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Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro

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Contact 503-617-1419

4888 NW Bethany Blvd Ste K6, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97229

Providing vegan food since 2007. Menu features a variety of choices including wraps, noodle and rice with veggies and soy products, pho and noodle soups, raw food and salads. Vegan cakes and pies. Located in the Bethany neighborhood in a bright space. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-8:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Raw, Take-out, Asian, Catering, Vietnamese

Reviews (52)

First Review by casckm

Dont understand the good reviews - Edit

This is one of the first vegan restaurants Ive tried and I thought the food was bland and lacking value. Had the vermecelli bowl and bunbohue but they were 2 stars at best. The five star reviews are a bit suspicious as with many loving hut restaurants.

Cons: Expensive, small portions, not good.

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I asked them about their fortune cookies. - Edit

Well thanks to the review that was posted recently, I had to go check it out and ask them about it for I am a regular customer. Being a regular customer I could not believe the fact that their fortune cookies were not vegan. The staff there told me that the ingredient list on the box itself is wrong. I was told that they order from a company that custom makes fortune cookies, and that in order to cut back on costs use pre-made boxes which have the wrong ingredient list. So basically the fortune cookies are in fact vegan, and so is everything else. If anyone decides to try them out, order pad thai, purity, and gourmet ramen! Those are my absolute favorite items on the menu!

Pros: Great staff, Great food, Just positive vibes

Cons: Well some of the items are love or hate.

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Not Vegan! - Edit

I would give this 0 cows, but for some reason HappyCow forces me to give it at least 2.

We were initially impressed that a place could have so many vegan desserts available, when so many common dessert ingredients are non-vegan. I was particularly impressed that they had (free!) vegan fortune cookies, when most fortune cookies are not vegan.

However, there were some empty fortune cookie boxes by the restroom with the ingredients printed on the side. You know, the big cardbord boxes they ship fortune cookies to the restaurant in bulk in. These clearly stated that the fortune cookies contain WHEY, which is an animal product.

I can no longer trust this restaurant and will not return. Who knows what other animal products are lurking in this so-called "vegan" cuisine.

Cons: Not vegan

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good food! - Edit

The food was delicious! I was skeptical about portion size after reading some reviews that said they were small, but to my excitement, they were good-sized portions. Furthermore, the staff was super helpful and nice. I'll definitely be coming back!

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Good Vegan Restaurent - Edit

This is good Vegan Restaurant for Fresh Food. Very nice lady boos in the kitchen and friendly man at the counter. Nice, clean & friendly atmosphere and fresh food (mostly good).

Watch out few minor things, as crispy stir-fry noodles is not what you would get, instead you may get deep fried or made earlier hard noodles (avoid this item as they may say yes, it's stir-fired noodles but they won't serve you).

Pros: Only Vegan, Freshly Made, Mostly Organic Veg

Cons: Language of Stir-Fry is not universal, Some off-the shelf items added

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Asian Fusion goodness (with small portions) - Edit

We like this place and have been twice. It's just what you'd expect based on the name and menu. The soups are large, but the wraps are teeny-tiny. The flavors are great. The service is great.

Pros: 100% healthy flavorful vegan, Nice interior and location, Nice, friendly staff

Cons: A little pricey, Small portions

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Good food, great service! - Edit

The food was really good, they had plenty of options from wraps to dumplings to noodles to rice bowls. My only complaint would be that the menu features a lot of soy protein and tofu, but that is the case with a lot of vegan asian cuisine. I had a wrap and dumplings and they were both excellent, then had the gluten-free tiramisu and it was heavenly! The staff (might have been the owners?) were incredibly nice and friendly, even anticipating our needs before we could ask. The bright environment, good food, and adorable staff made this place a great spot for a tasty lunch :)

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Bright environment

Cons: Lots of soy products

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Not too impressed... - Edit

Just a warning if you are on the healthier vegan lifestyle. Too much fried and caramelized sugar to win me over. Some rice dishes are decent. A bit too "junky foodie" for me. No raw deserts, greasy, needs some work.

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Not crazy about it - Edit

My husband and I ate here and we didn't like it very much. The appetizers were good..but my pad thai tasted ketchup-y which is not at all how it should taste. Maybe the chef was having an off day?

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love this place - Edit

First of all the staff is amazing. Very friendly. The environment is filled with joy. You can taste the love that is put into the food. We have been here several times and have enjoyed every bite of every meal. The food is healthy and your sweet tooth won't be disappointed if you get a piece of cake. This is our favorite Vegan restaurant yet.

Pros: staff recognized us after the first time we came i, food looks tastes as good as it looks, the atmosphere is joy

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Great!!! GO HERE! - Edit

This place was great! I got the unity wrap on rice paper, and it was DELICIOUS. I also got some sauce with it which I'm not sure about the dairy content, so I didn't have that but the wrap was amazing just by itself!! Fast, friendly service, reasonable prices, accept cards and do to-go orders :)

Pros: Fast, Friendly service, Delicious!

Cons: Not sure about side sauce ingredients

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Yummy Vegan Food - Edit

This place is really cool. The staff is really friendly and makes you feel welcome. The food is really tasty and you get really big portions for a pretty cheap price. You can taste that the food is made fresh and the spicy foods have a good kick to them.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Tasty Food

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Super cute, but kinda far away - Edit

This place was adorable inside. The lady at the counter was very sweet and greeted us with a smile and informed us everything was vegan and to take our time with the menu. She answered all of our questions as well.
The menu was interested. A fusion of salad wraps (with tortillas) and Asian food. Everything we had was good and different than anything else I've ever eaten before. The desserts looked beautiful and I am sure were amazing but we didn't have room in our bellies after all of the other awesome food we enjoyed.
This place was quite a drive outside of Portland and we got lost more than once trying to find it. The lady asked why she had never seen our family there before and after we told her we were travelling and were from Canada, she gave us a free bag of spicy vegan jerky and told us to come back and visit again soon.
Check this place out!

Pros: Neat mix of items on menu, Good prices, Everything yummy

Cons: Quite a drive out of the city, Hard to find

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Amazing little place - Edit

I wish I lived here so I could come back but unfortunately I was just visiting the area. The staff is very friendly, helpful and welcoming. The food was out incredibly fast and was perfect. The menu is quite impressive for a vegan dining spot. The whole atmosphere was without a doubt one of the best I have ever encountered.

Pros: excellent food, super friendly staff, good value

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Great chow - Edit

Our visit to Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro was a very positive experience. The food was great, and the staff were friendly. Everything is prepared fresh and is tasty. This restaurant is highly recommended.

Pros: Large vegan menu, Freshly prepared, Friendly staff

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Sweet Lemon - Edit

Had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Sweet Lemon Bistro review. On a past trip to Portland I had mapped out a string of restaurants I'd want to visit while using the happycow guide. This place was not one of them because it was located outside of the city centre where we were staying. Luckily, Sweet Lemon was one of the participating vendors at the VegFest that took place in the Portland convention center. We were able to meet up with them and try their a few of their food offerings. Their table display featured assorted wraps, fresh rolls filled with veggies and rice noodle wrapped in rice paper, and some small cookies. The owners were serving the food, and they were super friendly, smiles and happy. The food was fresh and prices low (reasonable).

Pros: fresh food, good prices, friendly people

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best vegan healthy food in Portland! - Edit

a humble, modest, and simple place. in the best way it can be!
huge options to choose from, mainly asian style, everything we tried there just taste great. the service is warm and personal. the food is made fresh and fast, very healthy choices, and not expensive at all!
its great to have such place that is totally vegan and so tasty without any compromise on health!!!
i wish they had a decoration that can make it also an evening place

Pros: excellent food, healthy, friendly

Cons: suitable for lunch

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Awesome, as advertised - Edit

Sweet Lemon is located quite a ways out of central Portland, but that is great if you happen to be visiting friends in the outlands. A real gem in a large shopping complex, it's worth a visit.

Pros: thai iced tea, desserts, good service

Cons: too air conditioned, not so cozy atmosphere

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The BEST vegan restaurant I've ever been to. - Edit

This was our first time at Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro. My wife and I have tried other vegan restaurants but find this one is the best in the area. We had Purity for dinner. It was great! the vegetables were really outstanding. For dessert we had raw coconut cake. It was FANTASTIC!!

We will go back again...and again. We have finally found a vegan restaurant that tastes GREAT!

Pros: reasonably priced items, friendly staff, great location

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AMAZING Kabobs!!! - Edit

This place has THE BEST food. The wraps are a good price and very good. I recommend the wrap with faux ham, vegan cheese, and veganaise, mmmm. The Heavenly kabobs are mouthwatering. The drumsticks are VERY good. Pretty much anything you order is going to hit the spot. The flavored rice is interesting and a nice addition. The owners are very sweet couple, they will remember your name and face and talk to your kids. Portions are a little small and prices are a little high for most dishes, but this place is WELL worth it.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 16, 2009


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Fresh, Flavorful, Healthy :) - Edit

I just ate here tonight w/ NW Veg and I loved it. I tried Mama Mo Shu, Supreme Salad Rolls and the Rainbow Salad. I loved the vegan ranch dressing used on the salad. It felt light and the soy protein tasted amazing. Both salad rolls were delicious. I think the Supreme Salad was more unique, but the Mama Mo Shu had a fresher, lighter quality. Wonderfully affordable bistro!

Pros: Healthy, Friendly staff, Excellent food

Cons: Far away from where I live

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Yummmmmm! - Edit

I have only been to Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro once, and that was enough for me to become a fan. The dancing drumsticks were so delicious, and the sage noodles. Such a clean, friendly place. I am glad to see they expanded from one small store-front to two, that is a good sign! I believe they are the only vegan restaurant in Washington County, so I think they'll do pretty well!

Pros: good food, clean, all vegan

Cons: too far from me!

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Bigger & Better Than Ever!!! - Edit

Sweet Lemon has been my favorite place to go for lunch in the area. I probably go there twice per week. In addition to their great selection of awesome vegan foods, the owners are also very nice & friendly! They are always disappointed when I show up without my daughter and they always ask "Where's Little Bear?" That says a lot about them if they know my daughter by her nickname!!!

Anyways, they recently doubled the size of the restaurant to better accommodate their growing customer base. The place looks way nicer than it did in the past!

I took my parents there for lunch yesterday, and although they aren't vegan, they found the food to be quite enjoyable!

Anyways, I highly recommend checking out Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro! Great place, awesome food, and friendly service... I couldn't ask for more!

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Service, Plenty of Seating

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Good vegan food this part of the town - Edit

Great vegan place this part of the town. Pho is very good. Although I've had better pho before, those places are very far and this place is 2 miles away! Other soups they offer are good too.Heavenly Kabob is..well heavenly. Humble bao was a bit dry. I love their side of seasoned white rice. Has a very homemade taste. Overall a very good place to eat.

Pros: Good vegan food, friendly staff

Cons: Small place, store hours

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I love this place! - Edit

Everything I have eaten here has been wonderful. The curry was divine. Just the right amount of spice. Fresh, crisp veggies and not over cooked. The rice paper wraps are my fav for a filling lunch. The owners are friendly. I want to go back every week to try new things. There is something special about a completely vegetarian, organic establishment. Good for the soul and the stomach. I feel good when I eat here.

Pros: healthy, good value , friendly staff

Cons: small place

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Great food! Great Service! - Edit

We have tried the dinner at Sweet Lemon many times. The Noodles Soup, Curry Bowl and Noble Noodles are excellent taste.
Heavenly Kabob and Dancing Drumstick are our favorite.
Vegan Chocolate cake is the best.

Pros: friendly staff, excellent food, healthy cuisine

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A little bland... - Edit

I wanted to try this place because of the excellent 5-cow reviews it received here on the happycow site. It sounded like it must be a pretty amazing place.

I found the food to be alright, but simply that - "alright" or "okay", but not amazing or mind-blowing; in other words, the food (as well as atmosphere) seemed mediocre, and some dishes were downright bland. (My personal opinion, of course.)

The man at the register was extremely nice and friendly, and the place was clean. The prices seemed pretty decent too.

I'd say it's a decent casual place, but not really the kind of place you'd want to go for a cozy and romantic date.

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Sweet people, delicious vegan food - Edit

I've lived next to Sweet Lemon for the 3 years since they opened, and only just recently started going. I wish I'd started going sooner! I hadn't had Pad Thai in years due to gluten allergies & I had it here. It was the best Pad Thai I've ever had. The tofu in it is so good that you sit there thinking, "Are you SURE this isn't meat??" The people are so full of sweetness. Every time I walk out the door, I feel better just for getting to see them. Also, the Supreme Salad Rolls are awesome. It's extremely clean and decor is lovely and adds to the sense of getting fresh, healthy foods--purple tables & chairs & brightly-colored walls. You can also purchase some of their items at local Whole Foods Markets which is even more convenient. They also serve fresh vegan cakes which look delicious (though I can't have them due to them not being gluten-free/sugar-free; sure wish I could though).I can't say enough good things about this place!

Pros: excellent food, super friendly people, inviting interior

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Excellent Food - Edit

We had the dinner at Sweet Lemon with group of non vegetarian friends and we are all surprise the tasty food at this place from appetizers, noodles dishes and soup are excellent. We will definite come back with their friendly service.

Pros: excellent food, healthy and fresh, very welcome service

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"Best Vegan Dinner" - Edit

We had the best vegan dinner at this place. Enjoyed very much Noble noodles, Pad Thai, Guru Island, popular Saintly soup and Vegan cake is a must to try... We shall come back for more choice on their menu. All my friends love the tasty foods, also the staffs are super nice.
Highly recommended Sweet Lemon to everyone

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

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sweet lemon bistro - Edit

Just ate here the other day, it's a bit out of the way, but the drive is very beautiful, until you get to the "planned community" where this place is. Well, the restaurant itself is nice, it's a self service, you order, pay then you pick up your food. It's very nice, and the employees are equally as nice. The Menu is small, there's about 5 appetizers, 3 sallads, 6 entrees and 4 soups. We ordered the Pad Thai and the Pho. I loved my pad thai, I had to ask for Cock sauce to spice it up, but thats no big deal. My girlfriend on the other hand, wasn't the biggest fan of their Pho. The food is good, but I don't know if I will be driving 35 minutes from St. Johns to eat there very often.

Pros: Prices, Organic (mostly), drive is beautiful

Cons: Cult, Suburbia, Far from anything

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Fab Faux-meat - Edit

I was able to sample some of this restaurant's food VegFest last weekend and boy, was it tasty! I didn't have time to visit the restaurant itself, but if they can serve food that good at a convention, with limited space and accomodations, then I'm sold!

Pros: Awesome vegan faux-meats, Friendly staff, Affordable

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Hidden Gem - Edit

I was so happy to find this place so close to our home. The service was extremely friendly. You order at the counter and go back up to get your food. It is a part of Master Ching Hai but besides the usual pamphlets, pictures and tv they never try to convert you. I was surprised with the negative review because the food was very fresh and light to us. My husband is not vegan and he left uncomfortably full. That says a lot. If anyone has eaten vietnamese before will know this is a good veganized version of it.

Pros: Delicious, Service, Fast

Cons: Cult Run

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Reviewer Avatar

Try the vegan cake!! - Edit

Boyfriend and I were on a several mile hike and ended up at the Sweet Lemon with an appetite. I'm recently turned veg and he agreed so we ordered and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the wraps, soups and A FABULOUS piece of coconut vegan cake (it's a must try). The staff were beyond friendly and helpful, super clean atmosphere. Left feeling sated and not heavy like most 'eating out,' events. To go food would be great for picnics. Can't wait to visit again!

Pros: Clean atmosphere, Very friendly, Great prices

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try it and you will like it! - Edit

We have been 4-5 times and always come away happy. The owners are extremely friendly and welcoming. The food is consistently good and served artfully. There is a nice variety on the menu - only complaint is most items have tofu/mockmeats, which can be a downer if you're looking to minimize soy. The restaurant is always clean, though informal (order at counter, pick up food to bring back to table, not a lot of tables). Highly recommended for food quality, service, and cleanliness. Favorites: sweet buns, appetizer sampler, pho soup, heavenly kabobs. (vegan husband likes the wraps)

Pros: all veg (yummy) food, friendly service, clean/new restaurant

Cons: lots of soy-based ingredients, tough to know what mockmeats are vegan

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Yummy yummy! - Edit

I have nothing but good things to say about Sweet Lemon. Everything is fantastic! The owners are wonderful and the food is delicious. The woman owner suggested that I try the Heavenly Kabobs as they are very popular. Based on the description it would not be something that I would normally try (marinated soy protein with lemongrass?). So glad I did! I took the first bite and actually was afraid that it was real meat! If you are not a fake meat lover than these might not be for you but if you are, then order them, you won't be disappointed! Even my meat loving husband thought they were really good and that's saying something, believe me! Also have had Pad Thai, Eden Tofu and Noble Noodles. All very good! Also their soy protein patties are quite tasty as well! Glad to find a place where I can order anything on the menu.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly Staff, Very Clean

Cons: Small seating area

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Goopy oriental food in the guise of healthy veg - Edit

We tried this place tonight after reading the reviews posted here. This was the first time Happy cow review of a restaurant failed us. Food was typical American Oriental sweet syrupy teriyaki saucy ( all these adjectives ought to describe this place by now). The only difference is fake meat and fried tofu. We had Padthai, which to my surprise came in a goopy sauce and no flavor what so ever, Pho which had no flavor but edible, steamed buns which I had never tasted before so I cannot comment on their authenticity except that I did not like them.

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sweet lemon - Edit

My fiance' and I always make sure we go to sweet lemon every time we visit my folks in Portland, we love it!! The women who owns it plus everyone else working there are all very friendly. The food is sooooo yummy, especially the wraps like the divine thai wrap, soups like tom ka thai, salads like the rainbow specials like pad thai, appetizers like the humble bao and mama's mo shoo, and the vegan orange cake........ heck, it's all so delicious! I highly recommend it to anyone!!

Pros: delicious food, friendly staff, clean atmosphere

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Great Food - Great Prices - Edit

I have eaten at the Sweet Lemon many times and never have been disappointed. The food is alway excellent and the prepared attractively. The owner and his wife are friendly and service is quick. Highly recommended.

Pros: Food, Service, Price

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Delicious, service with a smile! - Edit

Absolutely delicious, fresh, beautifully presented food. The owner is such a sweet woman, and takes care to know her customers. All the food is egg-free, and almost all is vegan, or can be made vegan, with the exception of a couple lacto-vegetarian desserts. Usually they have some vegan cake as well. My favorite dishes are the Saintly Soup (sweet, Thai-styled rice soup) and many of the appetizers. Quick service, very clean.

Pros: delicious food, excellent service, clean

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The food on your table matches the picture!!! - Edit

This is the only restaurant I have ever seen in my life that has food will really look the same as the pictures on the wall. Cheap price, tasty food, cute restaurant and nice people. Only one thing, I personally think it's a little bit salty and that caused me to be swollen the next morning. It's not a big deal, I will just ask them to go easy on the salt next time.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, resonable price

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Reviewer Avatar

omg - Edit

I love it at sweet lemon the nice lady that works there knows my name and always says hello to me every time ps. try the saled rolls and pad tie if you love tofu.

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Great Vegetarian Food! - Edit

Great food and atmosphere. Great use of faux meats, as well as tofu. Sauces and flavors are incredible. Portions could be bigger, but add an appetizer and it will fill out the meal well.

Great variety of flavors as well. peanut flavored thai wraps to Curry over rice, to soups and more.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff/owners, healthy cuisine

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*Lovely* - Edit

The Food was Delicious! The Tofu was the best I ever had,My little sister usually is Picky about Tofu.But she ATE it rite up wanting More!! The Menu is great its very light and filling and Tasty! Their Lemonade was Very Fresh too!! If you want a Healthy Fresh Meal this is Definitely the Restaurant to go to! The Owners and staff are Extremely Nice and Welcoming and Very Caring about Their Customers,their Food and Animals! I will definitely Go back there again!! Keep Up the Great Work Sweet Lemon!!


Pros: Great Food!, Friendly Staff!, Nice atmosphere!

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worth the trip - Edit

Drove 12 miles across town to this wonderful place. The soups are the greatest tasting, specials are different & very friendly owners & patrons.

Pros: good value , many vegan options

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I love the environment of this restaurant. The staff is very friendly and the food is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Pros: great food, great customer service

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Great food! - Edit

We found this restaurant using Happy Cow - their food is delicious and beautifully presented. The restaurant is spotless and the owners are pleasant. A lot of thought has gone into their menu. We appreciate it very much!

Pros: Everything's delicious, Healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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