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Flughafen Dusseldorf Terminal Ring 1, Dusseldorf, Germany

Marked Warm Vegan Plates

11 May 2016

I've been to 4Cani a couple of times now; usually for getting dinner before/after my flight.

There are a few vegan plates in the menu, which are explicitly marked as such (pizza, panini, udon).
Although the portions are generous, the taste for me was just OK. But anyway, it's the only place I could find at the airport where I can safely eat something more than a salad.

The restaurant is located before the security check; and it has plenty of seats. However, during rush hour (7pm?) it could get difficult to get a seat.
In any case, food is also available for take away.

All in all, I think this is a good place to eat if you find yourself in Dusseldorf airport (and you are a vegan of course; otherwise, no need to worry).

5 rue Notre Dame de Lorette, Paris, France

Good taste; but not substantial enough

21 Feb 2016

I'm always happy when a new vegan place opens in town...until I find that the place is not fully vegan.
5 Lorette's burger comes with a bun made using eggs.
That makes me wonder if it's more important for them to be 100% gluten-free rather than being 100% vegan. :(

All the other dishes (and all desserts) are vegan; so there are still plenty of options.
The food is somehow closer to being raw vegan, which is still tasty; but for me it's not substantial enough (even if you get the set). I found especially the desserts to be on the small side.

In my opinion, the portions are not a good value for the price, as they are rather small, if you consider that a good part of the plate consists of a salad.

The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is plesant; so all-in-all is was a good experience.

Nakano-ku, Honcho 2-45-2, Tokyo, Japan

It could be better.

20 Jul 2014

The food is inexpensive, but tasty.
The atmosphere is also nice,and the staff is helpful.
It's easy to find as it is inside a Yoga studio, which is close to the station.

Each day, they provide two "macrobiotic" plates, which change each day.

However, the menu does not clearly mention which plates are vegan, or which contain animal products (they do use oils of animal origin, animal extracts, dairy, collagen).
Hence, it is always necessary to confirm with the staff about the ingredients of today's food.

When I was there, I had the macrobiotic burger set (vegan), which came with a quite tasty burger, brown rice, two relishes and miso soup.
All for 880yen (plus 100 yen you can get a drink).

43, rue Goethe, Luxembourg

Its' All Vegan! (At least now)

17 Sep 2015

As of September 2015, the menu is 100% vegan.
And according to the staff, they are planning to stay that way.

The food is good, portions and prices are fair; and the atmosphere is also pleasant. Take-away is available (I think you can even order by the phone in advance).

As the place is rather small, I'd suggest making a reservation just in case.

It would be so great if they would work for dinner!

40 Rue de Gergovie, Paris, France

Not worth going there in purpose (for vegans)

06 Jan 2016

After reading the previous reviews I was hesitating to go to this restaurant for a while; but I finally did.

To me, it's a mixture of many of the reviews we already have:

- Few Vegan options (there are not just 1 or 2 plates; but perhaps 3 or 4 salads, and 3 main dishes). Also, the day of my visit (Jan. 6th, 2016) the Plate of the Day was not vegan; so I ordered from the regular menu.

- Tastewise, the vegan food is just ok. Very simple and not exciting at all (from the menu it seems to be much better for vegetarians). Also, portions are a bit small.

- The staff is also ok. Not rude at all; but not super friendly either.

- The interior is a bit vintage; but I found it to be pleasant.

Hope it helps.

Alfrēda Kalniņa iela 2 , Riga, Latvia

Convenient Cafe with a Vegan Plate Always

22 Aug 2016

Visited for lunch in August 2016.

We arrived for lunch a few minutes after 12.
The staff let us know that because it was Monday, we would have to wait some 20 minutes for our food to be ready. We were not in a hurry so that was totally fine; however, be aware if you don't have much time.

They always have a vegan plate available, and also some sweets.
We had summer squash slices filled with vegetables and seeds; and as dessert we got muffins.
The food was simple but tasty; and a very good value for the price (€3.5 for the plate and €1.8 for the muffin).

Staff was attentive and friendly; and English is spoken.
Location is also good, close to the station and perfectly walkable from the old town.
The place accommodates about 30 people so I don't think you'd have trouble finding a seat.

32, place Guillaume II, Luxembourg

Good food, good vibe, great location.

28 Feb 2016

Been to Beet a couple of times during my stay in Luxembourg city.

The food is nothing spectacular (burgers or falafels); but it tastes good!

Plenty of vegan options for dining; but only one vegan dessert (at least at the moment of writing this review).
In any case, the dessert (mango ice-cream with a curry foam) was great, so I highly recommend it.

Location is great, right in Place Guillaume II; and plenty of space inside and in the 'smoking' terrace (although making a reservation wouldn't hurt).

Update (28/02/2016): They now offer many vegan desserts; and the parts of the menu that can be made vegan are clearly indicated. However, by default the burgers and falafels are vegetarian so do not forget to indicate you want a vegan one! If only it was the opposite...

47 rue Jacques Hillairet, Paris, France

Great to have it closeby!!

04 Aug 2016

I buy my groceries frequently at Biocoop.
I'm very happy with the variety and quality of the products they offer.

[On the first floor]
In addition to the usual (fresh produce + plant-based milks + plant-based yoghurts), you can get also some vegan charcuterie (not a big selection, though), many types of Taifun tofus and sometimes a rice-milk based mozzarella.
Close to the cashier you can find chocolates, some of them having the vegan label (e.g., Dardenne).

[On the second floor]
You can find mueslis, processed foods, some of which are vegan (e.g., Dao cookies, check for the Vegan label); and even some ready foods in a bin (some are vegan labeled like Danival products; but others aren't so it's necessary to check the the ingredients).

The only thing I'd like to see more is more dairy alternatives like vegan cheeses and ice-creams.

The staff is friendly and ready to help you if you needed it. And the location is great, very close to Montgallet station, and some few minutes by foot from Reuilly-Diderot.

Parque Reducto, Avenida Benavides, San Antonio, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Great Organic Market - Not only Vegetables

08 Mar 2011

I've been there in March 2011.

The market is roughly about 100 meters long, with maybe 25 different booths. It is located right next to the Reducto Park, which also has a small family-friendly garden, good for a stroll if weather is nice.

A broad range of organic vegetables and fruits are sold here. Prices may be a little higher than buying in the market or in the supermarket, but all products are said to be organic.

Besides vegetables, you can also find bread, teas, coffee, granolas, cheese, jams, clothes and even souvenirs. People from the restaurant called "Almazen" have a booth with vegetarian food for taking out. There are a couple of containers for bringing paper and plastics so that they are recycled.

Although some things maybe a little bit overpriced; all-in-all, the atmosphere is very pleasant and it is worth a visit if you are in Lima. Only Saturdays until 14.00.

26 Krisjana Valdemara, Riga, Latvia

Nice place for a quick bite

27 Aug 2016

Visited in August 2016.

Bon is a small but cozy cafe located at the corner of K. Valdemara and Lacplesis streets, a couple of blocks from the Museum of Art.

The menu is small but according to the staff they always offer something vegan. When I visited, they had a falafel wrap, cupcakes and brownies. The cupcakes were yummy!
Vegetable milk is also available for the drinks.

Staff spoke English and it seemed to have a good understanding of veganism.

Recommended for a light meal or during tea time.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-26

49 rue Montmartre, Paris, France

Another great place from Brasserie Lola's owners

14 May 2016

From the same owners of Brasserie Lola in the 15th. arrondissement, Brasserie 2eme Art just opened its doors a few days ago.

At the time of writing this review, the menu is basically the same as in Brasserie Lola (juices, soups, kebab, burger, risotto, pain perdu, ice-cream); however, we've been told that they are planning to have pizzas and also a brunch on Sundays!

It's a great place to meet friends and to enjoy a good and filling vegan meal. And, if the weather permits, enjoy the nice weather in the terrace seats (though, it could be risky for those of us who don't smoke).

Being a Brasserie, it's open non-stop everyday from the morning until midnight, so that's definitely a huge plus; even more considering the location (walking distance from Chatelet-Les Halles or Palais-Royal).

One last thing, if the place is full, you might need to wait a bit to get your order; so you are warned. :)

All-in-all, I highly recommend this place!

Green Bldg 1F, 5-1-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Re-opened again

09 Sep 2014

The restaurant has been reopened on September 5th. after being renewed. The menu does not seem to have changed much, though.

12 Avenue Jean Moulin, Paris, France

Brasserie with clearly marked vegan options

17 Apr 2016

I've visited Caprice Café recently for the second time.
It's nice to see that a non-veg*n Parisian brasserie is offering vegan options.

The vegan plates are clearly mentioned in their menu (3 or 4 dishes such as hamburgers or stuffed zucchinis); however, they do not serve vegan desserts anymore.
Portions are fair; and taste is OK, not bad, but nothing wow either.

In that area, there is pretty much nothing to eat for vegans, so it's a good choice if you're around or if you are a late dinner; however, personally I wouldn't go all across the city just to eat there.

20, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes , Luxembourg

Vegan Hot Chocolate!

17 Sep 2015

So, as other reviewer mentioned, you can make your own chocolate by choosing your chocolate spoon and milk.
For vegans, that means choosing the 85% spoon and soy milk.
You can take away the drink; but I'd recommend to grab a seat instead; as it can get messy.

While the ingredients of the 85% spoon did not contain animal products, the staff emphasized that it may still have traces of milk.

Also, they said they usually have a vegan cake every day; however, when I went it was not ready yet.

I did not eat there, so I cannot comment on the food; however, I saw in the menu that there is a vegan burger.

Raina Bulvaris 15, Riga, Latvia

Tasty food that took a long time to prepare

03 May 2015

Visited in April 2015.
The place is located in the basement but it has a pleasant atmosphere; including an open terrace during the summer. It is also close to Riga's Freedom Monument. The staff speaks English; but it's not that friendly.
There are few vegan options for both the food and the desserts.
The food was tasty; however, it took them 45 minutes to bring it (even the drinks!). Also, although we requested only vegan food; we were served bread with butter. So I'm afraid the staff isn't very considerate regarding the vegan diet.
I'd recommend to double-check the ingredients in case you think there is something suspicious.

Suginami-ku , Kamiogi 1-18-13 Bunka bldg 2F, Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan

Reopened as an Indian Vegetarian Cafe

11 May 2014

The Cafe has been revamped and the concept has changed.
It is now an Indian Vegetarian Cafe, serving mainly curries.

Vegan options are available on request; and sweets are still mostly vegan.

The good news is that it now works for dinner time during the weekends, with very affordable prices.

18-20 rue des Archives, Paris, France

Mini-Pinson good for a quick bite

17 Apr 2016

This new Pinson is located in the heart of the Marais, inside a concept store.
It can accommodate around 20 people; the atmosphere and menu is very alike to the Pinson at Le 66 in Champs-Elysees, and vegan-options are available as usually.
It's important to note that the food is served only between 11.30 and 14.00. After that, you can have some desserts and drinks.
If you know Pinson, then you know what to expect.
No surprises at all.

Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-12-19, Tokyo, Japan

Cozy Macrobiotic Restaurant

18 May 2014

G&V food is mostly vegan, with seafood used only in the Main Dish of the Sets; and in the a la carte Menu.

It has many set options for Lunch time.
The most expensive one is a Lunch Set for 3100 yen which is, imho, quite a good deal for the price considering in includes appetizer, entree, main, dessert and drink.
Everything but the Main Dish is vegan; and for the Main Dish you can choose "vegetarian" (which is actually vegan) or "non-vegetarian" (which is some kind of fish).

It also offers other more affordable sets for less than 1500yen (including weekends).

It is closer to Higashi-Ginza station (where "Kabukiza" is located); therefore, it is far from Ginza's bustle, so although is not so big (20 seats approx.), you won't probably have to wait to get a table.
In any case, while reservations are not required, I would recommend you do it, just in case.

Dinner offers a la carte options, as well as a more expensive Dinner Set (5400yen).

"Cafe Time" starts from 2pm.
There are basically two sweet sets (sweet+drink), and some light meals.
One of the sweet sets includes the monthly sweet plate (which is the same that comes with the Meal Sets) and it costs 1080yen. The other sweet set includes a Parfait w/vegan ice-cream, and it costs 1540yen.

Staff is very attentive; I am always very pleased with the service.

Ginza lacks of a place like this, where you can go for or after lunch and get some nice sweets while getting some rest; so I highly recommend it.

They are not always open for dinner, so better check their schedule on their homepage beforehand.

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