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1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

Delicious, Unique Options

11 Jul 2010

I used to visit the Pearl District location frequently before it closed and have been to the Irvington location a couple times now. Just as delicious, with an expanded menu! Definitely one of my top five favorite veg restaurants in the city.

I absolutely adore the Four-Cheese Lasagna. I never knew so many flavors could be found in vegan cheeses, prepared from scratch! A wonderful, filling, and satisfying comfort food. I also love many of their raw food options, especially the Live Pasta and Live Falafel Wrap. The Coconut Chai is a wonderful indulgence. The desserts are incredible, and I'm not a dessert person, normally! The Live Fudge just melts in your mouth.

This isn't a place you want to visit if you're in a hurry -- it's a relaxed, slow-food sort of place. However, the Irvington location seems to have faster service than the Pearl District location had.

Blossoming Lotus actually catered my wedding in 2008 (they no longer cater), with great success. I wanted to show the diverse family and friends present how delicious vegan food could be, and Blossoming Lotus did not disappoint.

14601 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, USA


11 Jul 2010

I first ate at Cafe Yumm in Eugene, and I was delighted that they opened a location so near me. I really love their classic Yumm Bowl made vegan (extra avocado) and almost always get it. Their vegan Yumm sauce is definitely delicious and full of flavor (and also available in jars at their restaurants and in many health food supermarkets locally). I also really enjoyed their wraps and vegan burger.

At their Eugene location they had Ginger Spice vegan cookies; I was disappointed they didn't offer these at the Beaverton location when I went. The menu in Beaverton in general seemed slightly more limited.

The outdoor seating was very nice, though it's in a new strip mall type area, so the outdoor ambiance isn't the greatest. Has a casual dining/fast food type feel inside.

115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, USA

Went for an Event

11 Jul 2010

I went to Backspace for a presentation of experimental animation my wife was involved in. I liked the size and atmosphere of the place. We sat in comfy couches. They had Dragonfly Chai, which is one of my favorite vegan chai mixes because it's not overly sweet, so I had a soy chai.

I ordered the vegan mac&cheese, since I wanted something comforting and fun. I couldn't eat it -- it was WAY too salty for me. It didn't taste cheesy at all, unlike many excellent vegan mac and cheeses I've had. The yellow sauce was salty with a spicey herb flavor. I ate the noodles that didn't have much on it, and couldn't finish the rest, very disappointed.

The salad that came with it had too much oil in the dressing for my liking, and I had a hard time eating that either. Generally I eat pretty much everything and like everything I eat, so this is really rare for me!

It's unusual that I don't order the nachos; however, if they have the same "cheese" sauce on them, I don't think I would like them.

One person I was with, who is not vegan, got a real cheese quesadilla with beans and vegetables, which is probably pretty hard to screw up. The other person I was with, another vegan, had a large salad with a green goddess type dressing and also enjoyed it. However, I was very disappointed and left hungry. Really a first for me ever visiting a vegetarian restaurant!

The staff was not particularly helpful or friendly. They didn't communicate with us about where we were supposed to pick up our food when it was ready, and were pretty short with us, answering my questions about the food as if annoyed by them.

I think my partners enjoyed the place far more than I did.

I may give them another try, but many of the things on the menu that looked interesting to me were advertised with that vegan cheese sauce, and I really didn't like the flavor.

4768 SE Division St, Portland, USA

Friendly Staff

11 Jul 2010

The thing that stands out to me most about my visit to Bay Leaf was the wonderful, personal service. It was fairly empty at the time we visited, and the staff was very interactive, joking around and offering suggestions.

First we had appetizers of peanuts and edamame and tried not to make too much of a mess. We had tea and smoothies, all very good.

The food was excellent. I had the China Jade Fried Rice and it was fantastic. I had leftovers which were very good the next day! The people I went with all enjoyed their entrees as well, and we all shared. The flavors were complex and light.

We had absolutely decadent dessert.

I definitely can't wait to visit again. It's a bit far away for us, so I don't get out there as often as I do to many other restaurants in Portland, but I'm sure I'll make the trip soon!

37 S 1st St, San Jose, USA

Satisfying Cafeteria Style Meals

13 Jul 2010

We get down to San Jose about once a year. Good Karma Vegan Deli will be a recurring stop for us. Last January 2010, we stopped in for lunch several times!

The food is served cafeteria and deli case style. The food is sold by the plate, with the option to get one or several different choices on your plate. They serve everything from home cooking style mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti and salad to various Asian staples like black bean tofu.

If you don't like your food touching, this isn't the place to eat. However, if you're like me and love the blending of flavors as sauces co-mingle, you might enjoy Good Karma.

My husband enjoyed the more spicy offerings, such as the curries and chana masala, with a cold beer. I on the other hand am really sensitive to spice and stuck to the mellower choices. I really liked the mashed potatoes, though they were a bit salty, I ate them several times! The spaghetti was delicious, and I loved the tofu scramble.

I was a bit disappointed in the drink offerings for those who don't drink alcohol, like myself.

The service was good, the staff was willing to chat and talk about the food available when it wasn't busy. However, a couple of times we went when they were supposed to be open and they hadn't opened yet.

Definitely a place I'll visit again, a comfortable place for a filling meal.

3320 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Huge Burritos

11 Jul 2010

I've actually visited several Laughing Planet Cafe locations. Belmont was most recent. I admit I always get the same thing -- a bean burrito with the Vegan Deluxe option (no vegan cheese). I keep wanting to try something else, but the burrito is just so good! The vegan sour cream is one of the better sour creams I've had, and I absolutely love guacamole.

My partners get much more diverse fare there, and always enjoy it. My husband loves plantains, so he had the Che Guevara Burrito last time (plantains, sweet potatoes, beans, rice, barbeque sauce) and said it was fantastic. He's also had various of their bowls and salads and always says they're delicious.

Huge burritos, very filling, great taste combinations.

3439 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Fun Food

11 Jul 2010

There is often a line out the door for breakfast on the weekends.

They have a chocolate/peanut butter/banana smoothie that is vegan. It's delicious and indulgent.

I particularly like the vegan pancakes option, as once in a while I get a craving for that kind of thing, and there just aren't many places you can get them. They're huge and I definitely couldn't eat them all by myself. They have some good flavor options, like cranberries, nuts or chocolate.

I also had the vegan French toast, and it was delicious with syrup. Also too big for me to eat the whole thing.

I wasn't impressed with the tempeh sticks, personally; one person I went with loves them, the other is of the same opinion as me and doesn't like them. Some of the other vegan lunch options felt heavy and greasy to me. I have been a handful of times, and will no doubt go back and try new things, but overall I've found I like their breakfast options, but am not so keen on their other offerings.

4888 NW Bethany Blvd Ste K6, Portland, USA

Delicious, service with a smile!

07 Apr 2008

Absolutely delicious, fresh, beautifully presented food. The owner is such a sweet woman, and takes care to know her customers. All the food is egg-free, and almost all is vegan, or can be made vegan, with the exception of a couple lacto-vegetarian desserts. Usually they have some vegan cake as well. My favorite dishes are the Saintly Soup (sweet, Thai-styled rice soup) and many of the appetizers. Quick service, very clean.

1205 SE Stark St, Portland, USA

Wedding Cake

11 Jul 2010

I gush about Sweet Pea.

We had them do our wedding cake for our all-vegan wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous, and they got the decoration perfect. We asked for a woodland theme, and it had molded ladybugs, ferns and fiddleheads, acorns and mushrooms, with chocolate bark shavings.

The bottom layer was vanilla with vegan custard filling (to die for), the middle was chocolate with fruit filling, and the top was spice cake with vanilla filling. Everyone at the wedding, regardless of their dietary choices, devoured the cake.

They also did our favors -- Mexican wedding cookies (nut shortbread cookies covered in powdered sugar, also called Russian Tea Cakes, Snowdrops, etc.). They were light and flavorful, wrapped in biodegradable clear bags, which we tied with ribbons.

I've had several other delicious treats from them, and all are delightful. My husband loves their whoopie cookies, which remind him of his childhood in Pennsylvania.

I've purchased their cakes when available in local health food stores, as well. I've never been disappointed. Everything is moist, flavorful, and quite a treat.

3430 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Relaxing, Beautiful Tea House

07 Apr 2008

One of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Vegetarian and very vegan-friendly food from all the tea cultures of the world, and some other cultures besides. Definitely a "slow food" kind of place, a great restaurant to take your time at, and savor the experience. Their tea menu is many pages long, so if you like tea, you'll be in heaven at this place. My favorite dish is the miso flatbread, which can be a bit salty (it is miso, after all), but is absolutely divine with their dal du jour. If you ask for no raita (making the dish vegan) they often substitute extra dal, or some hummus. I love their salads, beautifully presented with fruit and a green tea vinaigrette. I haven't had a thing off the menu I didn't love.

520 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, USA

Delicious, Can't Wait to Return

13 Jul 2010

I only get down to San Jose about once a year, and I have seriously been craving this food ever since January, 2010! While we were staying there for a week, we ate at Vegetarian House several times.

Everything is vegan, which is absolutely delightful, it's such a freedom to be able to order everything on the menu without worry.

I had the Thai iced tea bubble tea every time. I just love that I can get a vegan Thai iced tea, and added tapioca balls is a bonus!

We had many different meals while there. The portions were large and satisfying.

My husband and I shared a huge bowl of their International House Special Soup. It was light and delicious, a classic in the style of egg-drop soup (egg free of course, but with silken tofu giving it that same sort of feel).

Twice I got their Avocado BLT, which is made with tempeh, on the most delicious bread, crusty and flakey on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Remembering their Fettuccine Alfonzo is making me salivate as I write this review! The alfredo sauce was the best vegan alfredo I've tasted so far. Even my husband liked it, and he didn't like alfredo sauces before he went vegan! This is definitely the first thing I'll be ordering when I go there next.

We also splurged one evening and got fried ice cream for dessert. Vegan. Fried. Ice. Cream. Seriously! It wasn't just vanilla either, it was delicious cherry chocolate ice cream! Drizzled with syrups and served with fruit. Holy Happy Cow!

The staff were extremely friendly. By the time we left for Portland at the end of our trip, they knew us quite well! As we left for the last time, one of the staff actually ran out the front door to wave goodbye as we caught our taxi! They were extremely helpful and attentive.

Yes, the restaurant is run by members of a New Religious Movement. However, they never once tell you to join their religion. The pamphlets and posters are there, but they do not force you to read them or believe them. I have never once felt pressured when visiting a restaurant run by the followers of this religion (and many vegetarian restaurants are).

Excellent food, I can't wait to go back!

3023 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Nachos Nut

11 Jul 2010

I almost always try the vegan nachos, burritos or tacos when I go to a new restaurant with those options. It's pretty hard to mess them up, and vegetarian nachos are often easily made vegan by simply omitting the cheese and sour cream. Vita Cafe's nachos are specifically vegan, and their vegan cheese sauce makes their nachos one of the ones I adore.

I've also had their vegan BLT with tempeh bacon and vegan mayo and it was very good. They have a large selection of vegan desserts, though I rarely have room for them! There are many vegan options on the menu I have yet to try.

Their outdoor seating is very nice. The staff is fairly harried most of the time; however, at one visit a waitress went out of the way to show me the dessert options.

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