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11626 Old Georgetown Rd, North Bethesda, USA

Vegan menu items crystal clear

29 Feb 2016

Pizza is one of those annoying vegan things where you think you want some until you realize that it's such an ordeal to ask about dough, sauce and whether cheese alternative is available. Enter &pizza- presto magic easy ordering. While you wait, grab the menu that marks all veg items with a V for vegetarian or V* for vegan!

Two of the three doughs are vegan. Almost all the veggies and sauces are vegan. They have Daiya cheese. It's amazing. Roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, caramelized vegan onions, mushrooms, and then after it's baked, arugula, basil, flavored oils, and sun-dried tomatoes round out for an amazing veg pizza. For just under $10, you'll feel like you made out like a vegan pizza bandit!

Just be careful when they make the pizza for cross contamination with gloves and the other ingredients.

1250 U St NW, Washington, USA

Vegan friendly insanity

31 Jan 2016

Why do I say it's insanity to eat here? All the vegan items are marked on the menu. Your pizza is made to order. They have Daiya. Your toppings are unlimited, with a couple exceptions, but it really does not affect the vegan choices. This is a dream pizza fast food option for vegans because you don't have to get something boring anymore! There are 2 vegan crusts, most sauces and toppings are vegan, and then you can just veg out!

Fresh veggies, marinated veggies, oils, herbs- yum. Go here. Eat vegan pizza. Be happy for about $10. The gluten free crust is veg but not vegan.

1830 14th St NW, Washington, USA

Newer and better

03 Jul 2014

As a veg*n, it is exciting to go somewhere and just be able to eat with freedom. However, this new falafel shop takes the freedom of filling up your own falafel sandwich with fixings to a newer better level. It is the same great food you adore, but there is better seating, more, and it's just cooler. The people here are way nice, and nicer, I feel, because maybe they aren't cramped like in the Adams Morgan location.

Similar to other venues, you can also now get a falafel bowl- sans pita. Sweet. Careful, though, it's weighed out! I like the option but may be plenty happy just with the good ol whole wheat falafel sandwich with frites. Don't forget the sauces- curry ketchup and peanut sauce! Yes!

This is an upgrade worth the wait, and frankly, the location is a better vibe!

3024 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, USA

Deliciousness repackaged as a vegetarian falafel

06 Dec 2014

This location is newly joining the beautiful collection of falafel shops from a local chain. What makes this one different? Like the other new ones, it's so new and clean! Otherwise, the menus are the same, the toppings are the same, the deliciousness is the same.

I like this one for its easy parking though and adjacency to the Metro. They tell you what isn't vegan- it should be common sense... Not vegan: garlic cream, cole slaw, yogurt sauce and desserts. So that means you can go to town with everything else! I would go for a bowl and add toppings, because if you have eaten the pita sandwich, you know it gets unwieldy and messy. The fries are awesome, even if not fresh from potatoes they cut in house. The peanut sauce and curry ketchup- yum!!!

Favorite toppings are the onions, parsley, tahini, pickled cauliflower, beets, pickled turnips and the cabbage. Go crazy- it's so good!!

The staff here are really nice!

3024 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, USA

Metro accessible Arlington falafel glory!

06 Dec 2014

Hello Amsterdam Falafelshop, welcome to Arlington! New business but a franchise that is tried and true- it is awesome, and your mouth will thank you. Don't think. About the fried part, there are tons if delicious veggies to add to this sandwich or bowl. I like the bowl better- add on a pita if you miss the carbs. Really though it's about those delicious falafel balls and the toppings with some vegan tahini sauce at the end. Don't forget the frites- awesome. Peanut sauce and curry ketchup, yum.

Avoid the garlic cream, cole slaw, yogurt sauce and desserts if you're vegan. All else is vegan!

Narrow restaurant space but way more seating than the original in Adams Morgan. Not too busy because of location. Easy Metro access and parking is definitely easier than the DC locations.

Love it!

2425 18th St NW, Washington, USA

Cheap eats!

15 Jul 2008

Eater beware, your eyes may be bigger than your pita! At this local favorite in Adams Morgan, bring cash, as there is no other payment accepted! This place is all vegetarian, and almost all vegan, except for a couple of the toppings! Where else can you be assured that the frier is vegan? Why, right here, where the falafel and french fries are cooked right before your eyes to golden perfection. Don't be misled into thinking you'd like a regular sized pita, as the small is plenty, once you properly fill with a tasty selection of the more than a dozen veg toppings! But beware, you must fill up, as there are no repeaters allowed at the toppings bar! When it says hot, it's really hot (the hot sauce). Toppings include cucumber salad (2 types), tomato salad, garbanzo bean salad, cauliflower and carrot, hot sauce, garlic sauce, beets, baba ganouj, cumin onions, hot peppers, hummus, pickled cabbage, tahini and garlic cream. Choose the whole wheat pita for a healthier choice. The fries are classic but fresh and tasty, and you can choose from peanut sauce and ketchup for topping them off. A definite veg favorite in the area, stop in and get some falafel! Oh, and they only serve falafel, fries and non-vegan brownies. But, this place is fabulously tasty! Stop in! Open until 2 or 3 am on the weekends, midnight during the rest of the week!

3629 12th St NE, Washington, USA

Vegetarian cooked dishes = vegan dishes

06 Aug 2015

Most veg*ns know the secret that Ethiopian food is veg friendly. However, not all Ethiopian food that is vegetarian is vegan. If the proprietors of the eatery want to make the veg food vegan, they can do so easily and tasting. This place does that for their traditional cooked veg dishes: they are all vegan! Oh yes- the spicy red lentils, the yellow split peas, the cabbage-potato-carrot dish and the kale are all vegan. Order 2 for $11 and change (with tax and tip), or order all as a sampler for $11.95. Yes, please.

They also have soy milk for your coffee and espresso beverages. They have a full coffee menu! They also have pastries and baked brekkie items for vegetarians- croissants, muffins, etc.

If you are gluten free, they have gluten free traditional teff injera for an additional $3.25. There is also a rice option. The selata is simple salad but ask for no cheese if you are vegan.

Plenty of beer and wine to choose to compliment your meal.

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Phenomenal Selection

15 Jun 2014

So you walk by and see a lot of people sitting inside or a crowded jumble of people sitting outside, so you keep walking on by this establishment. Bad idea, vegans who don't mind when there is non-vegan food on the menu. This place is great for vegans and has a hundred choices for vegans (probably, quite literally!). Know what you want to order before you step up to the counter, if you're new, the regulars will be a bit fussy with you in that NY style of "I have some place to be, don't you?"

On the wall to the right when you walk in, you will see a black chalkboard with moon glow fluorescent writing that tells you what's vegan and what isn't. Others are correct in the number of choices being quite overwhelming. Everything I have had is delicious, but I admit that the Aritchoke Chicken vegan crepe is probably my favorite savory dish because I can not order vegan crepes anywhere else that I can think of this side of paradise! It comes with some mesclun salad, and it's worth it. Oh yes!

Other delicious choices include Moroccan Ginger Chicken Vegan Salad or the Vegan Moroccan Chicken Wrap. So good - I think the chicken analogue is Gardein or maybe maybe maybe Mei Wah, but don't quote me on it. Gardein is more likely. Still, it's the blend of spices that make the food so good!

They also have vegan brekkie like pancakes and scramble and all day, too! Get some vegan cream cheese on your bagel, order oatmeal, don't forget a latte with soy or rice or almond milk or get a smoothie or juice! This place is amazingly vegan friendly, you will want one of every category of vegan goodness.

Finally, but probably first and foremost for many, like myself: V-e-g-a-n T-r-e-a-t-s. YES. OHmigosh, YES. They have the best selection in NYC for these infamous desserts of vegan lore. Go here just for those choices, then leave with an extra whoopee pie, cheesecake slice, brownie or cupcake… Ohmigosh, it's heaven. Awesomeness is an understatement.

Oh, and they make vegan soft serve with a tofu base! Add in some fruit or cookie crumbles, and it's probably a pretty tasty treat if you like soft serve -and, what vegan who likes ice cream will be unhappy about this option??? I love it. It's incredible to have the choice - not as tasty as some other vegan ice cream, but pretty darned good.

Love this place. Super affordable, and they used to accept only cash, but credit cards allow you to rack it up and get closer to one of everything vegan!

3000 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, USA

Raw heaven

08 May 2016

This is the hippest spot in town for veg*ns and veg*n friends. I loved it.

The menu was not as extensive as it could have been in a traditional veg restaurant, but I did not find this to be any problem. Actually, it was better for my wallet so that I didn't spend $500 to order one of everything.

They have wonderful raw cheesecake like desserts, which are $10 a slice, but the slices are very dense and certainly count for 2 servings of raw dessert. Ever have raw vegan dessert before? Then you know what it's made out of, and it's ok to not have too much in one sitting. Their slices spoil!

Their salads are beautiful creations of local ingredients that just make me happy to eat a salad. That's pretty rare - I am happy to not eat crap, but to be happy at the sight of a salad, and the flavors, that's rare. This place makes salads that put others to shame. Beautiful and delicious - go for the special of the day for the freshest local ingredients. The standards are good, like Caesar, but, eh, the special is special for a reason! Salads on the menu can be the small appetizer or large entree portion. Even the small size is plentiful.

The appetizers and entrees are also very satisfying. Again, check the specials board. You'll be very happy you did. Standards like lasagna (best ever!), pad thai, rice paper rolls and specials like tacos, oh joy! Really, joy!

This place is incredible. I loved it and would be back in a heartbeat.

1438 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, USA

Decent for a low-key cafe

18 Sep 2014

Just off the main drag if Georgetown this cafe can easily be missed if you are not looking for it. It doesn't have a huge fancy sign or lights or decor. What it does have is old-fashioned consideration for customer needs and interests based in the available inventory of food items they have. I really appreciate how thoughtful attention can make a drab and ordinary cafe feel welcoming.

The veg options are plentiful if you eat cheese, but even without, there are a half dozen fruit smoothies, chips and guac, salads and wraps with fresh romaine lettuce, raw veggies and grilled veggies. Also, don't forget the falafel! Although such a popular item around town, it is pretty tasty here in a salad or on a pita with the real tahini sauce. It's real because it has that slightly bitter kick associated with the tahini in its natural form. Oh yes, they do have avocados for your salads and wraps.

Overall, a low-key and fairly priced cafe offering at least a half dozen veg choices as expected from a veg friendly cafe. The food is prepared as you order, so you can adjust and change whatever you want to make it vegan and/or gluten free. I don't believe they use nuts, but of course there are sesame seeds from the tahini.

If I am hungry for a late night falafel salad, with maybe fries or guacamole (why not?), I will head here! They are really nice!!

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Classic appeal

02 Feb 2010

This bakery draws you into its nostalgic appearance from the moment you open the door. They have a few items for sale on their shelves, a lovely counter with high stools, an enticing set of displays for the baked goods, candies and charming woodwork.

This was the first time at Back to Eden, and not too disappointing. The items looked delightful in a down-to-earth, homey fashion. Plenty to choose from, including cakes, pies, small tarts, scones, muffins, cookies, fudge and soft serve Temptation ice cream! As noted by another reviewer, they also have savory items. While the selection is nice, some of the items looked as though they had dried out and/or were suffering from bad lighting.

They also serve coffee and tea, which is nice.

The ice cream is a treat. The selection of large cookies is appealing, but upon tasting one, it tasted a bit too salty for my preference. Great concepts though. The cheesecake has a richness that compliments the flavor, but the texture resembled vegan cream cheese a bit too much for my preference. The cake slice sampled looked good, with a strong pink color denoting its raspberry flavor. However, the chocolate cake itself was just too dry. This may have been a result of sitting out for too long. A small single-serve tart looked appealing and had an excellent combination of flavors with blueberries, nuts and caramel. It would've been more satisfying if the filling weren't so runny.

Overall, this place is adorable and provides a nice haven for those seeking vegan baked goods. Since they've only been open a little while, it may take time for them to reach their true potential. They certainly stand a fighting chance to be amazing! I would definitely check this place out again on a regular basis to measure the improvement that is sure to happen.

1025 N Fillmore St Ste G, Arlington, USA

Oh yes, vegan goodies- just ask

23 Sep 2013

It was interesting that there are many items listed as vegan, but not one of them in the display is vegan. They are all hidden in the back. Though they are happy to get them for you, how does one know what to order if one cannot see them? Vegans often have to make leaps of faith, but it would be great to see all the choices before buying.

Nice deal though for cupcakes buy 5 and get 1 free. The cupcakes are kind of small, and I am not sure if it's just me, or the box they were in. They have traditional cupcake liners, so they are the ones you'd make at home in terms of size.

Anyhow, the vegan cookies are good, standard fare with items like salted apricot oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip, ginger snap and oatmeal - a few choices can have creme filling. The prices for these are good, so, don't hesitate!

The cupcakes are interestingly different - strawberry shortcake, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, pumpkin. I say different because the cake portion is just more moist for some than others. I only tried two, not wanting plain chocolate or vanilla, and I was quite pleased. The flavor of the frosting for the strawberry shortcake is what made the cupcake so tasty! The flavor of the red velvet cupcake cake portion made that very tasty, but it was more crumbly/ drier than the strawberry shortcake's vanilla cake base. I liked both of the frostings' textures- airy and not greasy or heavy. Prices were reasonable for the area.

Well done for a non-vegan shop to have such a great variety. Thanks! Will return for sure! Note: parking can be a pain if you drive. Hours are longer than many bakeries, so go after dinner or before, but not too late.

267 Commercial St, Portland, USA

Gluten-free with Vegan options!

19 Aug 2015

This place is delightful because they recognize food allergies and dietary restrictions, so all the food is labeled to let you know it's vegan, contains dairy, contains soy, and/or contains eggs. While the focus is gluten-free, they have about a half-dozen vegan items!

Peanut butter fudge? Vegan. Breakfast bomb? Vegan. Soft, delicious bite rolled in coconut. Delicious. Funky monkey cookies? Vegan. Go for the one with the chocolate and vanilla drizzle, the powdered sugar choice is ok, but not as good. Oh, and then there's some amazing chocolate crinkle and ginger cookies.

Finally, they have beverages and vegan espresso drinks/ lattes. Get 'em with almond milk! They are deliciously potent without sugary overpowering. The lattes are the perfect accompaniment to to the delicious vegan cookies.

7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, USA

Vegan by default

22 Aug 2016

Walking around the mall, you see the many choices in the food court and think: ewww or yawn. What to do? Beefsteak is a good choice because it has fresh veggies that you pick and have added to your crisp cool salad or warm veggie/grain bowl. It's nice.

Almost all the veggies can be chosen, and there are sauces like black bean, tomato and cilantro. There are dressings too like sherry vinegar and soy ginger. Feel free to add on rice or quinoa if you want grains. Avocado is extra, because when does an eatery not charge more for fresh avocado?

Anyhow, finish off with some crisp or fresh garnishes like toasted sesame seeds, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, scallions and toasted seaweed.

Pretty decent choices here! All items you expect to be non-vegan are non-vegan (cheese, meat, yogurt, honey) except these ones you wouldn't know are non-vegan, but they are: seaweed salad, cucumber salad and kimchi. Stay away from those if you're vegan. Mostly everything is gluten-free.

They have some nice juices to choose from, too. Go small (pre-bottled), or get your own from the dispensers.

1528 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, USA

Salad and Steam Bowls

06 Feb 2016

This place is a fast, casual dining choice that helps keep you focused on veggies. I just wish it went all the way and kept it all veg, since, really, the meat choices look pretty sad.

There are a few pre-made mixes of ingredients, or, you can make-your own. Most people choose the latter. For $1 more, you can steam your vegetables... personally, I think the salad is a better idea, especially because it's $1 cheaper. They also have lots of beverages from wine to green juice, they have gazpacho and carrot miso, and they have potato chips.

Lots of fresh veggies galore - but, they say it will depend on the season. Sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, snow peas, green beans, red onions, etc. After you pick the veggies, you can add sauce, some fresh toppings like tomatoes, sprouts or radishes, among other items, but not the kimchi - it has fish sauce.

Add on some crunchies, maybe a liquid cold dressing like soy ginger or sherry vinaigrette. The cost is decent if you pile on the veggies. The other items are limited to how many you can top on your salad or bowl before they charge you.

If in doubt about something's veg*n nature, just ask.

Good concept for a new player in the salad and bowl scene in DC.

4531 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, USA

Vegan ingredients everywhere

13 Jul 2016

This place is so cool and clean and fresh - I love it! The price seems a bit steep for a salad or grain bowl, but, when you realize that you can add unlimited veggies (except for a few premium items), it's really quite a steal. They also have some tasty juices, too, to round out a healthful feeling.

I would choose to make your own mix, as you can then see what you are adding in and whether it suits your preferences that day.

Everything is vegan unless it is not! How cool is that? All the veggies in the front are raw and vegan. The veggies in general are vegan, except for maybe 3 or 4 items: seaweed salad, kimchi and cucumber salad (they are at the end). Also, the dressings are vegan, but not the yogurt based one or the honey based one (lemon). Other than that, expect all vegan goodness. Have fun and eat your veggies!

4860 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, USA

New addition but vegan friendly!

26 Apr 2014

I love going to Indian restaurants when they label the vegan items! This place does just that!!! Thank you!!! In the menu introduction there is devoted language to vegetarian food- yes! So, though not a veg place, if I want vegan Indian food in Bethesda I will come here.

As for the people and the decor- lovely attentive people. The chef came to chat with me a couple times to see if I had questions or concerns and how the food tasted. Nice touch Chef Anil! All my vegan concerns were addressed, which is more than I can actually say for some other area vegetarian establishments that make me feel out of place! It's decor is new and fresh, not heavy or antiquated.

While here, I felt that everything was made freshly. Nothing was cold or old in flavor. The mulligatawny soup was a piping hot delicious blended lentil soup that hit the spot to set the tone for the meal. Pakora are usually only mediocre at best, but these were like crispy deep fried battered spinach popcorn! Try it! The samosas had a hearty filling with more depth than most. The curries are good, but they always feel heavy- here though, they do not over salt like some other places. The one thing that didn't agree with my palate was the dosa. I liked that they are all vegan, but I think the one I picked maybe was not the right one, and, well, the dosa part was a bit bland. I also wish there was a vegan spinach entree on the menu, but I believe if I asked, the chef would've made it vegan!!!

Overall, as an Indian restaurant with vegan options, it's a great choice. You can be confident that what you order will be vegan. Because it had meat, 4 cow max, but I can't say they're perfect- yet. As a new restaurant, with time, I may return and love the dosas and ask for spinach! Then maybe 4 cows will be met!

229 E 14th St, New York City, USA

So fresh

01 Feb 2014

I love that there is a vegan sushi joint, but I am sad that this place isn't larger. You walk in, and if there's too many people, you may walk out. They make the sushi for you right in front of you, so, it's fun to see them create your meal!

The ingredients are super fresh and unique, as far as vegan sushi. They also have a great choice in rice paper rolls, regular salads and side salads. Plus, they have some healthy vegan cookies/ desserts - love the puddings, any puddings! Although I have loved everything I have tried for sushi, I don't like having buckwheat noodles in the wrap, but that's just me - it tastes funny. Other than that, this place is awesome. When I dream of sushi now, I dream of this place. It's so comforting to not have to worry about cross contamination! It's also great not to have to see dead fish parts or to smell it.

Love this place! Only 4 cows though because of size… and I kind of wish they had some fried stuff. :) Super healthy and so delicious!

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