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Nimman Haeminda Road, Soi Hillside 3, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Anchan is doing it right

21 May 2013

Anchan is true to the business with a sweet ambiance with beautiful hand painted murals. I enjoyed the gourmet organic delicacies every time. Wherever its the smoothies and shakes to salads to whole entrees.

Anchan is the model vegetarian restaurant of great service, happy customers, clean and delicious dishes that are full of flavor. The chef stays true to authentic flavors, made to order, with fresh ingredients. So nothing is sitting around for hours waiting for your arrival. Each dish is a culinary work of art.

This is a whole family business. So don't be surprise to see a very young smiling girl hand you a menu or set your table. It so cute to see every time.

You must experience the fried banana flower salad. This original exotic blend of sweet, sour, salty and spicy will have you scraping the plate for more. To my surprise it also comes with a side of organic red rice, making this a complete meal of awesomeness.

Anchan is the one vegetarian spot that you should not miss out on when you are in Chiang Mai.

Check them out on Facebook for their daily specials.

Ratchadamnoen Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Beet Story

27 Jan 2013

My first time going to Beetroot was good. The panang was tasty with fresh vegetables. Not the best in the city though but good. My coconut milk, banana, chocolate smoothie was good too. I went the second time for lunch and they were closed. No sign posted. The third time I went to get the same smoothie and the quality was not as good. More ice than coconut milk. The staff person might have been new. Hence, the average smoothie.

Fourth time I was disappointed. I requested massaman with no onions. And I got onions. But the thing that got me was that it was not freshly made. It scooped out from a hidden dish somewhere. It looked liked something that was made from the day before. And barely any vegetables.

As I was spooning through the massaman curry I saw onions. The staff person rushed over and said I'm sorry you said no onions. She took the food back. At this point I thought she would make a fresh bowl of massaman. But I noticed she ducked out of sight behind the counter. I walked over to checked and she was picking out the onions.

I just told her if it was cooked with onions that I would like to cancel that order and get something else. My intuition at that point was to leave. But I stayed.

So the owner pops in and says hi. She remembered me from the other visits. She said, "You are lucky you came on time. I was going to closed early." Hmmm, I'm lucky?

Alright, veggie business owners never do this. It shows the customers that you are not committed to serving the vegetarian community and its not compassionate to when customers are looking for a trusted source to eat when traveling.

So the owner makes stir-fried vegetables with cashews and pineapples. Mouthwatering just thinking about it as I heard it being made. My smoothies came and it was watery. So basically hardly any coconut milk was added with more ice and water. 50 baht of half goodness.

The stir fried came and the veggies were swimming in broth. Tasted good but mmmm. Where are the vegetables? For 70 baht I should have more that 1/8 cup of vegetables.

Average food not well proportioned for the price.

Moom Muang Road, Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How Big is the Diamond?

03 Mar 2013

I have eaten at Blue Diamond at least five times and introduced several travelers as well. I have been completely satisfied with the staff and the service. I mainly order the same dish Vietnamese Herb Salad. Very very tasty lots of variety of fresh veggie and very filling. 98 THB

I considered it the best salad in Chiang Mai. I have seen many people chow down on the salad while I'm there. Occasionally, another happy traveler will glance over at your plate to notice you are eating the same thing.

Be mindful the kitchen closes at 8:30 sharp. So get there on-time to order or you will be drinking water and eating some fresh bread or a muffin.

The operation shut down at 9:00 sharp. But the owners are patient and wait for a few stragglers. I was one of those in the beginning. Later learned they have long days so try to leave when you see the gates closing.

I enjoyed the atmosphere as well with indoor and outdoor seating in a garden style setting. Very nice place to meet new people or enjoy time with some friends.

Now be warned this is not 100% vegetarian as it claims in the name. I personally think that is deceptive. So ask about the ingredients before ordering they use fish sauce and serve meat products.

There are also a wide selection of menu items which can make it hard to make a choice.

Like with many businesses, people are tired and get an attitude. I have found that many Thai people are over worked. Keep your orders clear. And don't too many changes to a set menu item. They tend to follow the recipes exactly.

Just be reasonable. I have seen them make mistakes with orders.

Recently, I order a banana chocolate wasn't as good as I anticipated. I drank it all but may not order again in the future.

The salad is my diamond.

2 Ratanakosin Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temple of Goodness

06 Feb 2014

The basic vegetarian meal is served after Aarti, a Hindu religious ritual of worship. Some dishes may contain dairy. Please be considerate and be inclined to make a donation for the efforts of others that prepare the meals.

Aarti begins about 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM on Tuesdays.

opposite Maeyen Pagoda, Pai, Thailand

Earth Tone Tastebud Tune Up

05 Feb 2014

This oasis of goodness sits directly across from Wat Prat That Mae Yen. Perfectly aligned with a delightful selection of vegan cakes, gluten free pastries, raw vegan desserts, fruit shakes and organic herbal teas.

Highly recommend the fruit and nut vegan chocolate cake. This is the best vegan chocolate cake that I have ever eaten. Very moist and perfected sweeten. I begging the owner for the recipe.

After my pilgrimage to the top to see the large Buddha image that peering over all of Pai, this shop is a treat to cool off and feed the senses.

The owner informed me that she is opening everyday now from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Baked goods change from time to time. I'm sure whatever is available will be delicious.

The shop also sells various locally crafted body care products ranging from 40 THB to 200 THB.

Earth Tone is no longer sell prepared meals. I highly recommend this roadside cafe to satisfy your taste buds after a trip to the Wat or the near by hot springs.
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 02, 2014

116 Maneenoparat Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Bird that flew away

11 Mar 2013

You ever have been to a restaurant that you love the staff, the cause and location but not the food. I am torn in writing this review because I really like what Free Bird Cafe's mission. I've have been three times to date.

The people behind this mission are awesome. However, food is not their business. Its a great idea and works for many people who are looking for something other than Thai food.

For me the food lacks luster. I ordered the famous Black and White smoothie. This could really be an awesome smoothie if it were smooth. The blended almonds are a bit gritty to be slurping through a straw. They could add more cacao powder to bring this to optimal goodness. The ice offsets the chocolate smoothness. I would suggest using frozen bananas instead of ice to give it more richness.

I ordered the Burmese Tea Salad and it was very delicious. But the portion could be prepared with one cup of more of leafy vegetables.

On my second visit I was not happy about my meal. I didn't finish it. My friend ate it out of pity and not being wasteful. I don't like wasting food at all. But the Pad Thai missed the basics of Pad Thai seasonings. For example, it didn't have any tamarind in the seasoning. Tasted more like buttered rice noodles.

I also ordered another smoothie without ice. I wanted to just get the coconut milk with mango. In my mind it would be this nice creamy blend. As I began to suck down this creation my tongue told my brain to stop. Why is there water in this smoothie? You can see the coconut milk separating from the water and the mango bits floating around. I sipped down a quarter of it and stopped.

I am not impressed with the food. So one last try. I really want to support the business and NGO. I met another friend there for lunch. Ordered the stir fried vegetables and the carrot pineapple juice. The juice was excellent!

Stir-fried you got to be kidding me. My blood pressure shot up from the amount of salt in this dish. It contained a good amount of vegetables but lacked original flavor. Basically, seasoned with soy sauce and salt. The red rice that comes with the dish is very good.

I hope the business continues to blossom and the free bird brings more goodness back to the nest.

3 Rachadamnoen Road Soi 4, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gap's House Rocks

08 Mar 2013

The food is amazing delicious created by people who understand the "pursuit of the palate". I have eaten here at leaset 5 times and each time I have been satisfied even though the dishes are the same each time. I do not mind that at all. Always well seasoned and fresh.

The ambience is amazing too. From the music playing in the background to the friendly staff, this an ideal spot to meet friends or perhaps a date even if you are lucky. You forget that you are in the city with it's lush greenery.

Get there early. Just before 7PM if possible. Because the vegetarian buffet is only for two hours and food disappears very quickly. You can't blame anyone for that. For this 100 Baht treat you are getting your money's worth.

You can end the dinner with some fresh sweet pineapple or other sweet item on the buffet. Each time I've been there the pineapple has been sweet beyond my expectation. I can tell that someone is making sure the produce is fresh and ripe instead of just plopping it on the table just to say they have it.

I also signed up for the cooking class and was satisfied with the team and the operations. They make arrangement for vegans/vegetarians in the class. That includes not using fish sauce or cooking the spring rolls separate.

Gap's House you are the best! See you soon.
Updated from previous review on Monday February 04, 2013

Pa Daet Nuar 1 Alley, Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Happy (Yum) Green

04 Feb 2015

Being that it was my first time, I was introduced to the family and then given a tour of the vegetable garden. What an amazing welcome!

I have a refreshing conversation with one of the owners. She shared about her dedication to holistic lifestyle. Food, mind/body well-being and community. They are a family of rice farmers that have transition over time to the modern world by offering wholesome vegetarian / vegan dishes and organic fruits and vegetables.

It's rustic and natural casual setting is a nice chill out spot. They have recently installed wifi for the customers.

This jewel is located along the Ping River and the dining area has a great view of Wat Chedi Liem (Wat Ku Kham).

With our busy lives it's seems rare to just sit and appreciate the stillness. Happy Green provides that setting we all need from time to time.

About 85 - 90% of the produce com from the family farm. Today I watched as they we putting ripe papaya with such care and enthusiasm. Happy is not just a word. it's a genuine expression.

I enjoyed the buffet. A lot of the preparations are local dishes. This is a nice change from the standard dishes that are very popular like Pad Thai. And, they do make Pad Thai to order.

I also had fresh coconut. My Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad) was good and spicy but it was a variation of what I was used to eating.

I wish that I lived closer so that I could make many more trips there. I posted a picture of the Thai language signage and if you are using local transit or google maps. This hotel Sheik Istana Hotel is about 100 meters away.

I am looking forward to returning to Oasis soon.

7/3 Santirak Road, Mueng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Quaint Veg Cafe

11 Mar 2013

Very nice atmosphere and great staff + service.

I am a tough nut when it comes to vegetarian food. Twice I enjoyed my time at ImmAim Vegetarian Cafe. Very peaceful atmosphere.

I ordered the organics veggies in creamy curry. For the price it is fair but by local standards its expensive. I can eat at other nearby vegetarian shops, three times, for the price of one meal here. But it will not be organic veggies.

It appears that the dishes are geared towards the western palate. Which is great for those that can't handle typical Thai spice. For me it doesn't keep me coming back for more though. I want that exotic punch of flavor.

29/4 Chang Moi Kao Rd, Tombol Chang Moi, Amper Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Disappointed Vegetarian

25 Jan 2013

I rarely write a negative review because I want to support all vegetarian efforts wherever I am in the world. However, the intention of this review is to inspire the staff and owners to improve the storefront, ambiance, food quality and service. I read the reviews and thought maybe the people weren't being fair in their reviews. They were absolutely right. Sorry veggies.

I was shocked at how nasty the place looked and the uncaring expressions of the staff. In my view this spot is burnt out and should consider closing their doors to save the company's credibility.

I ate at the Bangkok location and was amazed with the food quality and especially Mai herself. She brings such a light to the environment.

My intention the day I went was to sign up for a cooking class. I'm really sorry to say this but the food was not good at all. My sticky rice and mango was even worst. I just ate the mango. No way I'm taking a class with them. Absolutely NOT.

I am not going to go on further describing my experience. I will plead with the owners and staff that you really consider what is going on with this location. As I said before I think the staff is burnt out and maybe not interested in operating the business in Chiang Mai.

I will NEVER ever eat there again. I sincerely pray that they take the proper action and turn this around.

Wat Suan Dok temple, Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spooning the Pun

21 May 2013

Pun Pun is a pioneer of good tasty food. It's clear, after eating a delicious Panaeng Curry with whole grain brown rice, that the staff of Pun Pun are dedicated to feeding the masses organic food.

Pun Pun is located within Wat Suan Dok, right beside a banyan tree. The environment and the food make it a great place to be still in a serene setting.

I throughly enjoyed my lunch and look forward in exploring the menu options. While slurping on my pineapple mint shake my taste buds were refreshened with nice blend of ice and citrus.

It may be a little far to get to, if you are hanging out in Old City. But it is worth the ride over and getting your taste buds enlightened with organic food yum.

The curious mind can sit in view of the kitchen and see the staff preparing the dishes. They have the kitchen flow going on. No one is agitated and seems to be in a constant state of meditation and spirit of making excellent food.

Pun Pun see you in the near future. Arroy mak mak!

Shop No 2830/1, Post Office Road, 6th Main Road, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysore, India

Great Portions, Excellent Flavor and Awesome Servi

03 Apr 2016

This is one of the best restaurants I've encountered during my travels in India. The staff is attentive in making certain your dietary needs are met. Not a rice grain was left after I devoured my meal.

Clean setting with a visual tribute to USA musicians and vocalists. This restaurant is frequented by locals and travelers alike.

A nice variety of menu selections and the vegetarian meals are freshly prepared. Meals can be prepared without onion and garlic. The cooks are masterful at keeping the flavors rich and scrumptious to the very end.

Don't miss this quiet and cozy restaurant when you are in Mysore.

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