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5812 N Broadway, Chicago, USA

I miss it when I'm not in Chicago

I visit Chicago often and going to this place is always the first thing on my list to do when I get there. I love this place so much. The food is so good! Every dish I have tried is delicious. You never feel unwelcome by any of the staff here, they always are so friendly. I don't have a single complaint about it, except that it isn't right next door to my bf's apartment because it's my favorite restaurant in Chicago!

5015 Duval St, Austin, USA

Loved it!

This is a place where you will genuinely feel welcome. The owner is so so nice! There is only one picnic table with an umbrella for seating, so everyone has to share, but it's totally alright. It give it kind of a nice feel.

The food is also delicious! I had scrambled tofu, "sausage" and "bacon," with a biscuit, and my friend got pancakes. The "sausage" was a crumbly mix, handmade by the owner, that had really nice flavor to it, and tasted great with the scrambled tofu. I kept wanting to order more and more biscuits, they were so good.

Over all it was a really pleasant experience, and now both my friend and I aspire to have breakfast here every morning.

1102 Bull St, Savannah, USA

I don't like grocery shopping anywhere else

I only go here for my groceries. They carry hard to find things that I would otherwise have to order online. Their produce section is small, but what they have is a great selection and I am always able to get everything I need.

3017 E Victory Dr, Savannah, USA

I liked it.

It's pretty good! They have a vegetarian version of nearly everything on their menu, so there were a ton of options. They were also willing to make some dishes vegan.

623 E Business 83, Weslaco, USA


I have eaten here a few times. The food is pretty good, but the best part is the baked goods! I only wish they had more vegan items more often.

I cannot remember the name of one of the dishes I had, but it was a sandwich with pesto in it, and it was good.
I have also had the pizza with vegan cheese, and I think that is my favorite dish. It is not a typical pizza, the bread is a different texture. It's thin and a little grainy, but it's very good.

For drinks, I recommend the Jamaica drink. It is delicious!

The atmosphere is nice. The service has been hit and miss for me and other friends of mine who have been here. Mostly I have had really nice, really helpful servers, but every now and then I get someone who is... a little unenthusiastic?

I really do like this place, though. It's amazing that the Valley even has a place like this!

1104 E 6th St, Austin, USA


I love love love this place so much. It is all vegan, all adorable and all delicious.
Their mac and cheese is now the apple of my eye. I gave up trying to find the perfect vegan mac and cheese recipe online and now just go to Iggy's when I get the craving. Pair it with the grilled cheese, and you will be in heaven!

My only complaint is they are only open at night, and they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I understand why, but still, my stomach does not care if it is Monday or 2 in the afternoon. They are, however, open late, which makes up for it.

4 W Broughton St, Savannah, USA


This place is great!
They are very accommodating to vegans, all you have to do is ask! The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is nice.

They have some expensive dishes and some moderately priced ones, so don't let the $13 ones scare you off (all of those dishes are the meat ones anyway).

Try the Saigon Noodles with no egg and with tofu. Since I moved out of Savannah, I have been searching for a restaurant that serves a dish like it, but have had no luck, and I crave it ALL the time.
Their tofu is the perfect texture as well. Not too mushy, not too crunchy.

11 W Liberty St, Savannah, USA

Was told they don't do vegan

I received the complete opposite treatment as the other reviewers.
I looked at their site beforehand and in their FAQ, it says they are able to make pizza without cheese and it would be suitable for vegans, since their crust doesn't contain dairy. As well, I read the reviews here on Happy Cow, so I thought it was good to go.

When I asked for a pizza without cheese, the girl laughed at me and told me, "We don't make vegan pizza, but we do have a veggie pizza. It has cheese on it, but it's close enough."
There were several staff within hearing distance when she told me this, and no one stepped in to correct her. I could have just had bad luck that night I guess, but it pissed me off so much I'm reluctant to give it a second try.

1901 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, USA

Great Tex-Mex

Since I moved away from home it has been difficult finding a place that serves decent Mexican food. And vegan? Forget it!
This place is more Tex-Mex, but it is great.
The tamales were really good, and the desserts were good too.

I always hear people raving about their enchiladas, but I have yet to try them. Next time, though! I will definitely come back.

13 E Park Ave, Savannah, USA


Totally vegetarian, and also with vegan options. The vegan baked goods are delicious. The BBQ tofu with the green vegan dressing is my favorite dish! Anything I order from them I always end up with delicious leftovers, so the portions are good sized. As well, they make some of the best coffee in Savannah. They hold alot of events there and also have free wi-fi. They're right next to Brighter Day, another plus!
Updated from previous review on Monday January 28, 2008

2100 W Roscoe St, Chicago, USA

Awesome, but needs more vegan options

This place is delicious, but their vegan menu is tiny and sad.

My bf and I go here alot. It is great if you're vegetarian. I've since gone vegan though, so all my favorite dishes got knocked out (no french toast, waffles, or pancakes). What *is* on the vegan menu is still really good, but I just wish they could make vegan versions of some of their other dishes. We are still regulars though and miss them when they go on their retreats.

108 E York St, Savannah, USA

In my top 3 restaurants in Savannah

I eat here so often! The falafel is my favorite, but the vegetable pita wrap is also really really good. You can eat outside (the only kind of seating they have) or take it to go. They are fast, friendly and the prices are very affordable. I really consider this one of the top best restaurants in Savannah!

Also, definitely try their African tea. It's Rooibos tea flavored with coconut and peach and is the most delicious drink you will ever have.

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