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1700 Summit, Kansas City, USA

They should JUST make vegan food. So, so GOOD.

26 Aug 2011

I went here with my mom and her friend as a compromise restaurant. There's something for everyone, vegan and non-vegan. I was the only one who ordered the vegan items. Lovely atmosphere and had a wonderful waitress. I had the black bean burger, which was okay, a little on the bland side. What won me over was the corn soup, which had to be the best soup I've ever had in my life. I loved it so much I took an order to go. I also had the vegan chocolate tart, which was so rich and amazing. If I lived in KC, this would definitely be a regular place for me.

1803 W 39th St, Kansas City, USA

Very Accommodating

26 Aug 2011

This place had wonderful service and food. The waitress was very helpful in checking on items to make sure they were animal ingredient free. She didn't even blink when I said I was vegan. She was also very accommodating in providing substitutions for my mother's food allergies. I ordered the fried vegetarian dumplings, which were pretty good. I ordered the Tofu with Black Bean Sauce as an entree and is was absolutely delicious! Not heavy or greasy like a lot of Chinese/Asian food. The atmosphere is pretty casual and a little noisy from the kitchen.

7314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA


01 Sep 2011

The atmosphere was was nice, upscale and good for a date night. The waitress was nice and the service was good. I can't remember the dish's name, but it was a vegan special of raviolis, broccolini and olives. It was AMAZING. I'm kicking myself for not bringing my leftovers home. We also had the focaccia, which was also very good.
The menu is pretty short and like others have said they are mostly a vegetarian place, relying too much on dairy products.

Initially I confused the lobster mushroom dish with actually being lobster. I must have misheard the waitress and edited my first review. Many apologies!

1006 Race St, Philadelphia, USA

Huge disappointment

13 Jun 2010

I was visiting Philadelphia for a conference at the end of March and I ordered take out from here. I ordered General Tso's Chicken and stuffed tofu pockets that were supposed to be fried. I don't think that's what I received. I don't even know what I got but they looked like friend dough balls stuffed with chicken (that chicken was so convincing that I went back to the website to make sure the place was totally vegetarian). All the food was very, very greasy, beyond what I find acceptable for fast take-out type food. In each bite the taste of grease was overwhelming. I felt pretty awful after eating this food and I ate it because I was STARVING from walking all over the city Gallery hopping.

1650 Broadway St, Boulder, USA

Missing Fast Food?

05 Sep 2011

Well this is a great place to go if you are craving those old days of greasy bad-for-your-heart and everything else foods. Of course, everything is vegan so it's not quite as bad for you. I had their bacon cheeseburger which was pretty good, very filling. I also had some french fries which I didn't eat until I got to my hotel and at that point they where kind of soggy, so they are exempt from the review. I love vegan junk food and basically survive off it, plus I hate the concept that all vegan food is healthy. This place would totally be a regular for me. You have to appreciate this place for what it is.
The service for take out was quick and the staff is friendly. The price is a little high for what they are selling though.

150 Main St Ste 8, Northampton, USA

Great little niche market

14 Jun 2010

I used to live in Amherst and I really loved dropping by this place when I'd explore Noho. I still drop in when I visit. They always have interesting vegan finds from small companies that you wouldn't find at Whole Foods. They're not too expensive as most small health food places can be. I'm always for supporting local business when I can.

707 W 47th St, Kansas City, USA

Standard Veg Fare

26 Aug 2011

Went here while on vacation. This place can be tricky to find since it's under the Unity church. I sat outside on their patio since the weather was perfect. The chairs are quite comfy and the garden atmosphere is quite lovely. Our waitress was super nice, a little too exuberant and chatty but I'll take that over grumpy. The agave butter that comes with the bread is just genius. The vegan bread, sourdough, didn't pair that well with the butter. I had the in-house made veggie burger, which was very good but a little too thin in relation to the bun size. Thicker patties please! I also had a side salad that was pretty standard. I ordered a slice of vegan chocolate mocha cake to go and it was rather disappointing. It was pretty dry and the frosting was too thin, I ended up pouring a little almond milk on it to make it more palatable (I hate wasting food). Overall, it was good/okay and I would go back to try other items on the menu. My mom went with me but didn't order vegan, she ordered the egg salad and loved it. So much so she went back a second time by herself.

248 Broome St, New York City, USA

Not Impressed

20 Aug 2010

I was a little disappointed after all the hype. My friend had the lemon cupcake which was moist and subtle, very tasty. I had a mini cinnamon bite and that was also good, not great though. I also bought a red velvet cupcake and a brownie cupcake for later that night. The icing was good but the cake was so dry! Unforgivably so! It's the main part of a cupcake! I had to soak them in some almond milk in order to down them.
The girl behind the counter was super nice! So I give most of my points to service. The place is a little small, but hey it's new york city! It was cozy and I could chat with my friend well enough without feeling intruded on by other customers.

That being said, I'd go back to give it a second chance.

813 W 17th St, Kansas City, USA


26 Aug 2011

Went here while on vacation with my mom and a friend of hers. The place was absolutely packed and service was understandably a little on the slow side. Our waitress was very nice and helpful with all my mom's food allergies. The menu is very creative and doesn't rely on processed substitutes for meat and cheese. I ordered the nachos with the chicken flavored jackfruit, which was really good (never had jackfruit as a meat substitute before). I also had a plain cheese quesadilla with salsa; the cheese is made with cashews and goji and very tasty. I also ordered the barbeque sandwich, which was good but a little too spicy for my sensitive palate. The cashew ice cream is AMAZING! Get it, no matter how full you are! I'd definitely go back here to try more items.

3704 Kerbey Ln, Austin, USA

24 hour Pancakes!!!

30 Aug 2010

Went here with a a local friend that really loves this place. The quality varies depending on which location you go to, so I've heard. We went to the one on the south end of town.

We had the vegan blueberry pancakes which were okay, very heavy/ filling and a little on the rubbery side. Tasty to someone who hasn't had pancakes in a really long time, so take that with a grain on salt. There was only one type of pancake available to vegans, so no choice on whether you want chocolate chips or blueberries or plain. We also had an order of hash browns, which were also okay.
There was a long wait to get a table but the food came out in a decent amount of time. Our waiter was awesome! Super friendly and nice.

All in all, I'd probably go back again to try some other stuff on the menu. I've heard good things about the other types of vegan pancakes they serve, you just have to be a bit lucky in timing for a new type.

2010 16th St, Boulder, USA


05 Sep 2011

I came here by myself for an early dinner. I found the staff to be very friendly but felt a little ignored. I ended up waiting quite a long time between courses and the place wasn't that busy. The restaurant space is very nice but also very echoey and loud.
The food I had was very light and easy on the stomach, as in, not greasy! I had the raw pad thai salad, which was delicious and my favorite dish. I had a flat bread pizza with cashew ricotta replacing the cheese. I found the pizza to be okay it needed more of the sauce, not really worth how much I paid. The cashew ricotta was the best part of the pizza. I took home a slice of the vegan chocolate peanut butter tart, but it was nothing special. It was a very large slice and it's flavor was very one note and bland.
If I end up moving to Boulder I may try them again.
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 04, 2011

1615 W 39th St, Kansas City, USA

Basic done well

05 Sep 2011

I only had some of the bakery items and overall they were good. Very basic but done well. I had a blueberry muffin that was really good, great for breakfast because it wasn't too sweet or heavy like I've found a lot of vegan muffins to be. I had a French Toast cupcake that was good, very moist and lightly sweet. I also had a zucchini bread that was delicious. I had a PB cookie that was a little too tough and chewy. I had a cinnamon roll which was my least favorite, it was a little dry and there was no icing! I don't know if they forgot it or if it was supposed to come like that.
Very friendly staff too.

372 Chandler St, Worcester, USA

Local Favorite

25 Aug 2011

This is my Mom and I's favorite restaurant that we started going to a little over a year ago. I'm vegan and LOVE the fact that they have a separate and lengthy menu. I've been there 5-6 times and for the most part the food has been very good. It's not too greasy and I still feel great after I eat there.
I've only had an issue once with the waitstaff and that was maybe a few weeks ago. He argued with me over making the General Tso's less spicy, when I've had it before and had no issues. It came out with hot peppers in it. He also argued with me about ordering a side dish of mixed veggies and tried to sell me on getting the mixed veggie entree because it would be cheaper in the long run. I didn't want all the extra food. Oh well, the other waiters I've had have been very nice.
It can get pretty crazy in there around dinner time and very loud.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA


13 Jun 2010

I just went to Rasoi for the first time yesterday and left very happy. While there isn't a ton to choose from for vegans, there are certainly plenty of options for vegetarians. I had the Cauliflower 65 appetizer, which was by far the BEST part of the meal. Next time I go I think I'll just eat a plate of it all by itself! I had the Chana Masala as an entree (as did my date) and it was also very good, like any other I've had before really, satisfying (my date loved it too). The mixed vegetable side that came with it was also really tasty. The serving sizes were huge for my date and I, we both left with enough for another two meals. But take that for what it's worth, we are both very small and don't typically eat a lot of food at once.
Aside from the food the waitstaff was very friendly and helpful with my questions. The interior and ambience was very nice; fairly dress-up/casual (polo shirt nice, no ripped pants).
I will definitely be going back and take-out if I'm dateless!

18 Lyman St, Westborough, USA

Friendly staff

14 Jun 2010

The people that work there are great! I was looking for vegan vitamins and the staff was very helpful in ordering them for me. They came pretty quick and I got them at a good price. They have quite a selection of items on the shelves too. My only complaint is that I've often found items in the freezer and refrigerator that were expired.

5270B University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Awesome Store!

05 Sep 2011

I can not wait to move to Seattle next year and this place is one of the many reasons why. They carry all the vegan extras and necessities you can't find at Wholefoods. Plus they support a sanctuary! I stopped in while I waited for my order at Pizza Pi. I picked up some candy and vegan jerky and lamented over the fact I couldn't buy more. Since I already had a stuffed-to-the-max suitcase and had to board a plane the next day.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, USA


05 Sep 2011

This place has become a regular for me, at least every other week I buy a bunch of desserts to go. I always get the red velvet cupcake and the peanut butter chocolate cupcake. I've had an issue with them being really dry several times, it seems to be a bit hit or miss. The scones are really, really good, so moist. The pecan roll is good, but can sometimes be dry. The cinnamon knot is delicious. The cookies are really good. I ordered a whole cake when they first opened and it was horribly dry! I chalked up to them just needing to work out kinks.
I've had a chai tea that was wicked good too.
Overall, I like this place enough to continue going back. They can be pretty expensive. I get really tired of getting dried out items though, they need to fix this issue. The sweetness of the items is spot on and they are generous when frosting their cupcakes, which I really appreciate. I love where they are located and they have a nice set up with large windows which keep it bright inside. They are dog-friendly, which is a huge perk.

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