Chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually operated. Serves vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. Varied menu includes noodles, rice, faux meat dishes, tofu, pasta, soup. Moved here in 2015 from Truhlarska 20. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-21:00.

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First Review by Tullio


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20 Nov 2023

Fair price and great taste

You pay for weight and to me, the price is actually fair. There are many options to chose from, I liked that there were quite a few protein sources and the flavors are really good. It’s tasty food and you choose how much so it’s all up you.
Sushi has a LOT of rice in my opinion but the rest of the dishes are pretty good.



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28 Oct 2023

Hidden delight

A few minutes walk from downtown walking streets, in the first floor of a rather unspectacular building. Classic Loving Hut design but buffet style with a rich choice of amazing dishes. Very fair priced.
The only thing I didn't like is that I wasn't able to try all of these delicious looking dishes😄

Pros: Lots of options , Great taste , Cheap for central location


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03 Oct 2023

Full vegan satisfaction

Conveniently located point of the restaurant chain. The food is very tasty, fresh, and there is plenty to choose from.

Pros: inexpensive , delicious , convenient location

Cons: nope


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27 Sep 2023

Fast decent food

This place is great for a quick lunch. It’s all Al la cart and they weigh your plate… lots of variety. It’s closed from 3-4pm so go before or after!

Pros: Fast , Cheap , God variety


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01 Sep 2023

Worth a visit!

Close to our hotel, this was an easy spot for some well priced lunch.

I had a rice wrap, which I didn't enjoy unfortunately- potentially just my taste though. My partner enjoyed everything though!

Lots of good options and a casual atmosphere.

Pros: Nice salads, Fully vegan buffet, Lots of options

Cons: Some meals hit or miss, Bit like a school canteen


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14 Aug 2023


Amazing food for a good price. I was there with my non-vegan friend. He loved it and is going to visit this bistro from time to time. And the cakes? Love it!

Pros: Prices, Everybody chose what to eat, Brilliant cakes


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17 Jul 2023

Easily one of the best mock meats

It's not a fancy restaurant by any means, very plain and simple. The buffet is ordinary but I vividly recall being confused if I was eating real meats. It was so good that I had to ask the staff if it was really vegan


Pros: Cheap, Plenty options


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08 Jul 2023

Great inexpensive vegan food

I'll start this review off by saying, the food isn't anything you will find yourself raving about. It tastes good, but the food alone is probably more of 3/4 star rating.

What earns this place the full 5 stars is the great prices, it cost us $17 for two LARGE portions. The food that you get is great quality for the price, given that the price is so low.

I'd I lived in Prague, I would certainly be a regular, but if you only have 1 or 2 meals in Prague this isn't where I would choose.


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11 Jun 2023

Excellent choice for a cheap eat with good flavours

The venue feels more like a canteen. “Weigh and pay” self-serving food options. Decent selection of hot options. Quite a large range of desserts too.


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08 Jun 2023

Everything is tasty

We tried everything in three plates, and all of them were really good! After 7pm there is a 30% discount.

Pros: Tasty food, Good price


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14 May 2023

As always very good!

Another Loving Hut branch I visited, great Vegan food at good prices. This branch has plenty of seating in a nice modern interior with a view Na Poříčí street. Located in first floor.

Pros: Very Nice space, Separate coffee and tea corner


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07 May 2023

Great food and philosophy

Loving Hut is always a great choice, rich buffett and menue. The chain was founded by Vietnamese Buddhist philosopher and is worth supporting for their many projects to support humanity and animals.


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29 Apr 2023


A Buffet with a mixture of asian (vietnamese/ japanese fusion?) and czech cuisine. Try everything for little money😉

Pros: Tasty, fully vegan, rather cheap


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25 Apr 2023

A Lot of Choice

One of the larger vegan buffets that I've seen.

Pros: Everything is vegan , Lots of choice , Low price


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17 Apr 2023

Good restaurant at noon

We were at noon in another restaurant of this chain, in the evening the food was unfortunately no longer good.
But the cakes were also great in the evening!


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10 Mar 2023

Classic Loving Hut

Great location. Tasty food as always in Loving Hut.


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06 Mar 2023

Lovely buffet style food

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff who helped through the language barrier. £13 for a big plates worth and water. It's priced by weight of the plate.

Pros: All vegan, Lots of options, Fair price


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02 Mar 2023

Amazing options

A huge selection of food on offer. And even 30% off.after 7pms. You choose your food and weight your plate. Cakes are purchased separately roughly 85

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Tasty cakes


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25 Feb 2023

Good vegan food

They had a lot of options, pretty much everything was really good.

Pros: Lots of options, Fair prices , Nice place


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15 Feb 2023

Canteen atmosphere

A wee place with a lovely view on a main road. Quite basic and plain but it gets you stuffed to a fair price

Pros: All vegan, Good pricing

Cons: Food was partly cold, Waiter did not speak English


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09 Jan 2023

Good food

Everything is vegan (also the really good cakes - try them!). The buffet is very nice, the food you can order on the menu was a little blend (just a little though), so I'd definitely recommend the buffet (it's also about the same price-wise). It's a very good place to have lunch or dinner!

Pros: Amazing cakes


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14 Dec 2022

Great vegan buffet

We went for a buffet lunch and tried a bit of everything. Food was really nice, everything is vegan and great value for money.

Pros: All vegan, Exceptional value

Cons: Nil


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Mostly Veg
13 Dec 2022


Mmmh sicuramente prezzo super super competitivo... Self service poco fornito.... Zona molto commerciale... Il locale di per sé è grande, bellino, ma poco valorizzato... Classico fast food veg....


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10 Dec 2022

Buffet vegan!

Várias opções. Comida bem confeccionada. Espaço simpático.


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03 Dec 2022

For the price and speed you can’t complain

Food could be hotter but was good and a quick lunch!

Pros: Lots of choices , Staff were helpful

17 Nov 2022


Unfortunately, the selection was small and the dishes little seasoned. Some of the food was fried too long. Ten years ago, the buffet idea would have been great. Today, in direct comparison with other restaurants with a similar concept, unfortunately not quite as convincing.

Pros: every thing is vegan

Cons: not well seasoned, only few options


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06 Nov 2022

Asian Buffet

Asian pay by weight buffet. It’s a really nice fast option.

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