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May Kaidee - Chiang Mai

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Contact +66-927788594

29/4 Chang Moi Kao Rd, Tombol Chang Moi, Amper Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50300

Vegetarian Thai cuisine eatery. Offers also a few western style food options. Sunday buffet service. Other locations in Bangkok. Cooking school has regular hours. Moved from Tambon Changclan Mar 2015. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Thai, Western, Buffet, Take-out

Reviews (54)

First Review by Agenda

Best best best best - Edit

My partner and I have been in Chiang Mai for 4 days and we've been to May's 5 times. Despite saying "we should try something new..." for the last 3 days, we end up at Mays. This is such amazing food and at such a great price. PLEASE don't miss Mays, it's the best vegan place we've found in Thailand!

As one other reviewer mentioned, they do ask you to write your order down. I actually appreciate this, the day before I found May's I was charged 80 baht for a juice I THOUGHT was included in my meal, so I appreciate the opportunity to communicate clearly.

We recommend:
Khao Soi, fresh spring rolls, isaan vegetarian
Everything else we had was great, too!

Pros: food!

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best thai food ever - Edit

This is the best Thai food I've tried so far!
Try the banana flower salad, the sauce is soooo delicious, there are no words to explain! No jokes...
I don't know how they do to be that good seriously...

Pros: deliciiiouuuuuus

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Amazing vegan cooking class - Edit

Being in Thailand, I HAD to take a cooking class. I chose May Kaidee's cooking class and it was SO worth it. The staff is generous of their time and portions, and we got a recipe book. We learned how to make many chili pastes, peanut sauce, curries, pad thai, soups and mango sticky rice. The class took about 4 1/2 hours and was very well organized. Absolutely worth it, the food was great :)

Pros: Great food, Well organized, Many recipes

Cons: A little expesive for SE Asia(but really worth it)

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One of the best! - Edit

They have excellent thaifood and cheap prices. Tried many curries and all of them were very tasty and good. The place is simple but definitely worth to visit just because of the flavors. I love thaifood and this place is one of my favorites in Chiang Mai. They also make low in oil if you ask.

Pros: Amazing food, Very cheap, Traditional thai

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Delicious food but a bit of an odd atmosphere - Edit

The food was delicious but we were a little disappointed by the atmosphere and service, maybe it's because we ate there quite late. We had to write our own order down and hand it in to them! If you want to try May Kaidee maybe try one of the Bangkok locations?

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Best Vegan Restaurant in Chiang Mai - Edit

I have tried many vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai and Thailand in general. May Kaidee is by far my absolute favourite!!
The dishes are perfect. There is nothing to be improved about anything I tried. Everything is super fresh and of amazing quality and taste.
I love the Seaweed Rolls and Fresh Spring Rolls especially with their Peanut Sauce!
Smoothies are amazing as well.
Very fair price and amazing quality food!!

Pros: great quality , fair price, friendly staff

Cons: -

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one of the best vego restaurants in Chiang Mai - Edit

May Kaidee is a family operated resturant located in a small street behind the Amora Hotel near the Thapae Gate just outside of the old city ... the massaman curry is especially delicious ... in the 20 times I have been there I have never had a bad meal at this restaurant ... I completed a cooking class so I could enjoy similar food at home ... the staff speak good English and are super friendly ... food quality and quantity is good with moderate prices

Pros: nice family restaurant in quite street opposite a

Cons: some drinks have sugar added

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Incredible vegan cooking class! - Edit

I took the afternoon cooking class and cannot recommend it enough. First of all, very easy to register online ahead of time and easy to find location. Nim was my instructor and she was wonderful, easy to understand and friendly and patient. I was the only student in my session. Veggies/ingredients were pre-chopped and laid out, allowing time for discussion of flavor profiles and to do the actual cooking. We cooked 8 completely vegan dishes total and I was given time to eat the dishes I prepared (or taste and put the rest into boxes to take home and eat later). Students are given a recipe booklet and are encouraged to take notes. Also instructed how to substitute/adjust ingredients based on taste preferences and ingredient availability back home. I had a lot of fun and learned so much! Oh yes, and the food was absolutely delicious.

Pros: Learn to cook multiple dishes, excellent instructi

Cons: None

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amazing vegan food and cooking class - Edit

Absolutely love this place. My friend and I did the vegan cooking class run by the friendliest thai people. We learned how to make many of their menu items from scratch including curry paste, curries, papaya salad, pad thai, and mango sticky rice. All the food was amazing with fresh ingredients. Great just to eat out at as well.

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the food here is great! every time I ordered some type of curry and they where all delicious,they also do all kinds of salads and lots of thia food.The service is good and you write down you own order which I think is very efficient and usefull.Also for anyone who is interested they can make food oil free aswell which Not many places do

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The Best Food in Chiang Mai - Edit

I have eaten at 18 of the restaurants listed here for Chiang Mai. May Kaidee’s is my favorite place, by far. The Khao Soi is one of the most flavorful dishes I have eaten in any country I’ve visited. The pad see ew, the pad thai, the panang curry, etc. Every dish has been impeccable. I joked with the cook that she should have a cooking school and they actually do. Plus, they sell a cookbook. I bought it. The Thai tea is delicious, also. How many have I had? It is funny that the vegan pancakes are listed in the dessert section, I guess that would be accurate, since they are so tasty. Mine were covered in mango and bananas and smothered in blended dragon fruit. They were incredible.
The restaurant is on a quiet road near the famous Tha Phae Gate. The place is very humble, as are the owners. The first time I walked in, I noticed that both owners and a younger male worker were busy in the kitchen, so I just picked up a menu. No big deal. He then asked me what I wanted and I ordered the Pad See Ew. That was easy.
It is late July, so it is humid and every time I walk in, one of them turns on a fan and points it in my direction. I find them very considerate.
Seang and Nim both comprehend a fair amount of English. The place is vegan, unless you ask for eggs or honey. I love this place. I miss this place, as I am headed to Pai. They open at 10:00 a.m. as of this review date.

Pros: Delicious food, Considerate Owners, English Menu

Cons: No A/C, Closed on Sundays

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Best vegetarian food - Edit

I had been to May Kaidee in Bangkok and was amazed, so I went to this one and it was just as good. Everything you could wish for with a long, diverse menu and excellent quality in every dish. I truly regret not taking the cooking class here, I will for sure if I ever come again!

Pros: high quality, fresh

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when may Kaidee name come up RESPEK it - Edit

Ight hol up real quick I hadda come back in for anotha happy cow review for dat ass because I was feelin a bit on edge and disrespected after I peeped some reviews for this place and seen some heavy shit talk going on. First and second, to drop anything less than 5 stars on the head of young Kaidee (let it be known this ain't the OG may Kaidee it's her sister) is BLATANT DISRESPEK STRAIGHT UP. I chow down in this mofo every damn day so next time you got some irrelevant opinion about this restaurant come thru and say it to my face. Ain't none of these cats got enough beans in they Maracas to salsa dance wit the happy cow review gawd. PS the pumpkin hummus is a unique south East Asian spin on a middle eastern classic and is quite intriguing on the palette. PEACE.

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Came here twice! - Edit

I really loved May Kaidee in Chiang Mai. I haven't visited any of the May Kaidee restaurants in Bangkok, so I can't compare, but I enjoyed this one. I came here twice - once for lunch and once for mango sticky rice during the afternoon - and both dishes were totally delicious. Service was very friendly and also quite quick, and the menu is so large that I hardly could decide on what to choose.

I also loved the location, close to a few bookshops and Tha Phae Gate, but still in a quiet street. The only thing that could be improved is the interior, it's not too pretty or cozy, but basic and functional.

Pros: Delicious food & large menu, Fantastic location, Friendly and quick service

Cons: Uncomfy interior

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Good food - Edit

The food choice and quality was very good. Mainly Thai food although a few western style dishes appeared on the menu.

The restaurant is lacking in atmosphere a bit and the service wasn't very attentive. It's a small restaurant though so it was fine.

Overall a pretty good experience, better for lunch than night time.

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nice dinner - Edit

On our last night in Thailand, we stopped in May Kaidee for dinner. We preferred this location to the one in Bangkok that we also visited, but still wish it was all vegan even though they are plenty of choices. We each got a smoothie or juice. We shared the papaya salad, spring rolls, pad thai and eggplant shiitake dish. All delicious. The service was a bit odd as the server left a note pad at the table for us to write down our orders without telling us that. On a quiet street near our hotel. Check it out if in the area.

Pros: lots of vegan options, quiet neighborhood

Cons: not all vegan

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Save bet! - Edit

The restaurant is in a nice neighbourhood not far from Thapae-Gate. The menu is vast and offers all the classic thai dishes, vegan-style. The few non-vegan choices are clearly marked. Everything tastes great!!! The curries, with yummy brown rice, the salads, the soups, tempura, spring-rolls, pad thai, mango & sticky rice, the fruit shakes, the teas... They don't make the dishes very spicy, but you can always tell them how you want it. The prices are reasonable for what you get. We have also been at one of their Bangkok-restaurants several times because we loved the food so much! I really prefer to go to vegetarian/vegan places, so you can really be sure they don't use any fish sauce or oyster sauce!

Pros: great food, nice location, reasonable prices

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really tasty food - Edit

Peacefully shady location, an extensive menu to choose from, everything was delicious, prices were not cheap but not expensive. There are not many tables in there so you could be disappointed if it was full, it's a cooking school too so you might get to watch what's going on while you eat, nice and friendly, would definitely eat there again and would highly recommend it. It's exclusively vegetarian so no meat on the menu, if you like faux meat there are a couple of dishes available too.

Pros: delicious, great choice, peaceful shady location

Cons: not many tables

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Mediocre - Edit

Another pretty average restaurant. I have now been to about 10 veggie restaurants in Chiang Mai and have yet to find a good one.

What is it about these places? Maybe it is the northern style of cooking but they lack the intensity of flavours I have experienced in jay restaurants in Pattaya and Phuket.

May Kaidee was no different - average food, a huge long hair in my pad pong karee - at least the manager replaced the dish for me.

Pros: Central

Cons: Average tasting, Unadventurous menu

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Delicious Thai Dinner - Edit

I decided to venture out on my own to May Kaidee's restaurant in Chiang Mai while on vacation there. The restaurant is on a quiet street and it has a small, quiet atmosphere inside. It's not fancy, but it gives the nice vibe of a family run restaurant, with the kitchen visible from the seating area (which I always love). There are so many choices on the menu, almost too many to choose from! The vegan options are clearly labeled, by pointing out which menu items have milk, eggs or honey in them (with symbols for each). Most of the choices seemed vegan, if I'm not mistaken! I ordered cold hibiscus tea, vegetarian seafood curry, khao soi (yellow noodle), and black sticky rice with mango dessert. The portion sizes weren't too large, which was good for me, because I didn't have the biggest appetite coming in. The food also wasn't heavy feeling, even though I ordered two coconut milk-based dishes. I loved the hibiscus juice; another pleasant new thing from Asia that I'll miss back home! The seafood curry was a bit strong flavoured for me, and the seitan was a bit too meaty tasting for my liking (almost like a hot dog, I suppose). But that would be a hit for non-vegan meat lovers for sure. The only downside was that the curry didn't come with rice, but I didn't ask for it and I didn't have room anyways, so I didn't mind! I loved the yellow noodles; they were extremely flavourful and served in a broth, almost like a yellow curry. The dessert was amazing, as sticky coconut rice with mango often is. They even added banana slices as a bonus. And it was my first time having black sticky rice, which was very interesting. Overall, a great place to have a delicious Thai dinner with a quiet, down-to-Earth atmosphere. I should also add, they offer cooking classes which look great. I wish I had the chance to try one!

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Plenty of Vegan Options

Cons: Plain Decor (Not Fancy), Seafood Curry is too Strong Flavoured

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Amazing vegetarian spring rolls and Panang curry - Edit

I already knew May Kaidee's restaurants and cooking school from Bangkok, and I decided to have dinner at their Chiang Mai branch. It was a bit hard to find, and it looked quite unassuming, more like a simple Thai food place. The staff was friendly, and the food was really good.

As a starter I ordered deep-fried spring rolls, which were just amazing; probably the best spring rolls I've ever tried. Lots of different ingredients and they were served with a light peanut sauce with some chopped spices and vegetables.

As a main dish I ordered the Panang curry. Also one of the best curries I've tried here in Thailand. Lots of different vegetables and some nuts in a creamy sauce. I ordered this served with brown rice.

I ordered a fruit shake which was a bit small compared to the ones I get at street stalls, but very good. Just a bit of sugar and lots of fruit. All in all I only paid around 200 baht for this meal which I think was a really good deal.

So the location could use some improvement, but the food and prices are really good.

Pros: truly amazing spring rolls, good Panang curry with lots of veggies, good prices

Cons: location needs improvement

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NOT May Kaidee Bangkok! - Edit

Arrived here after 8pm to Eat a meal

Food was Good, but I wasn't impressed with the "Staff".....they were Friendly enough, but I felt like I was hanging out in the middle of someone's Home!

Not like the Amazing, Professional "May Kaidee" in Bangkok...Maybe a better place to eat during the day, but being spoilt for choice here in Chiang Mai AND with far better Service else where, I'd prefer not too!

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Amazing Time At May Kaidee's Thai Cooking Class - Edit

We had an awesome time at May Kaidee's cooking class. We made 10 different amazing and healthy Thai dishes, so please make sure you are hungry when you show up. The food was unreal. We made Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai, Massaman and green curry, spring rolls, and plenty more. The recipes are fun and simple and will be easy to make at home. I highly recommend this class to anyone old and young, male or female. Thanks May Kaidee and our instructor Nim for the amazing time!

Pros: Great Food, Easy Recipes, Great Instructor

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As Good as it Always Was - Edit

I am so glad that May Kaidee has returned in Chiang Mai since the old branch closed some time ago. Luckily, the food is as good as ever! Lovely little family run place and is as just as good as you expect a May Kaidee branch to be.

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Pleasant Evening Meal - Edit

Very nice and cosy. Friendly staff. Fantastic menu...hard to decide what to have. We had mini sushi rolls for starters then I had the Green Curry and rice and my husband had Panang curry with rice. For desert we had Sticky black rice with mango banana and coconut. Wow everything tasted amazing

Pros: Lots of vegan options

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Brilliant cooking class, tasty food - Edit

Today we took two classes: the morning general cooking class - curry pastes and curries to blow your tastebuds, & the afternoon tofu making course where besides making soy milk and tofu we learnt to make faux fish cakes using the okra amongst other tofu dishes.

The food as a cafe is of very high quality and reasonable price.

If you are coming for the cooking course make sure you go on an empty stomach otherwise you'll be like us staggering home very very full! The tofu course needs one day advance notice.

Pros: fun, easy to follow and hands on, great tasting

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Great Food and People - Edit

The food is fantastic here and the people who run it are warm and friendly. The cooking class is lovely too -- at least the May Kaidee in Bangkok that I took and would assume that this one is great too, since the recipes are the same. Good, healthy, tasty food in a small place but pleasant atmosphere.

Pros: great food, nice people, good place to meet others

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Reviewer Avatar

OK-ish - Edit

Nothing special, the place is a bit ugly and stuff is not too happy looking, but the food was ok. There are much better places around, like AMU (something like that...). The place in bangkok i liked very much though!

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Nice and friendly place - Edit

I'm a little bit confused about negative reviews about this place. There's no dirty inside, the food is ok and the stuff is very friendly. I'm not really excited about the mango smoothie, but pumpkin hummus was great. Don't forget to ask about the spice amount before making your order, because our double decker sandwich was hellishly hot.

Pros: varied menu, nice price, friendly staff

Cons: too spicy, smoothie overwatered

1 Response

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agentbey 03 Mar 2013 - Maintain objectivity here. Have you been to the restaurant during the day? The definition of clean can vary from person to person.

So when my arm sticks to the table because it has not been thoroughly cleaned that is considered dirty.

When you see dirty finger prints on the containers. Its considered dirty.

Let's keep our reviews clear and biases of personal likes - separate. Hungry travelers are counting on us to be truthful not nice.

Sawadee Krup!

Disappointed Vegetarian - Edit

I rarely write a negative review because I want to support all vegetarian efforts wherever I am in the world. However, the intention of this review is to inspire the staff and owners to improve the storefront, ambiance, food quality and service. I read the reviews and thought maybe the people weren't being fair in their reviews. They were absolutely right. Sorry veggies.

I was shocked at how nasty the place looked and the uncaring expressions of the staff. In my view this spot is burnt out and should consider closing their doors to save the company's credibility.

I ate at the Bangkok location and was amazed with the food quality and especially Mai herself. She brings such a light to the environment.

My intention the day I went was to sign up for a cooking class. I'm really sorry to say this but the food was not good at all. My sticky rice and mango was even worst. I just ate the mango. No way I'm taking a class with them. Absolutely NOT.

I am not going to go on further describing my experience. I will plead with the owners and staff that you really consider what is going on with this location. As I said before I think the staff is burnt out and maybe not interested in operating the business in Chiang Mai.

I will NEVER ever eat there again. I sincerely pray that they take the proper action and turn this around.

Cons: Very Dirty, Low Energy

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Bland food, grubby place, bad service - Edit

After reading so much about Mai Kaidee cafes and cooking schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai we were determined to find and try it. We were really disappointed - this was probably the worst place we ate in Chiang Mai!
The place was grubby - tables unwiped, empty napkin-holders and sauce bottles on the tables. We were grunted at by someone behind the counter who didn't get up or show us a menu so we found the menus for ourselves.
When they did come up to the table they did at least know which items were vegan (very useful, as this isn't marked on the menus).
When the food came it really wasn't good. We'd ordered Kao Soi, tempura veg, and indian curry rice with veggie sausage. Everything was really bland and there was no chilli paste or spicy sauce to enliven it. The dip with the tempura had hardly any flavour. There was very little veggie sausage with the rice and most of the vegetable content was made up of cauliflower (and that included a lot of stalk). Presentation was also lacking, for example the chopsticks were bent and looked like they had been used a lot before.
We don't generally leave food at the end of a meal if it's at all enjoyable. It just isn't what we do. But we were so bored of this bland stuff we actually left food on all the plates.
We're not often this negative on Happy Cow but we really don't recommend this place. Even if you are in the area, we would recommend that you walk to a different area before you eat! It's about a 10-minute walk to AUM, for example.
This place needs serious improvement.

Cons: Not clean, bland boring food, poor service

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Better than most but lacking compared to BKK - Edit

I eat at both the May Kaidee's in BKK a lot. So, I was expecting the same quality, but, was disappointed. The prep/quality/taste isnt the same. Still, it is a good (and one of the better options) if you want more westernized pure veg. Thai food in Chang Mai.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 15, 2011

Pros: Good, pure Veg, diverse menu

Cons: pricey on some dishes

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One of the few real vegans in Chiang Mai - Edit

May Kaidee's was the first vegan I found in Thailand and I regularly go to the CM and the BKK ones. They have Thai comfort food on the menu, green and red curries, salads and soups but also delicious creations such as their pumpkin hummus, their sushi rolls and the spicy eggplant salad, which I all love.
The owners and staff are kind and super quick, a big favorite of mine when I am in Chiang Mai.

Pros: kind staff, vegan, taste

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Okay food, but grubby place - Edit

The food was okay, not the best. One of the cheapest veg places. But after visiting the toilet and seeing the kitchen... and toilet they were a bit disgusting. Dead cockroaches in the toilet, and kitchen was a mess.

Pros: Average food, Cheap

Cons: Dirty

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Good but Bangkok one is better - Edit

We were happy to eat at a veg place, but honestly the one is Bangkok was much better in terms of flavor and spice. I had my favorite dish, red curry and asked for spicy. It came out not spiced at all. The coconut milk was also strange and not very creamy. I had the same dish in Bangkok and it was much much well-seasoned and fresh tasting. The brown rice portions were much bigger here which was nice though. My partner had the seitan fish and it was actually pretty tasty.

Easy to find location. Next to two Indian places.

Oh, they stop serving at 8:30pm, not 11.

Pros: same affordable price, big rice portion, easy to find

Cons: boring/bland flavor

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Very good inexpensive food, with fast service - Edit

We ate here for dinner tonight. First time eating at a vegetarian restaurant in Thailand. They had a large menu with pictures of almost all the dishes so that was helpful and it's in English. Most of the food is around 50 bahts so fairly inexpensive.

We ordered the Tom Yum soup, Papaya salad, Pumpkin hummus and Massaman curry.

All were very good, so much that we want to take one of their cooking classes this week to learn how to make thai flavors for vegan and raw dishes. The coconut rice with mango and banana is good too, I have to say I like the banana more I'm glad they add it because I keep ordering the Khao Nau with mango and its ok but it's not mango season right now.

It's a small restaurant and we drove past it the first time, but it's in between the hair salon and massage studio that are beside the Sumit hotel. I tried the phone number listed but it didn't seem to work.

We'll definitely be back and the chef was very friendly and was telling us all about their cooking classes. You learn 10 dishes with the recipes for about $40 US each. Not bad.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 26, 2010

We just took the 1/2 day vegan cooking class with Mai's sister and it was really fun. There was only my husband and I so we got a private class and ended up making 10 dishes. It was very simple and fun. Do not eat before hand you will be so stuffed from having a huge lunch of all the meals you make. I really love their recipes, so much better than A Taste From Heaven, these are family recipes and very tasty. They even show you how to make their family pumpkin hummus recipe which is delicious!

Pros: inexpensive, tasty and fresh, fast

Cons: small restaurant, can hear cars on street

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Delicious vegan food!!!! - Edit

My husband and I traveled to Thailand for 3 weeks. I consider this restaurant the best restaurant of all places we visited including Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and other cities in the northern Thailang. I am vegan and love tasteful food. I found Mai Kaidee's food delicious, healthy, and cheap for the quality of food. My favorite dishes: Deep fried seeweed and the green vegetable curry. I wish I we could have stayed longer in Chiang Mai in order to enjoy more of this exquisite Thai food. The owner speaks English fluently and her daugther is so adorable talking with customers and waiving good bye to them.
Kab Kun ka!

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Unexpensive

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Black sticky rice with mango/banana oh my! - Edit

I've been in Chiang Mai for about 10 days now. I live by the Chiang Mai Gate, 2km from May Kaidee's. How often do I walk to May Kaidee's? Sometimes twice/day. Yes, it is that good. Most dishes are 50 Baht, and the family that runs it is just wonderful. This is my second favorite veg restaurant in Chiang Mai. :) I don't give willy-nilly 5 Cow ratings, and if there was a 4.5 option I would give it that, because I'm a stickler. Whatever. I highly recommend you eat here.

Pros: fantastic food, awesome people, great prices

Cons: sometimes it's a little slow moving

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Good thai dishes - Edit

Delicious food with a few unusual items on the menu. We ate deep fried seaweed, pumpkin 'hummus' with rice, curry soup and amazing black sticky rice with mango and banana. Yum! Nice staff and reasonably priced.

Pros: Cheap, Unusual dishes, Good food

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nice thai food - Edit

it was the last vegetarian restaurants we tried in our trip to Chiang Mai. their green curry and pumpkin hummus were really delicious. price was similar to other vegetarian restaurants in town. May Kaidee and the staff were very friendly. if i go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai again i'll surely enroll for their cooking class.

Pros: good food, friendly staff

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Decent place - Edit

It's decent place with some delicious meals on the menu. Do try their sandwich. The pancakes are better than at Blue Diamond. The service can be slow.

Pros: Some dishes are VERY tasty

Cons: garlic and onion literally everywhere

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