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Loving Hut - Seattle

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1226 S Jackson St (at Chinatown International District), Seattle, Washington, USA, 98144

Part of the fast growing international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family operated. Serves all vegan food, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages. On the menu are Vietnamese noodle soups, stir fry vegetable dishes, tofu and mock meats with rice. Large space with on-site parking. Formerly Vegan Garden. Open Mon 11:00am-9:00pm, Tue 11:30am-6:30pm, Wed-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-9:00pm.

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Reviews (24)

First Review by Stevie

Great Vegan Food In International District - Edit

I've tried Loving Hut Restaurants in at least 6 cities around the world and the experience has been quite consistent. I've been to this location in Seattle before but it has been a few years as it is not that close to where I live. I think the menu is somewhat more expansive than when I came last. I think the management has changed as well.

I was glad to come here for dinner prior to attending a nearby Town Hall presentation. Unfortunately, I was by myself and could not try a number of dishes. I had the Veggie Delight with brown rice as a side order. The food was out in about 5 minutes after I ordered. The veggies were good and fresh. The flavoring was well done and not too salty. The dish came with more soy protein than I would have preferred but it was a fair sized dish. I couldn't finish the order. But I hope to come back soon with a larger group and sampling more of the menu. Happily recommend

Pros: Good Menu Selection, Clean Dining Room, Tasty Food At Fair Prices

Cons: Tricky To Locate If Not Familiar With Area

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Loving Hut Chain; Vegan Menu - Edit

Loving Hut Chain Restaurant with Vegan menu. Restaurant is in Seattle's International District and is very clean and pleasant inside.
Staff is friendly and helpful. Food is good and menu is varied in choices.

Pros: Very Good Food and Many Choices, Comfortable Restaurant and Pleasant Staff, Reasonably Priced

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Very good food - Edit

I'm really glad I visited this place, the food, overall, was very, very good. I tried their Wonton Soup (good), Divine Broccoli (really well done, broccoli cooked well while still crunchy, the "meat" with a nice meaty texture, yummy!), Spring Rolls (this tasted so fresh!), Au Lac Coffee (so-so, probably better to try that in the summer) and, last but not least, the Vegan Cheese Cake (oh, make sure you leave some room for this bad boy, it's delicious!).

Pros: tasty, clean

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how have we not reviewed this place - Edit

This is a staple for all of our Seattle visits, I don't understand how we haven't reviewed it yet. The foot is always great, staff is friendly. Kids eats everything that we order and portion size is perfect.

Pros: taste , price , portion size

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Loving Hut Seattle Is Excellent - Edit

We are totally regulars at Loving Hut. The owners and employees are so friendly and helpful; they want to get to know their customers. The buffets are awesome, a lot of the items on the buffets are not on the menu, there was this one time when the buffet had “meatballs” (I don’t know the exact name) and they were so good, the buffet is only done several times a year so definitely ask when the next one will happen. They have a new wonton soup that I like, it comes with a lot of garlic and my boyfriend who orders the same thing tried it and liked it. Nice restaurant to sit down and talk, good place for families and couples.

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Some very good. Sometimes inconsistent - Edit

Hard to rate as a whole because of inconsistency.

Fake chicken legs were tasty (gluten?).

I've been maybe 5 times.

Parking lot (validation, as of this writing).

Just off Jackson, and 1/2 block east of 12th.

Pros: Some very tasty dishes

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LOVE - Edit

We got a great groupon deal on our dinner, which is what brought us here. The service is pretty fast and really friendly. The menu is HUGE and you can eat ANYTHING!! It's amazing! I got the crispy nugget salad w/ tom yum soup and spring rolls w/ peanut sauce. Seriously everything was really yummy and amazing, fresh too! I love the dressing on the salad the soup was wonderful, the peanut sauce was to die for! YUMSTERS! I wish I lived closer I would be there all the time!
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 04, 2014

Pros: HUGE menu, atmosphere , All Vegan

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Make sure you have plenty of time! - Edit

This place has pretty typical Loving Hut fare - mostly various Asian dishes. It was all ok - nothing to write home about but a good, decent feed. Fair prices too.

But the service was painfully so slow, even by Loving Hut standards. (Actually, what is the deal with that? Are Supreme Master devotees just that chilled and zen that they don't realise how impatient we unenlightened ones are?) Everything arrived at different times and it was a shambles. All up it took over 2 hours to get through a meal that should have taken way less than half that time. Not good!

I usually like Loving Hut and am happy to give custom to a vegan chain but experiences like this don't help. Sorry dudes, only 3 stars this time.

Pros: Vegans, making peace, and going green

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Don't bother - Edit

I'll say the nice things first:
* Clean atmosphere
* The only vegan restaurant in the International District
* Good value (giant portions for not very much money)
* Free lot parking

* There are never more than four tables full in this restaurant when I go in and yet service is horribly slow. Dishes never come out together. This most recent time it too me 45 minutes; my friend got his in 25 minutes.
* Service is not friendly and will not fix mistakes or credit unhappy customers
* Food just isn't very good; it's very mediocre. Some things are better than others but the menu is very hit and miss. With the exception of the fake meats (some of which are good, others are gross), I could make these dishes at home or get better versions some place else.

Pros: Parking, Clean

Cons: Bad service, Mediocre food

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Food was Delectable - Edit

I had read some other reviews on this restaurant and expected to get an earful from a religious zealot while eating at The Loving Hut. However, I did not. All I got was some great food and a tasty vegan cappuccino. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, vegan, or not, It's not the coziest setting, but the food is great-- lots of choices.

Pros: Totally vegan, Family owned, Reasonable prices

Cons: Somewhat "sterile" feeling (white walls)

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Interesting - Edit

This place didn't get as much of our attention as it probably deserves. We had just walked 4 kilometers to eat here and it was at the end of our food tour. We had been to 2 other resteraunts that day and were exhausted and getting ready to fly home. I still made us come here because I had heard so much about it.
It was a cute little place with simple décor and a good menu selection. Everything looked really good but we weren't overly hungry so we only ordered 2 dishes. We had the Sesame Cha Cha as suggested by another reviewer. It was pretty tasty. The second dish I don't remember the name of but it had fried rice noodles with tofu and veggies. Pretty awesome. I was excited that they had kombucha and fancy desserts. My stomach was not excited at all the food we had eaten that day so we didn't order dessert.
I will probably give this place another try when I am not stuffed to my ears. On one condition, they turn there television volume down. I was expecting the weird religious stuff others had mentioned, in fact I was kind of hoping for it. Instead we got SpongeBob blaring at us and we were sitting as far away from the tv as we could. It was very distracting and I was hoping for a quieter meal.

Pros: Good selection, Interesting vegan desserts, Kombucha!

Cons: Tv waaaay too loud

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Best water in town :) - Edit

Loving Hut is one of my favorite Seattle vegan restaurants. The Fabulous Pho actually is fabulous :). Other great dishes are the Fantastic Chow Mein, The sushi, the salad rolls, Broccoli beef, pork skewers, and the chicken drumsticks. The bathrooms are clean and the staff is friendly and sometimes very funny. Go there!!!

Pros: Food and water, Staff, Bathrooms

Cons: 25 miles from my house, Closed on Tuesdays

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I sure appreciate the Loving Hut - Edit

Quick, friendly service. We got take-out and everything was as ordered and neatly packaged. It met my expectations for a quick easy meal before a concert. I would probably go here again.

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Awesome! - Edit

I took a few (non vegetarian) friends here and we loved it! Excellent selection, and very tasty. My friends were skeptical of vegan food before, but now they're more than open!

Only thing is that service was a little slow, considering that there were not many people in the restaurant.

The surrounding area is a little sketchy-looking, too, even though the restaurant itself is very cozy and spacy.

Pros: Food, Food, More food

Cons: Area, Service

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vichuynh 14 Jan 2013 - There is difference between microwaved food and made-fresh food. It takes more time. Sorry.

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Absolutely Delightful! - Edit

The food was amazing (as always) and I had the pleasure of being greeted by the waitress's daughter, who was maybe 5 or 6. This is definitely a family place! I got the golden rolls and the sesame cha-cha, which I swear is the closest thing to mongolian beef I've ever had. Great service and great food. Highly recommended!

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Stay away if you have ANY gluten sensitivity - Edit

My husband and I went here and both ended up feeling terrible. I have since determined that I'm sensitive to wheat, but my husband usually does not have any issues. It was just WAY TOO MUCH GLUTEN. If you're into organic foods, Asian restaurants probably aren't up your alley anyway, but it definitely did not feel like a "whole foods" meal. We also try to avoid television screens (zombie-makers) and this place has one as their centerpiece for broadcasting their religious channel.

Pros: Large selection, Clean, Friendly

Cons: VERY GLUTONOUS, Religious basis, Not high quality sourced food

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vichuynh 13 Jan 2013 - You probably mistaken between soy protein and wheat gluten. We do have a few dishes that use wheat gluten but not all, besides we could custom made according to your liking. Thanks.

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great food, but weird 'supreme master' vibe - Edit

We had the mushu and the chow mien. Both were great. I really like their mock chicken, which I think is all gluten based, and to my surprise, they have for sale in the front counter. Also, if you go to the supreme master webpage, they give you pretty cool seitan, or gluten extraction, recipes that also teach how to make gluten free noodles. That is pretty cool.

I have been here twice; once for lunch (today) and once for dinner. Both times there were like 5 people in th place. BUT I have been to another 'supreme master' restaurant in Portland called the vegetarian house, and I think that is what you have to expect from an organized religion run vegan restaurant. A little dry and a little weird - either no music and the television is blaring, or the music is out of place and just weird. Oh well.

So to wrap it up: food good, atmosphere bad. I would rather go to Bamboo Gardens or In The Bowl, but if you are from Seattle, this can be a nice change.

Pros: mock chicken, gravy, nice server

Cons: supreme master television, music, stark walls

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Excellent Vegan & Good Parking Too. Go There! - Edit

I just recently went vegan and it has been somewhat difficult to find decent restaurants. However, the food is awesome at the Loving Hut. I had the Sesame Cha Cha which is a faux Sesame Beef and my friend had the Curry with wheat protein, carrots, and potatoes. Both were excellent and well-cooked.

The place is super-clean. By far, the cleanest place I've been in the International District. And plenty of free parking right next to the building, although you do need to validate.

The service was friendly but it could use a little refining. If the restaurant was filled to capacity, they would have never been able to handle it. Which brings me to the fact that it was nearly empty at 6:30 pm. Go there so they don't shut down. Good vegan places are rare.

Overall, I would have to say it's the best vegan experience I've had yet.

Pros: Great Food, Good Prices, Very Clean

Cons: Service is lacking, but friendly.

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Loving Hut - Edit

Excellent place because it's all vegan. Friendly staff and they have the love water. The Crispy Nuggests are great.

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kindlizard 16 Oct 2010 - do you consider all strict vegan places excellent, or just this one? thanks

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Loving Hut, Seattle - Edit

I ate here last night, my first time in any of the Loving Hut's around the world.

The menu is all vegan vego and there was so much to choose from I didn't know what to have. The guy serving me was a Canadian guy called Clay and I just said to him to serve me whatever starter and main course he recommended as long as it wasn't heavy on chilli.

He presented me with a veg roll and a peanut / satay sauce dip and then a main of vegan 'chicken' in kung po sauce with my choice of white or brown rice. It was all very nice and the only problem was that there was too much and retrospectively a main course would have been fine. I was also given an advocado and soy milk smoothie as a freebie. All in all good value and 12 bucks.

I have no complaints with this at all. The food was good, tons to choose from, service was pleasant, the setting was fine, the prices reasonable. I'd be happy to go back.

Location is between 5 and 10 mins straight up S Jackson St from the Amtrak station

Pros: 100% vegan vego, Big choice, Tasty food at reasonable prices

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