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SuTao Cafe

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81 Lancaster Ave (at corner of Rt 30 & 401), Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA, 19355

Cozy vegan restaurant in the Great Valley Shopping Center. Offers an all-you-can-eat price and also has the vegan ice cream. Open Mon 11:30am-9:00pm, Wed-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9:30pm, Sun 12:30pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Buffet, Salad bar, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (26)

First Review by greggh

Nice vegan place - Edit

Both me and my wife are vegan so this was a perfect choice.
We took the "all you can eat" deal and found many tasty dishes in the buffet. Some of the dishes looks like meat but we were promised that everything is totally vegan.
We paid less than $30 which is very decent price.

Pros: Lot to choose, Tasty, Price

Cons: Decoration is a bit gloomy, plastic covered tables

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I LOVE IT!! - Edit

As a young vegan ( 12 years old! ) I just love it here. My mother just went vegan cause she liked it here so much! One think I didn't like was this peach pie. I feel like maybe it had a strange egg replacer I've never heard of but every thing else was amazing! Just for what my mom and I ate was 22$ and with the take out we brought, it was 44$ so it is reasonably priced! Next to it is such a nice man working there! It's filled with Indian food! Make friends with him, he's super nice! Another thing I didn't like was that some of them were seemed angry, the woman working at the from was the sweetest but the other who filled my water was angry and I felt bad, but every thing was great other wise!

Pros: good food!, nice store next to it, large variety

Cons: angry worker

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Perfect place to stuff your face now and again - Edit

The selection of food here is pretty awesome. An entire buffet of vegan options?! Rare for this area. And wonderful. Keep in mind this is not necessarily the place to go when you're trying to be healthy. It is a buffet, and it is full of fried food (as well as a variety of salads and sushi). That being said, you can really get your money's worth here. If you're looking for a very comforting, satisfying vegan meal in the area, this is the place to go.

Now for the not so good. If you get there during off-peak hours, sometimes the food has been sitting awhile and it is not the freshest or things may be out and not replenished. If they are in the middle of switching from lunch to dinner, you may have to wait a bit (but at that point the waiting is worth it). Their customer service is not the worst, but definitely not the best. The "waitress" only seats you, refills your waters, and collects your used plates and she doesn't always have the best attitude, but expects you to tip well.

Overall, recommended if you're in the area and looking for a well-priced, satisfying vegan meal.

Pros: Great food selection (during peak hours), Right price, All you can eat. Need I say more?

Cons: Quality goes down in off-peak hours, Service lacking at times

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excellent variety! - Edit

The buffet is large for such a small restaurant. They had 18 different hot items, two soups, and surprisingly, 10-12 prepared salad/cold items plus fixings for a tossed salad, 4 different cookies, iced tea and lemonade. I was stuffed before I could try everything! Most of the food was Chinese. A few items labelled Indian/curry were clearly the Japanese version of Indian (which is just fine, but not quite the same). I didn't love everything but it was a good experience and I enjoyed tasting all of the different dishes. The staff didn't seem as happy as I was to be there, but they did call several patrons by name so it seems like a neighborhood place. I was there at 11:30/noon on a Friday and was the first one there but quickly there were 5-6 other folks. Definitely a place I'll go back to, not a place I'll take my picky eater children.

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All Vegan - Edit

I was happy that i didn't have to worry about the food since it was 100% vegan but there were some things i didn't like. For starters about 90% of all the food there was fried which isn't very healthy and another is it is more of an asian themed restaurant, no discrimination its just when me and my mom went there we felt a little out of place. next is the smell it smells like indian food thats for sure. although i did enjoy the food, there is a salad bar too, the sushi was a little disappointing though because there were about 5 pieces of the 30 i intended on eating, after all it is a buffet i would expect more, i don't think i will be coming back, and my waitress didn't do much either

Pros: all vegan

Cons: fried food, smell, waitress

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Hizl 09 Aug 2016 - Though this original review was written in 2014, I just ate here July, 2016. My observations are similar. The service is sorta non-existant (I saw our waitress napping at an empty table in the then empty restaurant). If you did not want the buffet, you'd have to work a bit to get service...Not a huge deal for me but a bit odd. I too appreciated an all vegan restaurant but like the previous reviewer, was not enamored of the hot-line and it's large number of fried items. But, to be fair, there are enough options that for the $12+, one can be very satisfied with some somewhat healthy choices. One important critique I must share is the following: when I mentioned that I thought an item tasted "spoiled", the server kinda shrugged and told me to talk to her...meaning I guess, the owner? Seated at the register, I then did gently mention to that person my observation and that I too work in a vegan restaurant and that at times these things can be a matter of tastebuds but it might be something to scope out. For restaurants, this can be a tough, maybe embarrassing situation and it is easy to be defensive. But if someone says something like that, I think one should take it seriously. In fact, I felt embarrassed as she seemed a bit incredulous but kinda agreed to see about it...Ok. well, here's this review now. Like the previous reviewer, I have no interest in going back...

Grazing in Paradise - Edit

It's a buffet, and I can eat most anything. And it's really, really good! The "atmosphere" is a bit lacking, but you'll love the food and you won't leave hungry!

Pros: Great food, All you can eat, You can eat all

Cons: "Modest" facility

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this place is always great - Edit

I'm not sure why not everyone loves it, its not 5 star restaurant fancy but plenty fine of an environment for a date or for the family. owners and staff are always welcoming and considerate. Cost is moderate to low and buffet style dinners can't be beaten, and we come from NJ!

Pros: Buffet, cost, selection/taste

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Good variety, not the best food - Edit

I had an overall good experience at SuTao Cafe but it was completely empty when I went with my family. The buffet had excellent variety, and I loved that everything was vegan. I was disappointed with the freshness and quality of the food, though. Everything seemed to have been sitting out for hours and a lot of the food was fried, which I don't like. The sushi was good and there was a salad bar, which I appreciated. The prices were good, but our waitress wasn't very friendly or outgoing. Overall okay experience at SuTao Cafe.

Pros: Good variety , reasonable prices

Cons: food wasn't fresh, not very good environment, staff wasn't too friendly

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A great pan-Asian buffet that is sentimental to me - Edit

So, like, when I was a kid growing up in King of Prussia, I worked one summer at my father's office in Malvern, and I was, at that time, having my first dabble into being vegetarian. For lunch, we'd often go to Subway and I'd get their veggie burger (they had those at Subway then), which were not vegan, and at that time, I really had no concept of what vegan was or that it was actually possible to be one.

And then my dad took me to SuTao. It was the first vegan food I ever consciously ate, and it was the best meal I'd ever had. I couldn't believe it. Here was this buffet with veggie meats that tasted and felt so much like animal meat that it actually scared me. I was legitimately afraid it was actually animals. But my father assured me that it was "wheat meat" (that's what people called seitan at that time) and I was as confounded by this as the time I was 5 and my dad pulled a chord from the phone to the computer and then told me he was typing to his friend Peter. How was Peter in our computer? And how did this food made from the same thing as bread taste and feel so much like chickens' meat? A few years later, the answer to these questions became clear to me, but they're really no less amazing.

When I go to Montgomery County to see the fam, SuTao is still the ultimate pan-Asian vegan buffet. It was a trailblazer in my life and it's still great fun. I imagine all the other young vegetarians in the area being brought there by their parents who are supportive of their new-found vegetarianism and them realizing that vegan food is even better. Way better than some crappy Subway veggie burger. Way better than cheese pizza. Because of SuTao, I always thought of vegans as vegetarians who actually cook really well. Because of SuTao, I never had the insane impression that vegan food was bad food -- rather, it was the best food!

Thank you, SuTao. You fill a happy place in my heart.

Pros: buffet, kid-friendly, been around a long time

Cons: too much good food to fit into belly

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The best healthy vegan food you will find! - Edit

We visit Su Tao every single week. As gluten free vegans, this is the only place that offers us consistent variety and health. As a service to their allergen-conscious customers, they label each buffet item for gluten, soy, fat, and sugar contents (WOW!, thank you Susan - owner). Their cold-side buffet is stocked with fresh, whole food ingredients at all times. Their hot-side buffet offers variety ranging from healthy and tasty options to deep fried mock meat that satisfy the more 'standard american diet' folk. Truly something for everyone, and, most importantly, for healthy, happy vegans!!

Pros: fresh , variety, allergen-friendly


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Great surprise for a vegan traveler - Edit

I was so hungry and tired by the time I reached Malvern on a recent trip that I would have been happy to find any vegan option hidden away on a menu. I was thrilled to discover the all vegan Su Tao down the street from my hotel. The dinner buffet was only $12.22 and it included a wide variety of delicious options, including General Tsao's tofu, a salad bar, lemon mock chicken, spiced yams, steamed edamame, sushi rolls, fried rice with tofu and vegatables -- and another fun surprise -- onion rings! Everything was great. The scallion pancakes were excellent too. They had bite sized pieces of pie for dessert, but the fresh fruit on the salad bar was even better. Su Tao had a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and great food. I will come back if I'm in the area again.

Pros: reasonable prices, Good Food, Buffet

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Only Vegan @ Malvern - Edit

They have very nice selections for buffet lunch & Dinner. Now i know what i like after tasting different items, hence i now order specific items which are fresher than buffet items. Hence 4 rating. Must try if you thought replacement of meat from your food menu.

Pros: Variety , Vegan , Price

Cons: Stale

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Amazing! - Edit

This restaurant knows how to make amazing food. The variety of foods found on their menu and incorporated into their buffet is mind-blowing. That the food is completely vegan makes it easy to decide what to try... everything!

Pros: Vegan, Large Selection, Great Tasting

Cons: Dessert Selection Small

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Vegan Chinese All the Way! - Edit

My husband and I ate there on a week night. The buffet is the main option but you can order off a menu. We didn't know it was a full Vegan restaurant till we saw the items on the buffet.

They had hot and cold items, soups, noodles, sushi, raw bar and dessert bar. Their meatless items are either tofu or seitan or a mix. We thoroughly enjoyed it and never felt so full! Very affordable as well $12.25 per person. Lunch is $8.95. Fresh brewed Tea is included in price. Will definitely go again!

Pros: Wide Variety, All Vegan, Great Staff

Cons: Hidden in back of strip mall

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Pretty Good! - Edit

I love the HUGE salad bar they have with soo many topings..including hummus which is kind of weird for a "chinese" place, but hey im not complaining. their vegan chinese options on the buffet (general tsos, etc.) are not as good as New Harmony in Philly..but hey, that place is tough to beat! I definitely think its worth going to when in the area though :) plus its byob!

Pros: good food, byob, salad bar

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Applause for Su Tao - Edit

I'm a perfectionist about vegan food and cooking and Su Tao is at the top of my list for extraordinary restaurants anywhere. Aside from the affordable prices, the restaurant's perfectionism is displayed in every dish that's served -- from sushi to delicious vegetables dishes, rice noodles, imaginative ways of serving tofu, rice, spring rolls,sauces,luscious cake and ice creams. Friends of Animals had a book launch at Su Tao yesterday and the restaurant provided us with the most amazing feast. I'm sure we'll all be talking about it for years to come and I'll be dining at Su Tao each time I visit Penna. Hats of to a fabulous,high-quality, totally comfortable and affordable vegan restaurant.

Pros: presentation, buffet, seasoning

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Mediocre - Edit

It's the only vegan restaurant in the Philly suburbs, and the food is decent. I like the sushi and the yuba from the buffet, and the hot and sour soup is good. Other things can be hit or miss, sometimes seems like they sit around for awhile. Much of the food is very greasy.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: heavy on the greasy foods

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So excited, we stuffed ourselves - Edit

Hard to find, in the corner of a forgotten tiny strip mall, is the humble Su Tao. It was our first vegan buffet, and we so excitedly stuffed ourselves that we felt uncomfortable afterwards and had no room for the wonderful little cakes and pastries. We need to have a little restraint, but we come from a town that knows little of the word vegan. (One server we used it on thought it was a medical condition.)

Looks BYOB; would Buddhists mind you drinking? Some foods are fried, but doesn't the fact that they are vegan offset some of that?

We saw families, college students, retirees, all happily enjoying the vegan feast. This is not a fancy or romantic place, but it is amazing inexpensive for the spread you get. Don't eat the entire day before you go!

Pros: Huge array, Super cheap, BYOB

Cons: Buffet can wilt in off hours

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casual date night - Edit

I went to SuTao with a date last night. I didn't really know what to expect when I went in, but I was pleasantly surprised. We did the buffet, which was a really great value. The salad/cold bar was pretty substantial. Anything from your classic veggies and fruits, to edamame, tofu salad, and grilled tofu. Their hot bar was pretty awesome too. All sorts of yummy asian-inspired foods and sushi rolls. And for dessert we had a really tasty peach cobbler. And there's always a big carafe of unsweetened iced tea! My fave. Two thumbs up, I wanna go back.

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Second Review, Much Better!! - Edit

I posted a review about a year ago and gave three cows. My review then stated that since they weren't busy the food seemed stale, gummy, and just not not good. someone below posted saying when its good its really good but when its bad its bad! I couldn't agree more!! and my last post was one of the ugh it was bad ones. We were there on a night which they weren't busy so i guess the food just wasn't turning over so they weren't refreshing with fresh stuff!

anyway, my husband and i decided to give it another shot - one year later and were pleasantly surprised, so much so that we've been twice this month:)

First and foremost, both times we went they were pretty busy. not packed but busy. so the food was turning over and definitely seemed fresh. Their veggie sushi (which i didn't recall being on the buffet a year ago) is VERY delish! probably my fave thing there... and my second fave is the spicy steamed edamame - WOW:) that stuff rocks too!!! The sweet and sour meatballs with veggie fried rice are wonderful, along with super crispy yummy spring rolls! I still do not like their soups at all - i mean gag and the dessert options are a joke (no ice cream w/ buffet). but the good definitely outweighs the bad here for sure now and i know we'll be making it a regular stop for us. especially being out in chester county, we aren't overflowing with vegan restaurants haha...

Pros: all vegan menu!! , Buffet at Lunch & Dinner, good prices

Cons: can be hit or miss , horrible desserts

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Good food, nice staff - Edit

We have eaten here 3 or 4 times in the last 4 months, and each time we go in, the buffet is a solid winner. One thing we noticed was that if you get there early for dinner, like 4:30-5:00 the buffet is more fresh and vibrant. I realize that most people don't like to eat dinner that early, but that seems to be how our timing has worked out. We have to drive an hour to get there, and always laugh because we have to use the stupid KFC sign as a landmark for the parking lot of the place. The other thing of interest is in the same shopping mall there are other vendors of health and beauty aids, a yoga store/gym and a natural health center. The restaurant is very active in the vegetarian community in Philadelphia.

Pros: good buffet food, friendly staff

Cons: not many new items on buffet

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Su Tao - Edit

I tried this place in Feb and Oct 2006. The first time was on a snowy night and the food in the buffet was dry and gummy. I figured maybe they weren't cooking fresh that night because of the weather. I went back with a friend the second time to give it another go and was once again disappointed. It's a shame there aren't more veggie restaurants in the area.

Pros: location

Cons: food

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Wonderful and Awful - Edit

When this place is on it's game, you cannot find a better Vegan meal. When this place is bad, it's really, really, really bad. It's more often good, but it's so very disappointing when they put out overcooked slop and let it sit there to die. My advice is to walk in and check out the buffet before being seated.

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best chinese buffet - Edit

our family loves su tao. strictly vegan chinese. it is my one year old baby's favorite restaurant. we usually hit the buffet, during peak hours the food is refreshed constantly in small enough batches that you usually get fresh, crisp everything. they have a great cold salad bar(salad/veggies, hummus, cold noodles, tofu egg salad), vegan desserts, hot buffet of various chinese dishes made with gluten, tofu, konjac, etc. the pepper steak, dumplings, lo mein, treasure island, lemon chicken, string beans, and twice cooked chicken are all great.

Pros: great mock meat variety, great veggie variety, fair price

Cons: fortune cookie not vegan

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