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Serves meat, vegan options available. Long-established diner restaurant offering some vegetarian dishes (ask for vegan ones) and extensive smoothie, fresh juice, and tea menu. Eclectic atmosphere. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by 441dave


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Mostly Veg
23 Sep 2023

Keeps birds captive

I think it's messed up that this supposedly more ethical business keeps tropical birds who want to fly freely contained in such a small space, breathing the fumes from the busy road R. Thomas is on. Wouldn't recommend going here unless they transfer the birds to an animal sanctuary.

Cons: Animal cruelty



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02 Jul 2023

Good brunch! (4/5 stars)

Came around 10a on a Sunday and wasn’t busy/didn’t have to deal with a wait at all. Asked our server about vegan options and he rattled off a few—ended up going with the breakfast quesadilla which they made vegan (tofu, veggie sausage, and cashew cheese) and a side of garlic kale. Both were really tasty! Am excited to come back and try this place.

I will echo some of the other reviews in here—the birds in cages are pretty heartbreaking. Worth knowing ahead of time!


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24 Feb 2023

I love the birds

I got the Thai Tempeh bowl. Way over sauced to the point in was too soupy. Wondering why there was corn in a thai dish? I loved the peanut butter mousse cake. Lunch with one entree, one tea and one dessert was $50.


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15 Nov 2022

5-star place

Happy Cow won't let me mark this as a 5-star places b/c this restaurant isn't entirely vegan/vegetarian. They have omni offerings, too. Otherwise, this review would reflect all the stars. Frankly, this is a reason why I love it. B/c I can go out to dinner here with any friend, family member or business associate and not have to worry if one of us will have a hard time finding something satisfying to eat. The service is almost always great. (It's very rare for us to have a remotely negative experience here.)

Covid did lower their menu offerings just a tad, and there are some things that I do miss. That said, they still have a huge, wide-ranging menu and even juices, smoothies as well as some alcoholic beverages. You want breakfast for dinner? Come here. You want a salad? Come here. You want a stuff-you-till-your-tummy-nearly-bursts-food? Come here. You want a (veggie) burger? or a pasta dish? (...and on and on I could go.)

Plus, they have several offerings that are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. So if you are vegan and gluten-free, this is a fabulous place to come as you'll have plenty of food from which to choose.

Lastly, you'll enjoy the eclectic environment as well. This is not like any other restaurant you'll ever visit!


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19 Jan 2022

Great late night, after theater food and drinks. Eclectic decor & crowd

Always a fun experience, never know who will show up especially late night #Veganuary

Pros: Raw and vegan options , Great smoothies , Lots of parking, later hours

Cons: Expensive , None other than price, Serves meat


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09 Sep 2021

Late night meal options

I love eating here when it’s super late because the only other option is Waffle House and that’s not an option. I always get the Sloppy Veggie Joe with rosemary potatoes and broccoli. Also whatever the vegan cake special is, because they never miss!


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15 Apr 2021

The place is cute and the food is always good but the birds....

I use to come to this place back in the 90s especially since it was 24hrs and had options for me back then....food was and still is solid but the birds....they’ve had them forever but it’s still very disappointing to see.
If you can get past the birds...then you’ll find something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. This time I tried the portobello mushroom loaf entree and it was quite good.

Pros: Lots of options, Cute vibe , Friendly staff

Cons: The Birds!!!


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15 May 2020

Habit Forming

This spot has been my go to place for decades. The Thai Express Bowl w/tempeh is hands down one of my favourite dishes in Atlanta, I actually start craving it if I haven't had it a least one time monthly. Staff is cool and it's always a great late night spot, the ambiance is a plus, and there's always an eclectic crowd.

Pros: Brilliant juice selections


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07 Dec 2019

Love the atmosphere

Every time I come to Atlanta, I HAVE to order the Southern Vegetarian plate. It is my all time favorite for some good southern comfort. They are open 24/7 so it’s convenient for a late night healthy meal!

Pros: Lots of options, Accommodating staff, Super chill vibes


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27 Jun 2019

Vegan express bowl 🙌

I’m in love with my favorite vegan dish of all time. R Thomas’ vegan Thai express bowl with tofu, and add a lol siracha is so freaking unique and full of spice. Literally craving it while writing this review, gonna go get some (thank goodness it’s 24 hours)

Pros: Thai express bowl = best dish of all time


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17 Jun 2019

Mediocre experience

My friend and I were looking for food after midnight and they were opened. First thing we noticed they had tropical birds outside in cages and they served dead birds for people to eat. Service was ok

I had a ordered a tempeh Bowl I think, it was good. Prices are a little expensive. If it wasn’t late my friend and I wouldn’t have ate here

Pros: Open late

Cons: Birds kept in cages out front, Service was ok, Expensive


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11 Nov 2018

Vegan Options!

I visited R Thomas Deluxe Grill last night based on their vegan-friendly yelp reviews & was treated to an excellent raw vegan dinner at this twenty-four hour diner. Although I couldn't find the raw options listed on their online menu, as of 8/30/14, there are two raw sampler platters to choose from at the restaurant. I opted for the first, which included their broccoli cauliflower salad, two types of crackers (one with walnut sunflower Pate), sweet potato chips, sprouts, & a few more veggies). Although the price of the meal ($15.75) seemed a bit high when I ordered, after I received & finished my two-portion sized, abundantly flavorful meal, I felt the cost was in balance with the quality of food, service, & the atmosphere. I'll keep R Thomas Deluxe Grill in mind for future Atlanta visits.


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19 Oct 2018

Not recommended, unless you need food at 3am.

My review is only for their breakfast: the only vegan options were a tofu scramble and a side of potatoes. The scramble was so bland, and clearly not something that they put any effort into. I’m not coming back here again, unless I’m in the area and absolutely need to eat something in the middle of the night when everything else is closed. ALSO: wtf is up with the birds in cages?! They’re miserable.


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05 Sep 2018

This Place Is Trash

First of all, the birds outside. Are you kidding me? This is horrible. Tropical birds do not belong in cages nor in GA.

Second, the food is a joke. There are way better options in the city. My food came out hot af on the outside and cold in the middle.. Gordon Ramsay would be disgusted.

Thirdly, the staff was really bad. Two different couples were seated behind me and my boyfriend and both got up and left bc no one came to talk to them after they sat down. Lol what is wrong with this place. If you want late night vegan "options" go to Chinese Buddha.

Updated from previous review on 2018-09-01


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30 Oct 2017

Great staff

One thing I like about this place is that their staff knows what is in everything. If I tell them I'm vegan they help me customize whatever I want. Also my husband loves their sloppy joes.


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26 Jun 2017

Its alright if you must

When I first moved to Atlanta and told people I was vegan, all the locals said they knew the perfect spot and would take me here.

Its good in the sense that meat eaters and veggies can eat at the same table while satisfying their respective diets, but the food is decent to me and not a place I return to by my own choice. I often only find myself here if invited.

They do try really hard though and offer even raw vegan foods which is really nice. Its located in the center of Atlanta and is open really late which makes for a great spot to indulge those late night cravings.

Pros: Vegan options, Raw food options, Pricing is fair

Cons: Food is okay


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25 Apr 2017

delicious food. service was blah.

this is the second time i have went to this restaurant and received not so great service, but if it wasn't for the delicious food i would have stopped coming here. i rated it three stars only because of service. i had the veggie burger and curried quinoa as a side. the veggie burger was AMAZING. the curried quinoa was just okay. it lacked flavor tasted better when i added salt pepper & a little siracha. my friend ordered a potato that had veggies & cheese and he enjoyed it. lastly, when the server decided she wanted to show up. i ordered dessert. they had a vegan peanut butter/ chocolate cake w/pecans & mousse in the center. THIS has been the best vegan dessert i have had thus far. blew me away. i believe it was only a special for that night. the cake was moist & flavorful.

Pros: amazing food, vegan dessert , 24 hours

Cons: slow service with no recommendations.


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19 Mar 2017

Love this place!

My husband and I love this place! They have excellent raw vegan food (I highly recommend the sunflower loaf) and lots of healthy options. They also serve local kombucha.

Pros: Raw vegan options- delicious!, Healthy fare, Local kombucha

Cons: Expensive!, Birds in cages outside make me sad


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21 Feb 2017

24/7 raw vegan gluten-free choices

This place looks crazy from the outside and in the inside. I am not sure why they have caged birds outside, but I do know that if I had done my research I might not have gone... except for the fact that I was wicked hungry at about 1130 pm with nothing else open for my palate!

Aside from that, the food prices also being a bit high, the food was perfect for what I was seeking! There were many choices, not just pasta and salad or stir fry and bowls- though those are certainly plentiful. The most satisfying surprise was the plethora of raw choices that they had! I was so happy for it! They had about a dozen raw choices, including a few platters. The flax chips are tasty. They have guacamole. They do a cashew queso. There's raw falafel. Salad, too, of that interests you. Plenty of veggies! Quinoa is the norm, not rice or pasta, for the bowls. Love it!

Still, the price is a little high, but I attribute it to having to stay open all the time and being able to make so many dishes. I was very happy and full. Yum!

Pros: Open all the time, Tons of vegan, gf raw choices, Fresh

Cons: A tiny bit pricey , Caged birds, Crazy interior?


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30 Mar 2014

Pretty Good

I ordered the veggie burger and a side of "fries" to go. The burger was tasty; I was a little annoyed that the fries were just fried mashed potatoes, but those tasted pretty good too!

I'd recommend this place to any vegans dining with non-vegan friends.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff

Cons: Dark inside


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07 Sep 2013

love them!

I eat here all the time. Much of the food can be made vegan. Everything is always tasty and the staff is super friendly.


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21 Aug 2013

24/7 healthy food with lots of options

My family eats here all the time, they have a lot of raw and vegan options, but also have other options that the omni children can eat (like traditional breakfasts made a little healthier.) Everyone likes the birds too.

Employees are nice, young, hip and very attentive. Service is quick too.

I like the raw cashew cheese, the guacamole, and the juices the best.


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01 Jul 2013

24/7 vegan option

This restaurant was recommended by a friend and I stopped in for a late dinner. Not everything on the menu is vegan, but there are quite a few choices, including some raw dishes. Almost all of the appetizers are vegan and there is a wide selection of juices and smoothies. I sampled a raw plate and the veggie burger and both were very good. My waiter recommended a hot ginger-apple juice and it was unique and delicious. A good place to go when you need a casual vegan meal at any hour.

Pros: variety of vegan options , eclectic, fun decor, super-friendly staff


Points +90

19 Jun 2013

Not Bad Worth A Try

Decor is Loud and over the top to the point of it not being amusing, service seemed a bit snippy, but tasty food. Uncomfortable cheap chairs and tables.

Pros: Food, Decor

Cons: Decor, Loud


Points +41

12 Jul 2012

Eclectic Atmosphere and Creative Vibes

One of my favorite places in Atlanta to eat! As a raw foodist, I enjoyed the raw food platters #1 and #2. The kelp noodles are delicious! The energy soup is amazing, too (it is actually more of a smoothie with apple, dulse, avocado combined). The good thing about R. Thomas is that they cater to everyone, and they offer healthy choices for vegetarians/vegans/raw foodists, and even meat eaters alike. I am glad that they support organic meats over conventional based products. This is great if you have a group with lots of different food styles. The owner is friendly and has a great menagerie of exotic birds, herbs, and beautiful flowers outside the restaurant. Love the creative vibes! Stop by and hope you enjoy :)!

Pros: Friendly, Excellent Food, Lovely Birds

Cons: none, none, none


Points +93

09 Jun 2012

My favorite restaurant

I love R. Thomas! They have consistent quality and the best selection of raw, vegan, healthy food in the Atlanta area. Anyone can go there and find something to eat.

Pros: Yummy, great selection, healthy


Points +75

02 Feb 2012

Yummy stuff at all hours ... healthy even!

While neither completely vegetarian or vegan, it is VERY veg-friendly. When I went vegetarian in the 90s, I already knew I could eat there. Same with going vegan more recently. Try the HOME BOWL. And the vegan sloppy joe.

Pros: Open 24 hours, Affordable & tasty, See celebrities!

Cons: Can get crowded, Sometimes loud

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