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4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

excellent pure vegan healthy food

21 Sep 2013

This was my second time in Montreal and I went back to Aux Vivres for lunch. I had a wrap with roasted vegetables plus lettuce and olive tapinade. It was very tasty and felt healthy.

Yes the service is a bit slow but the waitresses are very friendly and helpful.

Hirschelgasse 1, Nuremberg, Germany

good but not authentic

18 Oct 2015

Although stated as Sri Lankan food, this is Westernized.

It is good but not great. Vegetarian choices are available.

Johannisstrasse 40, Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Outstanding vegetarian dinner

18 Oct 2015

In my opinion this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants around the world. I ate there twice because it was so good.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

outstanding vegetarian food

29 Apr 2012

We ate at both Lehka Hlava and also Maitrea this week. The items on the menu at Lehka are a subset of the Maitrea menu and the price is slightly higher at this one. The food is truly outstanding.

Via della Vite 14, 4th floor, Rome, Italy

another opinion

19 Aug 2008

Both my wife and I were very disappointed with the quality of the food we had here for lunch (August 08). It may be OK if you just want a small salad or very healthy snack.

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

healthy, fast, veg buffet

29 Apr 2012

This restaurant is conveniently located and is very fast as it is entirely a buffet. It is also open on Sundays which is good because most of the other veg restaurants are not open.
The food was healthy and reasonably tasty. Note that the cost of our plates without desserts nor beverages was almost as much as Maitrea with dessert and beverage.

Via Margutta 118, Rome, Italy

August 08 update

19 Aug 2008

We went to Il Margutta twice. The first time was for lunch and we found that they only serve buffet at lunchtime. We found the food to be just OK, not great, and one may only take one small helping of a selection.
We went back a few days later for dinner and found that the menu was extensive and very unusual. The quality was excellent, but as others have written, the portions were appetizer sized and the prices were remarkably high. To give you an idea of what we mean by portion size, we normally are light eaters and this was small.
It was good to try so I could get new ideas for cooking at home.

545 rue Milton, Montreal, Canada

true gourmet quality vegetarian food

21 Sep 2013

A person recommended this much smaller branch of Lola Rosa. I was at the front door at 11:30am waiting for them to open as I had been warned that it gets crowded. I ordered the lasagna which was wonderful. It was many different layers, not identical as I normally find at Italian restaurants. One layer was spinach. Within 25 minutes the restaurant was completely packed. It is around 1 block from McGill university and therefore popular at lunch.

Londynska 35, Prague, Czech Republic

Very good

30 Apr 2012

This is located in a particularly nice area of Prague, away from the tours and tourist shops. The staff are very friendly and speak English. The food is quite good. We will go to other Loving Hut locations to compare them.

Na Porici 25, Prague, Czech Republic

Larger than other locations but not as good

02 May 2012

This location is in the center of Prague and easy to reach from the yellow metro line. The inside is very modern and clean. Unlike the other Ching Hai restaurants, this one will not allow you to order off of the menu during lunch; you must use the self-serve buffet. The choices were very limited and several were empty. The faux beef dish was extremely salty.
Even though it was well past 1pm, there was a very long line of young people so most of the tables were filled. The staff were helpful and spoke English.
We recommend the Londynska location even though it is not in the town center.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

outstanding gourmet vegetarian food

29 Apr 2012

We ate at Maitrea twice this week because it was so good.
This is vegetarian at its best. The staff are very nice also. This place is so popular that you must have a reservation for dinner. You can walk in for lunch.

6 Ahad Haam St, Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv, Israel

excellent all-vegan restaurant

31 Oct 2015

This is not only all-vegan, it is one of only a few restaurants that is open on Saturday.

There was a large selection of very healthy and tasty items. The also have smoothies which are not the same a s smoothies in the US. These were room temperature blender drinks of fresh vegetables or fruits.

The items we tried were excellent. The only recommendation would be to use less salt in the rice-saitan mixture.

We highly recommend this and will go back there if we have time.

Via Trionfale 94, Rome, Italy

review August 08

19 Aug 2008

We took a taxi to this restaurant for lunch since it was quite far from our hotel. Note that it is on the West side of the river. The area is interesting and upscale.

The staff did not speak any English whatsoever so when the server brought us a salad plate we had not ordered, we assumed that it was a free sample. It was a combination of fresh orange pieces with raw onion and olive oil. This is not a combination I would have expected to work but I liked it. My wife did not care for it. The vegetarian soup was good but quite salty. Other dishes we ordered were also oversalted for our taste but they were prepared well.

When we received the bill, the salad was listed and charged. Perhaps it was a language issue.

204 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, USA

excellent quality, vegetarian menu

31 May 2014

I found this on Happy Cow while visiting Tampa. I was completely happy with the food from the separate vegetarian menu. The decor and the service were also excellent.

I highly recommend this if you visit Tampa.

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