Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant and bar inside Carroll Villa Hotel. Vegan dishes have a designated spot on the menu. Breakfast choices include a vegan BLT sandwich, organic nut and granola with fresh fruit, and tofu scramble. Lunch/dinner include a tostados, nachos, seitan wings, pizza, and beyond burger. Vegan sides include bacon, sausage, cream cheese, sour cream, and loaded fries. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by American-Vegan


Points +33

28 Sep 2023

Great food, great service

Vegan nachos, hot wings, bean raviolis, mushroom & onion pizza

Pros: Food is seasoned perfectly , Delicious , Great service

Cons: Pizza slightly undercooked



Points +433

03 Aug 2023

Good Food

Lot of vegan options, nice place and food was good.


Points +677

28 Jun 2023

More choices than I expected!

My server was very conscientious about what could be made both vegan and gluten free ... I decided to have a beyond burger. Nicely plated with a side of yummy fries!


Points +955

01 Jun 2023

Wings and crab cakes!

Excellent vegan options. Expect higher prices. Seitan wings were 10/10 and very filling. Did not have room for anything else. Would definitely return and try the other options!

Pros: Many options , High quality taste


Points +90

31 May 2023

Amazing options!

There are MANY vegan options at this restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner. The wings are some of the best I’ve ever had and the crabcake was incredible.

Pros: Number of options , Quality of the food, Options for each meal of the day

Cons: The mac n cheese was meh, A bit pricey


Points +1927

05 Mar 2023

Legendary Wings

The blackbird seitan wings are legendary in both taste and quantity. Some of their pasta and dinner dishes are great too. All the rest is underwhelming.

Pros: Location


Points +50

28 Sep 2022

Great vegan options on Cape May

Best vegan option on Cape May for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Had one breakfast and two dinners and food all was excellent.

Vegan crab cakes were outstanding as was the vegan white bean ravioli.

If you are on Cape May and vegan do not miss going here.

Pros: excellent vegan food, many vegan options, great service

Cons: parking is difficult


Points +34

02 Sep 2022

So amazing to find a restaurant in Cape May NJ with vegan options!

Loved the vegan crab cakes!! And an entire vegan breakfast lunch and dinner menu section!

Pros: Vegan options on the menu!, Co-owner is vegan years - so we have options! , So close to the beautiful Cape May beach

Cons: Check for lunch to dinner service to avoid a wait


Points +1141

11 Aug 2022

Cozy corner

Parking is never easy to find in Cape May on busy days. I walked from my hotel. This place gives me a cozy feel even though it’s actually a large space with various dining areas, a bar, and space for live entertainment. I was here on a Wednesday night and it was crowded and lively. Menu has Vegan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert some of their other dishes can also be made vegan. I had pasta with roasted tomato sauce, garlic, and olive oil. It was delicious. I also love the fact that they offer vegan bread. I ordered the vegan tostadas to go and they were delicious for my next day breakfast choice. I very much enjoyed this place and I am looking forward to coming back.

Update: August 2022

Came back for breakfast. Place was packed. I found a seat at the bar. Disappointed they do not offer a vegan breakfast potato option. Would also love to see some vegan pancakes or French toast. I ordered the tofu scramble. It was not a scramble though. It was actually a stirfry with tofu. A little disappointing. It comes with fruit (which shares a plate with the stirfry). IMO it should be on a separate plate. I also ordered rye toast with my meal and the served me whole wheat. Food was still good, just not what I expected. I appreciate the vegan options they do have and as always … very friendly service.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-21

Pros: Vegan specific options on the menu, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Parking can be hard to find


Points +68

10 Aug 2022

Bruh. A whole vegan menu!

I got takeout from here after coveting their menu for a few days. It didn’t disappoint! It’s a bit expensive, but it’s literally walking distance from the beach, so I’m not surprised. Well worth the price, though; I had the vegan “crab” cake sammich and seitan wings, all absolutely divine! And the owner was sure to check if anything had tree nuts—super allergic—and I was reassured all was good. And WAS IT EVER.

Pros: A whole vegan menu!, No tree nuts (in crab cakes or seitan), Easy walk

Cons: A little expensive, but overall not bad , BUSY… which is in part a pro—really popular


10 Aug 2022

Also, I’m absolutely stuffed and still have leftovers. 😂


Points +172

28 Jul 2022

Loved it!

I love them having a separate vegan section on the menu!!

Pros: Pizza and tostada were delicious !!, Nice atmosphere


Points +74

26 Jul 2022


We got lunch takeout from Mad Batter. To us the lunch menu, while pricy, seemed like the better option for variety in vegan entrees. We got the seitan wings, chick’n cheesesteak, and vegan pizza. The wings were the best by far. They were spicy and well cooked. The vegan pizza had veggies and vegan chick’n and was well received by the child. The cheesesteak was also delicious. The meal was a bit pricier than how we usually dine. But the food was worth it.

Pros: Good flavor, Takeout available, Good portions

Cons: Price


Points +114

23 May 2022

Great option in Cape May

My husband and I enjoyed dining on the porch on a nice May evening. Love that they have vegan items clearly marked on the menu! There is a section called 'Vegan Specialties', but there are also other vegan dishes marked throughout the menu. There are a wide variety of options. We got the Seitan Hot Wings (not very crispy but had a good taste), Vegan "Crab" Cake Appetizer (my favorite), and Vegan White Bean Ravioli with Tofu (my husband's favorite). The Tuscan Roasted Tomato Linguine, Vegan Pizzas (they have vegan cheese option), and Tofu Tostadas also looked very enticing.

Pros: Nice variety of vegan options, good quality, Staff was friendly


Points +59

22 May 2022

They have a vegan section on the menu!

I came here twice during my 3 day weekend trip at cape may. Their vegan menu options is more than just a beyond burger and fries. Their crab cake was amazing I ordered it twice and they have a unique white bean ravioli dish I never seen anywhere before. It was delicious!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, More than just beyond burger and fries, Crab cake is 10/10


Points +33

20 Feb 2022

Not too tasty and expensive

Better vegan food, I wasn’t too crackly about the vegan food here! I don’t recommend this place but to each it’s own.


Points +5837

17 Jan 2022

Not bad for Cape May

There are very few options in Cape May for vegan dining, but this place is pretty good!

They have a vegan section on their menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Vegan crab cake and vegan dessert (cake), vegan burger, vegan granola, fruit bowls, vegan nachos, vegan tofu scrambler are some great choices.

So many people are here, so the food is incredibly fresh. There is like in almost every place in Cape May that smell of seafood though, so it’s maybe better to sit in the partially open to the air front area or get it to go!

Happy with the food though! Nachos and tofu scramble and dessert! I really couldn’t ask for more from an eatery on the Jersey shore!

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-17

Pros: Vegan nachos, Vegan dessert , Vegan breakfast

Cons: Fish smell , Not 100% vegan


Points +23

20 Oct 2021

Very nice restaurant close to the ocean with several vegan options.

Inside of hotel and very nice location. 3-4 vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wife ordered crab eggs Benedict and I ordered seitan wings and fries. I think $40 is reasonable.

Pros: Seitan Wings Excellent , Cucumber Ranch dipping sauce very good, Sweet Potato fries Thumbs Up!!


Points +163

09 Sep 2021

Great spot for all eaters

Went here twice in our visit to cape may, labor day weekend so I worried there would be a wait but we just walked in both times. Good service, pleasant space, good if you're eating with omnis. Good beer list. Get the seitan wings and the crab cake dishes. Tostada was good too. Pizza wasn't my thing but was okay. Quality of everything was great.

Pros: Special vegan section of menu, Easy to get a table, big place, Seitan wings


Points +23

29 Aug 2021

Ample options, great portions!

The Mad Batter had quite a decent variety of vegan options and the portions were BIG! We got the seitan wings, vegan tostada, gringo nachos, and the vegan crab cake sandwich. The seitan wings were FIRE, highly recommend those. The sauce that comes with them was just ok and the cheese sauce on the nachos could be improved. The tostada was fresh and delicious and the crab cake sandwich was very good, the fries were ok. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT!

Pros: Plenty of vegan options , Big portions

Cons: Moderately expensive, not extreme though


Points +42

16 Aug 2021

Great find!

Very happy with the various vegan options. The “crab” cakes were amazing!


Points +44

13 Aug 2021

Tofu scramble is bland

Do not order the tofu scramble, it has absolutely no taste. The fries also are very soggy and oily. The white bean raviolis are very good though, I would recommend getting it with tofu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, The dinner and lunch options

Cons: Expensive, The breakfast options


Points +99

21 Jul 2021

Thank goodness for The Mad Batter!

It is so refreshing and appreciating to go to a restaurant and order something that is 100% VEGAN!! I don't have to order something and take more than half of the ingredients out to make it vegan. Restaurants should not be allowed to be on this site unless they serve at least one 100% vegan item. I really enjoy The Mad Batter yearlong. The menu has numerous vegan items and the atmosphere is nice. I love sitting on the porch. My husband and I have tried everything that is vegan, the crab cakes and wings are our favorites. I really would love to give them 5 stars for being the best choice in Cape May County, NJ for vegan dining. This is a great accomplishment in this "vegan desert " area.

Pros: A vegan menu, Lots of 100% vegan items, Great location

Cons: nothing


Points +135

21 Jul 2021

Best vegan options in Cape May

Cape May is tough for vegans so 5 stars right away. Offers multiple vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast lunch and dinner. Had the vegan (hearts of palm and chick pea) crab cake on my last visit served with vegan remoulade. Very good. Don’t expect gourmet, it’s a casual restaurant with prime location beach restaurant prices.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-21

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-21

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-21

Pros: Tasty food, Lovely porch seating



Points +62

15 Jun 2021

One of my favorites!

I love The Mad Batter - I’d give 5 stars if I could! The vegan “crab” cake is wonderful, and so are the vegan nachos. UPDATE: I am continually impressed by The Mad Batter - I’ve since tried the vegan pizza, vegan mac & cheese, and vegan tostadas, and all 3 were phenomenal.

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-19

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Great food


Points +341

25 May 2021


I was excited to try this place. They have good decor and vegan options. We got nachos(disappointing), fries (great&cheap), sweet potato fries (great&cheap), vegan wings (spicy, nothing like wings, didn’t love), and my partner got traditional dairy pizza which he said was bland and disappointing. I also got a bloody mary which is labeled vegan on the menu. I didn’t like it but that’s a personal thing, never tried one before. I won’t go here again.

Pros: Vegan options, Excellent fries, Nice staff


Points +1038

24 May 2021

Great spot to eat!

We loved our time at the Mad Batter yesterday! I appreciate their vegan menus on the main menu. They have lots of dining areas each with a different vibe. They were able to put us in the back in the garden when we asked. Our server Jen was absolutely fantastic. The food was tasty and so were the mimosas!

Pros: Vegan section on menu and vegan sides , Great atmosphere , Wonderful service

Cons: Even though vegans got options, still limited.


Points +78

02 May 2021

A good option when dining with non-vegan people!

I can't say this has been my favorite vegan food experience. The menu provided many options to choose from. I ordered the vegan nachos, vegan pizza, the seitan hot wings, and an order of fries. What I can say is the portions are huge! The taste overall was not always spot on, sometimes even lacking in flavor. I feel like the Vegan Pizza lacked direction - it felt like if you combined the idea of a white slice, a "chicken" "bacon" ranch and a veggie slice together. Would like to return to try some of their other menu items as I was definitely intrigued by the white bean raviolis as well as the vegan crab cakes. I would imagine due to the large menu this would be a great place to eat with people that are not vegan/vegetarian because there's something for everyone on the menu.

Pros: Many Options, Close to the beach, A lot of seating

Cons: Not the most flavorful, Some items were very expensive

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