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62 Marshall St, Rochester, USA

Awesome little store!

19 Oct 2009

This is just an awesome little store! A great selection for the health minded person and most items are more affordably priced. some aren't - so know your prices! - but most are for this type of food and products. More affordable than Lori's and the staff are super friendly and helpful!

4550 Mitchell St, Philadelphia, USA

Great Place!

20 Jan 2009

This is a must try for those who have vegans and meateaters in the same family (as i do!). Their food is consistently good and have lots of options for vegetarians as well. could easily eat vegan by making a few requests from the kitchen. staff usually friendly and accomodating. very affordable. they usually have some great happy hour specials too. their outdoor seating area is really great for summer:)

634 Welsh Rd, Huntingdon Valley, USA

Great place for a healthy meal!

06 Aug 2009

I went here yesterday with two friends from work - one veg, one meat eater. I was really pleased with the place!! I had the fruit and cheese salad (apples, grapes, walnuts, and goat cheese with raspberry vinegarette), the other veg friend had the asparagus salad, and my meat eater friend had the chicken quesadilla. The salads were HUGE!! and very filling! We all bragged about our meals and definitely plan to go back. For beverages, I had water but my friends had the tea and the limeade (which both appeared to be made there on site) and liked them. One dislike we had - we ordered the fried tofu appetizer and didn't care for it. the outer part of it was dry and overall it just lacked flavor. but our entrees were another story - great:) So when i go back i'll be trying a different appetizer. i was tempted to try some of their desserts b/c they are all homemade there but i was too full.

I thought all menu choices seemed to be healthy overall. I thought it was a good value for what i ordered. Some of their hot platters were 14 bucks which for lunch seemed a bit high. but they have the same menu for dinner/lunch and the hot platters seemed to be more 'dinner-ish' to me, which usually does cost more on average. The staff were friendly and helpful. Its a small casual seating area, which suited us just fine. You order at the counter and then seat yourself. No plastic wear - its real plates ,real silverware and real cups! i definitely liked that! even for water, theres no bottled water. they have a big filtered water cooler:)

I'm definitely going back and hope others will give the place a chance. next trip i've got to try the Thai Peanut Salad:)

772 2nd St Pike, Southampton, USA

Highly Recommended!

09 Jan 2011

I've gone here several times now and continue to be pleased with the place. I live in the Philadelphia area - and if i had to pick one vegetarian place to go in the area - this is definitely it. All their food is so fresh and very tasty! I've tried many menu items and love trying new dishes.

Two awesome appetizers - blue corn asparagus tacos and the buddha crunchy tacos. both are great but the buddha tacos blew me away with flavor:) !! I'm also dying to try the green curry summer rolls (looks good!).

Main course - i adore the sonoma sampler. Its massive and easily shared between two people (as most all of the entrees are!). But this platter has so many delicious treats on it and the flavor rocks!

I've also tried the green curry sheperds pie - its very good but i was slightly disappointed because it wasn't quite as expected. It is actually more like a stew. Very good but i wasn't expecting a stew but a veganized sheperds pie. While it was tasty, I wasn't blown away and missed my sonoma platter ha. Im anxious to try more entrees.

Dessert - you cannot go wrong with the Hazelnut Toffee Basket!! I have this every time and can't bring myself to try another other dessert this one is so amazing!

I love that this place is a BYOB too - keeps the cost down. Speaking of cost, I feel their prices are more than fair, especially considering the huge portions.

A few things to keep in mind - its very small. If you want to go, make a reservation. I've never even attempted to walk in this place without one. Additionally - the place is not marked well. It is small and hard to see from the road, particularly in the dark. They need a larger sign i think.

2140 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, USA

One of the BEST vegan restaurants on east coast!

19 Jun 2009

I L-O-V-E-D this place! (Buckhead location) I don't live in atlanta and picked this restaurant solely based on a write up in Vegetarian Times, reviews online, and their website menu. I live in Philadelphia and wish we had this place up here too:) (We have Horizons so i can't complain!) I was going to visit a friend for her bday and me being vegan (she is vegetarian) wanted a new place with unique food and options for both of us. This place definitely fit the bill!

We had the fried green tomato appetizer (awesome) and split a house salad (wished we hadn't b/c it was nothing special, good but should have saved room for more dessert ha)to start. For entrees - She had the stuffed acorn squash and i had the walnut encrusted tofu cutlet. Both were excellent but we agreed the cutlet took top prize!! for dessert we shared a piece of the carrot cake and a slice of the chocolate cake.

The next night we ate at a nearby place and went BACK here to Cafe Sunflower for more dessert. We sampled more carrot cake of course, plus strawberry shortcake and a piece of the peanut butter chocolate mouse cake (there were 3 of us this night i promise ha). AHH all were good but the carrot cake takes best dessert prize For Sure!

I'm a bit puzzled by folks posting saying it was way too expensive. I mean sure its not cheap. But for a nice evening out, i thought the prices were right at any average dinner place out. Also, I had mapquested the directions from her place and drove myself. We found it just fine - they even give more specific directions on their website if needed.

The ambiance was great! nice decor and unique lighting. Waiters were dressed nicely as well in white button ups with black slacks and service was good. I can't wait until i have the opportunity to go back someday!!

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Best Vegan Meal I've Had!

09 Jan 2011

I must say - this was the best vegan meal I've had thus far. Where to begin? I've only been once so this entire review will be based on my 30th birthday dinner there! We had our reservation and were promptly seated with no waiting. After receiving our drinks, a manager stopped by to ask if we had dined there before. After finding out it was our first time, we received a complimentary appetizer - such a nice gesture and delicious too!

For our main course - husband ordered the seitan piccata and loved it!! such flavor;) I had the moroccan spiced chickpea cake and liked it even more than hubbys. he loved it too. Our service was perfect - not too rushed but not too slow either.

For dessert - we ordered some sort of spiced chocolate brownie - can't remember the exact name. After learning it was my 30th bday, they also sent out a bday extra that was an apple dessert of some sort. Both were amazingly yummy, especially that brownie!

On a last note - I thought the restaurant was very fairly priced for a upscale dining experience in new york. I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience! And while we dined - who walked in but Kris Carr. I got to meet her too! amazing night:)

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

AWESOME Juice, Food, and Prices!!!

09 Jan 2011

I can't say enough about how wonderful this cafe is. We live in PA so when we go, its been a planned visit just so we can eat here. I love their fresh juices and knowing all things are vegan! I have tried some of the green juices with ginger - yum. Hubby usually gets a seitan sandwich of some sort. I have tried various salads - their dressings are wonderful. Last time, I tried the tofu club (very good but i missed my yummy salad). We had our two year old with us on the last visit and he had a 'cheese' pizza - ate every single bite!

134 W Lancaster Ave, Frazer, USA

Great Place!

20 Jan 2009

This is a great restaurant for vegetarians, vegans, and even raw foodies:) Their food is consistently good and fresh. many options for all types of eaters. i think they even have two meat sandwiches on the menu which is nice for me b/c my meateater husband is then willing to go. Thei prices are fair and reasonable. there is even a little shop where you can buy some of their products. Been several times and each time loved what i ordered. Staff are very friendly and accomodating for special requests. One issue - their hours change periodically which can be annoying when you drive to frazer just to see they are closed. so check their website to stay informed of their current hours.

344 Adams Ave, Scranton, USA

Great Affordable Vegan Cafe!

19 Oct 2009

I thought Eden was fantastic. Some reviews below mention that the menu was disappointing but i really disagree. Maybe they have tweaked things as time goes and reviews come in but i thought it was great. Two important things that had nothing to do with the food - the place is super clean and cute, and the staff are very nice and friendly! These two things go a long way with me!! I traveled thru Scranton on my way to upstate NY for work and found this place to be quite a delight.

I like that they had weekly specials that were available in addition to their regular menu. I had a bowl of the weekly soup special, pumpkin sweet potato, and a large fruit smoothie. Both were great. On my second stop heading home, I had the BBQ drums - four large pieces of mock chicken, great bbq sauce, and only 5.50. I also had a bowl of the butternut squash soup which was amazing. With both of those items i was stuffed! Before leaving, I got some peanut butter cups and lemon poppyseed muffins to go for later. Had those when i arrived home and thoroughly enjoyed them, sharing with my son and husband. yum!

There is a good deal of mock meat on the menu but there are also plenty of options for those not interested in mock meat as well. check out their weekly specials too!! some great options at really affordable prices. I hope that I have the chance to stop back in here someday.

569 W Uwchlan, Exton, USA

Best Vegetarian Chinese in the area!

17 Jan 2008

I read about Guo's Garden on Happy Cow and was anxious to try it out. I was really pleased with the options. The entire backside of the menu listed MANY vegetarian entrees, appetizers, soups, rice, etc. They also have meat items on the front of the menu. They have free delivery to the surrounding area too (with a minimum purchase of $16). Overall, I loved the place and can't wait to try it again. My favorite two things I have tried there so far - the vegetarian wonton soup and the vegetarian spring rolls!

506 W King St, Boone, USA

Great Place for all !!

19 Jun 2009

I love eating here when i go to visit my parents! i liked it when it was Angelica's and still love it as Tupelo Cafe. Last time I went I had the Blackened Tofu Sandwich is a side salad - Yum! Their salad dressings Rock! and my sandwich was so tasty - great bread, tofu cooked and seasoned perfectly. I had a soup but can't remember now which one. My mom ordered the nachos - loved them. My dad had The avocado tempeh melt which looked great and he really bragged about it. I love the intimate setting inside too. highly recommend this place!

Some issues I had - seems there is more meat and fish on the menu now as Tupelo Cafe than previously as Angelicas. Kinda bummed about that though there are still plenty of Vegetarian options. for me as vegan it seemed there were some great veg choices but they were covered in cheese! but - you can always request no cheese easily. I will say that they were very willing to work with me to make anything i needed vegan and/or gluten free too and the staff seemed knowledgeble about what was/wasn't vegan or gluten free.

Yes, the service is slow (often times very slow). If you go in NOT knowing that, its irritating for sure. But we know its slow so - when we go, we make sure we have plenty of time and just relax! If you are pressed for time i wouldn't recommend it. Save it for a day when you aren't and can go and take your time. And i do feel that when i get my food, its fresh and hot. So the wait is worth it.

2140 Kimberton Rd, Kimberton, USA

Love the store and cafe

20 Jan 2009

I shop here often (more often at the store in downingtown) and love their selection of items. I usually find the staff helpful. not the cheapest place by far, but worth it because of the quality in the items as well as the cause - supporting local farmers and organic products as well. We eat in the cafe frequently - ordered the vegetarian rueben many times and LOVE it.

150 E Pennsylvania Ave, Downingtown, USA

wonderful health food store!

23 Feb 2009

I love to shop here and can't see enough good things about the place. First off, their organic produce is very reasonably priced. For example, last week i bought a Huge head of organic green leaf lettuce for 2.50 - that can't/won't happen at my local big biz grocery chain for sure. they also do their best to support local produce so thats a big plus as well. You can get any kind of raw nuts/seeds, soy products, rice products, vitamins, etc. and all reasonably priced too. I got my husband the Every Mans one a day by New Chapter and this place had one of the best prices around (including my internet searches). The staff here are knowledgeable and even more helpful and friendly than at the main store in kimberton.

parking used to be a breeze here but a gym recently opened up next door. so for a couple months it was getting harder/harder to get a decent spot. But on my last trip there, i noticed new signs have designated some spots as '30 minute parking only' - this should help seperate out the gym go-ers from the shoppers (i hope!) - and i managed to snag a 30 minute spot easily:)

Often times, if you have a cloth bag from another store, you can trade in for one of their cloth bags!

Their shopping carts are small - and don't hold my infant carrier so FYI before you drag your infant carrier in there thinking it can sit in the cart! so wear your baby in a sling for shopping...

I was disappointed that the greeting cards sold here are not recycled cards or environmentally friendly in any way.

Overall, its just a much better shopping experience over the big biz stores. Quick parking, quick in/out, no long lines, supports local and organic produce, you aren't dodging tons of other people with shopping carts and others mowing you down in a mad rush. For me - This in itself is worth it! a peaceful shopping experience:)

621 N Main St, Harrisonburg, USA

Awesome little eatery!!

29 Apr 2011

we drive highway 81 from PA to TN several times a year and as vegans have limited food options for eating out on the drive - or so we thought! This place (its the halfway point for our drive) is a GEM! Located on N Main St, its a convenient stop not too far from 81 and the serve is prompt! The menu options are great - LOTS to choose from, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater - they have it all. The staff were friendly and helpful. I also liked their kids menu - it had many options and included things such as beans, guacamole, etc. and they had sippy cups too!

Onto OUR FOOD! I ordered the BBQ Tempeh Sandwich with coleslaw and fries. All vegan and outstanding! My husband had the "Go Ask Alice" (i think that was the name of it) which was a falafel wrap with hummus and other fixins in it and a side salad included (lemon tahini dressing). For my son (3 years old) we went with the cheese (not vegan) quesadilla which came with brown beans and guacamole. He liked the beans but wouldn't touch the guacamole - a 3 year old thing of course. I tried it and it was good! We took a vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookie to go. excellent as well.

We'll definitely be making this our regular stop when we travel now. Don't be deterred by the exterior - it doesn't look like a restaurant. They might could use a better sign or something on the exterior to call out to folks driving by who don't know the area.

900 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, USA

Great store but not cheap!

19 Oct 2009

This is a great store of ALL kinds of natural foods and natural living options. I LOVE the huge selection and can't get enough of the place. If you think of it (natural foods wise) - they have it! BUT - and a large BUT at that - it is NOT cheap. Their prices are quite high on most things so when i do go i have to be very careful with what i'm buying and limit myself to just a few things.

I was surprised by the prices being high because its a large store. With a large store and quicker turnover of items, you'd think that would reduce their prices but apparently not. Still a great place but watch your budget in here;)

288 Monroe Ave, Rochester, USA

Healthy and Delicious Cuisine!!! A Must Try!

19 Oct 2009

What can i say - I ADORED this restaurant! I went on a weeknight for dinner and they weren't that busy but the food was fresh, home cooked and so tasty!! I think the buffet (from what i could tell on the menu) is at lunch time and at dinner you order off the menu. The nightly menu is decided upon daily and you pick/choose your items - each one was four dollars while i was there. I picked two dinner choices and then a dessert.

My first choice was a risotto stuffed squash with a fruit glazed topping - so delicious. Second I had a mung bean and rice dish with spices that were the perfect combo - very filling too. then I had a dessert called Chocolate Fennel Pudding. I was hesitant because i hate fennel seed but this was incredible! the fennel taste was very mild.

This place uses no refined products (like white sugar) and uses local ingredients as much as they can. I was SO impressed and wish we had a place like this near my home in PA. Its an all vegan selection of menu options and the staff are helpful and friendly. And its a healthy vegan restaurant at that! For my whole dinner with tip was 15 bucks. I would highly recommend people give this place a try - the outside appearance of the building needs some help. don't let it keep you back though - go on in and give this place a try! they also do fresh juices, smoothies, coffees, and baked goods!

1812 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, USA

Excellent Choice if dining w/ meat eating friends

19 Jun 2009

I was down visiting friends in Atlanta (from Philadelphia) and our second night in town we dined here since some of us were Vegetarian/vegan and some were not. I had read about this place online (some top veg restaurants in Atlanta writeup maybe) and we passed it the night before on our way somewhere else. Looked really neat! So we went there night two and Loved the unique-ness of the place! and food!

For appetizers we ordered the Grilled Veggies with Raw Hummus - big portion! it came with a side of the coconut kefir dip and pita breas. Great choice.

For dinner - I had the Down Home Bowl which was really good but not as flavorful as i had expected. my meat eater friends had the Cajun Sautee (he loved it) and my other friend had the Warmed Chicken Supreme Salad which she raved about. I didn't sample these b/c i don't eat meat.

The ambiance is really unique and fun! You sit outside under an awning and the sides are just strings of curtain beads (at least it was when i was there). I loved all the organic options and the raw food choices as well (even though i didn't go that route this visit). they also grow a lot of their own foods there on site which i thought was cool.

we had good service but i can imagine that when they are really busy service could falter a bit... not a lot of waiters. I would definitely return!

719 E Genesee St, Syracuse, USA

Great Vegan option in Syracuse

19 Oct 2009

I stopped in here on my way to Rochester for work purposes. The little cafe is quite a cute place and has a nice view out the main windows to the street and a little park. clean bathrooms in the building and a nice setting overall.

I had the Vegan BLT - and it was delish! slightly bummed it wasn't on whole grain bread - but otherwise, a really tasty sandwich at an affordable price. I grabbed a few of their baked goods for the road - all of which were also yummy and good. prices overall seemed to be mostly affordable for things i was interested in.

Based on my experience, don't go here expecting the staff to be friendly and accomodating. The took my order and brought it out. done. it was obvious i had never been to the place before or even to syracuse for that matter but no suggestions, assistance, or even friendly chat.

I would definitely go back - they have some great options and i love an all vegan cafe where i don't have to question the ingredients of anything! thats always SO nice!

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