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Yuan Fu

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Contact 301-762-5937

798 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, USA, 20852

Rockville vegan restaurant serving Chinese food. Offering dishes using tofu and seitan as meat-substitutes. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Buffet, Take-out

Reviews (32)

First Review by kimmie2072

yum! - Edit

I love the food! The menu is awesome! Many dishes to choose. It takes time for me to pick out one! The service is awesome, too! Bathroom is always clean and tidy. The parking lot is small but I managed to have one easily. Yes, the price is reasonable!

Pros: menu...a lot of dishes to choose. , friendly and patience , no waiting

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SO glad we stopped into this hidden gem! - Edit

The menu is huge and although they call themselves vegetarian the detailed menu description reveals it is vegan; all faux meats, no dairy. The food was fresh & delicious plus the service was on point. We had the wonton soup and Moo Shi Vegetable dish. Both yum!

Pros: All vegan options!, Casual, not too tiny yet not big.

Cons: None...not expensive,

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Excellent food & service - Edit

I visited Yuan Fu while traveling. I was happy to find an all vegan restaurant. I found the food to be delicious, some of the best mock meats I've tasted! The service was excellent, all of the people working there were very kind. The food came out faster than we could have ever expected. Overall amazing place and if I'm ever in Rockville again I will definitely revisit!

Pros: good food, fast service, kind employees

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Amazing food and service - Edit

A great little hidden, unassuming restaurant in the heart of Rockville. The food is incredible and the staff make you feel at home. Everything is vegan and the mock meats really taste amazing. The soups are great too. Fast service!

Pros: Vegan everything

Cons: Not close enough to where I live

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By far one of the best vegan Chinese restaurants on the East Coast! Food is delicious and the service, led by co-owner/hostess Mary, is spectacular!

Pros: Amazing food, Warm, caring service, Well priced

Cons: Very suburban

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Great Restaurant! - Edit

It's amazing what they can do here! I have had some great meals here. I've taken some non vegetarian friends, and they loved the all veg menu!

One advice someone told me and that I've passed along is to say, "when the menu says chicken, or beef, don't expect it to taste like that. It's much better!"

The price is more than vegetarian options at other Chinese restaurants, but it's worth it for a special occasion. Although I can tell that there are many regulars. Once I saw a table of Chinese monks eating there. Great place, and the staff are really awesome too.

Pros: Taste, All Vegan

Cons: Price

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Fantastic and Quaint Restaurant - Edit

So happy to have found this little gem. What an amazing treat it was to eat here! An entire Chinese menu that is completely cruelty free and delish. Recommend highly, you won't be disappointed!!

Pros: Attentive, Excellent Food, Great customer service

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Yummy Chinese Food - Edit

This is the only 100% Vegan Chinese restaurant in the area and I go about once/twice a month. Overall the food is good but not the best that I had. I like the spinach noodle soup the best. The roasted duck appetizer is delicious. The dishes are low in salt and oil which is great.

Pros: reasonable prices, friendly staff, quick services

Cons: lot of fake meats

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Disappointing for years - Edit

The consistenly high ratings from other reviewers seems to describe a place other than Yuan Fu. I have gone there around once every 2-3 years since the restaurant opened, including this month. The restaurant started off as a strong contender to Vegetable Garden, which was then down the street and which Yuan Fu's owner or manager used to be with.

Ultimately, the food just tasted like something to fill one's belly more than a reason to stop by. I had the wonton soup this month for lunch. The wontons were tasty, but the soup tasted little more than barely salted or soy sauced water. I was surprised that the restaurant would have thought that diners would not have been turned off by this. The eggplant, green bean and soy meat dishes I got at the lunch bar tasted more like thrown together items with sauce than anything special.

Especially as a longtime vegan, each time I visit Yuan Fu, I want to find a restaurant that merits a glowing review. Instead, Yuan Fu perhaps sees all these high stars from customers on Happy Cow and Yelp, thereby having less incentive to do better. I am encouraging the restaurant to do better with just some fine tuning.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: The food is more blah than special.

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Emmyfeet 17 Aug 2015 - Do you have any places that you do enjoy around the area? I am coming in this weekend and would like some veggie food!

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pyatrus 08 Sep 2015 - Well, other than the vegan tasting menu & vegan brunch at Equinox (downtown DC), it IS difficult to find a really good (affordable?) vegan restaurant (& at ~$60, Equinox is $$$).

Yuan Fu is one of my favorites in the area & for many years too. I hear people rave about Great Sage (Clarksville) but I personally don't find the place very special. Variety is important. Vegetable Garden is still really good too.

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Friendly and Fresh - Edit

Easy parking, clean atmosphere, very friendly and prompt staff (womyn). Extensive menu, explains what mock-meats are made of.

Quality food doesnt make you feel gross
Menu has pictures of many dishes

Pros: womyn staff, friendly, Extensive menu

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Great Food and Friendly Service - Edit

I've been to Yuan Fu a few times and visited again last week for lunch. The food was tasty and the service was really friendly. The lunch specials are great if you don't want to pay the slightly higher dinner prices.

My sister ordered the wonton soup and raved about it. I ordered the spring roll and thought it was good, but pretty much your standard, deep-fried spring roll (apart from being a generous size). We both ordered the crispy orange chicken, which was a slightly more expensive lunch set at $9.95 (before tax and tip). We both thought the crispy orange chicken was really good, although an admittedly indulgent option, being fried and covered with sauce. This is definitely a great restaurant for vegans and vegetarians who want to indulge a bit! No complaints here and I will definitely be back!

Pros: Friendly Service, Tasty Food

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Great food - Edit

I have been going to this restaurant for a long time (sorry, I don't remember how long it's been since I first went here). I went here even before I became vegan and it was still good. Now it's an amazing place for me because I can order whatever I want. Here are some of their food choice I love: Wonton soup, peking duck, pineapple chicken, Sechuan green beans, spinach and sesame pancakes. There's a lot of other choices I like too, but that's a good start. If you haven't been there before, get the peking duck.

Don't go on Christmas! It's a Chinese restaurant in an area with a high Jewish population. It gets very crowded and the only way to get anything would be to carry out. That's the only con I can think of.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 16, 2014

Pros: Excellent food, Great value, Good service

Cons: Can't go on Christmas, Parking can be tough

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A Great Meal Can Be Had By All! - Edit

Carnivores, don't worry. You'll never miss the meat once you get your hands on the Crispy Black Mushroom Appetizer. Vegetarians/Vegans, you'll find no cruelty here. Yuan Fu is 100% vegan! My wife and I had a fabulous meal. I got the faux beef and broccoli, she got the General Tso "chicken". The use of animal names is only to help newcomers around the delectable menu.

Pros: Service, Great Food!, Prices

Cons: Decor is outdated

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Eating here for 15+ years! - Edit

One of my favorite restaurants. It's unpretentious and low-key, has pretty quick service and you really can't beat an all-veg restaurant. The menu is pretty heavy on the fake-meat but it is done well for the most part.

When I lived in DC, we used to come out for special occasions but now that I've moved to Rockville, it's hard to not go here every week. When I used to come every few months, I'd always get my old favorites, but now that I've been coming more often, I've branched out and tried some new things. Some new favorites: Curled and Carved Shiitake with Asparagus, Eggplant with Tofu Skins Rolls Hot Pot, Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles.

Pros: great food, low-key atmosphere

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Among Better of its Kind - Edit

Yuan Fu is one of the better vegan Chinese restaurants you'll eat at outside of New York City. The prices are extremely reasonable, service is fair and preparation time is not long. It's not a glitz and glam type location, but, hey, it more than makes up in taste and value.

I have sampled many of their types of entrees; the mock duck is very good. These guys know how to get the best of out their seitan.

Pros: Price, Good Food

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A great alternative on a night out - Edit

I am not a fan of Chinese vegetarian in general since it tends to be too saucy/almost greasy for me. But Yuan Fu is a great alternative to a non-vegetarian restaurant on any day. They have a very wide selection of tasty items and their fake duck is very tasty.

Pros: Vegetarian, Location

Cons: Chinese vegetarian (not for everyone)

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Good Stuff - Edit

I've eaten here a few times, and the food is consistently good. The prices are fair, the service fine.

The place is small, but I've never had trouble getting a table, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

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One of my favorite restaurants in DC - Edit

My wife and I go at least monthly. Everything is consistently good, and the selection is incredible. They do a very good job offering a balance between delicious veggies and mock-meat offerings. We're also fans of The Vegetable Garden, which is closer to our house and further South on Rockville Pike, but given the choice we almost always opt for Yuan Fu.

True story: a few months ago my Chinese college buddy and his cousin were in town. Neither are vegetarian, but they had heard Yuan Fu was worth checking out. Both were really impressed with the fare here.

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Hole in the Wall - Edit

It's a small, unassuming building from the outside (to put it nicely), but once you get inside, it's a nice-looking place (still small). There are big picture of vegetables for decoration. The menu is entirely vegetarian. I'm not interested in mock meats, so I get typical tofu dishes and soups. The prices are not bad. An indication of quality at any ethnic restaurant is whether people of the appropriate ethnicity eat there, and there are almost always Chinese people at Yuan Fu when I go, frequently large families at the one big table in the center. The owner is usually there, and is very involved and friendly; she will converse in Chinese but certainly makes American customers feel welcome as well.

Most of the standard Chinese tofu dishes are represented: Kung Pao, Home Style, Hunan, Ma Po, Budda's Delight etc. None of them are the best I've ever had, but all of them are good, and usually with very generous portions. They offer brown rice and do not charge extra for it like some places do. They have an excellent miso soup (and it's nice to be sure it's vegetarian). The sizzling rice soup was a bit of a surprise; basically a tomato base with lots of vegetables. My chief source of disappointment is that the spicy options aren't spicier (I like the hot stuff). I always feel good about eating here.

Compared to the Vegetable Garden down the road, I'd say that of the two vegetarian Chinese places in the area, Yuan Fu is more Chinese (in terms of menu options and atmosphere) and Vegetable Garden is more health food oriented (with their macrobiotic options and some of their more creative vegetable entrees). Both are good, but if you told me I could only have one, I'd probably take Yuan Fu, by a hair. Fortunately, we don't have to make that choice.

Pros: varied menu, attentive staff

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Did not disappoint at all! - Edit

I live in Baltimore and do not pass through Rockville often, so when I knew I was going to be passing through Rockville I knew I had to try Yuan Fu or Vegetable Garden. Well, I chose Yuan Fu because the reviews made it sound better than Vegetable Garden. I am not disappointed by my choice!

I started with the sizzling rice soup, thanks to another reviewer's suggestion. I loved it! It is like hot and sour soup minus the spicy flavor and with chunks of yummy vegetables and the rice patties. I ordered sweet and sour "chicken" while my friend who I was with ordered sesame "beef" with walnuts. We shared the entrees. We both loved each one. I preferred the "chicken" because it was sweeter. Both had realistic textures to me, but I haven't had meat in about 14 years so that's not saying much. However, my friend is not vegetarian and said it was pretty realistic, especially the "chicken". I like that everything on the menu is vegan, that the menu is so extensive, and that the entrees have a decent amount of vegetables along with the mock meat (as a lot of places have only about 3 pieces of broccoli or peppers with the mock meat). We had leftovers to take home, meaning there were large portions.

The staff was very friendly, and the food came out pretty quickly. Parking was not at all a problem.

Seriously, if this restaurant were near where I live, I'd be there at least once a week!

Pros: all vegan, great tasting food, reasonable prices

Cons: none that I see

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Pretty Good - Edit

I liked this restaurant better than Vegetable Garden. Some of the dishes tasted "fake", like you could tell it was tofu skins or seitan but it still wasn't bad. Service was good. Nice big menu to choose from.

Pros: good service, big menu

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Yummy - Edit

I think Yuan fu is much better than Vegetable Garden. Try the duck! The Americanized dishes (General tso, orange beef, etc) aren't so great, but I don't like those anyway. My friend said the general tso's was alright. The staff is very friendly here and the food is reasonably priced.

The only negative I find is that their selection of veggie only dishes is smaller than Vegetable Garden.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Reviewer Avatar

Always Consistent! - Edit

Yuan Fu is located right in the heart of Rockville on the Pike between Richard Montgomery High School and the Wintergreen Shopping Center and is an easy walk from the Rockville Metro Station. I've been eating at Yuan Fu for at least 10 years and the food never disappoints. We usually start with Wonton Soup, which has very flavorful broth and a good amount of wontons. I usually get the same entree every time, Kung Pao Chicken, tons of peanuts, absolutely delicious brown sauce that goes well with the brown rice and various bell peppers that are always fresh and crisp. My husband orders the Sesame Chicken and even my non-meat eating parents always steal most of it. We don't live in the area anymore, but we always get Yuan Fu on Thanksgiving to eat with the family. Very friendly service, Mary has always been very kind to us. A great place to check out if you are in the metro DC area.

Pros: Great food, Friendly Service, Good location

Cons: Can get pricey

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Best Vegan Chinese Restaurant in the area - Edit

This has got to be the only and the best purely vegan chinese restaurant in the entire DC Metropolitan area. cannot compare Vegetable Garden to Yuan Fu because Vegetable Garden is not 100% Vegan. My faves are the Hot and Sour Soup and the Crispy Orange Beef.

Pros: great service, excellent prices, nice portions

Cons: need more locations

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Another Lovely Option for Vegans in the DC area - Edit

Yuan Fu is just a few miles north of the Vegetable Garden and is also a delightful (if smaller) restaurant. It's also about six blocks from the Rockville Metro station, while Veg Garden is right across the street from the White Flint Metro. But both places are good.

One thing you must get at Yuan Fu (unless it's 90 degrees out) is the Sizzling Rice Soup. Crispy rice cakes are placed in a bowl, and the server pours a hot broth over them, stirs it up, and dishes it to eveyrone at the table. It's a somewhat viscous broth with vegetables and you have to be careful when eating it so as not to burn your mouth. It's also quite filling and addictive! The first time I had it, I dreamed about it for days afterward.

Their "beef" and "pork" are made of seitan, but when I tried it yesterday, the beef dish we got was kind of mushy; maybe it's that way in the dish. The "chicken" is made with soy protein and also varies from dish to dish. I'm a fan of the Chicken Snow Peas dish. The "duck" is made of layers of pressed tofu skin and is delicious. Both the duck appetizer and the duck hot pot were utterly delicious and is equally good as leftovers the next day.

If you become a regular, Mary, the owner will recognize you and be especially friendly. It pays to dine with regulars when you go there.

The only thing that truly bothers me is that there are no refills on iced tea. I can understand not refilling beverages served from a can, which is how they serve their sodas, but I like a lot of iced tea when I'm eating, and that doesn't come from a can, so it should be easily refilled.

I still will try to eat there every few months--as I live in the District and don't own a car, it's not always easy to get up there. But it is worth the trip.

Pros: Good food, Mostly friendly service

Cons: Far from a Metro, No refills on iced tea, Rather small space

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pyatrus 02 Jun 2016 - FYI:
Yuan Fu is a half-mile south of the Rockville Metro Station. According to Google Maps, an 11-min. walk. There are two bus routes, buses run every 8 min. for a 7-min. bus ride. :-)

And you can stop by and pay homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald (i.e., his grave) along the way at St. Mary's. :-)

Rockville Pike is a busy, noisy street to walk along, I agree.

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Every bit as good as the Vegetable Garden - Edit

It's easy to tell that this place doesn't do as much business as the Vegetable Garden. It's smaller, has many fewer tables (VG's are sometimes packed annoyingly close together), and the decor is worn and faded. What gives? Is it just that VG is right by a Metro station, and Yuan Fu isn't?

Pros: vegan chinese food, watermelon juice, reasonable prices

Cons: a bit far from metro

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Nice joint - Edit

Yuan Fu is a nice little place with extensive vegan dishes and options. Their service is super-friendly and their food is tasty, light and healthy. I found their orange beef to be a tad dry, but their chicken with mixed vegetables was robust and diverse in its flavors. Their prices are good and portion sizes are large. I'd say Yuan Fu and its down-the-road competitor, The Vegetable Garden, are on equal footing.

Pros: Taste, Price

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Mock Meat Rocks! - Edit

This place has a large selection to choose from. The mock meat is flavorful, the staff can be rushed but thats usually beacue theres a full house. The price is reasonable.

Pros: extensive menu, nice portions, reasonable price

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Wonderful food! - Edit

I have eaten at this place every time I have visited my family in md. The food is very good and inexpensive. The people who work there are friendly and willing to explain anything to you. Like I said, when my family and I visit that area, that is the place we love to eat.

Pros: nice staff, clean, good food

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