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Pun Pun Organic Vegetarian Restaurant - Wat Suan Dok

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Contact 084-3656581

Wat Suan Dok temple, Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand,

Serving veggie food using mostly organic produce from local producers. Thai food, salads, pasta, shakes, smoothies, fruit drinks, and coffee. Directions: Find Wat Suan Dok temple on Suthep Rd going west out of the moat, turn into the temple and walk back past the large temple building on your right, then you'll see a small turn to your right with a stupa on your left, the restaurant is behind the stupa. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, International, Organic, Thai, Juice bar, Take-out

Reviews (29)

First Review by rheb

Favourite place to eat in Chiang Mai - Edit

I LOVE PUN PUN. Every single time i'm there, they don't disappoint. They can get a little crowded during the peak hours so be prepared to wait a little. But its definitely worth the wait. Their khao soi is pretty great but they have this fermented mushroom dish which is out of this world. Also really nice vegan chocolate cake!

Pros: Fermented mushroom dish!!, Really good food, Friendly english speaking staff

Cons: Might be a little hard to find, Can get crowded

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Nice food - Edit

Went here for lunch and had a very tasty salad: ingredients were really fresh and the tofu is homemade and sort of two-toned! My friend had a cooked dish which he said was tasty, but I thought it looked very small!

Pros: plenty of vegan options, Great juices, fresh ingredients

Cons: slow service

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Very Good - Edit

Pun Pun has a great, quiet location under the trees on the grounds of the Wat. The food has been really good each visit, especially recommend the mushroom sausages! Not a full meal themselves (you get 2) but definitely a good side dish. Always popular it seems, better to come earlier rather than later.

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Tasty - Edit

Thai food was grand, awesome Som Tum salad and curries. I had the tempeh dip, which was a little disappointing, over fermented (or maybe just old), and deep fried, not a good combo, bitter and flavorless. Otherwise all okay, would recommend the Thai food for sure.

Pros: Killer Thai food , Nice environment

Cons: Dodgy directions , Bitter tempeh

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The Pun Pun is here but not by Night Safari - Edit

How ever I marked the other one as closed I hope it could save somebody a minute or freaking hour+. I spend couple hours just to discover that the one by night safari was the temporary location and is closed now.

I liked this one though. Food is reasonably priced and tasty.
However the waitress is a piece. Not rude but not welcome either. She will treat you like a tree. Acknowledging your existence but disregarding your presence. Cold and unemotional. Not that it is a big of a deal. Just very strange experience.
Hell. I would even recommend going to experience it for yourself. If you have luck to catch the duty time.

And anyway if you are for the food this is the right place.

Pros: Staff?, Food

Cons: Staff?

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Pun Pun's new location is pretty bad - Edit

I used to love Pun Pun when it was outdoors under a Bodhi tree in a beautiful courtyard, full of happy people. Now (still in Wat Suan Doc temple) it is in a dark unpleasant hall (no wood, no character) with a few tables outside virtually in a noisy, horrible car park. Food is still good but there are four or five much nicer veggie and vegan places elsewhere in Chiang Mai whose food is as good, and often better than Pun Pun. Sadly it has lost it's character and the staff seem demoralised. Often closes at about 3pm (one hour earlier than 'official' closing time) when they tell you, in a very apologetic and friendly way: "Sorry, all food gone". I have never heard such an excuse in any restaurant or cafe in either Thailand or India - ever! Most of the food is cooked freshly when you order, so what they mean is either - we have no more ingredients which we can cook for you (unbelievable) or - "we are too tired and we want to go home". Some suggestions for major improvements (if the management are interested): 1.Brighten up the indoor dark hall with plants, flowers, better lighting, windows, art works etc. 2. Stay open until 8pm like every other veggie restaurant in Chiang Mai (people get fed up with the early closing and just give up on you). Make a barrier (plants, wood) in the car park and keep the noisy, polluting SUVs at least 20 metres from the tables. It needs a manager who has some interest and initiative in trying to restore the lovely atmosphere of happy staff and satisfied customers and lovely surrounding which Pun Pun, famously, used to have. Best wishes to you all.

Pros: Good food, Staff friendly

Cons: Horrible atmosphere and setting, Not much initiative or interest by staff

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Not clean - Edit

Did not look clean and healthy.

1 Response

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BIBIJOO 22 Nov 2015 - The fried food doesn't seem health, yet the salad is really fresh & with big portion & good mixture of with choices of salad.

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I would say the Pun Pun is the best in Chiang Mai - Edit

I bought Nancy Chandler's Map of Chiang Mai and found the Pun Pun Organic Vegetarian Restaurant. The service was ok, but the food was really good. (and there is a nice cafe near Pun Pun. if you enter from the back side of Wat Suan Dok of the entrance, you will see modern cozy cafe, "The Barn")
There are Menus in Japanese, Chinese, and English available at Pun pun restaurant. I had papaya salad and fried rice, both are tasty.
they also have a tip box for saving seed thing. I wanna support the for what they are doing. I hope they open their cafe all over the world.
Updated from previous review on Friday September 18, 2015

and also They are NOT VEGAN, so you have to tell them to use NO EGG!!

Pros: nice food, clean vibration

Cons: a bit far from old city, close at 4pm

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absolute BEST of chiang mai - Edit

I'm still at Pun Pun writing this review. I am a vegan and this food was absolutely killer :) the fried flower salad is a must. don't leave this restaurant without getting it. and I got the phenomenal pad thai without the egg. both exceptional. this has been my favorite restaurant in chiang mai. super vegan friendly.

Pros: everything and they totally understand the concept

Cons: nothing.

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Top a Top! - Edit

behind Wat Suan Dok temple, you can eat inside the restaurant or outside in the temple's quiet and peaceful "backyard"
love the food there, mainly Thai cuisine, good variety, nice service and you even can get some free seeds to plant organic veggies.
not as cheap as the "hole in the wall" vegan places, but far from expensive
one of my worldwide favorites, definitely a top a top place!

Pros: great food, nice staff, fair prices

Cons: not very easy to find

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Delicious Vegetarian Food in Chiang Mai - Edit

Pun Pun - lt took a second attempt to find it, but once it was found, it was our eating place while in Chiang Mai.
First of all, make you sure you enter the grounds of the Wat Suan Dok (temple) off Suthep Road, as it is actually past the Main Temple and behind the Monk's Chat Room.
Pun Pun is out doors, shaded by a huge Bodhi tree. lt is basic and simple, with some tables, some umbrellas and wooden chairs.
What is amazing are the dishes that they prepare in such a simple environment. The salads, the Thai dishes and drinks are so good.

Having 4 dishes with red/brown rice for some 250B ($10CAD) is so reasonable for two people.
Organic, fresh, delicious and tasty.
Went there nearly every second day, because when you find a place that makes good preparations, why go elsewhere?
Look forward to revisiting Pun Pun when am next back in Chiang Mai.

Pros: Relaxing outdoor setting, Tasty, delicious dishes, Such a selection

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Quality Thai Veggie from Farm to Table - Edit

Pun Pun has been serving quality vegetarian food in Chiang Mai for seven years. It is the classic organic vegetarian table service restaurant, the first of its kind in Chiang Mai. The concept is farm to table with the produce coming from Pun Pun organic farm and other small organic farms known to the owner.

The food is consistently good with many stand out dishes: the beautiful and tasty flower salad, banana heart salad, wing bean salad, tofu and sesame plate. Yum. The prices are quite inexpensive considering the quality of the ingredients and the owners try to their meals affordable. The also offer special inexpensive meals for the monks who study at the Buddhist University located on the same grounds.

The restaurant is in the grounds of the Buddhist temple which is unique in itself. Diners should be respectful of this and not arrive in short shorts or revealing outfits.

In answer to some of the "cons": All meals can be served vegan, just tell them to hold the egg. The portions are Thai style.

And did you know that the first guest at this restaurant was the Venerable Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh?

Pros: Truly organic tasty meals, Inspiring owners, Unique Atmosphere

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Spooning the Pun - Edit

Pun Pun is a pioneer of good tasty food. It's clear, after eating a delicious Panaeng Curry with whole grain brown rice, that the staff of Pun Pun are dedicated to feeding the masses organic food.

Pun Pun is located within Wat Suan Dok, right beside a banyan tree. The environment and the food make it a great place to be still in a serene setting.

I throughly enjoyed my lunch and look forward in exploring the menu options. While slurping on my pineapple mint shake my taste buds were refreshened with nice blend of ice and citrus.

It may be a little far to get to, if you are hanging out in Old City. But it is worth the ride over and getting your taste buds enlightened with organic food yum.

The curious mind can sit in view of the kitchen and see the staff preparing the dishes. They have the kitchen flow going on. No one is agitated and seems to be in a constant state of meditation and spirit of making excellent food.

Pun Pun see you in the near future. Arroy mak mak!

Pros: Excellent Food, Serene, Peaceful Staff

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Nice place, interesting food - Edit

I wish more of the food had been vegan - a lot seemed to have egg or "egg tofu" unfortunately. The menu is huge - for example, "spicy salads" warrant a separate page from "salads"! It says that they mark the menu whenever an item has eggs or milk and the menu did seem to be marked up, but then I ordered a rice and it turned up with a fried egg - luckily, on the side, so easy to get rid of, but still...
It's pretty popular, with tables filling up almost as soon as they emptied. You sit outside under a huge tree, in the temple grounds, away from the main road behind the temple, a very peaceful environment (though there are quite a lot of ants trying to share your food!).
What we ate was great, good flavours and good value. The staff were friendly and helpful too.

Pros: atmosphere, vegan options, fresh smoothies

Cons: too many eggs, ants!

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Reviewer Avatar

Food OK, atmosphere much better - Edit

There is nothing wrong with this place, but I never understand the rave reviews for the food. It is set in a very nice garden type area, so worth visting for that.

Pros: Nice atmosphere

Cons: Food is nothing special

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The best in CM - Edit

I wrote not so positive reference bfore but changed my mind since then. Pun-Pun is awesome and very artistic. So far they serve the best food in Chiangmai. And it's organic. And inexpensive. But if you want to learn Thai Food from them - save your money - they teach plain Thai cuisine, not that fine as they serve (because two different group of people manage restaurant and cooking school).

Pros: Unsual menu, Free water, Fine look and taste

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Best Food in Chang Mai - Edit

Hands down the best, freshest and most healthy food in Chang Mai. A truly not for profit co-op with people committed to ethics, slow food, bio-diversity,and seed saving. The produce comes directly from their farm to kitchen. Organic with plenty of raw food choices. They make all their own soy products as well.

Unfortunately, it isn't pure vegan but the eggs are at least 'free range'. The menu is clearly labelled so you know what has egg in it and what doesnt. I would say it's 80 percent vegan and the items that do contain egg could be made without it added.

They have a really diverse, interesting and innovative menu with local and unusual dishes you wont see anywhere else.

Everything I've had here has always been delicious and fresh. Love all their salads, fried mushroom appetizer, and tofu 'steak'. The food is very cheap considering the high quality. Most dishes are 30-50 baht.

Seating is outdoors around an courtyard behind the monk chat building. Simple wooden tables some with umbrellas.

They can get a bit busy around lunch time so you may have to wait for a table but once you've ordered the food always has come very fast.

Run by great people committed to their ethics sustainability and truly amazing food beautifully presented.

Take a red truck to Wat Suan Dok. Walk straight back until you see a 'monk chat' sign in English on the right hand side. Turn right. You will see a large tree with tables around it.

Really a must try.

Pros: Amazing food, Organic, Lots of vegan/raw choices

Cons: None

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Pun Pun-food for the spirit - Edit

Such a treat to find my way to the sweet location of Pun Pun, under a giant banyan tree and located behind the Monk Chat at Wat Suan Dok temple. The menu is great for those needing a break from msg, meat or greasy street food. Choices include healthy and creative entree's from salads using organic veggies and rich and tangy sweet miso dressings. The main dishes are also organic, fresh and innovative and they offer high quality brown rice and all for roughly $1-2 a plate! Nice list of health inspired juices and yummy fruit smoothies.
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 22, 2011

Pros: relaxed, shady atmosphere, attentive and friendly staff, inexpensive, delicious and healthy

Cons: small portions

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Complete Experience - Edit

Dining here is to complete a wonderful experience. First you visit Wat Suan Dok which is one of the premier sites in Chiang Mai and easy to find as it is on all the maps. Along the way you'll meet a host of monks who want to speak with you to share their experiences and learn about you. Finally at the rear of the Wat you find this great restaurant to complete a great visit.

The food is wonderfully prepared and delicious. They don't have the most extensive menu but everything they serve is an experience. A little slower than most restaurants as care it taken in preparing and serving all meals. Enjoy the atmosphere. Moderately priced it raises funds for the Wat and provides one of Chiang Mai's best dining experiences.

Pros: Food Quality, Location

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Simply fantastic - Edit

Behind the Monk Chat building surrounding a giant tree in a peaceful courtyard setting sits the small organic and veg spot, Pun Pun. The food here is fresh, creative, distinct and absolutely delicious. They have some of the most unique salads and Asian dishes I've ever had. Over the course of a week I went for lunch 4-5 times and never left feeling unsatisfied. The portions can be a bit small but the prices are very reasonable thus suggesting trying more than one thing. My favorite dishes were the fried flower salad with pumpkin dressing, the shiitake mushroom cakes, and any of the stir fries. It's peaceful and slow, beautiful and warm. The drinks are lovely (any of them)...all of my carnivores friends were thoroughly impressed. This place is proper. Highly recommended.

Pros: Unique and creative, Delicious and filling, Fresh and healthy

Cons: Small portions, A little tricky to find the first time

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Best vege restaurant - Edit

Pun Pun is the best vege restaurant that i been tried, we spent 2 days to try every pure vege food ( not all is pure vege ). you should try if you travel to chiang mai.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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The best place in town! - Edit

Don't know what that other reviewer is talking about, Pun Pun is hands down the best veg cafe in town (and I'm a chef, very picky about my food, and tried every place in town). Inventive menu items, all priced 30-60 baht which is the cheapest price in town (other than a hawker stall), all organic, good portion size, and beautiful setting in the temple grounds.

I went twice (one time stayed for 3 hours, we just kept ordering and eating), tried the salad with fried flowers with avocado dressing (to die for!), sweet and sour tofu, green curry, another salad, papaya salad, another salad with their homemade black sesame tofu, spring rolls which were very tasty, lemongrass tea. Everything YUM! See my photos :)

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Nice atmosphere - Edit

We didnt eat here but had a lovely iced lemongrass tea. The place was busy but with a nice atmosphere. I would come back to eat here as people I met said the food was good. They also have an organic farm outside of Chiang Mai where vegetarian cookery courses are run and you can go and stay and volunteer which is really lovely.

Pros: Cheap, Nice relaxed atmosphere, varied choice

Cons: Slow service

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Good organic food restaurant - Edit

First time here, I had a good massaman curry; second time, a Muslim salad, basically a version of gado-gado. The food is all organic and nicely presented, and the restaurant is set in a nice garden. It's a little more expensive than standard Thai veggie places, but most dishes are in the 35-45B range. Definitely worth checking out.

Pros: Good food, Nice garden seating, Organic food

Cons: Not every menu item available

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