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Chinese vegetarian food restaurant. Menu such as fried rice, hot pots, and stir frys. Complimentary hot tea. Reported closed April 2023.

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First Review by dkingdesigndotcom


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13 Mar 2019


just tried to go here but they’re closed until april 18, 2019. just so you all know!!



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15 Nov 2018

Cash Only, Very Affordable and Generous Portions

CASH ONLY!!! This is not well marked so be aware.

Parking: We were able to park right across the street of the restaurant.

ATM: If you need an ATM it is across the street from the restaurant on the corner. It is inside a convenience store.

How it works: The waitress brings a piece of paper and the menu. You write on the paper the # of the dish you wish to order. The drinks are brought out first if you order any. Hot Jasmine Tea was set at our table prior to ordering and was complimentary. They then bring the dishes out when they are made rather than all together. There was a gap between both people at our table being served their meal, however this did not bother us.

A prior review stated cleanliness was an issue. We actually looked up the dine safe report and this establishment passed. We were actually surprised with how clean the condiments on the tables were.

Staff: The staff was decently friendly. They by no means were rude. We don't expect the staff to always be in a cheerie mood. Food was brought out in a timely manner and the waitress was happy to make sure no eggs were in any of the noodles or fried rice we ordered. We attempted to add vegan meat to a rice dish and the waitress said they could not accommodate. I'm not sure if she thought we were wanting it added for free and that is why she said no or if they don't have any way of ringing it up.

*The waitress did state that some of the noodles were egg noodles, however if you told them no egg, they could substitute them for non egg noodles.

$1.00 #1, Vegetarian Spring Roll: 1 per order and it comes with a packet of duck sauce for dipping. We really enjoyed the spring rolls. They tasted homemade. They had sauteed vegetables in them only as far as we could tell.

$7.50 #90, Fried Rice Noodle with Vegetable Beef: This was a decent noodle dish. A ton of food for the price. It was really bland, even after we added soy sauce and Siracha. We will try something different upon our return.

$8.50 #97, Fried Rice with Olive Leaves: This dish had decent flavor. It tasted a lot like chicken flavored rice-a-roni. It was a bit salty for us but we would have this again.

Drinks are either soy milk, coke products or plum juice.

At the end of our meal, we walked up the the register and paid. We actually had to go to the ATM to get cash first.

This was a super affordable vegetarian restaurant where most everything could be made vegan. We'd definitely recommend and will be back to try other dishes. Don't forget to bring cash lol.

Pros: Affordable , Large selection, Can sub egg noodle for rice noodle to make vegan

Cons: Cash only


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10 Oct 2018

Inexpensive and delicious

Simons is a great place in the east end to grab a meal without any worry of accidental meat mixups. The food can be a little oily, but for mostly American-style Chinese food that’s par for the course just about everywhere. I would definitely recommend for meat eaters and vegetarians/ vegans alike.


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16 Mar 2018

Veggie magic

Amazing for your classic takeout chinese food experience. I would especially recommend for a treat, or if dining with non-veg friends as they will definitely be impressed with the faux meat at Simon's Wok. Loved the sweet n sour "pork" and the shanghai noodles.

Pros: cheap, big portions

Cons: limited english, presentation is lacking


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02 Jun 2013

A favourite of mine

I love Simon's Wok. My favourite is their olive fried rice, tofu skin rolls, and coconut pot. DELICIOUS and creative dishes. The prices are fantastically reasonable, and service is always prompt and friendly. Every time someone visits me in Toronto, I've brought them here. I've since moved away and miss Simon's Wok like crazy, with mad cravings and all.

Pros: Excellent food, Reasonable price, Friendly atmosphere


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31 Dec 2012

lunch specials an incredible deal

Today for $5: plant based protein platter (5 different flavors/textures); vegetable stir-fry, stem rice and a fortune cookie :-) ; Hot tea is complementary!

Pros: fast, economical , nutritious

Cons: presentation , decoration , Limited English


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28 Mar 2011

Delicious simple Chinatown East fare

I live within a very short walk of here but never went before now, mainly because it's very easy to miss. Logan & Gerrard is a good couple blocks east of all the other restaurants, so I never noticed it until I explicitly tried to find it the other day.
It's a total hole-in-the-wall style place, very plain, and as previous posters mentioned the waitress simply drops off menus and a notepad to write down the order. She's not terribly friendly, but this really isn't the style of place that waitresses are friendly at, and dropping off a menu and a notepad isn't uncommon in many Chinese restaurants, so I don't personally have an issue with it.

I myself found my order came out both very fast (I got mock duck to start and fried noodles with mushrooms and Chinese greens) and was exceptionally cheap. The food was hot and tasty and had huge portions. I could have probably shared with two if I hadn't been so hungry, and the meal was still under 10 dollars, since there was no pressure to order any drink and I had all the tea I wanted.

I consider this a very good substitute for simple Chinese food that will satisfy your cravings, be inexpensive and most importantly, be 100% assured vegetarian. The only issue is there won't be much in the way of spicy foods and no garlic or onions because of the fact it's Chinese Buddhist. I would recommend using it for take-out if you want to avoid the cons of the indifferent service and dull look.

I especially appreciated the low price, given that I've paid twice as much for similar meals at the nearby Green Earth. It gets a Very Good because of that.

Pros: wonderful food, cheap prices, huge portions

Cons: uninvolved service, boring decor


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15 Dec 2009

One of my local favs

Simon's Wok is a restaurant where I'll happily take non-veg friends. The food is plentiful and very cheap, the menu is huge, and the staff is family: a great combination.

That said, if you're looking for a bright, well-serviced restaurant with an adequately descriptive/graphic menu, Simon's Wok is not for you. As one indicator, you are expected to write the desired dish numbers on a piece of paper yourself. It isn't located in the most gentrified of neighbourhoods either. The clientelle is beautifully mixed ethnically and the menu is bilingual, so that should tell you something about the authenticity of the cuisine.

I wish I lived next door!

Pros: cheap, delicious, plentiful

Cons: bare bones decor, not the best English


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09 Sep 2007

Yummy Goose (2.5 CND, 'mock abalone' wrapped

in tofu leaves, fried: yummy)TONS of Ducks (3 CND, real boring though, cause basically just rolled tofu leaves). "Lily buds, tons of cashews, carrots, peas" (10.75 CND): crunchy, :)! Lily buds looks like cut up onions, taste like yam/taro (for you who do not know what it is). All in all (for both of us): 18.... CND (before the gratuity).

Pros: huge portions, yummy, looks clean

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