT. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-7:30pm.

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First Review by sallie


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23 Nov 2023

Great food

This place was listed as “Tathagata Vegetarian Paradise” on Google Maps. Food was delicious, even as takeout. It’s a buffet style, you pay by weight. The sautéed eggplant was the best. Dumplings were a bit boring.



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04 Jul 2023


We arrived around 2pm and the place was mostly empty, it didn’t smell great and the food didn’t look super fresh. We started to grab some food then noticed some baby cockroaches crawling around the buffet table. We put back the food and left and went across the street to a Luwei place which had plenty of tasty vegan options and was nice and clean.

Cons: Cockroaches


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20 Dec 2022

Favourite of all time

Used to go here so often as a NTU student and will be back every time I’m in Taipei. This place has all I need 😍


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19 May 2021

Good! I love their plant milk!

Pretty decent veggie buffet. Not as huge a selection as others, but the food is tasty. As others have said, go at the beginning of their lunch or dinner service as the food is much more fresh. I really love the plant milk you can buy there, though I’m not totally sure what it is. I think it might be oat milk? But not like other oat milk I’ve tried. It is a really popular spot and is always packed during lunch and dinner.


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26 Jul 2020

Nice variety

On a Sunday just after they opened for lunch, there was a wide variety of dishes. BYO dishware rather than using a paper plate, and have the staff weigh your container to know how much to deduct from your total after you’ve filled it up. Then grab a clean pair of tongs at the front, and have at it! I’m glad I brought a relatively small container since I have a tendency to fill it to the brim. A few mock meat items, but most of the options were whole veggies and minimally processed soy products. Not too greasy or salty either. They do have reusable chopsticks, so don’t worry about that. Help yourself to water from the dispensers, but BYO water bottle to avoid using paper cups. You can optionally pay an additional NT$10 for a bowl of white or sprouted rice. Free soup, too.

The only buffet dish we were told was not vegan was the pudding dessert, and the probiotic oat milk (NT$100/bottle) is not vegan because the bacteria they use is derived from dairy milk.

If I were starving and stayed for a few hours, I could see myself going back through the buffet line a second time since the staff continually bring out new dishes to replace empty ones.

Pros: mostly vegan, no eggs, many different vegetables

Cons: probiotic oat milk is lacto-veg, not vegan


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04 Nov 2019

Très bon, varié - Buffet (au poids)

Très bon, varié, j'y suis allée avec une amie Taïwanaise qui est une habituée. Facturation au poids.
Ils proposent aussi du jus d'avoine maison (le demander).
A noter : pour les personnes en diet fodmap: ils semblent ne pas utiliser d'ail ni d'oignons (et pourtant les assainissements sont réussis)

Pros: Bien varié , Sans ail ni oignons apparemment


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13 Oct 2019

Go at opening times for the best selection

It may seem like common sense, but if you go to these buffet places just after they open, you'll get the freshest and most abundant selection of dishes.

The first time I came here it was 2pm and the food was pretty much cold and the place was empty. The second time, I came at noon and it was full of people and the food was great. There were even desserts the second time. You have to go earlier in the time slot!

Take a paper tray and serving tongs, load up your plate and take it to the counter. Put your rice in the paper bowls (and not on your plate) as rice is not charged by weight, rice is only about 10NT per bowl.

If you want to find this on GoogleMaps, it's called Tathagata Vegetarian Paradise 如來素食樂園

Pros: Great selection if you go early, Plenty of seating

Cons: Same-same Taiwanese veg buffet


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12 Oct 2019

Cerrado a las 15:55

Cerrado a las 15:55


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30 Aug 2019

Best buffet in town

We’ve tried lots of vegan buffet in Taipei, but this was the most delicious one.


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17 Aug 2019

Lovely buffet

Came here with an omni friend for lunch and we both loved it! There are ample options to choose from and everything we tried has been delicious. We both paid 70 NTD each including a bowl for rice and were super satisfied. The owner was a lovely older guy and the store was nice and quiet, and we immediately felt welcome. Will definitely go there again!

Pros: Loads of options, Friendly staff, A hidden gem


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Mostly Veg
11 Jul 2018

funky place, good food

Perhaps our favorite place in Taipei, funky atmosphere but the food is excellent chinese style vegan. Eat in or take out and the price is very reasonable. And, of course nice people like everyone we met in Taiwan. A great variety of dishes and well worth a visit.

Pros: great variety of dishes, nicely made food particularly for a buffet, very low local price

Cons: gets really busy at the lunch hour


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28 Jun 2018

Must Eat in Taipei

Lots of choice, all food I tried (which was an awful lot), was delicious. The price was unbelievable, so so cheap, would recommend for anybody looking for a cheap meal to really fill up on. The only possible negative would be that a majority of the buffet was mock meat, though I enjoyed this and found it delicious.


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13 Mar 2018

Great vegetarian buffet; possibly even vegan?

This is hands down my favourite pay-by-weight buffet place in Taipei (or possibly the world).
The food is all very good, and there are a lot of different good protein options, unlike many other vegetarian buffet places.

It's not 100% clear to me whether the price per weight is a little higher than average here or whether I just end up paying more because I know the food is good and get more. Maybe a combination. I'm a big guy and typically pay between 130 and 200 NTD.

My wife (who is vegan) also quite likes this place. We think the restaurant might be entirely vegan, given that even the traditional "scrambled eggs in tomato sauce dish" is made with tofu-skin rather than eggs.

This is also by far the largest buffet place I've been to: if it looks full, just head down the staircase; there is at least as much seating in the basement as upstairs.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-13

Pros: Great food, good selection of proteins, Mostly or entirely vegan, Ample seating, suitable for >4 people groups

Cons: Above average prices, No phone reception in basement seating area


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Mostly Veg
03 Feb 2018

The best restaurant in Taipei!

The furniture doesn't look too appealing, but the food is excellent and the ambiente calming.

Pros: Food, Ambiente

Cons: Walls, etc. not too beautiful


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14 Jan 2018

Great Buffet

Delicious food, friendly staff & very peaceful ambience

Citizen Wren

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Mostly Veg
25 Feb 2016

one of the best buffets

it doesn't look like much, but this really is one of the best veg buffets. the food is really good. I'm not really into fake meats but they take it to another level. meat balls, chicken legs, it's weird because I don't miss eating that stuff, meat has never been appealing to me, but their creations are great! and of course it's dirt cheap.


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13 Jun 2015

Best vegetarian food in Gongguan

As a student at the nearby National Taiwan University, I keep trying new vegetarian places in the Gongguan area (...and there are many of them!) but this one remains my favourite. The setting is very cosy; the food is fresh, delicious and quite creative and cheap compared to other buffets. In addition, the staff is very helpful and kind. Just to give you an example: One day, I realized too late that I had forgotten my money and the owner simply said "méi guānxi"/no problem - clearly not the reaction I was expecting ;)

Pros: Delicious food, Great value, Very helpful staff

Cons: Mock meat looks scaringly real


Points +2808

15 Apr 2015

My favorite taiwanese buffet

Even though, they have a little bit less choices then other buffets, EVERYTHING is good! Also, they have some differents choices everyday, so you can eat there everyday if you want. Of course, some items are always available. The best is the mock chicken legs and the spring rolls. For a good full plate, it shouldn't cost you more then 120ntd.


Points +115

24 Sep 2014

Nice Buffet!

Cheap & good pay-by-weight buffet near Gonguan MRT & NTU University. I went there for lunch and payed 100ntd for good portion of vegetables, mock meat & desserts.
I liked the battered & fried mushrooms, mock chicken legs, mock fish steak & fried red bean mochi best. One of the best Chinese vegetarian buffets I've been to so far! However, they should mark the vegan options as some other comparable buffets do! The staff didn't speak English, so I had to choose the things that I think are vegan.

Pros: Tasty, Variety, Cheap

Cons: Does Not Sign Vegan Items


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25 Oct 2009


This was my favorite restaurant when I visited Taipei. It is a buffet. You pay for your food by weight, and it is super cheap. You can even get take-out. I crammed my take-out box as full as I could. It was quite heavy, but still only cost me $100 NT. Way cheap... Be weary, though. This place is kind of difficult to find. It's in a busy area, on a street just off of Roosevelt, but there's no English written on the outside, just Chinese. However, you can get a glance of the buffet from the front window, and that definately helps. I also found it quite funny that the owner of the store didn't know how "Buddha Vegetarian Paradise" looked like spelled out in English. So, if you're unsure if you've made it, look around for a young person. Young people are more keen on speaking and understanding English. This is just a helpful tip, in general, while visiting Taiwan. Thanks to all the young people that helped me find my way! :)

Pros: Variety, Delicious, Cheap

Cons: Hard to find (if you can't read Chinese)


Points +22

11 Jun 2008

good solid food

very popular with National Taiwan University students.
very affordable, very clean food.

Pros: very affordable, very clean, good food

Cons: located on 2nd floor

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