Part of the international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually operated. Serves vegan food and dessert, non-alcoholic beverages. On the menu are Vietnamese noodle soups, stir fry vegetable dishes, tofu and mock meats with rice. Large space with on-site parking. Formerly Vegan Garden. Open Mon 11:00am-9:00pm, Wed-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by Stevie


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28 Aug 2023

Worth the trip

Good food and a great value.



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18 Jul 2023

Delicious food, but should definitely work on cleanliness

They have an expansive menu with lots of yummy vegan food at affordable prices, but the place is a bit tough because it is usually unclean. I love the food though

Pros: all vegan , yummy

Cons: uncleanly


Points +1469

06 Jul 2023

I 💗 Loving Hut

I’m always keen to visit Loving Hut when in a city that has one. No two locations are the same. My favorite dishes at the Seattle location include Charming Salad, Banh Mi Chay, Royal Noodles and Guru Curry.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-06


Points +57

14 May 2023

Interesting food

Lots of unusual food. It’s nice to taste new options

Pros: All vegan, Surprising, Friendly


18 May 2023


Points +173

01 May 2023

Decent Food

I’m always glad loving hut is there, and the meals are decent, but not very flavorful.


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19 Mar 2023

Enjoyed it

Finally found time to come visit loving hut. Typically, at Vietnamese restaurants, I always order spicy noodle soup and spring rolls. That’s what I decided to order here as well. The spring rolls were decent but didn’t come with much peanut sauce. I enjoyed the spicy noodle soup and would return again for it.


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19 Mar 2023

Lovely Loving Hut

Excellent vegan food and relaxed atmosphere. Very kind staff and very fast service. Loved the Adventure Tofu. So nicely spiced. The dumplings were light and crispy and very flavorful. I enjoy the spiritual concept and vegan lifestyle promotion very much.


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20 Feb 2023

Overpriced and overrated

I wanted to like this place more because it seems popular and it’s quite close to my home, but it just wasn’t that great and I haven’t gone back.


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16 Feb 2023

We have dined here 2 times now, and both times have been very impressed.

We get to seattle rarely, so we try way more dishes than we can consume in one meal. We have never not been blown away by the perfectly seasoned offerings.

Pros: All vegan no guessing!

Cons: Outside area. Look past that you won’t regret it


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21 Jan 2023

Love Loving Hut

Great no-frills spot in the International District full of heart and tasty vegan food. A stone’s throw from Uwajimaya

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-21


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18 Jan 2023


5 pages of delicious vegan items and I still go with the standard pho! Absolutely delicious though, can’t go wrong with that.

Pros: Big, lots of space. , Parking out front.


Points +283

25 Oct 2022

Great place for tasty vegan food

Nice menu with a number of different options. I enjoyed the fried oyster mushrooms and the noodles with Chinese broccoli.


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27 Sep 2022

Try the crepe!

Really tasty and huge crepe on their speciality menu. Good service and lots of choices, really nice spot. The avocado smoothie is also quite nice.


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21 Aug 2022

Just go for it

Veggie Wrap (Bahn Xeo) is to die for. It’s so good. I order it biweekly.


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02 Jun 2022

Haiku Review

Felt SUPER cult-y
Weird and off putting setting
The food was.. ok

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-02

Pros: All vegan, Large menu, Nice tea selection

Cons: Fake news on every surface , Friendly, but only a single front of house person , Quiet, uncomfortable atmosphere - get it to-go


04 Jun 2023

Aww.. sure it's a religious sect and the leader thinks she's Buddha, but it's an all vegan one and if you read about their global organization they are actually really sweet and mean well, are charitable and much better than every other religious sect around which are equally culty but not even vegan! Love yer poems. Here's my haiku review: The Supreme Master. A True Vegan Nut, Don't Care. I Love Loving Hut. 🌱🤷‍♀️🌱


05 Jun 2023

@thenumberofthebeast I would try them again based on your poem! 😊


Points +230

17 Apr 2022

Soup to go

Enjoyed the royal noodle soup and pho which were both very flavorful. Can not comment on ambiance as we got it to go.


Points +38

17 Apr 2022

Loving this place

I had the delighted noodles which had mock pork stomach in it and it was delicious.


Points +406

04 Dec 2021

Restaurant with Activism! Awesome!

Ordered the Bún bò Huế and it was pretty good! Would have liked it to be a bit spicier but still super enjoyable overall. Very nice Lemongrass aroma. 8/10

Also this place has a vegan TV program going on about animal conservation as well as vegan essays and reasons to go vegan on every table. I think the animals would be happy a place like this exists.

For sure I'll be back!!

Pros: Vegan, Authentic Vietnamese cuisine , Activism

Cons: Not the best side of town


Points +818

17 Sep 2021

Great food and experience!

The food was super good and I loved everything 🤩


Points +57

22 Aug 2021

Feel good place

I loved how this place felt very vegan— from its decor and what was playing on the TV. The virtuous noodles were umami and a good change from other more common dishes. I appreciate the variety of proteins, mushrooms, and veggies in the food!


Points +4737

12 Aug 2021

Good Vietnamese dishes

Love their Viet noodle dishes! I would say it is typical for Viet food in USA, maybe a bit less oily than other places. Tasty for sure! The Royal Noodle and Divine Broccoli were my fav! Make sure to use their tasty sauces too!


Points +66

08 Aug 2021


Mushroom revolution appetizer is A . We got the Tom Yum soup and the Guru’s curry and both were very good. Will be returning!


Points +106

15 Jul 2021

Always a good meal

Great food and some new items that hit the stop for our family of 4.

Pros: Lots of vegan food options , Good size potions

Cons: Looks pricey


Points +94

30 May 2021

Reliable Chain

Loving Hut is our go to when other Asian restaurants fail; this time we stopped at Loving Hut after checking out another Asian restaurant nearby and feeling uncomfortable with the location. Loving Hut's menu always includes a wide variety of options and great explanations of their ingredients. Service at this location was sparse, which we appreciated while trying to eat. The restaurant felt a little dated, but overall appeared clean and welcoming. This time I tried the pho and was not disappointed, the broth was perfectly seasoned and the mushrooms were well cooked. I will always recommend Loving Hut.

Pros: Fully vegan menu. , Diverse offerings.

Cons: Loud TV in dining area, some religious content?, Dated decor/restaurant interior.


Points +24

03 Mar 2021

Amazing food

Wonton soup is my favorite soup and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere made vegan and it was perfect! I also got the golden nuggets and the sauce was great, it didn’t overpower the taste of the nuggets. It was perfectly balanced. The place was surprisingly empty and quiet.

Pros: Great service, Sauces!


Points +46

17 Nov 2020

Always good

Like the Loving Huts in my home town, Loving Hut Seattle has its own unique menu that has a great variety. My personal favorite dish is the Mushroom Revolution; it's just perfect. The Tom Yum soup has that funky fish sauce flavor that is usually left out of vegan foods. I'd really like the recipes for both these dishes.

Pros: Delicious, Parking Lot, Affordable

Cons: The location is weird to drive to...


Points +656

11 Jun 2020

Always a good stop

I love Loving Hut 💛 I first went in San Francisco and when I saw it here I decided to try again. The curry & my soup was great. A good quick option to go.

Pros: All vegan , Bomb

Cons: Wish they had buns at this one

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