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238 Augusta Avenue (at Kensington Market), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T2L7

Small vegetarian cafe and natural food market. Mostly takeout, seats up to 10 people. Food is gluten free, including soups, cold salads, a variety of crepes, juices, cookies, and more. Prices inexpensive to moderate. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-6:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Take-out, Canadian

Reviews (26)

First Review by dkingdesigndotcom

Amazing crepes - Edit

This place is unlike the average veg place in Toronto, offering either (not so) healthy "bowls" or super greasy food, so it was a nice suprise.
I had a crepe with pear and Daiya, which was fabulous, all the flavours perfectly balanced!

Pros: original, cosy place, nice neighbourhood

Cons: still a lot of ovo lacto options

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Great spot for outdoor dining - Edit

This casual cafe/restaurant is right in the middle of a very lively, exciting nieighborhood, and the best seats are right off the sidewalk where you can take it all in with great vegan fare. Great soup and crepe. We didnt get to try it, but they had about 10 different flavors of vegan ice cream, including some exotic flavors, so we may be going back!

Pros: Neighborhood, Outdoor dining

Cons: not a huge menu but all good!

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Excellent crepes for vegans and non-vegans - Edit

I've been here twice. I am vegan and both times was accompanied by a non-vegan. The crepes are delicious. They offer both vegan and regular cheese. The vegan cheese melts really well. Service was good. Does not appear to be wheel-chair accessible unless you sit on the patio. We had to carry a stroller up the stairs. But they were friendly and did not give us dirty looks when our baby started to cry!

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Reasonable price

Cons: Wheelchair accessibility

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Lovely little place - Edit

I come here whenever I'm in Kensington Market and always get the soup/salad combo. Food here is so yummy and nourishing!

Pros: Delicious, soothing taste, Affordable

Cons: Limited seating

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wholesome buckwheat crepes - Edit

A small and busy place, great for a brunch or light meal. We had crepes which were so beautifully presented, and as tasty as they looked. They are happy to substitute fillings if you ask. They also do a great soup and salad deal which is reasonably priced.

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Great brunch place! - Edit

This place is an awesome spot for a late breakfast or for lunch. There servers are pretty friendly, and they're always very helpful answering questions on a what's vegan and what's not without making you feel like a nuisance. The food has been delicious every time I've been. I would compare them taste wise to cafe crepe (which I have had in the past but do not believe it's vegan).

The only downsides to this place is it is a bit small, but being in Kensington market, it's not that bad waiting because you can look around for a bit.

Pros: delicious food, easy vegan options , fair prices

Cons: limited seating, wait times

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Tasty! - Edit

This place is tiny and sweet! I've enjoyed their salad bowls and soups and delicious crepes served with home-made vegan ice cream which is extra yum! They are very affordable and have let me in at closing time to order and eat in... Very kind of them... They also make home-made kombucha!

Pros: crepes, food and drink

Cons: not very much seating but that's ok

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Not a lot of seating - Edit

Located in the middle of Kensington, this restaurant is well located for the walk by traffic. We made up part of the 25 customers in a place that could comfortably seat perhaps half that number. Anyway, the crepes and coffee were good. They did offer vegan cheese in the crepes which was a welcome addition.

Pros: Patient staff, Good food

Cons: Small restaurant

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Liked it but not vegan! - Edit

UPDATE: After so many years I finally went to Hibiscus and didn't have trouble ordering a VEGAN crepe (they use Diaya now). The menu is a LITTLE better now with labeling and the server was right on when I inquired about vegan stuff. The ice creem IS really really good. I went back a week later for take out ice creem but unfortunately they gave me two scoops of the same flavour instead of one and one. Language barrier again I think. But anyway the food IS good...

A year ago I went in and was excited because the crepes were listed as dairy and egg free - cool! But when I saw all the different options for the insides (savory) they all had cheese. When I inquired about getting one without there was a language barrier and trying to get across "no cheese" wasn't working. I was starving so I had to leave.
Much later I heard from others that this place was vegan. So I vowed to try again.
But deja vu. The menu hadn't changed at all and when I asked for a crepe without cheese I had the same problem as before. But I stuck with it and got a vegan one made and it was very yummy.
They are very nice there and I liked what I ordered. Just too bad that the place really isn't vegan... and they didn't seem to offer vegan cheese either.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 05, 2010

Pros: nice crepe!, amazing ice creem

Cons: not vegan, might be some communication errors

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Cute, Tasty - Edit

We went there for the ice cream and tried three flavors: almond chocolate, pistachio, and coffee. I liked them all, but it wasn't the best vegan ice cream I've had. I would have preferred more coffee flavor in the coffee ice cream. The place is cute and the staff were friendly, though.

Pros: Good location, Friendly staff, Good value

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Icecream - Edit

Loved their blueberry coconut homemade ice-cream. Loved their pear/pecan buckwheat crepes. Loved their butternut squash/beet soup and raw crackers. Their cookies and squares were excellent too! I spent $40 on two of us and the extra dessert was for our plane ride home back to Vancouver. Just a lovely experience and the staff was very friendly. The service was quick too. Really exceeded my expectations.

Pros: vegan menu, excellent quality, friendly staff

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What food is supposed to taste like - Edit

Simple in preparation but not in flavour, their bowls make for one of the best lunches you can find for under $10. Comes with one of the best soups in the city. It's a deal that can't be beat for food that isn't fried or processed.

Pros: Excellent Food, Kind staff, Fresh and refreshing

Cons: None

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Yummy but RIDICULOUSLY long wait - Edit

I feel bad to say anything negative about this place because the staff were so sweet but good gravy! Four of us went here on a Saturday and all ordered crepes at the same time. One crepe came and the server explained that they only had one crepe grill so our meals would all come out separately. Sure. Fine. More than half an hour later, no one else had their food! They were very apologetic but the wait was ridiculous. Why would a crepe place only have one grill? People all around us were also asking about the whereabouts of their food. I'm not sure they kept the bills in order because food seemed to come out randomly. Food was good...but not good enough to make this worthwhile. I'd go there again by myself or on a weekday but not if I had anywhere to be in a hurry. Everything was fresh and yummy as was everything else we saw others eating. Again, the staff was lovely.

Pros: yummy food, fresh food, friendly staff

Cons: long wait for food

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Good vegan crepes! - Edit

I tried this place just for the vegan crepes. And was not disappointed. I chose a classic crepe, with lemon and vanilla, and 2 flavors of soy ice cream. It came nicely presented with fruits all around. They were out of the ginger ice cream so the girl asked me if i would mind to replace it by chai tea ice cream. Rather than just saying we dont have it, she offered me an alternative, and i really appreciated that. The service was simple, but helpful, and i would totally come back to try more of what they have.

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Amazing salads - Edit

I've only had the pleasure of eating at Hibiscus once, but I've been dying to go back ever since. The mixture salad (not sure the exact name? Maybe it's just "Salad") was so, SO delicious. I don't even know everything that was in it but the mixture of tastes and textures was perfect. I believe it's made with quinoa (correct me if I'm wrong). My only complaint would be that the brownies were a bit disappointing. Not disgusting, but not as good as expected. A bit dry and bland. But don't let that stop you from going!
Be warned that this restaurant is not totally vegan (but it is vegetarian). There are lots of crepes made with cheese. Which are, according to my father, delicious! I nibbled some of the crepe itself and it was good all on it's own. I don't recall any vegan crepes on the menu (again, could be wrong. I went in November, my memory is a bit fuzzy) but I'm sure you could get something custom made.

Pros: Delicious, one of a kind salads , DELICIOUS

Cons: It's not vegan?, Limited seating

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Top 3 brunch places in the city - Edit

Oh how I love Hibiscus, and wish it were twice the size.

It can get pretty cramped in there. It's as small as a living room.

The soup and salad may seem ho-hum on paper, but it is one of the most heavenly things around. It comes with a thick, homemade, blended hot soup (usually beet or squash based) that will cure any hangover instantly. The salad is actually 7 or 8 items nestled in a pretty bowl. They are all made from veggies, legumes and beans, but they are set apart by their flavours, which are are Japanese-y, and by that I mean unique and subtle: some sweet, some salty, all fantastic.

Their crepes are lovely too, as detailed by other reviewers. The pesto mushroom crepe is yummers.

They also serve gluten-free cookies which are actually edible.

Pros: friendly, great value, tas-TEE

Cons: crowded, cramped, washroom through the kitchen

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Sooo delicious - Edit

I love Hibiscus, everything I've eaten there is delicious, they'll make any combination of sweet or savoury crepe and they all taste delicious. At 1st appearance the menu may look like it's not so vegan friendly but they will make any type of vegan crepe you want using fruit, veggies, vegan cheese, pesto, chutney, chocolate, nuts or all of the above! Smoothies, ice cream, coffee all very good and cheap too. Only $5.50 for a crepe which is enough for my lunch, esp with nearly a pint of smoothie for $3.50. Add on another $3 if you want some of the best tasting ice cream in the world (all vegan of course). Best cafe for vegans in Toronto.

Pros: Everything delicious, Cheap, Very vegan friendly

Cons: You might have to wait a little while

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Oh man, the "ice cream" is soooooooo good .... - Edit

The best frozen dessert I've ever had, and that includes the best gelato money could buy, the finest sorbets, Ben& Jerry's, Haagen-Daz, etc. etc. And it's vegan. Beautiful. I had a scoop of Raspberry-Coconut and one scoop of Pistachio. They don't skimp, and it's so bloody cheap and cheerful. When I went it was a Thursday evening, hardly anybody was in there. The crepe was delicious, as was the salad too. A friend of mine raved about this place, and with good reason. They need to expand, but maybe not. I didn't like the location of the restroom, is all. You kind of have to cut through the kitchen, and it feels like an airplane's loo. However, if that's the worst thing I can say about it, this place gets many thumbs, digits, toes, and other appendages up, way up.

Pros: Ice Cream, Buckwheat crepes, Salad

Cons: Washroom

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Delicious crepes! - Edit

About once a month, me and my boyfriend (who usually doesn't eat anything but meat and pie) go and get crepes and a salad.
We get a sweet crepe with every fruit they have (plus Nutella for him and melted chocolate chips and hazelnuts for me) and ice cream on top (the pistachio is my favourite). The salad is actually a mix of about 5 different salads: all of which are very good especially the quinoa.
Hibiscus is fairly small which means sometimes it can fill up fast leaving no where to sit and sometimes food can take a while to come (although most times I've been this hasn't been a problem).
The crepes can get expensive if you get ice cream with them but it's definitely worth it.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good atmosphere

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Surprisingly beautiful little spot - Edit

I always get a savoury crepe devised with the owner and it never fails to impress. Delicious salad options. Delicious everything else. I always pray for a seat when I approach as I live nowhere close and it is usually full.

The owners (I assume) are polite and lovely. Everything about Hibiscus feels considered, gentle and beautiful.

A small menu and few seats are the only drawbacks but if this spot or its menu were any larger it might not be manageable by the pair at the back and its unique qualities might not survive.

Pros: Delicious vegan food, Atmosphere

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A Total Hidden Gem - Edit

It's hard to express just how amazing this restaurant is.

Not only do they sell some of the best and most flavorful salads and crepes I've ever had(the beet sesame salad is soo rad!) but they also make homemade vegan ice cream and this ice cream, is hands down, the best ice cream I have ever had. My favorite's coconut - though they have all kinds of amazing stuff like raspberry, sesame, mango, and even earl grey tea (which was actually pretty good). The owners are incredibly friendly, and even gave us free sample containers of ice cream once because we couldn't choose between flavors. Prices are also very cheap, less than $10 for an amazing meal. I highly recommend this place to anyone traveling through.

Pros: friendly/amazing staff, quaint & cozy atmosphere, inexpensive

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Hibiscus vegan icecream is so gooooood! - Edit

On our recent trip to Toronto we ate at Hibiscus, which fed us some delicious fresh vegan salads such as three bean and bulgur. We had the apple crepe, chocolate icecream and coconut icecream, all vegan and simply out of this world delicious! Please try the icecreams! We are begging you!

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Amazing ! - Edit

I have lived in Toronto for years and this still remains to be one of the best soulful places to eat. The owners are so sweet and it makes you happy to be a customer. Plus the food is healthy but.and very tasty. Support this place, we need more like it.

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tasty crepes - Edit

My wife and I went here and had 2 different crepes. They were both totally vegan. One was apple and cinnomon inside the crepe with maple syrup and a scoop of chocolate almond and a scoop of strewberry vegan "icecream" and the other was kiwi and maple syrup with pistachio and rasberry as the vegan "icecream" choices. Both were tasty!

The price was a little high and probably due to choosing the vegan icecream with them. The total was around $16.50.

For anyone not wanting any refined sugar, you can let them know not to sprinkle any on top (it looks like we got ours sprinkled with icing sugar).

Pros: tasty, yummy, vegan

Cons: a bit costly

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