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3500 Sw 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Delicious and friendly

15 Jul 2010

Food was excellent, and they're very veg friendly. I got a dish with seitan 'chicken' that was just delicious! Lovely view of the lake. I was a bit concerned to see 'frogs legs' on the menu, considering how endangered frogs are throughout the world. On my visit, restaurant was apparantly undergoing some renovation, and the AC wasn't working well. Great view of the lake.

4238 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, USA

Terrible service

15 Dec 2008

I'd been a regular customer of Falafel Fusion, food was excellent as was the service. It now appears as if they may have changed ownership. Although they have an expanded menu (nice), some things have changed for the worse. 1. I went by at 6:00 for dinner, customers are in the store but the door is locked, no hours posted on the door, no one answered when I tried to call. 2. The following week I went by for lunch, place was mobbed with only one servicing customers. 3. I tried dinner one more time, a bit earlier in the evening. One customer ahead of me, a VERY young (& confused looking) boy waiting on her. Another customer came in, owner came out from the back, waited on new customer BEFORE ME. I waited about 10 minutes, was not even acknowledged until I started to walk out. At that point was asked what I wanted, I told them, but still . . . waiting and waiting. I gave up and left. Will not patronize this facility again.

829 Fleming St, Key West, USA

Great food

04 Oct 2009

I visited once for dinner during my Key West visit. vegan friendly, although NOT STRICTLY VEGETARIAN. Outdoor picnic table seating. I had a veg wrap that with some unusual veggies that was delicious.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA


17 Jul 2010

On a recent road trip further north I made a special stop in Orlando so I could eat at Ethos. All vegan, friendly staff, cozy ambience, great food . . . I wish I lived closer, I'd be eating there all the time!

1245 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

Not a good experience

15 Jul 2010

On a recent trip to Gainesville I tried Leonardo's for their vegan pizza. Had a slice of what was described only as as 'vegan' and it was very good.... so I went back the next day with a friend. Ordered the same thing, 'vegan pizza', only this time got a whole pie. Except it was not the same pizza I had the day before, completely different ingredients & not nearly as good. When I asked the staff about it I got attitude . . . 'yesterday was a special pizza, you didn't ask for any special ingredients, I can't just GIVE you a free pizza.' I had just ordered vegan pizza, the same thing I asked for yesterday! My companion had better luck in at least getting them to make a new pizza, with ingredients similar to what I'd had the day before. Today when I try to email them about this from their web site, the 'comments' & 'contact us' functions don't work!

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Great place

17 Jul 2010

On a recent trip to Orlando, it was suggested I try Loving Hut instead of another restaurant which, as it turned out, was closed that day. What a pleasant surprise! Friendly staff, great food. Vegan info playing on the in house TV. Would definitely go back.

975 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, USA

Pleasant Surprise!

04 Oct 2010

As a long time vegan, my previous visits to Naples have always been with some sense of apprehension, as there was virtually no place to get a vegan meal. WHAT A SURPRISE to find a Loving Hut in Naples! Great food, great service, I can't wait to go back... the only thing I'd like to see done differently is more on site promotion of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle, as I've seen in other Loving Hut restaurants. On the surface, it seems just like any other Asian restaurant. But I highly recommend it.

1235 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, USA

Just like home

15 Jul 2010

New Leaf is a typical 'Whole Foods' style store, although a bit smaller than similar markets. Smoothies, sandwiches, salad and hot food bar. Too much meat on the 'menu' for my preferences, but I was able to at least find vegan options. I ate there 3-4 times on a recent trip to Tally. A good option for a quick veg meal.

1205 S Adams St, Tallahassee, USA

Good food

15 Jul 2010

Not exactly a restaurant, but more a take out place. On a recent visit to Tally I was looking for veg places to eat. This is a small, out of the way place with a decent menu,& good food. Not really any place to sit and eat (one table outside in the hot sun) so I got the order to go. Plenty of food, I wish I'd been in town longer so I could have tried some of the other offerings.

1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, USA

good and not so good

11 Oct 2014

Sublime used to he THE place to go in South Florida for a vegan meal. Having not been there for a few years, I went there for dinner recently with about 7 friends. Good news - they've stopped playing the loud 'background' music that was so intrusive that you couldn't have a conversation… the service is great, friendly, prompt. Bad news . . mediocre, inconsistent food quality. My dinner (piccata) was actually very good, but I heard nothing but complaints from my dining companions. Among the things I heard "cold, tasteless, portion too small" . Combine this with the high cost of the meals, well . . No one was happy . . .

I have known the owner, Nanci Alexander, for many years. She is truly a wonderful advocate for animals. My hope is that Nanci is 'listening' to the reviews posted here and will do what it takes to bring Sublime back to the status of the world class vegan restaurant that it was in it's earlier days.
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 11, 2014

917 Simonton St, Key West, USA

"Only Vegan Kitchen in Key West"

04 Oct 2009

Small juice bar adjacent to a health food store, varied ALL VEGAN menu, limited seating (only a few stools at a counter). Friendly staff, convenient location. Pro-vegan literature on display.

4816 N University Dr, Lauderhill, USA

Good Indian food, but . . .

26 Jan 2013

I hadn't been to an Indian Restaurant for a long time, my friend and I thought I would try Woodlands, as I am always looking for good vegan restaurants. The waiter who served us was friendly and helpful, although speaking English was not his forte. We told him NOT SPICY and vegan. He recommended some dishes. Seems that 'not spicy' means different things to different people. Everything was so spicy as to be virtually inedible, some of the items had to be returned. Eventually we landed on a delicious vegetable dish in coconut milk, told them to leave out ALL spices & they got it right! If you like hot, spicy food Woodlands would be an excellent choice, but it's not for the weak of pallet!

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