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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Good except entrees

The appetizers and soups at this place are AMAZING!!! I can't vouch for the salad as I've never had salad there. I can caution people away from the entrees. While they serve GIANT portions, the entrees tend to be greasy with vegetable under- or over-cooked. Service is friendly, though at busy times they are understaffed. Don't come here at a peak time if you are in a hurry.

1803 W 39th St, Kansas City, USA

LOVE Blue Koi

This place is mecca for vegans. All kinds of vegan-friendly food. I usually load up on starters: dumplings, crispy tofu and lettuce wraps. The Midtown restaurant is very large and welcoming, the food is amazing and the service is very friendly.

3307 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, USA

A for Effort

This is a big, lively, colorful place, but it has the feel of a cafeteria. I'm vegan so I was pretty well limited to the starter items, most of which are vegan or can be veganized. I had the black beans which were wonderful and a side of rice, which looked well-seasoned, but wasn't. I know that Nashville has limited veggie options, but this is one place that I don't have any need or desire to return to.

7314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

Not a great option for vegans.

I LOVED this place when I was a vegetarian. I ate there probably 4 times a year. But when I went back as a vegan, I was very disappointed. They rely HEAVILY on animal products to make their food taste good. Whenever I have ordered one of the FEW vegan options from Carmelita's it has been bland and boring. Very disappointing as this is a beautiful restaurant with wonderful service and in my neighborhood.

324 15th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Great food, despite...

Don't let the glossy website fool you, this place is a grungy, low low-budget cafe. There is VERY limited seating and the service leaves MUCH to be desired. First, they make you pay for your meal AND TIP before you ever receive your food. Then, the food takes forever to come out. Both times I've been there they have been out of critical items making it necessary to order another dish (is there anything more annoying???). I'd like to tell you how the "milkshakes" are, but both times they were out of ice cream. However, the food is AWESOME. Literally. You may never have thought that you wanted potato salad on your sandwich, but, trust me, you do. There are a LOT of menu items; various wraps and sandwiches.

501 W 1st St, Reno, USA

Great atmosphere, mediocre food.

I pretty much go here annually when I'm in town to visit my sister, because it's the only vegetarian restaurant in town. The service flat sucks. The place is pretty low-budget, as well as IMPOSSIBLE to find!! The food is decent, but I can and do make much better vegan food at home.

1605 N 45th St, Seattle, USA

Best Vegan Food in Seattle

The chef-owner of this place is classically French-trained and prepares each week's courses with fresh, in-season (local and organic always, when possible). It is expensive, and you don't get a lot of choice (the menu is fixed), but it is SO worth it. The meals are always vegan, they do offer dairy cream for coffee. The food is beautiful, complex, and elegant, but the ambiance and energy is earthy and casual. I can't say enough great things about this place!

7410 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

You won't believe the chocolates are vegan!!

This store had its grand opening yesterday and today I went to buy some vegan chocolates. The entire store is vegan (they even have vegan, non-toxic nail polish!). I purchased some chocolate-covered toffee because I haven't had toffee since I became vegan almost two years ago. They also have caramels and lots of other yummy-looking chocolates. The store is elegant but not at all pretentious...the service was fantastic, too! The prices are a little spendy, but DEFINITELY worth it! I will be back again and again!

1401 Broadway, Seattle, USA

FANTASTIC food, service, AND a seperate vegan menu

Ok. I just can't say enough great things about this place but let me try. I went here for dinner earlier this month with my best friend and we were blown away. First, there is a parking lot right above (to the west) of this restaurant where we paid $2 for the whole evening (this never happens on Capitol Hill). Second, the ambiance and service are awesome...we felt all warm and fuzzy inside from the second we walked in the door. Third, the food...oh, the FOOD! We first ordered the Tomato Toast, the Rosemary-scented Sweet Potatoe Fries and the Mushroom Toast. All of it was amazing but the MOST amazing thing was the way that they prepared the mushrooms made them taste exactly like bacon. Then we ordered and shared the Angry Rigatoni (RIGATONI ALL'ARRABBIATA); it was spicy and delicious and fresh. And we finished up with the Chocolate Sorbet. We both LOVED every single bite of everything and can't wait to go back to sample every other vegan thing on the menu!

6711 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

Delicious & inexpensive

Awesome tasting mexican food and really reasonable prices. There are a couple of vegan meats and cheeses to choose from. I had a chik'n chimichanga and it was AWEOME. My only beef is that the service is slow (they seemed under-staffed) and the place is dark, dingy and LOUD. Turn down the music, people! Otherwise, a totally awesome place.

210 Broadway East, Seattle, USA


The service is slow and terrible. The staff can't be bothered to hustle, be pleasant, or apparently shower. The decor is nonexistent; just a hideous, black hole of doom. The food is completely unimaginative like stuff you'd make in your twenties when poor and stoned. It comes out cold and ugly. This place gives vegans and vegan food a bad name.

1226 S Jackson St, Seattle, USA

Don't bother

I'll say the nice things first:
* Clean atmosphere
* The only vegan restaurant in the International District
* Good value (giant portions for not very much money)
* Free lot parking

* There are never more than four tables full in this restaurant when I go in and yet service is horribly slow. Dishes never come out together. This most recent time it too me 45 minutes; my friend got his in 25 minutes.
* Service is not friendly and will not fix mistakes or credit unhappy customers
* Food just isn't very good; it's very mediocre. Some things are better than others but the menu is very hit and miss. With the exception of the fake meats (some of which are good, others are gross), I could make these dishes at home or get better versions some place else.

1515 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, USA

Surprising & vegan!

I took my husband here for his birthday last week after hearing about the unique dining experience from a co-worker. No menu? No wine list? We just have to surrender to the chef? We were both a little skeptical. The owner/chef came over and greeted us right away and recommended two different wines. He asked us our dietary restrictions and we told him (I am vegan and my husband is pescatarian). Out poured 6 coures for me (7 for my husband) all perfectly timed. First course was broiled zucchini with vegan cheese and the second course was bread. Third was salad, followed by a spaghetti type dish and a penne/mushroom pasta dish. Then there was baked eggplant (the best I have EVER had). I was told that my dessert options as a vegan would be limited to sorbet. In actuality, I had what tasted more like vegan vanilla ice cream plus a raspberry vegan ice cream with dark chocolate nibs plus a side of strawberries. The dinner was leisurely, we were there for about 1.5 to 2 hours, the food was delicious, the service was impeccable, and the atmosphere was good. My meal was $24. This is not high-end food, rather delicious, rustic italian fare. We will definitely be back! There is lot parking for a fee directly across the street.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

No. Just no.

I can't say anything good about this restaurant, I really want to, but I can't. The place itself is dark and dingy and low class. The servers can't be bothered to wait on you and food is awful. I had a Philly Cheesesteak that was greasy and nasty. My friend got the French Dip and it was equally gross. Another friend got the pizza and I can name three different places that serve better vegan pizza than that.

1429 12th Ave E, Seattle, USA

One of the best!!

I've been going to Plum since it opened in 2010. The food never disappoints, the service tends to run a little slow but the servers are very friendly and helpful. This is the best place to get vegan brunch in Seattle and a great date night location. One of the top three vegan restaurants in the city.

8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

Tons and tons of vegan options

Razzi's has a completely separate vegan menu (and a gluten-free one, as well). They have so many options that, even though I've been dining there for years, I have yet to make it through all of the offerings. From grinders to pizzas to pasta dishes there is something here for every vegan. Some of my faves are the W.O.W. pizza, the pasta carbonara, and the vegan ravioli.

209A N Water St, Silverton, USA


Amazing food, friendly & prompt service, affordable prices. I got the yellow tofu curry extra hot. Rarely am I able to get food that is up to my spice level. The extra hot was awesomely spicy and the flavor of the curry was complex and delicious. Vegetables and tofu were perfectly cooked. Spring rolls were also totally yum.

424 Westport Rd, Kansas City, USA

Great location, service & food

I visited this place last week based upon good reviews and it's proximity to the Q Hotel where I stay whenever I'm in K.C. I ordered the vegan nachos and they were amazing; the order is huge so this can serve as dinner or be shared between up 4+ people as an appetizer. The waiter also recommend the falafel sandwich. The falafel was tasty, but the sandwich was dry and boring. Next time I'll want to be trying the vegan pizza and sliders. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

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