Vegan bakery cafe making a variety of breads, croissants, cakes, and viennoiseries as well as sandwiches, prepared salads, and other savory foods. Serves coffee and tea. This branch est. 2021. Open Mon 07:00-19:30, Wed-Sun 07:00-19:30. Closed Tue.

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First Review by Ricardo


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04 Feb 2024

Perfect bakery fix for vegans

So much variety here - we had to take a moment to look over it all before deciding on arrival.

Good prices and clearly very very popular with locals which is always great to see.

I had a kale quiche which seemed like chickpea binding and it was delicious. My partner had a sandwich which was huge! We both had gorgeous pastries to finish and were stuffed - luckily we had planned to walk it off..!

If this place was on our Airbnb doorstep we would have been there every morning. If you're nearby make it a regular fix!

Pros: Good prices , Huge variety, Cosy to sit in



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26 Jan 2024

Génial mais je m'attendais à plus

La variété de choses sont bonnes mais le sandwich que j'ai pris était un peu simple ou fade...? Le carrot cake était bon quand même mais je m'attendais à plus pour ce restaurant


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18 Jan 2024

Good value

Love land and monkeys. I got the January deal which was 5.50 for the Parisian baguette an apricot tart and a drink. The baguette itself was nothing amazing but the apricot tart was lovely. €5.50 for a vegan meal in paris is a very good deal

Rosa and Joe

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21 Dec 2023

Mille-feuille heaven!

Best breakfast ever! We shared an olive bread stick, mille-feuille and croissant, all fantastic. It was all so good we bought lunch to eat on the train - excellent quiche, sandwich and (oops) another mille-feuille - well it's the first vegan one we've ever found, that's our excuse. Everything is great, including the quality of the bread.

Returned on next visit to Paris, making sure to stay within walking distance of this amazing cafe!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-02

Pros: Mille-feuille!, Great quality bread, So much choice, all vegan


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06 Dec 2023

Stunning pastry shop

This chain is a definitively must visit while in Paris. They offer a wide selection of sweet and savoury goods, which are just exquisite. I (only) visited them 3 times during a weekend, but would like to have a breakfast there every single day. My big favourite.

I was there on Sunday and it was quite busy and sold out quickly, so better hurry up to visit them early.


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23 Nov 2023

Still the best focaccia I've ever had

Have I been dreaming about this focaccia for more than a year? Maybe. Besides a big olive loaf, we also got a warm chocolate croissant that my partner said was the best he's ever had (!), a good breakfast sandwich, and a babka bun that was good, but a little drier than I wanted it to be.

Pros: Bread! Pastries!


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21 Nov 2023

Just what we needed

We shared a sandwich and a banka. Delicious! The coffee was great too. Amazing selection, although we were sad to miss the pain raisin, as they were sold out.

Pros: Lots of choice, Gorgeous, tasty vegan food


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21 Oct 2023

Land & Monkeys

Really nice pastries and desserts! But the staff should reconsider rolling their eyes when they are politely asked if they speak English… What a way to feel welcomed despite trying on my end by saying bonjour and the other little bits I know. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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18 Oct 2023

Trés delicieux!

We had a piece of quiche Lorraine and a piece of chocolate cake. Both were hell tasty!

We'll come back for breakfast.

Pros: Delicious , Worth every cent


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15 Oct 2023

Great vegan food

Good selection of vegan goodies


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07 Oct 2023


Since I live in a medium small town offering no special vegan place to go, this bakery in Paris was heaven for me! I could hardly decide what to have for breakfast because everything looked so delicious. At the end I went for a quiche and a pain au chocolat. Definitely a place to go!


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25 Sep 2023

Pas exceptionnel mais bon

On a déjà été plusieurs fois à cette boulangerie. C’est bon mais pas exceptionnel selon les viennoiseries. Mais aujourd’hui le soucis était surtout l’hygiène. La vitrine était pleine de guêpes posées dans les viennoises. De plus, des taches de rouge à lèvres étaient présentes sur le bord de la tasse dans laquelle a été servi notre café.

Pros: Le choix

Cons: Le service , L’hygiène


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19 Sep 2023

Pasticceria vegana che non accettano i cani!!!!

È scandaloso!!!! Nel 2023 un locale che si definisce vegano 100% nel centro di Parigi ci ha fatto uscire perché con noi avevamo il nostro cane. Precisiamo un cane ben educato, silenzioso e di taglia medio piccola. Cane abituato a girare per locali insieme a noi. Ripeto è scandaloso!!! Per me ( vegano da anni) è inconcepibile che in un posto dove si sceglie di non utilizzare prodotti e derivati animali, sia vietato l’ingresso ai cani! Per me potete chiudere!

Cons: Il ragazzo che mentre mangiava ci ha buttato fuori, Il Ragazzo che mentre mangiava ci ha buttato fuori, Il ragazzo che mentre mangiava ci ha buttato fuori


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11 Sep 2023

Worth a visit!

SO yum! I was excited for my visit to land&monkeys during my whole trip to France, staring at delicious looking pastries I couldn't eat. These absolutely filled the hole in my heart - really classic tasting, simple, and delicious. We tried the croissant, pain aux raisins, and chausson aux pommes. They were very reasonably priced and amazingly tasty. I wish I could come back and try their other options. Believe the hype!


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24 Aug 2023

Amazing options

So many great all vegan baked goods

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-24


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13 Aug 2023


Such a good boulangerie!


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18 Jul 2023


If you live in Paris then I don’t know how you can maintain a slender figure while Land&Monkeys is in 5 locations around the city. If you are visiting Paris, pack larger pants. This place is AWESOME! Different locations have a different selection depending on the size of the space. The location nearest the river seems to be the largest and most totally decked out location. Everything is exceptional. Everything. They also have a cookbook though it is currently only in French…hopefully in English and other languages soon.

Pros: The sweets are most excellent, The savory is most satisfying , The coffee is delicious


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14 Jul 2023

I could come here every day

I visited this particular store twice and sampled a variety of their sweet and savory dishes. They all taste amazing but I especially liked the Umami tartine. The only downside is the lack of toilet

Pros: Lots of choice

Cons: No toilet


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06 Jul 2023

Auf der Suche nach Veganen Optionen diesen Ort gefunden

Alles ist eine Kette, und ich war bei Google wegen der Bewertungen vorsichtig, da es aber der einzige Vegane Laden in der Nähe war, hingegangen. Nicht enttäuscht gewesen. Es war lecker und preislich noch ok.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-06

Pros: Croissants , Sandwich , Süßes


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06 Jul 2023

Fav bakery chain

Pastries, sandwiches, bread, etc. You can buy many products that are completely vegan ! This bakery chain is a must go ! You can also take a coffee on the go or in their seating area.


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29 May 2023

Fabulous bakery

Quick breakfast and snacks for the way or a lot of sweets to try. For savory things I recommend the quiche or focaccia. They were really good. For sandwiches I think they could be even better but they were all right. They also have some bread sticks with tomato and basil - those are super good.


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21 May 2023


The bakery looked very nice and the staff was nice too. Everything tasted great especially the sandwiches. Would definitely go there again.


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13 May 2023

Worth the extra breakfast stop

Sandwiches, soups, quiches, breads and DESSERTS
The food is good which just enough wiggle room to need to salt and pepper yourself
The portions are large and the desserts are pretty

More to come in takeaway bag…

Pros: All vegan, Plenty of seating , Large portions


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11 May 2023

VG around the corner surpasses this by a thousand

I literally travelled to Paris to come here and buy everything.

I was first disappointed in the behaviour of the staff. Very rude, very unprofessional and didn't make an effort. I am British, so I understand there's a language barrier. But cracking up at everything I say, even when I just point at what I want because, well, we're gonna be here forever, is just unacceptable. I was damn near irritated.

I tried the chocolate and plain croissants, the brownie, the soups, the monkey cookie and some breads throughout my party and my stay.

Everything was borderline awful to mediocre.
The soups were coloured water and that ain't a joke. No flavour whatsoever. With some pepper and salt, we managed to make them edible.
The traditional loaf, fantastic. But the sourdough they serve with the soup was so stale and barely chewable.

The brownie was more of a dry chocolate crumble cake..
The monkey cookie was a mess, I can't even describe it to be honest.
My croissants were okay. I've tasted better in the UK to be fair.

However, I wanted to compare so I went to VG which is a 4m walk away and my oh my what a contrast. I suggest you do the same.

Pros: Food was edible if you're starving , French loaf was good , Near to train station

Cons: Rude staff, Everything lacks flavour , Not worth the trip


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09 May 2023

Worth the hype for pastries

I wish there were more of these throughout the city as they were so good for breakfast and lunch. The pastries and sandwiches were amazing and the quiche is a must try!

Pros: Lots of options, Good value , Friendly staff

Cons: Some items sell out during the day


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03 May 2023

This place really saved us for some day trips

We had breakfast here two times and also bought sandwiches for daytrips here. It's great they have sandwiches ready to go, including a tofu sandwich and a chickpea salad sandwich. We enjoyed their quiche, a croque monsieur, and various pastries. I have to say that this was the best cappuccino I had in Paris.

Pros: great cappucino, sandwiches to go for day trips, wide selection of pastries


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28 Apr 2023

Super pâtisserie végétale !

De nombreuses pâtisseries, sandwichs et autres salades, très belles présentations et produits.
Toujours un délice

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