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European style cafe est. 2013. Makes breakfast items, crepes, baked goods, smoothies, juices, lunch salads and soups. The crepe batter is without egg. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-3:00pm.

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24 Oct 2023


Sehr süße Crepes. Leider gab es bei dem Schoko-Banana-Crepes kein Obst dazu. Der Kaffee hat nicht geschmeckt. Auch die Verwendung von Plastikgeschirr ist heutzutage ein No-Go!



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23 Oct 2023

should go back to reusable dishes

Lots of vegan options, almost everything can be made vegan. Unfortunately, that sometimes means simply omitting something, like whipped cream, which is a bit disappointing. Make sure to ask when you order.
They do have vegan cheese now, though, and the royal veggie crepe with cheese was pretty good. The lemon sauce was a bit too strong for my taste, overpowering the other ingredients. Portion size is huge.

My main gripe these days is that they are still using disposable, plastic cutlery and paper plates. Pre-pandemic they used to have reusable items. I can somewhat understand that during Covid they didn't want to handle used dishes, but now they should really go back. From what I could find, they don't even have a bin for compostables, everything goes into the waste bin.

Cons: single-use plastic cutlery and paper plates, not fully vegan


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15 Jul 2023

Pretty good

Not everything here is vegan (despite the very vegan-forward signage). We tried the French affection and açaí bowl and both were very good. The açaí bowl doesn’t have much açaí though.


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22 May 2023

Cozy breakfast food

Shared a sweet crepe, tofu scramble, lentil soup, and smoothie. I enjoyed them, especially the scramble and soup!


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13 Apr 2023

Great Options!!

This delicious crepe spot was perfect for vegan and non-vegans alike :)) It’s right near the San Jose airport, so it’s a perfect spot to grab a quick bite. Food was amazing and staff was helpful.


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31 Jan 2023

Good Avo Crepe

Crepes Bistro popped up on my search for a vegan friendly brunch spot in the Santa Clara area, and it was pretty good!

All of the crepe batter is vegan so there's no doubt about that piece. However, be sure to ask if other ingredients are vegan as they're likely not using meat substitutes. They do offer vegan cheese as an option if you choose.

I ordered the Avocado Crepe ($15.50) that comes with tomato and spinach. It came on a long plate with ten pieces and ended up being a lot of food. The batter was light and fluffy, and they used a generous amount of avo in the dish.

Feeling like I needed a side, I went with their Fries ($8.50) which came with a side of aioli and ketchup. The fries were tossed in this lemon, salt-pepper seasoning and ended up being way too salty for my taste. I felt it was also at a pretty high price point given it's intended to be a side dish.

Aside from the high prices, Crepes Bistro is a fantastic place to come for a sweet or savory brunch without the long waits. I do recommend though that they try to find ways to provide reusable dish ware since it's not sustainable to rely on plastic utensils for your customers.

Pros: Great vegan crepe option

Cons: Pricier side


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16 Jan 2023

Great place for brunch!

As a vegan there aren't many great brunch places but glad we have this place nearby. We get to have vegan crepes which is pretty rare. They have both savory and sweet crepes and most crepe fillings can be veganized. Have tried their tofu scramble a while back as well which was good.

Pros: Great for brunch, Food is fresh, healthy and not greasy, Nice decor

Cons: Food is flavorful but not wow, Wish they would have regular plates and silverware


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15 Jan 2023

Expensive, slow service, food is ok

This looked better on the internet. I didn’t completely hate the experience, but it took forever to get our food, even though the place didn’t seem all that busy. My açaí bowl was alarmingly sweet, my smoothie was good, and my salad was nothing special. After tip, that order set me back nearly $60.

Pros: Nice mural, Dece food, Dece bathroom

Cons: Expensive, Too sweet, Long wait


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03 Jan 2023

Love this restaurant

This is one of my favorite restaurants. The crepes are great but if not in the mood the other food options are good too! Gluten free friendly as well, which is helpful when dining out with my GF friends. #Veganuary


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28 Jun 2022

Be careful of portion size!

The crepes were good and the service was friendly. I wasn't expecting such huge portions. My son and I ordered a crepe each and could barely finish a quarter of each one. The lentil soup, veggie patties, and sunset juice were also delicious. The juice was made fresh and without added sweetener.

Pros: Lots of options


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03 May 2022

Great vegetarian/vegan crepe speciality restaurant

This is one of the only vegetarian/vegan crepe specialty restaurants in the bay.
They have all varieties for different pallets from sweet to savory.
It is also pretty close (a couple of miles) to Santa Clara University and the train station.

Pros: Unique options, Excellent service, Great taste


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15 Feb 2022


Both the crepes we had were amazing. The workers were very nice and helpful. We will definitely be returning ☺️

Pros: All crepe batters are vegan, Super tasty, Friendly staff

Cons: Extra cost for vegan cheese


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16 Oct 2021

Big portions

I could eat off for days. Good breakfast options

Pros: Big portions , Vegan options


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10 Oct 2021

Big, Tasty Portions

I keep meaning to try the sweet crepes, but every time I come I can't help but get the savory crepes instead because they're so tasty! The ingredients always taste fresh and the portions are always pretty big--my husband often makes two meals out of them, but I'm admittedly a black hole when it comes to food. I usually get my crepes to-go, so they sometimes get a little steamed/soggy in the box, but that's hardly the fault of Crepes Bistro since I live a bit far away.

Part of the reason for usually getting things to go is that it is a small place and thus it's not always easy to get seating here (or wasn't during non-pandemic times). The tables are often better set up for pairs or smaller groups, so I imagine it would be difficult to dine here with a group of more than 4. There is parking in the back behind the strip mall (or whatever else you'd call it) that it is part of, so parking is generally not too bad, and you can enter through the back so you won't have to go back around. In pre-pandemic times, there was definitely a lunch rush here that should be avoided, but I'm guessing that may no longer be the case for now.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Fresh Ingredients, Big Portions

Cons: Limited Seating Options


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07 Jul 2021

Delicious, plentiful, healthy & rich!

WHOA! The Crepes Bistro has mammoth crepes!! I see some other reviews say they were dry or flavorless, but if that was true, it’s certainly not now—the management must have taken such reviews to heart because mine was incredible! I was recommended to try the Royal Veggie with cheese (or without)! I chose to try it with the cheese because I wanted to give Daiya cheese another try, and —It. Was. DELICIOUS! — Very melty, plenty of everything, and their lemon-tahini sauce’s flavor was stellar—it brought the flavors all together!

The size of the portions explained the $16 for the Crepe—it was definitely enough for 2 or 3 people for sure (—but I ate the entire thing in one go, it was so good).
I ordered fresh carrot juice and I also asked to taste their pesto, to which he gave me a delicious and generous scoop on the house! 🤗

I had taken myself here for an early brunch today—a Tuesday—and there was no wait and plenty of seating, with 2 tables out front as well. They clientele were cheerful and peaceful. It’s not a ‘pretty place in a pretty area’, but it is quiet and clean.

The staff weren’t exceptionally friendly but not unfriendly either—and the man who took my order at the counter was very helpful and accommodating, though not ‘smiley’. Nothing wrong with that—just doesn’t seem the staff members are too cheerful or connected with each other. That would have been nicer to see and make it more enjoyable to be there feeling their good energy, but that’s ok—you never know what people are dealing with in their lives personally, and as long as they weren’t rude, and the crepe was great, that was the most important thing

Finally, the crepe was served in a compostable container, as I don’t think they have plates for eating in-house at the moment…?

Anyway, I definitely recommend!

Pros: Plentiful, Delicious, Lots of options!

Cons: Ambiance (add plants or lighting to/near tables?), Have a more warm and welcoming energy from staff, ToGo containers and utensils only


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11 May 2021

Crepe Bistro

I was excited about this place since Crepe Bistro offered many vegan options...and the fact that I love crepes. I went with a recommendation from the guy at the register (avocado crepe) and he talked me into adding tofu and vegan cheese. Honestly, this crepe tasted boring and I barely tasted (or saw) the vegan cheese. In fact, I was so overwhelmed with avocado that I had to remove most of it. The crepe itself was almost dry (not moist like most crepe) and tasted/looked more like a saltine cracker. As this crepe was just over $15, I can't say I think it was worth it.


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07 Jun 2020

Vegan crepes!

Have gotten crepes here at least 3 times and they were excellent every time - both the sweet and the savory ones. The vegan pesto is delicious and I recommend whichever crepe has it (the garden one?). Smoothies are excellent too and staff is super nice!

Pros: Friendly, Delicious, Large portions


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01 Apr 2020

Great food!

I am very thankful Crepes Bistro has stayed open to provide excellent take-out food during this shelter-in-place. As a hospital nurse working long hours in a very stressful time, having healthy, tasty vegan food available has been a godsend. My favorite is the tofu scramble


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06 Feb 2020

Worth the drive

Really a breakfast place- vegetarian, although all items on the menu can be made vegan. Really enjoyed the pesto pasta (be sure to specify vegan) and berry smoothly. Note it is a small place so may be a tight fit if you have a big (6 or more) party.


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25 Oct 2019

Get the Royal Veggie with Baked Tofu!!!!!

This place never disappoints and has the best tahini dressing! Sometimes the wait is a bit long, and we have left before because the line is too long ( usually Saturdays or Sundays) but it's worth it if you have the time.

Pros: Great Food, Great Variety , Fresh Juices

Cons: Fries take a long time ( heating up the oil)


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08 Oct 2019

Pretty disappointed

This place is great if you’re a vegetarian, but major cuts get made to the dishes if they’re made vegan. The savory one we ordered had raw spinach, unmelted cheese and tomatoes- that’s it.... the sweet one was better, but there’s no whipped cream like the original. Bagel was bland and not worth $4. We also waited almost an hour- to be fair it was very busy, so maybe it’s not usually that bad. Skip this one


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02 Oct 2019

Great food and choices.

Delicious food. Fresh veggies.

Pros: Exceeded choices. , Yummy


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04 Aug 2019

One of Our Four Go-Tos in the South Bay

We were THRILLED to learn about this place only 15 minutes away from home. You order from the counter and they bring you your food and bus your table. They offer savory and sweet crepes (which is only 1/3 of the menu) of which we've tried most. All of ours are made vegan and gluten-free; you pay more for the gluten-free crepe, and also for vegan cheese if you choose to replace the dairy. All have been delicious. We've also tried one Acai bowl (big YUM), the mint lemonade (very good) and chocolate chip cookie (the cookie was too rubbery and bland for our tastebuds). We are VERY GRATEFUL we have this option in the South Bay and will continue to support this family-owned business.

Pros: Flexible for the vegan, Mostly gluten-free options, Massive portions

Cons: Atmosphere is less comfortable and appealing


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27 Jul 2019

Pretty Bad

I was the only person inside and several employees looked at me, but didn’t acknowledge me for about a minute. I ordered a bagel sandwich and smoothie. It took 20 mins to get a bagel sandwich and smoothie! I was the only person in there, how is that possible. I finally got the food and the bagel was so dry and hard I couldn’t even swallow it without having to drink with it to mush it up. It was beyond dry and tasteless. I would never go back.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Poor service , Dry, bland food


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19 Jul 2019

Will come again

My friend and I came straight here from the San Jose Airport. Parking was plenty and behind the bistro. I got the royal crepe while my friend got the garden crepe (pictured). It was good. Glad it wasn't salty! I also got some juice for later. Will come back again. I love the fact the crepes are vegan! 😊 ❤️ 🙏🏼

Pros: They are vegetarian but can make anything vegan

Cons: Pricy


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15 Jun 2019

Decent, but not great

We ate here a couple of times. The portions are large, but the flavor combinations are not our favorite. The tofu scramble was among the most bland we've eaten. The royal veggie crepe was mediocre. The only dish we ate that we really enjoyed was a lentil soup of the day, and the smoothie was good too.


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17 Feb 2019

Had Royal Veggie Crepe breakfast all-vegan. And ginger shots mmmm

Delicious, great variety, welcoming!

Pros: lots of vegan options, delicious fresh vegetables and juice drinks, friendly!

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