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5270B University Way NE (at 55th Ave, University District), Seattle, Washington, USA, 98105

All vegan store operated by the Pigs Peace Sanctuary and volunteers. Features vegan foods, beer and wine, fauxmeats, leather-free belts and goods, cruelty-free products, accessories, pet foods, and more. All profits go to the animals. New name as of Nov 2012; previously operated as SideCar for Pigs Peace. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

Reviews (32)

First Review by VeggiePinkoKat

Awesome place! - Edit

This place such a wide assortment of delicious items you can't get elsewhere. Best part is the proceeds go to charity! What's not to like. Vegan? Vegetarian? Veg-curious? Omni? Carni? Check it out :)

Pros: Friendly staff, Proceeds to charity, Fair prices

Cons: It's not open 24/7, Smaller store so expect lighter stocking, There isn't one in Kirkland

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Good variety and quality! - Edit

The shop has a big freezer/cooler section with vegan groceries and also stocks lots of backed goods and canned food/condiments whilst also stocking clothes, make up, books and skincare products.

It is also conveniently located near a few vegan/vegetarian eateries which is handy!

The only negative point is that it's a bit out of downtown Seattle, but even for someone who stayed in downtown Seattle wasn't too far or difficult to get to!

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Nice! - Edit

This is a nice little convenience type store that is all vegan. It also supports the Pigs Peace Sanctuary, YAYs! You can find loads of vegan junk food and it's nice to know everything is vegan including non-food items. Our favorite items to get here are the Blissful Wunders truffles. Oh. My. Yum.

Pros: Blissful Wunders Truffles, All Vegan, Supports Pigs Peace Sanctuary

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Pigs Peace - Edit

I love vegan junk food and this place carries an extensive selection. It's the best place to buy vegan cheese (Vtopia, Treeline, PunkRawk, Daiya, Teese, other stuff I can't remember). They also have some good-looking purses and belts, and a few cosmetics.
It's a little pricey, but proceeds go to Pigs Peace Sanctuary, which is like Shangrila. If you can, you should volunteer there and/or donate money. BTW- I'm not affiliated with them.

Pros: No label reading, Non-profit

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Great little store - Edit

I'm happy to shop here as it's is owned by the non-profit Pigs Peace Sanctuary. They have competitive pricing and unique items. The only thing I wish they had that they don't is fresh produce and more health products (shampoos and things).

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Fun all-vegan shop - Edit

Fun all-vegan shop with clothing, trinkets, pet stuff, and food. Not really a place to do your weekly shopping but lots of awesome items I've never seen before (especially food). Loved the snack and freezer sections.

Pros: Unique items, Food I've never seen before, Huge Field Roast selection

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Great But Small - Edit

Cute little all vegan market. Found some things I have not seen elsewhere. The staff were super friendly and helpful.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 02, 2014

Pros: Vegan, Good Selection, Decent Prices

Cons: Small

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Damn vegans and their privileged lives! - Edit

The best thing about this "health food store" is that there is a lot of unhealthy stuff inside - like lollies and chocolates and ice-cream.

Places like this make first world life easy. Thank you.

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Great All-Vegan Shop - Edit

Vegan Haven has it all- great location, fantastic cause, friendly volunteers, awesome selection, and so many treats!

They just expanded and are now double the size. The prices are the same or less than Whole Foods and they have a ton of local and specialty vegan stuff like cat/dog food, frozen treats, sweets, bathroom/beauty stuff- the list goes on and on. This is such a cool vegan store and seems way less pretentious than some others. Plus its all in support of the pigs!

Pros: huge selection, great cause, friendly staf

Cons: absolutely none

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Superb selection - Edit

Great little place in Seattle that was loaded with amazing stuff. I have been to quite a few vegan markets and this is one of the best in terms of selection. Also super clean and friendly. Will be back next time I am in Seattle!

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Couldn't Live Without It! - Edit

I love this little store!! The people are friendly, the vibes are good, and they have so much great stuff there - a lot of it is stuff you just can't find elsewhere! This store has introduced me to so many amazing veg foods that I eat all the time now! (Ok maybe not all the time, but when the craving strikes! Most are comfort foods). Mac and chreese, basil pesto, mushroom stroganoff, garlic naan, raspberry+coconut "dillo" (vegan twinkie!), vegan marshmallows, bean chips.... good ol' vegan junk food! We all gotta treat ourselves now and then :) I wish there were more places like Vegan Haven!
Did I mention they also have books, magazines, purses, jewelry, nail polish, soaps, and more? :D

Pros: everything is vegan! :D, lots of different types of products, very friendly people

Cons: would love to see it grow/be bigger, closes kind of early for Seattle

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Packed with vegan goodies - Edit

The Vegan Haven has now doubled in size and carries even more yumminess. Go there!

An all vegan store, yey!!
Went there after brunch at Wayward Cafe right across the street.
Lots of vegan goodies that I had not seen before and special treats! Unfortunately I could not get frozen food but there was a great selection of food items, personal items, and funky recycled cotton socks! They also have a decent selection of vegan wines and beers.
Money goes to support the pigs sanctuary so what's not to love?
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 10, 2013

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Rad little vegan store - Edit

I was pretty excited to see that there was a vegan grocery store. I was so disappointed by Karmavore last time I went I was kind of scared to get my hopes up for this place. It was more than I could have expected and they sold products I didn't see in Whole Foods or Canada. Including Alternative Baking Company cookies. Yes please! Plus as far as I could tell, the store is helping pigs in sanctuaries. A win for all! Also all the weird and amazing vegan meat substitutes you could ever hope or wish for. A crazy chocolate selection and a few other things like wallets and pins.

Pros: A huge amount of meat alternatives, Cookies!, Chocolate!

Cons: A little small

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Great store for vegans on the Ave. - Edit

Vegan Haven is a great pit stop when you're on the run - they carry pre-made sandwiches from The Wayward Cafe and the folks who run the Plum chain. They also have a free lending library of vegan books and cookbooks, as well as some free vegetarian propaganda like booklets for young readers that tell you about the rescue pigs at the sanctuary. They used to carry a little zine with bios of some of the pigs - who doesn't love a good pig story with a happy ending?!

Pros: fast, vegan sandwiches to go, great cause

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Lots of great products - Edit

It is a small store, but so packed with all of the vegan specialties that it becomes a regular place to shop. I particularly love the Twilight candy bars, Soy Delicious ice cream, deli sandwiches, and fresh baked goods on the counter. They also have vegan make up, pet food, books, belts, bags, and more.

It is so nice to spend money at a store where you know it is all going to help a good cause - Pigs Peace Sanctuary. I have volunteered at this sanctuary and it includes more than just pigs. It is such an eye opener to the sad reality of what factory farmed animals go through and to how dog-like pigs actually are.

Pros: Tons of vegan speciality items, $ goes to a good cause

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great little shop - Edit

there are tons of vegan items available at the store. the staff has always been helpful and friendly. i might be biased, i did volunteer there when i lived in seattle. anyway, when you support this place, you support pigs peace sanctuary.

Pros: all vegan, friendly, helps support pig peace

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Great selection for a small store - Edit

This place is small but they did have a few things I have never even seen before. They carry Mighty-O-Donuts, treats from I Can't Believe it's Vegan!, and more vegan chocolates than I have ever seen anywhere. They were also selling excellent looking vegan cupcakes while we were there. Oh and they also have the famous Dillos in 4 flavors!! I found a new Tofutti product while here which was a Yours Truly caramel cone by them. I can not even find it on their website. I used to love ice cream cones with caramel in the center and chocolate on the outside and this was just like that!!! The gal that was working there when we were in was not friendly at all but not really bad either.

Pros: great selection, amazing vegan sweets

Cons: not great staff, small space

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Awesome Store! - Edit

I can not wait to move to Seattle next year and this place is one of the many reasons why. They carry all the vegan extras and necessities you can't find at Wholefoods. Plus they support a sanctuary! I stopped in while I waited for my order at Pizza Pi. I picked up some candy and vegan jerky and lamented over the fact I couldn't buy more. Since I already had a stuffed-to-the-max suitcase and had to board a plane the next day.

Pros: All Vegan!, Supports a sanctuary

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SideCar for Pigs Peace - Edit

I really liked Sidecar! While it's not the largest vegan store I've been to, they do carry some good/interesting things (i.e. belts, food, stickers, etc.). The thing that I liked most is that they had vegan twinkies that were shipped from a bakery in Utah. The employees were also nice and gave me some good restaurant suggestions.

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Wonderful place - Edit

You cannot help but feel good shopping at this place. Everything you buy goes to support the animal sanctuary so you cannot go wrong. Small but good variety of vegan food products, t-shirts, some crafts, etc.

Nondescript store front. Bohemian vibe. Friendly staff.

I drove an hour to get here and it was absolutely worth the trip!

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Great spot - Edit

While not the largest HF store around, they do have vegan belts and wallets. All y'all vegans can now put your money where your mind is. I just went for the first time and hope to make it there when in the area.
Good people in the store.

Pros: All Vegan , good frozen and fridge selection!

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Reviewer Avatar

Vegan, vegan, VEGAN! - Edit

I love being able to buy anything in the store. Great selection of groceries and every time I shop they have homemade vegan baked goods too. Everyone is super nice! Proceeds help their pig sanctuary.

Pros: Awesome, Super nice staff, Vegan!

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Pretty awesome store! - Edit

I've only been here once and I was a little surprised. This was recommended to me by a barista at Tully's and I was expecting a bigger store. However, with that being said, it took me about 10 minutes to stop looking at the labels and then take a collective sigh of relief that I could eat ANYTHING in the store! I picked up some donuts (delish!) and a copy of VegNews. Hey, it was my first time - I was a bit overwhelmed and just left Pizza Pi! I will definitely be going back for vegan MARSHMALLOWS!! I also will be going back tomorrow to pick up the next issue of VegNews and to get some seriously delicious food - such as prepared sandwiches!! I also bought a subscription to VegNews and will be checking out their clothes. GREAT store...

Pros: Yummy food, New things

Cons: Wish it was bigger

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vegan destination - Edit

I have been there a couple of times. I just wish there was an all vegan store in every city and was closer to my home. A great selection for a good cause. I would have to order the items I want from the internet that I can buy there in person. When I go to Vegfest I hope to be able to stop by there again.

Pros: all vegan , supports animals, some good items

Cons: too far from home

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Great little store. - Edit

Great vegan store. It is wonderful to go into a store and be at peace. The only knock I could have on this place is that it is small, so there isn't a great sellection of items, but the cashier was very nice and friendly and made me feel very welcome. While they don't have a lot of items, they do have a very nice sellection of items, I picked up some grocries, some dry goods, some fake lucheon meats, a new wallet and even an organic donut for the road, now that's not a bad day. If you live in Seattle and are Vegan, obviously you know this place, but even for us who live a ways out of town it is definately worth the trip, pick up a few things, support people who care about the same things you do. I plan on going back.

Pros: diversity of sellection, friendly cashier, no animals where harmed at all

Cons: small store

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Amazing! - Edit

I think this is a GREAT store! The volunteer working there was very nice, and even let me sample a ginger chew. They have a great selection of vegan goods! Lots of books on veganism, cool bumper stickers, vegan jello (wow!), and my favorite find: a vegan magazine called "VegNews"

Pros: Friendly employee, Awesome selection, ALL vegan!

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carries lots of hard to come by vegan items - Edit

Vegan Peanut Brittle! Vegan Wines! Friendly staff! This is such a great place that stocks all the essentials and many more fun vegan items that you'd have to order off the internet and pay shipping and WAIT. You can enjoy them instantly! Good selection of Truth Vegan Belts, too.

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Appreciating Sidecar - respect for pigs. - Edit


Excerpt -

At Sidecar for Pigs Peace, motivation for the all-vegan grocery is clear.

An "Oink Drive" basket near the front of the store holds customer contributions for Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a nonprofit in Stanwood that cares for unwanted and abused pigs. On the request list: sanctuary-approved vegan hot dogs, pasta, tofu. Pigs' taste in comfort food, it seems, is close to that of their human counterparts.

The University District grocery bills itself as the only "100 percent vegan store" in the state. ("The vegan world is small enough that we would know," said manager Doh Driver.)

Full article here - http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/371476_vegan21.html

1 Response

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JohnnySensible 22 Feb 2013 - Pigs Peace Sanctuary bought the vegan grocery Sidecar two years ago from its former owners, who had named the store after the classic cocktail. Pigs Peace kept the name and expanded its offerings. Now it sells mostly grocery items, including imported vegan "cheese" products and Seattle-made Field Roast grain meat, but also vegan beer and wine (clarified over time or with clay instead of gelatin or fish collagen), and nonleather belts, wallets and handbags.

A vegetarian for the past 11 years, Driver, 38, became vegan 6 1/2 years ago. (The other Sidecar employees are also vegan, and part of the sanctuary's mission is to promote veganism, she said.)

"I realized there was, in fact, more cruelty in dairy and egg production than, say, in beef production," Driver said, "and I got to a point where I realized there are no valid reasons -- especially in Seattle -- not to be vegan."

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