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1605 N 45th St (at Wallingford area), Seattle, Washington, USA, 98103

Opened by a chef of The Blossoming Lotus Restaurant on Kauai, Sutra is fashioned more like a supper club than a conventional restaurant, with 2 seatings per night, and changing menu. Each day's menu is pre-set with the option of 3 or 4 full courses. Food is vegan, however reportedly offers dairy as an option for coffee. Reservations not required but suggested. Confirmed closed, Jan 2016.

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16 Reviews

First Review by iwoof4u

Not Worth It - Edit

The price tag sets the bar pretty high for Sutra. The food is overly complicated. There are so many ingredients per dish, the diner is left wondering what the featured item is. I've had more tasting menus than I care to admit, and this one has, by far, had the most ingredients. The decor is atrocious. Please hire a designer. Service was inattentive. This is NOT a fine dining experience.

Cons: Overly Complicated, Expensive, Hideous Space

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An experience - Edit

My first full day in Seattle after a long journey. It was a struggle to head out but worth it.

We had two friends agree to join us on the day and restaurant agreed earlier to squeeze in the extra people. I advise calling to book as this place gets booked out.
The numbers left us a little snug, elbow to elbow with our friends and the other diners sharing our large table with long benches. It was a friendly atmosphere however so I enjoyed the seating arrangements regardless.

The food was a set five course meal with wine pairings, non alcoholic options available. Each course was unique and combined ingredients in interesting ways that worked each time. The wines for the most part went well accompanying the course.

My non vegan friends all left having enjoyed the experience.

The price is definitely higher than other restaurants, but the quality also is higher.

Pros: unique interesting food, nice atmosphere

Cons: very expensive, but worth trying

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The dishes were clean - Edit

An actual quote from my companion. I'm afraid anticipations got the better of me here. They were high, based on reports from those I've met who had been there. For the expense and raves, I was expecting more elegance than an old house with "art" tacked to the walls by pushpins. The food was varied and flavorful, but almost too much so. If you believe simplicity is a virtue, you may not feel at ease. I honestly have never eaten more ingredients in a single meal before: ideal for young, foodie hipsters though. Much was unique and often delicious, like the crispy parsnip shavings sprinkled over the top, but I wouldn't say it was memorable. Unlike others in my party who have been multiple times, I'm afraid I won't be repeating, preferring better value elsewhere.
- old, cynical curmudgeon, me

Pros: all vegan

Cons: expensive, atmosphere

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Amazing dinner experience - Edit

Everything was wonderful and delicious.

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Effortlessly the finest vegan food anywhere - Edit

Put this place on your list and call for reservations. Its a seating and each time I go it blows my mind. I know the terms farm-to-table and whole foods are trendy to say, but this place gets it and goes beyond.

The folks are all super nice and keep things positive, which is nice when you get out for a nice evening away.

Highest marks. easily better than the fine places in nyc, philly, and portland, cali, or even here in seattle.

Pros: all og, real food, amenable to requests - place w res

Cons: slightly pretentious chef but...

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Fantastic meal from start to finish - Edit

My original review stands! I ate at Sutra again on my last trip to Seattle and after 4-5 total visits it never disappoints. The food is fantastic and is as creative as ever. The staff is so friendly and inviting. The atmosphere is special. If I lived in Seattle I'd make a point to eat here every time they change the menu.

I consider myself a whole foods vegan so Sutra was right up my alley. The restaurant does dinner seatings so everyone is seated and served at the same time and the menu is set. They say the menu changes every 2 weeks or so. You can do wine pairings with the menu or choose their elixirs (more fruit, flower based and genius). You can also order off a drinks menu. The amount of food served was good although everyone at our table could have eaten a lot more since it was so good. The prices were reasonable. My only complaint was that the restaurant was very hot the night we were there. I would absolutely go again.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 15, 2012

Pros: Great food, Creative flavors, Totally vegan

Cons: No location near me!

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Best food I've had in my life!! - Edit

My fiancé and I went to Sutra on Valentines day for their special six-course valentines day dinner. It was the most expensive meal we've ever had, but it was so worth it! Each course was AMAZING. And everything was paired with a different drink. (Non-alcoholic for us, we're 19). The place is cozy and doesn't seat many people. The main cook gave a speech at the start that seemed very genuine and nice. They are preparing the food right there (we sat at the bar and watched them). We tried to make some conversation with them as they went. They (the cooks) seemed a bit unfriendly, but that could be because they were busy and hurrying to prepare the food. One of the cooks did tell us that most of the employees ("like pretty much all") are not vegan themselves. I'm not judging, I just thought it was interesting. Doesn't change the fact that the food is great :)

Here's what we were served:
Course #1: Marjoram Polenta Fries with Cardmom-Sundried Tomato Katsup with a Radish-Olympic Asian Pear-Toasted Sesame Seed Slaw. And to drink: Hibiscus-Lime-Rose Petal Agua Fresca.
Course #2 and #3: Urfa Biber-Fairy Squash Soup with Saffron-Coconut Cream served aside a Salad of Arugula-Shaved Fennel-Cara Cara Orange & Candied Sunflower Seed with Dill Oil. And to drink: Yuzu-Elderflower-Apricot Nectar Elixir with Tart Cherry Ice.
Course #4: Sunchoke-Corriander-Black Caviar Lentil-Smoked Abalone Mushroom with a Parsley-Paprika-Sumac Hempcream Sauce, Fried Caperberry & a Port-Black Lemon Gastrique. And to drink: Communitea Kombucha.
Course #5: Roasted Cauliflower-Preserved Lemon-Cashew Cheese-Mung Bean Crepe with Roasted Rainbow Carrot-Sauteed Chard, a Date-Pasilla Sauce and Balsamic Reduction. And to drink: Rosemary-Bilberry-Lingonberry Sparkling Elixir.
Course #6: Pecan Brittle Crusted Rose-Chocolate Torte with a Brandy-Coconut Whip. And to drink: Sutra Blend Tea (rooibos-spearming-lemongrass-licorice root-nettle).

Apparently their menu changes every time, which is awesome but also kind of depressing, cause this food was SO AMAZING, I am having dreams about it and craving it this past month now! Especially course #4. Honestly, I think that was the best thing I'd ever eaten in my life. I dream about it now :(

Pros: AMAZING food, nice decor and cozy vibe

Cons: staff isn't very friendly, very expensive

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Fine dining in a humble setting - Edit

The unique dining format at Sutra makes for an experience in itself. For one, you’ll likely be sharing a table with other fellow diners. Service won’t begin until everybody is present (be punctual!). The chef will greet you with a zen bell before he explains the menu. Everyone gets the same course at the same time.

Menu is prix fixe, multi-course, and uses seasonal and local organic ingredients. Food was elegant and creative, showcasing clever combinations of contrasting flavors and textures. First we had a parsnip-mushroom soup and an arugula salad with pears, smoked lentils, and candied sunflower seeds. The salad was really good - the ingredients tasted fresh and went very well with one another. Next was a dumpling stuffed with celeriac-pepita-parsley pesto and Marina di Chioggia squash on a bed of sautéed kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts. I had never heard of this squash variety before so I was excited to try it. Its dense and sort of doughy texture added heartiness to the dumpling, which I enjoyed a lot. I’ve now also learnt to prepare kohlrabi differently than using them in a slaw. Our main course was a sea broth-cashew cheese risotto with fried caper berries, roasted turnips and carrots, and grilled wild mushrooms with sundried tomato sauce. The risotto itself was creamy, loose as should be, and mildly seasoned, whereas the fried caper berries provided a welcomed crunchy salty kick. The tomato sauce was rich and boosted the flavor profile. I would’ve licked the plate clean if I could. Dessert was an apple-pecan-caramel tartlet topped with ginger-lime coconut whipped cream. It was a bit too sugary but still good. The star of the show, though, was the whipped cream - the hint of ginger was lovely and the consistency was fluffy yet full-bodied - and I don’t even usually like whipped cream.

The restaurant is tiny with only 30 seats or so. It’s somewhat cramped especially at the communal table, so it’s not exactly for intimate dates due to the lack of privacy. While the staff was friendly, the waiting service was pretty much limited to bringing food out and clearing plates. Décor was earthy; atmosphere was casual. All that being said, they served up some darn fine food here that was no less sophisticated or impressive than some other upscale vegan meals I’ve had. Price was $40 per person - a decent bang for the buck I thought. For an extra $20/$13 you can have wine or non-alcoholic drink pairings, which I wish I had done looking back.

Pros: superb & creative food, good value

Cons: cramped space

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A 5-Star Evening Studded with Delectables - Edit

We were advised to come a bit early, so we could choose our table. But when we entered the small dining room, a young woman directed us to two seats at the four-seat counter. At first disappointed, I soon realized we had the best seats in the house, at least for purposes of observing the impressively choreographed process of serving a 5-course meal to about three dozen diners in a tiny restaurant and getting to ask questions and hurl compliments at sociable chef Colin Patterson and cook Karianne. All in all, this night was an adventure in dining, and not just because of the delectable prix fixe menu and non-alcoholic elixer (for me) and wine (for my husband) pairings we enjoyed with the food. Chef Colin made us all feel like guests at his home by thoughtfully introducing the menu, which was all vegan. Then, from our catbird seats, Jerry and I watched as each course unfolded from a perfectly-arranged pattern of plates, bowls and cups to a cornucopia of garnished foods. It's hard to describe the meal--sublime might do it, and so far beyond what I had expected--both in flavors and combinations of texture, color and taste. It would take too much space to recount all the dishes we ate. One highlight: I was transported by the subtle roasty flavor kicked up by citrusy zing of the Roasted Cauliflower-Preserved Lemon Soup with Tarragon-Garlic Gremolata. As someone with an ever-lurking sweet tooth, I looked forward to dessert, but I couldn't have imagined the Rose-Chocolate-Coconut Mousse with Star Anise Carmel Sauce and Sunflower Cacao Crumble until I tasted it. I found it hard to keep from licking my plate (maybe I did!). This is a place to go for a celebration or just to spike the experience of an ordinary day.

Pros: world-class flavors and presentation, very friendly staff, completely memorable experience

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Wonderful Anniversary Dinner - Edit

My husband and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary at Sutra and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We sat at a table with a young couple and enjoyed chatting with them. The mouth-watering meal was outstanding! I had the non-alcoholic drink pairings, which were also exceptional. What I appreciated most was the introduction by the chef who explained what we would be eating and how it was prepared. We enjoyed a small fruit that tasted like a strawberry-tomatillo cross, but we missed what it was called! After checking online, I think it was a goose berry. We also had an extraordinary dish that contained smoked broccoli - delicious! We requested vegan meals, and I think that actually the entire meal was already vegan. They also called me husband that day to see if he was OK with some ingredients because we told them that he avoided high glycemic ingredients. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Pros: Outstanding food!, Mostly (all?) vegan, Cares about dietary restrictions

Cons: Small restaurant, No private tables

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About As Good As It Gets - Edit

I have been wanting to try Sutra for a long long time. Finally, I came to Sutra with friends from out of town. I had read some of the reviews and thought this would be a good chance to show off a great Seattle Restaurant.

The meal was superb and perhaps one of the finest I have had in quite some time. It rivals the exceptional live food that was served at Roxanne's in the Bay Area (alas long departed).

I think that the team at Sutra have elevated plant based cuisine to a really high level and would rival any of the top restaurants in town including Rovers. At $36 Per Person, I feel that this is exceptional value considering the quality of the local, foraged, seasonal and sustainable ingredients used and the beautiful plating and presentation.

If you are coming to Seattle for a visit and want to have an exquisite dining experience, take the time to come to Sutra. I would give these folks "6" Happy Cows if there was an option for that. Bon Appetit!

Pros: Amazing Food, Friendly Staff, Healthy Cuisine

Cons: Compact Space

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Easily the best food I've ever had - Edit

After reading a piece written about Sutra on Happycow, it was a definite must go for me on my recent trip to Seattle.

First off, this place is listed as a vegetarian restaurant, but one of the workers assured me it was all vegan when he called to confirm my reservation. Just a warning, I had trouble finding parking, but it may not have been a problem if I went a little earlier. The restaurant is a nice small place, so seating is limited and promptly at 7:00.

Now don't let the price scare you, I assure you, it is definitely worth it. It is a set menu, but if you made a reservation, one of the workers at Sutra will call to confirm the reservation and ask about any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have. Each course, there were four of them, was excellent. I sat at the bar and had the pleasure of watching the chef prepare the dishes. He can really cook, so you won't find any faux-meats there, not that there's anything wrong with faux-meats. The chef was very friendly and let me and the others at the bar try an exotic ingredient he used in one of the dishes. The main course was lasagna, which featured house made cashew cheese and spelt noodle. It was atop a porcini-tarragon demi-glaze. And I kid you not, it left me speechless. Everything from the leafy greens to the sauces were great. If it was socially acceptable, I would have licked all my plates clean. You might not be as fortunate as I was to have such a dinner because the menu changes, but I'm sure whatever you'll have on your visit will be excellent.

One more thing, don't really know if there's a dress code, but everyone was well dressed. Made me feel awkward in my jeans and short-sleeve shirt. Nobody said anything, but when you go to Sutra, you might want to put on your nice clothes.

Pros: Best food ever, Friendly staff

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So great! - Edit

This was the best restaurant we tried during almost a week stay in Seattle. Be prepared to sit with people you do not know, but in our case, we met new friends and had a really fantastic time. The food was imaginative and unique (not to mention delicious) - for example, a mung bean crepe that looked just like an egg crepe and had the perfect texture. The wine pairings were generous. And the staff is precise and attentive, while not being obtrusive. We would definitely return and our only regret was that we went to late in our stay that we could not return during this visit.

Pros: excellent food, imaginative food, great service

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Sutra Raises the Bar! - Edit

Vegans are used to finding the hummous, veggie burger or french fries in MOST restaurants. When they are fortunate enough to find an actual Vegan restaurant, they often are subjected to overly salty, overly greasy, "wanna-be" meat-like dishes...You will find NONE of this at SUTRA! SUTRA celebrates the local, the organic, the "foraged", and of course, plant-based cuisine that is so not trying to surprise meat-eaters with meat-like textures!
Chef Colin Patterson will blow you away with his 4 course meals, wine-pairings and/or elixir creations.
Before becoming a vegan chef, he was classically French trained and does it ever show!!!
Chef Patterson will greet you with a gentle gong and moment of thanks to farmers and a food overview before your dining experience begins in earnest.
If you are anywhere near Seattle, make a point to enter the dining room of not just an amazing vegan restaurant but an amazing restaurant...period!!!

Pros: Excellent value, Terrific plates, Lovely dining environment

Cons: Not open every day, Set dining times

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Best Vegan Food in Seattle - Edit

The chef-owner of this place is classically French-trained and prepares each week's courses with fresh, in-season (local and organic always, when possible). It is expensive, and you don't get a lot of choice (the menu is fixed), but it is SO worth it. The meals are always vegan, they do offer dairy cream for coffee. The food is beautiful, complex, and elegant, but the ambiance and energy is earthy and casual. I can't say enough great things about this place!

Pros: Food, Service, Ambiance

Cons: Parking, Small place

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Awesome - Edit

Brought my partner and his mother here for his birthday and we were completely blown away. I definately think we will become regulars here. The timing of the "family-style" Prixe-fixe was perfect. Small portions, but after 4 courses you definately have had enough to eat.

Pros: Mostly Vegan

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