Vegan sushi restaurant offering a vegan remix on sushi. Has a menu as well as a chef's special option. Check website or social media accounts for updates. Open Mon 17:00-22:00, Thu-Sun 17:00-22:00.

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First Review by small_trees


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12 Jan 2024

Good food but expensive

The food is good !!! I found it a bit overpriced so for that reason I would not eat here again. The quality was good but not as good compared to the price unfortunately

Pros: Lovely people

Cons: Expensive



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17 Nov 2023

Very good

Lovely flavours, good variety and ingenuity, and delicious cocktails. The interior is very cozy, lots of plants and light and bright. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

We got the chef sushi special which is a nice tasting of all the different sushi rolls. Each one was very unique and beautifully presented. My favourite was the Gothic Garlic roll. I’m usually not a huge fan of tempeh, but all the flavours blended nicely.

We also got the bao buns as a starter and they were very tasty. There was definitely some magic involved in the preparation of the mushroom filling! I could eat 50 of them, were it not €14 for just two buns.

Price to value ratio feels a bit off, hence the four stars. I wouldn’t come here again, though it was yummy.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-17

Pros: Creativity of flavours

Cons: Price


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03 Nov 2023

Amazing Vegan Sushi

The sushi here tastes so good and looks very pretty too. Really nice atmosphere and the owner is super nice.


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13 Oct 2023

Heerlijke avond.

We hadden het tasting menu, erg lekker gegeten en gedronken.
De bediening is zeer vriendelijk en behulpzaam.


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11 Sep 2023

Amazing dinner!

Flavors are so delicious! Highly recommend for dinner! Anyone who goes not ray avocado, rejoice, whole place is avocado free😄

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-11


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21 Jul 2023

Best vegan sushi ever

We got the summer tasting menu and every dish was wonderful


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04 Jul 2023

just go there, seriously.

The location is a bit off but it is absolutely - really, seriously - worth the trip. The owner is an absolute gem and therefore the service is out of this world. The food is fantastic and I think fair priced. Get the monthly menu, which is pricey but will give you a Michelin type feel and is worth every penny. Lots of love for this restaurant.

Pros: Service is outstanding , Food is innovative , Environmentally conscious (no avocado)

Cons: Location, maybe…


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28 Jun 2023

Great first experience with vegan sushi!

Food tasted good and looked amazing.

Pros: Food rasred good, especially the bimi with spinach, Food looked really beautiful


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03 Jun 2023

Chef Sampler 🤌

Fresh, friendly, & many GF options. I enjoyed the GF Okonomiyaki muffin with spicy Korean sauce (wow!), & the chef’s sampler - “Four pieces of each of the sushi rolls, two gunkan & two nigiri For two people”. For once, sushi night absolutely filled me & was able to walk away without a dessert.

Pros: Plenty of GF options, GF soy sauce on request, Unique colorful rolls, Offers NA mocktail

Cons: Wait time was high, not for a quick bite


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28 May 2023


Nog nooit zo lekkere sushi gegeten! Ook beter dan de visvarianten. Zulke bijzondere combinaties, structuren en smaken. Echt een feestje voor alle zintuigen ♥️

Pros: Alles vegan, Extreem lekker, Bijzondere combinaties en smaaksensaties


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28 May 2023

Best sushi I ever had

The sushi had so much flavor, each roll was a delicate balance of different ingredients and flavors.

Pros: Everything is vegan, you don't have to think, The sushi is delicious, When ordering tea for two, you get a full pot


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14 Apr 2023


All vegan. Sushi, gyoza, and all kinds of delicious Japanse dishes. We had the menu of the month, 6 courses for €45,=. Everything tasted delicious!


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02 Apr 2023

Slay sushi!

[censored] delicious vegan sushi and gyoza!


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27 Mar 2023

Bad taste

I’m so sorry but the tuna tastes like cat food and the gyoza and other rolls don’t fare much better. Don’t go here if you only have a short time in Amsterdam.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-27


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03 Mar 2023

Awesome sushi

Mijn zusje was gisteren jarig en dat vraagt om een speciaal diner haha.

Dit keer bij jullie. Het was onze eerste keer en wauw! Vooraf hadden we de japanse pannenkoek. Echt wauw! Helemaal niet zo zwaar, ondanks de boekweitmeel.

Daarna hadden we de Chef’s sushi. Lekker van alles wat. Jullie gebruiken mooie en originele ingrediënten. We vonden vooral de sushiet vegan tonijn en die met pesto lekker. Wat een smaaksensaties!

En dan het toetje….Mmmm!

Zeker een aanrader!

Pros: Mooie en originele gerechten, Lief en vriendelijk personeel


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12 Feb 2023

Very good Sushi

It’s a small but really nice looking place.
The service was very warm and friendly.
The food was delicious and creative.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-12


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04 Feb 2023

Better places for sushi

This place is cute and has quite nice sushi and gyozas, but they’re not as nice as Vegan Sushi Bar (also in A’dam). Their food is not as tasty and they use white rice (which has lower nutritional value). However, it’s a good place for vegan sushi. And they have great sake. :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-18


20 Jun 2023

Vegan Sushi Bar says they use black rice but in reality they just add some black rice to white rice, which colors all the rice grains purple. To roll sushi you need short grain (white) rice, otherwise it won't stick together.


20 Jun 2023

I’ll check when I visit them again, but black rice is sticky by nature. It’s also used in sticky rice pudding.


20 Jun 2023

I know this first-hand 😅 also, PBS make almost everything themselves, while VSB has a lot of frozen ready-products (gyozas, salmon, tuna, shrimp, chicken, etc.). So PBS is still healthier imo.


21 Jun 2023


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26 Jan 2023

Very good

Very good food, especially the gyozas !


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15 Jan 2023

Super Sushi

We tried the gyoza and the chefs special. I’d recommend both😄

Pros: A lot of different sushi, Unique flavors, Beautifully made

Cons: Not enough food for big eaters


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03 Jan 2023

How can I sum it up?

The food is super good and the staff is amazing!

Pros: Food, Service


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02 Dec 2022

Best vegan sushi yet

Amazing amazing amazing vegan sushi. Good flavor combinations, surprisingly new tastes. Hand made gyozas, good cocktails, fried my staff, good vibes, need I say more? Go there!

Pros: No regular vegan sushi, Fresh ingredients , Best flavor combos so far


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27 Nov 2022

Amazing vegan sushi 🍣

Amazing sushi with a variety of flavor that are so unique and make worth the price.

Pros: Nice staff, amazing flavors, in time service


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20 Nov 2022

Amazing experience!

I have to say that this experience was above my expectations. They serve all the sushi so nicely, the food is of good quality, the staff is soo friendly and the food tastes amazing. Just 10/10!
We had the gyoza and chef’s sushi special with four pieces of each of the sushi rolls, two gunkan and two nigiri. It was really delicious and would love to come here again. The vibe is so good at this place!

Pros: Staff is really nice, Good quality

Cons: Expensive


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11 Nov 2022

Blown away! Amazing!

Wow, I haven't tasted sushi like this since I went vegan! Such wonderful flavors, great presentation and super friendly staff! The mochi dessert was also very nice. Warmly recommended!


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01 Nov 2022

Super sushi and friendly staff

Enjoyed the visit a lot. Very creative vegan sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. Cute, tiny, comfy restaurant. We are visiting again, for sure! A bit pricey, but vegan sushi this quality always is..

Pros: Creative food choices, Friendly staff, Cute place

Cons: Bit expensive, but good (vegan) sushi always is


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19 Oct 2022

Delicate but complex flavours

Had the chef's special sushi platter, the gyoza, and the sake tasting. The sushi is beautifully constructed with excellent flavour combinations and the gyoza has wonderful rich flavours.

The sake was very interesting, not all to my taste, but along with the tasting notes, a lovely experience

Pros: Wonderful range of options, Excellent service, Chill atmosphere

Cons: Not cheap


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14 Oct 2022

Great place - you must visit

This is a relatively small restaurant. The food is amazing and shows great creativity and showcases the power of innovation to replicate a meat/fish eater. We had a selection of gyoza, chicken nugget replacements, seitan ribs, a number of sushi rolls. Definitely worth trying this place.

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