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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pacific Northwest chain of quick service restaurants. Offers sandwiches, salads, wraps, bowls, and breakfast items. Has tofu and tempeh. Signature dish is the yumm bowl with choice of rice and beans, topped with sauce, salsa, black olives, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and dairy. Ask to make your bowl vegan, and staff will substitute cheese and sour cream for extra avocado or cabbage and carrots. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by Strawberrypickle


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11 Apr 2017

Okay place for vegetarian options, but cross contamination is an issue

I've worked here before and this is a fairly decent fast and cheap restaurant with the YUMM sauce (which is basically in every dish) being vegan non gmo. However the dishes do normally contain dairy cheese and sour cream with the option of 'vegan sub avo' or 'vegan sub cabbage and carrots'. You can also individually take off the dairy items and replace them with other menu items like greens, pepitas, carrots etc. the food is fairly customizable. They have tofu skewers and tempeh skewers. They have a vegetarian dedicated grill, with tempeh or tofu protein options that can be added to things for $1 (chicken being $2 haha). They serve vegenaise as their mayo and have a vegan sandwich called the Deli Lamma (which I recommend ordering with a side of mustard and vegenaise which come free) the sandwich is basically all vegetables, be careful because the wheat bread they serve is not vegan (has dry fat milk in it) they have gluten free bread as well.
But I know first hand that the cross contamination is a problem with cheese getting into the tomato and sour cream onto the avocados. The grill also gets cheese melted into it. They use canola oil for their tofu and tempeh (which is organic thankfully!)
The only kinds of meat they sell is chicken which gets microwaved in giant plastic zip lock bags, salmon which is for a burger they serve and turkey for sandwiches and ruebens.
Overall it's a decent place, not by any means 'healthy' but if you don't have any better options it can easily be somewhere to get a quick vegan bite.



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08 Sep 2015

Confusing as to what is vegan and how to order

We've been to this restaurant three times. After the first time, we swore we would NEVER go again. Yes, it was that bland, confusing, and frustrating. But, then we were in a pinch (situation-wise) and this was our only option. Not only did we have a helpful person taking our order this time, but the food (because we ordered it properly finally!) was delicious. We then liked it so much, we've been a third time.

Here is how to order:
(1) Tell them you are vegan. If you want a bowl, order it "vegan". They'll eliminate the non-vegan items, and double the vegan items.
(2) Get your Yumm sauce on the side. It's a larger quantity this way, and you get to pick and choose where it goes on your food.
(3) Consider the Reuben made vegan.
(4) A bowl won't be enough quantity for a vegan. Order a BBQ tofu kabob or Terriyaki tempeh kabob as a side. Get Yumm sauce for dipping.

Sounds easy, I'm sure, but this was NOT CLEAR to us when we went the first time. That time, we got about 4 scoops of plain black beans over bland brown rice with nothing on them and no condiments. It was gross and we love black beans and rice. We do recommend this restaurant. If you get something gross, talk to them. That was our mistake.

Pros: Crave-worthy once you figure it out, Great place for all people, Delicious kabobs!

Cons: Confusing how to order, Even the largest bowl is SMALL, No vegan desserts


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21 Sep 2014

good dependable food

I love how many vegan options they have. bowls, wraps, sandwiches are good. I wish they'd change up the menu or have specials.

Pros: tasty, vegan friendly

Cons: limited menu


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28 Jul 2013

nice atmosphere, good food

I liked the food and it tasted very healthy, which I always like. Surprisingly the friend I went with who is not vegan or a healthy eater liked it too, which surprised me, since I eat like this all the time and thought it tasted healthy. Great choice for a vegans to have a full menu to pick from.

Pros: Healthy choices, Large range of selections, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Might get boring after a few times, a bit like cafeteria ordering


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05 Jun 2013

Nice vegan offerings

I had one of their Yuum! Bowls today in my first visit to Cafe Yumm!They have an impressive vegan offering on their menu, and the Yumm! Bowl was satisfying.

Pros: Large vegan menu, Friendly staff


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27 May 2012

Cafe Yumm

I actually didn't like this at all. The soy beans were NOT my cup of tea, everything that we tried, was yucky!!

Pros: Close to home

Cons: NOT good tasting


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11 Jul 2010


I first ate at Cafe Yumm in Eugene, and I was delighted that they opened a location so near me. I really love their classic Yumm Bowl made vegan (extra avocado) and almost always get it. Their vegan Yumm sauce is definitely delicious and full of flavor (and also available in jars at their restaurants and in many health food supermarkets locally). I also really enjoyed their wraps and vegan burger.

At their Eugene location they had Ginger Spice vegan cookies; I was disappointed they didn't offer these at the Beaverton location when I went. The menu in Beaverton in general seemed slightly more limited.

The outdoor seating was very nice, though it's in a new strip mall type area, so the outdoor ambiance isn't the greatest. Has a casual dining/fast food type feel inside.

Pros: Full of Flavor, Quick, Friendly, Helpful Service, Cheap


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29 Mar 2010

Underated place, great food, good vegan choices!

We didn't even know this place existed until a few months ago and now we can't stop going. Vegan burgers there are DELICIOUS, I love the fact they serve Veganaise (which I am addicted to), and they have lots of bowls with vegan substitutes/options. Their yumm bowls are amazing and the staff there is friendly. The only cons are that you have to specifically ask for the condiments to be given to you with your meal (it is served dry) which often results in us walking back up to the counter to ask for items for our sandwiches/burger, etc.
LOVE the fact they have liquid aminos that you can help yourself to, I usually drench my yumm bowls in it! I think if more vegans visited this place and gave the owner feedback they would be further inspired to add even more veg selections. :)
BBQ Tempeh and tofu skewers are terrific at $3.00 a piece!

Pros: GREAT BURGERS, Lots of vegan options, Substitutions welcomed

Cons: Have to ask for each condiment with meal

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