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208 Edmonton St, Winnipeg, Canada

"Not-Spicy-1Bit Curry Soya Pork with Potato"

We went back, since Delicious (that we wanted to try out) was closed. We ordered Vegetarian Mock Goose, but they didn't have it, so we ordered the Curry Soya Pork with Potato(real salty, the soya chunks smells like chemical, it was labelled spicy but wasn't at all): around 8 CND. The hot and sour soup (shredded young bamboo shoots, mushroom, tomato, a little bit of tofu): around 3 CND and affinity garden noodle (we chose HO FAN for the noodle type ): around 9 CND was good (veg ham, mushroom, ... can't recall what else ... ). All in all: 22.something CND (before gratuity).

Here is our post for our 1st patronage:
"Buffet at around 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on week days"
Posted by dkingdesigndotcom on: Sunday, September 02, 2007
Review: We didn't get the chance to try their buffet (since they are closed each Sunday and this coming Monday they will be closed for the day), but we tried their "wonton soup, brocolli, spring roll, tofu / mock pork" combos and they were good. 15.71 CND all in all, and we were full! Their water doesn't smell, which is good! Their mock pork (we believe) is made of mostly dried soya protein, I (the wife) believe, but we agreed they taste just like real pork ) *shivers!* Free plain water (in Singapore, we ate at Original Sin- and the water there was bottled water (maybe) and it cost us 9 SGD just for the water.).
Pros: very reasonably priced, :)! * HUGE PORTIONS! *
Cons: soy sauce has sodium benzoate? (They uses/used Kikkoman- that has benzoate- for the tables.)* *

195 Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada

Nice but pricey - not many vegan items

My wife and I were in Ottawa and wanting to stay around Parliament Hill and the National Gallery region. This small cafe/bakery wasn't too far from this region and was just a small walk away.

There weren't as many vegan options as we would have liked but we bought two cookies (of one variety), banana bread (I wish I had had some Earth Balance to spread on!) and a green tea (to sip on but maybe more to just warm up the hands on the chilly morning).

The prices were quite high but we needed to find something to eat in the morning. The cookies and banana bread slices were around $2 each so more pricey than we would pay unless we really needed to find something while travelling.

The small cup of green tea was around $1.60. Maybe this is normal for coffee shops but it seems a bit much to someone who never goes out to buy tea .

666 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Always Bring Containers or Order Just Half Portion

Mountains of Foods for 8 CND (excluding gratuity).
Both of us and our food container were totally full. Very nice tea (no tea bags- tea bags= bad for your health). We found it refreshing that none of the veg places we've been so far (in Toronto) uses tea bags. Most of them, including this place uses styrofoam for take outs. So, do bring your own reusables whenever possible, :)!

5802 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Canada


*A Must Visit* Yummy Chicken Kung Pao!

VERY CHEAP! 28 CAN (all in all, for the 2 of us and that was breakfast, lunch,and dinner all in one go, :)!)

They have this min 9 CND/ person.

Free tea, free peanuts, free fortune cookies come with your bill (some has two fortune papers).

885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Clean decor but small bland servings

My wife and I went to this restaurant (885 Dundas Street West) which has a clean modern decor which may appeal to some people. My meal included a small mound of white rice which was rather dry and lacked taste. White rice should be a bit stickier (especially if you use chopsticks) instead of dry as this was. The peas in my meal appeared to be colder than the rest which seems like they were frozen and thrown in without proper cooking.

My wife's meal was the hawaiian rice which was rather tasteless. My wife said there was a strange smell to her meal too. There was not any salt or pepper at all on the tables so we couldn't even add some taste that way.

The price was quite high for the quality and size at around $22 CAD (before tip) for our two meals.

There was no free pot of tea like in the various Chinese vegetarian restaurant we had gone to but maybe we have been spoiled by such things.

We think they need to work on spicing up their meals to be more unique and have a bit more quantity for the money.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Defenately Not Suitable for Budget Travellers

We are budget travellers so 18 CND (excluding gratuity) for two small plates of foods is higher than our average budget. The place was nice though. They also have a 20% after 20:30 on some nights (could be on Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday night). You need to remain the cashier about it though, since our cashier had forgotten to discounted our bill. Luckily he finally did so after we have pointed out to him that it was then 20:48.

2590 Jarry Est, Montreal, Canada

Excellent vegan pizzas

My wife and I went to this restaurant during our stay in Montreal. We braved the rain and eventually arrived there a little soggy even with our umberallas but luckily the pizzas made up for the weather.

The restaurant is fairly small but cozy with a nice atmosphere. The owner/chef is friendly and she made the dough and pizzas in view of the customers at the back of the restaurant.

We ended up having two pizzas at first and then getting a third one afterwards (since we didn't have breakfast nor lunch we were starving!). We got the three 10" pizzas for around $31 (tip was extra but no extra tax charged).

Our first two pizzas were very good. I can't remember what they were but they were vegan ones (only four vegan pizzas on the menu although you can "create your own" if you'd like) and delicious.

The third pizza was interesting in that it had lemon on it! I never imagined lemon could be anyway involved with a pizza but it was very good and unique. It was my wife's favourite of the three.

The restaurant is highly recommended especially if you are wishing to have a vegan pizza while travelling.

Bay 5, 2111 Centre Street North, Calgary, Canada


*A Must Visit* Yummy fried rice choices, yummy pan-fried dumplings (young bamboo, corn, carrot, and other yummy stuff inside).

VERY CHEAP! 15 CAN (all in all, for the 2 of us and we still ask for a clear plastic bag to take out some left-overs!) They have free styrofoams as well, but we do not use styrofoams.

109, 303 Centre Street SW, Calgary, Canada


We believe we've posted an extensive review here- but can't find it now. We'll re-post, :)! 10 CND for 2 ppl , so 5 CND each - and REAL FULL!

1467 Pembina Hgwy, Winnipeg, Canada

We were in Winnipeg on the LongWeekend(Labour Day)

So, we didn't get to try this place. We went there twice, different days, different hours: CLOSED. *cries* Anyway, we took pics of their opening hours- for our Across Canada website.
Wished they had posted the CLOSED for Labour Day sign one day earlier (the first time we went there).

238 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Canada

tasty crepes

My wife and I went here and had 2 different crepes. They were both totally vegan. One was apple and cinnomon inside the crepe with maple syrup and a scoop of chocolate almond and a scoop of strewberry vegan "icecream" and the other was kiwi and maple syrup with pistachio and rasberry as the vegan "icecream" choices. Both were tasty!

The price was a little high and probably due to choosing the vegan icecream with them. The total was around $16.50.

For anyone not wanting any refined sugar, you can let them know not to sprinkle any on top (it looks like we got ours sprinkled with icing sugar).

617 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada


YUMMY DINNER, TOO! ( we find the dinner a little pricey.) We usually spend around 20 CND there(for 2 dishes, not including the gratuity) for dinner. For lunch, we spent only 7 CND (they weigh your foods, there were around 8 choices there- and we put 4 of them on our 1 plate).
Yup, always for the two of us (reg the prices). So: real cheap lunch, :)! Too bad, we only ate lunch there once. We ate dinner there at least 3 times. Always great. Tea costs around 1.50 CND per teapot. They used tea-bags (I personally don't think that tea bag is healthy.) They gave you candies which have red stripes, we asked them if it uses colourings, but they didn't understand us. In any case, this place defenately has the yummiest, most affordable cuisine in Victoria, :D!
VERY HOSPITABLE STAFF, although they are forever on the go- the small place has always been a full-house.

110 211 Bear St, Banff, Canada


The staff and the owner were very hospitable people, :)! We added spices, from the table dispenser- maybe they do not add spices, so that we could suit each dish to our own taste? We ordered this "cous cous / quinoa, tofu thai style". They let us have it half cous2 and half quinoa. Our next order was this "3 toppers(we chose pear,vegan turkey, and prolly red pepper) 1 sauce (we chose guacamole), and one type of cheese" (we chose the vegan one) sandwich kind of meal. For that order, we got free soups. So, we were full, :)! All in all 33 CND (excluding the gratitude). Free plain water.

47 Clarence St, Ottawa, Canada

Decent food but a bit pricey

My wife and I were downtown in Ottawa and wanted to find a vegetarian / vegan place to eat near the National Gallery and

Parliament Hill so luckily this place was quite nearby. It's inside a small mall of other shops but is numbered clearly outside. The location is fairly small but has an interesting decor.

We ordered the vegetable soup (about $3), the "un-burger" (about $6, teriyaki rice with tofu (about $7) and the veggie dog (about $4). We also ordered some small cookies and a muffin for later (between abut $1.50 and $2 each).

The soup was very good and was much appreciated on a chilly morning. The veggie burger had a great patty (I asked what brand it was but the guy who served us said that information couldn't be given out) but I found the organic bun to be a bit tough.

I think that a small pile of home-cut fries would have gone better than the lettuce leaf, beat and carrot shavings and slices of cucumber since they seemed more like a way to fill the rest of the plate to me.

My wife's teriyaki rice with tofu was quite bland yet very salty. The smoked-flavour veggie dog seemed ok but I'm not a fan of veggie dogs as they seem a bit mushy in general. My wife wishes it was labelled as smoked-flavour because she would have gotten something else if that were the case.

To sum up, some of the food was good but some was "just ok". The location is very good for those wanting to check out Parliament Hill and the museums.

86 Mandalay Dr, Winnipeg, Canada

reasonably priced

When we were there (at the buffet), we saw rice,salad, some yogurt dessert- all in all, around 4 options for the vegan (so no dessert for us). We found the food not as spicy as most Indian places in Asia (Singapore, possibly Thailand as well). We liked the food. 15.90 CND all in all (the two of us got the buffet option). Free plain water.

797 Gerrard E, Toronto, Canada

Yummy Goose (2.5 CND, 'mock abalone' wrapped

in tofu leaves, fried: yummy)TONS of Ducks (3 CND, real boring though, cause basically just rolled tofu leaves). "Lily buds, tons of cashews, carrots, peas" (10.75 CND): crunchy, :)! Lily buds looks like cut up onions, taste like yam/taro (for you who do not know what it is). All in all (for both of us): 18.... CND (before the gratuity).

3290 Midland, Scarborough, Canada


6.95 CND (before tax and before the gratuity): Black bean sauce chicken (made of tons of rolled tofu leaves) kwetiau (flat rice noodle). Luckily, we brought 2 food containers, *whew*! Free tea (Simon's Wok also : free tea).

924B 17th Ave SW, Calgary, Canada

The Dijon There Taste Just Like Wasabi

The attendant went to the kitchen and confirmed that it was dijon. (My husband told me that dijon don't usually taste that way.) I am sure it was wasabi. The colours and the taste were totally ones of wasabi. I have tasted mustards before, and this one was totally wasabi. The tempeh appy consists of 3 tempeh sticks (equals to 6 to 9 pieces of french fries). The beach hotpot wasn't that hot. Overall they were good food. Our meal was 18 CND (excluding the gratuity), the portion was medium (not big). It was worth a try, but it is out of our usual budget range. (The had loud music there, maybe it was the volume).

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