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183 Reviews by Ricardo

"Vegan Store with a Tiny Cafe"
Paris, France on 27 Nov 2016

"Marked Warm Vegan Plates"
Dusseldorf, Germany on 11 May 2016

"Good taste; but not substantial enough"
Paris, France on 21 Feb 2016

"Plenty of Vegan Options"
Antwerpen, Belgium on 29 Jan 2017

"It could be better."
Tokyo, Japan on 20 Jul 2014

"Correct variety of Vegan Ice-cream"
Paris, France on 27 May 2017

"Finally, another worthy vegan place on Rive Gauche."
Paris, France on 09 Mar 2017

"Nice view, great service, good food!"
Riga, Latvia on 29 Aug 2016

"Not worth going there in purpose (for vegans)"
Paris, France on 06 Jan 2016

"Purely vegan chocolaterie"
Paris, France on 04 Feb 2017

"Could be better"
Lausanne, Switzerland on 03 Dec 2016

"Tasty and good value but beware of not-vegan items"
Nice, France on 24 Apr 2017

"Good food, good vibe, great location."
Luxembourg on 28 Feb 2016

"Great to have it closeby!!"
Paris, France on 04 Aug 2016

"Great Organic Market - Not only Vegetables"
Lima, Peru on 27 Nov 2016

"Strange Step Backwards from being Vegetarian"
Paris, France on 31 Oct 2016

"Great Atmosphere, Good Food"
Alicante, Spain on 17 Jun 2017

"Nice place for a quick bite"
Riga, Latvia on 27 Aug 2016

"Another great place from Brasserie Lola's owners"
Paris, France on 14 May 2016

"An Inconspicuously Vegan Brasserie"
Paris, France on 04 Dec 2016

"Re-opened again"
Tokyo, Japan on 09 Sep 2014

"Only one vegan plate (tasty, though)"
Lausanne, Switzerland on 02 Jun 2017

"One of My Favorites in Town"
Paris, France on 04 Dec 2016

"A good Back-up when in Marais"
Paris, France on 04 Dec 2016

"Cozy Cafe, I hope they'd become vegan someday"
Paris, France on 04 Dec 2016

"Fresh food in a welcoming atmosphere"
Nice, France on 24 Apr 2017

"Brasserie with clearly marked vegan options"
Paris, France on 17 Apr 2016

"Delicious food in a concept store"
Paris, France on 25 Dec 2016

"Basic selection"
Paris, France on 21 May 2017

"Good falafel and good value"
Rennes, France on 29 Jul 2017

"Vegan Hot Chocolate!"
Luxembourg on 17 Sep 2015

"Its' All Vegan! (At least now)"
Luxembourg on 17 Sep 2015

"Great Lunch Place in Ghent"
Ghent, Belgium on 04 Oct 2016

"Convenient Cafe with a Vegan Plate Always"
Riga, Latvia on 22 Aug 2016

"Tasty food that took a long time to prepare"
Riga, Latvia on 03 May 2015

"Reopened as an Indian Vegetarian Cafe"
Tokyo, Japan on 11 May 2014

"Mini-Pinson good for a quick bite"
Paris, France on 17 Apr 2016

"Must go when in Frankfurt"
Frankfurt, Germany on 12 Jan 2017

"Fast 100% vegan food in Lyon"
Lyon, France on 24 Oct 2015

"Cozy Macrobiotic Restaurant"
Tokyo, Japan on 18 May 2014

"Great Dinner! Creative and Delicious."
Stockholm, Sweden on 19 May 2016

"I hope they'll get better...well, they got better!"
Paris, France on 15 Oct 2016

"Hurry Up! They will be closing soon!!!"
Stockholm, Sweden on 21 May 2016

"Very vegan-friendly but slightly overpriced"
Paris, France on 05 Mar 2016

"I enjoyed the view; but not the food."
Lima, Peru on 19 Jun 2016

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