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R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

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1812 Peachtree Rd NW (at near Piedmont Hospital to the south), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30309

Serves meat, vegan options available. This diner has vegetarian options, extensive smoothie, fresh juices, and teas. Eclectic atmosphere. WARNING: Oct 2010, as reported to happycow.net, this restaurant keeps exotic birds in small cages at the outside walls of the restaurant's building. Open Mon-Tue 12:00am-12:00am, Wed-Sun 12:00am-12:00am. Open 24 hours.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Juice bar, Non-veg

Reviews (21)

First Review by 441dave

Pretty Good - Edit

I ordered the veggie burger and a side of "fries" to go. The burger was tasty; I was a little annoyed that the fries were just fried mashed potatoes, but those tasted pretty good too!

I'd recommend this place to any vegans dining with non-vegan friends.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff

Cons: Dark inside

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IS OPEN LATE!!! - Edit

I love this place in general but it is especially awesome because it is a great place to get something healthy to eat late at night. I love the thai express with extra veggies instead of tempeh or chicken!

Pros: Open Late!, Friendly Staff!, Great Decor!

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24/7 healthy food with lots of options - Edit

My family eats here all the time, they have a lot of raw and vegan options, but also have other options that the omni children can eat (like traditional breakfasts made a little healthier.) Everyone likes the birds too.

Employees are nice, young, hip and very attentive. Service is quick too.

I like the raw cashew cheese, the guacamole, and the juices the best.

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24/7 vegan option - Edit

This restaurant was recommended by a friend and I stopped in for a late dinner. Not everything on the menu is vegan, but there are quite a few choices, including some raw dishes. Almost all of the appetizers are vegan and there is a wide selection of juices and smoothies. I sampled a raw plate and the veggie burger and both were very good. My waiter recommended a hot ginger-apple juice and it was unique and delicious. A good place to go when you need a casual vegan meal at any hour.

Pros: variety of vegan options , eclectic, fun decor, super-friendly staff

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Mostly Vegetarian

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Great place for a healthy meal that tastes good - Edit

R. Thomas is my everyday-dining favorite place to eat in Atlanta because
1) it's convenient
2) they serve everyone-no matter what their eating preference. I can get raw vegan and my friends can get vegetarian or free-range meats. They even serve wheatgrass, homemade sauerkraut, fresh coconut water and kefir.
3) I can get a delicious raw sunflower or cashew pate appetizer with not much of a wait and then have dinner. Other healthy restaurants are known for their lengthy wait time to order and to be served. Not a problem here.
3) I love the atmosphere, the people and the wild birds.
4) they're open 24/7.

Pros: convenient, good food , raw vegan selections

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Eclectic Atmosphere and Creative Vibes - Edit

One of my favorite places in Atlanta to eat! As a raw foodist, I enjoyed the raw food platters #1 and #2. The kelp noodles are delicious! The energy soup is amazing, too (it is actually more of a smoothie with apple, dulse, avocado combined). The good thing about R. Thomas is that they cater to everyone, and they offer healthy choices for vegetarians/vegans/raw foodists, and even meat eaters alike. I am glad that they support organic meats over conventional based products. This is great if you have a group with lots of different food styles. The owner is friendly and has a great menagerie of exotic birds, herbs, and beautiful flowers outside the restaurant. Love the creative vibes! Stop by and hope you enjoy :)!

Pros: Friendly, Excellent Food, Lovely Birds

Cons: none, none, none

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My favorite restaurant - Edit

I love R. Thomas! They have consistent quality and the best selection of raw, vegan, healthy food in the Atlanta area. Anyone can go there and find something to eat.

Pros: Yummy, great selection, healthy

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Yummy stuff at all hours ... healthy even! - Edit

While neither completely vegetarian or vegan, it is VERY veg-friendly. When I went vegetarian in the 90s, I already knew I could eat there. Same with going vegan more recently. Try the HOME BOWL. And the vegan sloppy joe.

Pros: Open 24 hours, Affordable & tasty, See celebrities!

Cons: Can get crowded, Sometimes loud

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R. Thomas is Cruel to Animals - Edit

R. Thomas uses exotic birds to attract people to their place of business, but the birds themselves are treated HORRIBLY there. If you are vegan because you care about animals, I would not recommend supporting this business; it was very upsetting and distressing to see such cramped and confined birds who were trapped in cages on the outside of the building of the restaurant - that sits upon a very busy, noisy roadway. These birds are being used more for decoration than anything else and there is very little or no regard for their welfare as these animals should be in a setting that is closer to their natural habitat. The booming inside music along with the outside noise and the confinement must create such a hell for these poor beautiful exotic birds. If you are the kind of person who cannot stand to see a large living being cramped up in a small cage - or if you can't stand to see a bird not being given its right to a natural habitat or a place to spread their wings, then DON'T COME HERE. It's awful, and I will never go back again. I got the listing from HappyCow not knowing what to expect - I just got off a flight from the airport in Atlanta thinking I was going to a place that would understand a vegan lifestyle if they are going to serve vegan fare. This is not the case, here. Just keep going - and find somewhere else to dine in Atlanta.

Pros: None, None , None

Cons: Cruel to Animals, Inhumane, Unethical

5 Responses

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Alisa 21 May 2011 - Actually, this is not quite accurate. The birds are kept in very large and heated cages. They are taken out daily and are fed an organic vegetable diet. They are well-loved and well taken care of. The owner is an animal lover.

LBVegan 13 Jun 2011 - Caged birds=Cruelty to birds

wheedl 08 Dec 2011 - I also would respectfully disagree with the facts in this "review". If you believe that caging any animal is wrong, that of course is your right; but don't try to spin the argument by exagerating the facts. The cages are large, appropriate for the birds they contain, and have been clean every time I visited the place - at least 6 times. Yes they are outside, but they are kept warm in the winter and are further from the busy roadway than the dining area for humans. Anyone who has seen Mr. Thomas with his birds knows that he cares for them a great deal, and they are much more to him than "decorations". So yes - if you don't like caged birds, by all means stay away. But if you can appreciate some sweet, friendly, beautiful, well-cared-for birds, take a moment and say "hi" to Sparkle, and she will make it worth your while.

bigbunny 02 Feb 2012 - Regarding the birds issue: I have spoken both slyly & directly with staff & [I believe] the owner before. I was told the birds are "rotated out" and spend time at home as well -- not just at the restaurant. And again -- these cages are HUGE & heated -- "deluxe" if you will. While not ideal & possibly exploitative, *I* would say these birds are NOT stressed & generally seem happy (& I've been there countless times). Frankly, I kept my eye on the birds for ages, as I once lived across the street, before I moved back to London. If I thought these birds were unhappy or stressed, I would not eat there. But the birds seem happy and the owners seems responsible & knowledgeable with them.

veganordinary 22 Feb 2013 - Well, myself as well as some others who live locally have been there, and it sure does NOT look like what you are claiming. Anyone with compassion and eyes to see would take one look at what is going on there, and know differently. If you represent the restaurant, instead of trying to defend yourself, I would appreciate if you had a more compassion for those birds, got them away from the busy street, got them out of those small confining cages that are being used to decorate the exterior walls - and pass this message on to the owner who claims to "love" them so much. I would expect a change of heart - to have a conscience about this rather than to try to defend your name, here. I know what I saw - and so did the other people who are just as concerned as me.

Good food, if a little costly... - Edit

I love their Tempeh bowls. Everything I've had has been good, including the vegan chocolate cake (very rich- be warned). Prices are a bit high, but it's worth it once in a while. I do not care at all for the atmosphere, though. Bathrooms are a tad sketchy, too.

Pros: healthy!, friendly staff

Cons: pricey, atmosphere

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Wonderful - Edit

I attended this restaurant for the first time after living in Atlanta for 3 years, and wished I wouldn't known about it sooner. I loved the food and environment just the same. I thought it was very eccentric and hippy and felt like I was home. I especially loved the water cascading over the tent-structured restaurant, which amazingly cooled things down on a typical 97 degree afternoon. I will definately dine there again.

Pros: many items on menu

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veggie burger rocks! - Edit

i only got to eat here one time a few weeks before i left atlanta and i could choke myself for not going sooner! besides the fact that it was literally around the corner from my apartment the last year, the veggie burger was sooooooo delicious...we were having a going away dinner for me and half of the people didn't show up but the waitstaff were more than accommodating, understanding, and nice about how long we were there and i didn't get any negative vibes from the staff like i anticipated from reading other reviews...(my party was all 'brown' and included my Muslim friend)...oh! and the dessert! omg! p.s. figure out where the free parking is b/c we ended up paying 6.00 b/c we parked in the wrong area...

Pros: Veggie burger!, location, decor

Cons: a tad pricey, parking

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if you only try one veg place in ATL, try this one - Edit

This place is not 100% vegan/vegetarian BUT has plenty of options for us veggie people. Cool thing is, you can take your non-veg friends and everyone is happy. In fact, a non-veg friend of mine recommended this place to me.

On a Sunday afternoon, this place was BUSY and the service was fairly slow, BUT the food was worth the wait. We had a tofu scramble ((which I highly recommend)) although tofu was not on the menu they were more than happy to substitute it for eggs. I definitely did not regret getting the 8 Dollar Shake --perfect cure to a perfect hangover. ((i did not so much enjoy the Raw Walnut Sunflower Pate & Raw Guacamole --you could tell they make the plates up and put them in away in a cooler until ordered --the problem is the veggies were soggy & hardly fresh))

I definitely look forward to visitng this restaurant again when I am back in ATL.

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Excellent Choice if dining w/ meat eating friends - Edit

I was down visiting friends in Atlanta (from Philadelphia) and our second night in town we dined here since some of us were Vegetarian/vegan and some were not. I had read about this place online (some top veg restaurants in Atlanta writeup maybe) and we passed it the night before on our way somewhere else. Looked really neat! So we went there night two and Loved the unique-ness of the place! and food!

For appetizers we ordered the Grilled Veggies with Raw Hummus - big portion! it came with a side of the coconut kefir dip and pita breas. Great choice.

For dinner - I had the Down Home Bowl which was really good but not as flavorful as i had expected. my meat eater friends had the Cajun Sautee (he loved it) and my other friend had the Warmed Chicken Supreme Salad which she raved about. I didn't sample these b/c i don't eat meat.

The ambiance is really unique and fun! You sit outside under an awning and the sides are just strings of curtain beads (at least it was when i was there). I loved all the organic options and the raw food choices as well (even though i didn't go that route this visit). they also grow a lot of their own foods there on site which i thought was cool.

we had good service but i can imagine that when they are really busy service could falter a bit... not a lot of waiters. I would definitely return!

Pros: Raw food options, Organic!, Unique atmosphere1

Cons: Meat on menu, A bit expensive for this type setting

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Late Night Option - Edit

I arrived in Atlanta very late during my stay and it was nice to have a late night option available. I ate here twice; during my first visit I had the Vegan burger and it was very good, second visit I had Vegan cake and chips and guacamole [they confirmed it was Vegan]. The food was good, but the service is very slow. They get really busy late at night too. The decor is very nice and there are wind chimes among other things hanging all over the place.

Cons: Pricey, Slow Service

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one of my favorites - this should be a 5! - Edit

Only once in the last 3 years of eating here did I have a less than great experience.

Everyone can eat here after a night out and be happy with the food. They have Omni, Veg, Vegan and Raw! Also a couple macrobiotic dishes if you are into that. The $7 Up early and out late Shake is well worth the $$ and a great boost when you are going to be up even later!

The first time I had the vegan burger I am glad I had a friend who ate it all the time with me. It looks and smells like a meatburger. It is really amazing. The vegan cakes and raw apple pie are killer. I dream about their raw cheese plate with pears and veggies. Note: if it is cold outside - bring a coat! and if it is warm - make sure you can take a layer off. The dining area is like a big plastic tent. They do have atmospheric controls, but it still gets a little chilly. But where else are you gonna get a delicious Raw Meal at 4 AM?

Pros: open 24/7, raw food!, anyone can eat there

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Not Impressed - Edit

I used to wait tables at Cafe intermezzo across the street from R.Thomas and I ate there twice. The first time was strange, the waiter seemed a little too into me since I was with my husband, and my husband was shocked by their prices. So much that it spoiled his appetite and he only ordered a few eggs (which he didnt like for 7 dollars!). I ordered the sausage queen omelette (back when I was vegetarian), and it was great but the portion was a little small for the price, $11!!! The iced mint tea was good, but we both left feeling wallet raped and still hungry! The second visit I ordered sloppy veggie joe takeout while working and hated it! It tasted nothing like a sloppy joe and was dry as hell! The sides lacked flavor and I felt wallet raped again ($14 total!). Not many great vegan options either.

Pros: good service

Cons: expensive food, bland food, small portions, bad parking

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Reviewer Avatar

Fun place - Edit

This restaurant was created and has continued to be modified by R. Thomas himself, who still is always on the scene, chatting with diners and mending his flowers and pets. The dining area is actually a patio -- very laid back and comfortable. While most of the dishes are vegan (and healthily so-- not fried or fake meat, but wonderful combinations of quinoa and veggies, beans, nuts or various raw veggie platters), they do serve meat. However, all meat and eggs are free-range and as many ingredients as possible are organic. They have delicious smoothies and fresh juices made on the premises. The menu was varied enough that I was able to get quinoa with veggies and tofu and wasabi, and my guest had a cheeseburger with sweet potatoes. They no longer carry vegan cakes, but they did have a raw apple pie that tasted like traditional sweet apple pie filling and had nuts on top as a crust. The atmosphere was fun and one of a kind-- a mixture of kitsh and live. I don't like animals being around me, but was so delighted when a preying mantus landed on me, just because I realized there was probably no other restaurant in the city where this would happen.

You can get there by taking the MARTA to the Arts Center station and continuing along West Peachtree St for about 1 mile. In Atlanta, a mile walk feels a lot longer if you aren't used to the heat, but I checked twice and verified that it is indeed only 0.7 miles from the subway station.

Pros: Organic, Many vegan options, So tasty!

Cons: Caged birds outside, No separate checks

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Late Night Favorite - Edit

Though not 100% vegetarian, R Thomas has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. The bowls are our favorite, as well as the flax-seed "pate". The seating area is all patio, but has space heaters and zip-up sides for when it gets cold. One time they let us bring our dogs, the next time they didn't. I guess the policy depends on who's enforcing it. They have vegan desserts, but they aren't the greatest.

Pros: open late, wide variety of teas, good coffee

Cons: not 100% vegtarian, inconsistent dog policy

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