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76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

Delicious and great politics!

This is a brilliant cafe! Everything is vegan and the food is delicious, we have been there several times and everything has always tasted great. (And we don't say that lightly!) There is always a good mixture of filling hearty food (e.g. tofu+tempeh pie with mash and red onion gravy) as well as lighter things like soups and sandwiches. The cakes are great as well, and there is a shop with great vegan, anarchist and environmental books, and lots of vegan things you don't see everywhere (vegusto, tofurky and other things I don't even know the name of). It is a workers' co-op, which is great, and everyone working there is always really lovely. It's brilliant for brunch as well. The only trouble is the portions are so generous we don't usually have space for cake - but you can always have a takeaway slice, which they give you in a sweet little box. Best place!

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England


Sorry to be negative about a veggie place, but not sure why this place is getting four stars. The savoury food is ok but nothing special and not cheap for what it is - it's all sitting under heat lamps, not freshly cooked. The vegan cakes we tried were terrible - really dry and tasteless, almost inedible. The coffee was undrinkable dishwater. Gives veganism a bad name. If we were desperate and in a hurry we might go back for a salad.

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

Nice old-fashioned veggie food

Den Teepot is a bit like veggie cafes in England used to be - brown rice, veg, salads, various grains. Probably perfect if you're a very healthy wholesome sort of eater! Normally we prefer more exciting food but because we found very limited vegan food in Brussels, especially in August when some places were shut, it was a welcome break from falafel and chips.

Bit pricey for what it is (I think we paid over 40 euros for 2 ppl including main meal, soup, and we shared one beer). Friendly nice service but very haphazard, had to wait 20 minutes for tea, although we weren't really in a hurry so never mind. It's a really nice room overlooking a lovely street and they have excellent beers which are cheap (we recommend the Saison Dupont organic).

21 Victoria Ave, Scarborough, England

Great shop

Lovely and very friendly shop. We'd been wandering Scarborough after a great walk, looking for something vegan to eat, having asked in about 10 chippies which all use animal fats to fry their chips. The shop keepers told us about the only chippy in Scarborough to use veg oil - can't remember what it was called but it was good, and the chips went well with some vegi deli sausages from the shop :-)

46 Goodge St, West London, England

pizza with vegan cheese

Traditional pizzeria with one vegan pizza and the option to exchange cheese for vegan cheese for £1 on any other pizza. Tasty pizza and staff know what vegan means. Had a spinach and olive one and an artichoke one, both great, £6.50 each for large pizzas with the vegan cheese, and a simple side salad which was fresh.

2 Wentworth St, Portree, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Great shop

Really handy shop with lots of great stuff for picnics and cooking - smoked tofu, various v bites (sausages), seaweed, miso, tvp chunks - surprisingly great range of vegan stuff for a small shop in a remote place.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

nice enough, but really nothing special

We were disappointed by Karyn's Cooked, after reading some good reviews. We shared a nice pizza starter, but the main courses were hard to finish. The salmon looked amusingly convincing, but was large, bland pieces of seitan wrapped in seaweed - we were pleased to see somewhere having a go at vegan fish though, quite rare - we don't know how to do it at home... Ribs we similarly huge pieces of bland seitan drowned in an over-sweet gloopy sauce. The veg and accompaniments weren’t great either - nice coleslaw but undercooked rice and overcooked broccoli!

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

Best vegan restaurant in the world?

Lucky Leek is the best place we have eaten in Berlin and in fact the best vegan place we've eaten out anywhere. We tried 2 different soups and 2 different starters and everything was amazing. They'd run out of desserts (a shame, they sounded delicious) but they made us up some fruit and ice cream from what they had in the kitchen. We went a year ago so they might have sorted this out by now. Very small so worth booking. If you're a vegan foodie don't miss this place, it's well worth the money!

4 Erskine Rd, Primrose Hill, North West London, England


can't believe how many good reviews this place has, it's terrible. Very expensive, but serves bland, mediocre food. We don't mind splashing out for a treat, we went for our anniversary, but it's cheeky charging so much for this food...

The menu was a vegan version of 'Abigail's Party', trying to be posh and impressive but the cheese croquettes reminded us of Findus Crispy Pancakes! Also tried tasteless jerk tofu, nothing else was memorable enough to have stuck in the mind!

Admittedly the cheesecake was good. It's great that anyone opens a vegan restaurant aspiring to gourmet food, but this is gourmet prices without gourmet quality

45 Lexington St, London, England

One of the best places in central London

Really good burgers, pies, sausages and mash etc. The salads look good too. Less strong on curries (go to Rasa in Stoke Newington!) and north African food (I had a baby aubergine tagine which was very dull and included only one baby aubergine). Although the gyoza starter was good. Vegan cheesecake is one of the best we've had. Nice atmosphere although it's a bit crowded - if you ask they normally let you sit upstairs which is quieter.

49 Dietla, Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland

Delicious dumplings

Really good food and nice atmosphere. Plenty of salads and some delicious Indian and Nepalese dishes. Been there twice and not seen anything that wasn't vegan.

12 Kings Court, 103 King St, Glasgow, Scotland

We love Mono!

We always go to Mono when we're in Glasgow, it's brilliant. Delicious vegan pizzas, burgers and things of that ilk, not your usual, really imaginative and well cooked. We like the new micro-brewed non-alcoholic drinks. Friendly atmosphere and good music. They have some nice puddings, too, but we missed the sticky toffee pudding we had last year - that was one of the best puddings ever!
Updated from previous review on Monday August 17, 2015

218 S Clark St, Chicago, USA

Who's writing all these 5 star reviews?

I know tastes differ, but the number of 5 star reviews here is surprising. Native Foods is fine. It is a chain place, and convenient if you need some vegan food in a hurry. However, there are SO many amazing vegan places in Chicago run as small and ethical businesses that it seems a shame to waste a meal on this one. It's fine - just nothing special. Mostly does lumps of not-particularly-subtle seitan in sloppy sauces. The peanut butter dessert was nice and good value.

2235 N Western Ave, Chicago, USA

great place to try Mexican food

Being English we haven't eaten much Mexican food, and it was so great to have this place to go to (twice - and we'd definitely love to go back). The food was all really good, very good value. They have unusual things (or at least, unusual for us) - nopales (cactus) and corn truffles. Loved the pork skin quesadilla and the torta in particular. Everything was very good. When you get there, they bring you tortilla chips and three kinds of salsa.

Tips - if you want daiya cheese rather than tofu as cheese replacement, you need to ask specifically - it's no problem and no more expensive. Also, I really wanted to try the cup cakes but they weren't available either time. They did have other desserts but it's inconsistent what they have. Apple pie was brilliant.

Really delicious and unusual fresh fruit juices / smoothies too.

55 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, North London, England

Outstanding Keralan food

We love this place, it's one of the best Indian restaurants we've eaten in and they're quite clear what's vegan and not. Delicious Keralan specialities. Our favourites include Kovakka Oliathu (we've probably spelt this wrong) and bhel puri. The only shame is they used to do a lovely vegan dessert but it's not vegan any more. Also the guava salad was amazing once, but another time we had it the guava was rock solid - worth checking it's in season before ordering. They could improve this place by having seasonal menus and vegan desserts, but despite this, everything we eat there is really delicious and it's a bargain and friendly, so it definitely gets 5 stars!

2548 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, USA

not a cafe any more

I went in here for a guitar cable a few days ago - good music shop but no sign of any cafe, vegan or otherwise... I didn't ask, but pretty sure they weren't serving food or drink

2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

Amazing beer, not many vegan options

We tried some fantastic beers. And despite the wait there was a nice atmosphere. The food is nice - but as it's right next to the AMAZING Chicago Diner it is a bit disappointing (maybe that's an unfair comparison, but...) The menu didn't mention anything vegan, but the (very helpful) staff gave us a couple of options that could be made vegan by leaving stuff out. The food wasn't memorable - nothing wrong with it but we can't remember what we had, and as foodies that's not a good sign! (Or is that to do with the beer?)

Would be a great place to go for a social with people who refuse to try vegan food!

Note to the people running the place - it really is nice to have it made clear on a menu what is vegan (if we hadn't read about RB on Happy Cow, we'd have assumed there was nothing for us and left).

52-54 North St, Scarborough, England

The only veggie chips in Scarborough (we think)

Really useful to know about this place for when 'Calf' is shut - all other chippies in Scarborough fry chips in lard. Nice chips, fresh tasting, friendly people.

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