Vegetarian breakfast restaurant. All burgers and wraps can be made vegan upon request. Try the design-your-own scramble, raspberry french toast, and omelets. Small outdoor seating area in summer. Previously named Victory's Banner. Open Wed-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:00am-6:00pm, Sun 9:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by alpineflowers


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09 Jan 2024

Vegan Breakfast options

Vegan Breakfast options - my experience at Lucys was good. Therefore I will rate it 4/5.

Here is why:

Let’s begin with the food: I ordered the vegan blueberry pancakes, Tofu Scramble, coffee, Orange Juice. This is how I rate the Food & Drinks

The Orange Juice was unexpectedly a solid 5/5! Freshly pressed and very refreshing.
“Tofu Scramble” with onions & mushrooms, was also pretty good 3.5/4 from 5. It tasted good and healthy; but nothing out of the ordinary.
The Blueberry Pancakes were a 3/5 at most. (in My opinion) I have had many vegan pancakes in many different places and tasted better. The Texture of the pancakes were opposite of Fluffy. The moment I tried cutting the stacked pancakes, they were kind of mushed together in a big mass. Almost as if it were a chewy cookie. Perhaps it was due to a lack of backing powder.
The Coffee was just regular coffee, but I have definitely had better. 2/5.
Regarding the Atmosphere, it gave off a “homey” or and cozy feeling. The decoration was also friendly and comforting.

Service: Overall, a good service, without reservation, we did immediately get a table. BUT! I would recommend reservations for this place, within a 20 minutes Later, the place was pretty packed!

If you’re looking for a quiet homey place to have some breakfast and good orange juice! This is a good option. Their Vegan selection in the menu was ok. You will find it in their Menu all the way at the bottom with the title “Eggless”.

Thanks for supporting the customers decision, to go against animal cruelty and offering vegan alternatives. For more impressions, have a look at the attached videos and pictures.

Take care & Bon Appetit! #Veganuary



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22 Dec 2023

Great for vegetarians, vegans not so much

I went with Omni/vegetarian family and they loved their meals. They said they were flavorful and filling. For a vegan the menu is a bit frustrating, so much of it states it clearly can't be made vegan and then dishes that could be adapted have a surcharge... Just a bit disappointing. I had the Mexican scramble dish veganized and it was just alright, didn't have so much flavor and it really could have used some diversity in texture. So much crumbled tofu without something crispy or more solid wasn't awesome.


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03 Dec 2023

Excellent for everyone

One of our favorite breakfast/brunch/lunch places in the city. Lots of great vegan options! Vegan or not, this place is a go-to for bunch on a Sunday morning. Strongly recommended to everyone!


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22 Oct 2023

Great brunch

Tons of vegan options and good flavors! Creative dishes too like a “french toast flight.”


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04 Sep 2023

Best Vegan Breakfast place- hands down!

Was beyond excited to find a vegetarian/vegan breakfast place while staying in Chicago. Most of their vegetarian items can be made vegan, including pancakes! I had a brilliant avocado toast with pistachios and vegan feta. My husband had a vegan scramble with chorizo and potatoes and said it was the best meal he has ever eaten! Highly recommend!!


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31 Jul 2023

Great breakfast place!

My husband and I came here for breakfast at our last day of our vacation. Cute patio area for outdoor seating and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I got the Basil Veggie Scramble, made Vegan, with a side of potatoes and toast. My husband got the Mexican scramble. We both liked our breakfast.

Pros: Lots of options , Cute neighborhood and patio seating, Friendly staff


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01 Apr 2023

I Love Lucy’s

The French Toast Flight is delicious, basically dessert for breakfast. Especially loved the blueberry.

Pros: Real maple syrup, Plenty of options

Cons: Busy place for weekend brunch, Up charge for vegan option


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16 Sep 2022

Yummy and Friendly

Not only is the menu entirely vegetarian with almost all vegan options, the staff is so kind! They make you feel like part of the family. I felt spoiled by so many options on the menu and they were priced just right. You don’t find that everywhere. Not to mention it tasted wonderful. The atmosphere is great in and outdoors. Can’t wait to come back!

Pros: Incredible vegan options, Wide variety of food styles, Kind and attentive staff


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16 Sep 2022

Very decent!

Cute spot! Waitress was a little pushy. I thought there would be more vegan options tbh. But affordable and adorable spot! Note that the add-ones are very pricey, that’s where they get ya.

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Fast-paced


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03 Sep 2022

Cute Brunch Place

This adorable cafe had lots of vegan options. It was hard to choose, but I ended up getting the banana walnut pancakes with a side of hashbrowns. The food was delicious, the service wad excellent and we will definitely be back!


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07 May 2022

Cute brunch spot, skillet is incredible

Homey spot with loads of options. The southwest skillet is so unforgettable I would go back just for it. The tofu cubes, chorizo, black beans made it a protein loaded dish, and the chipotle sauce and vegan cheese drizzled on top were just…chefs kiss.

French toast was also nice, but not mindblowing. Would’ve preferred to just order one of the flavours. The vegan butter that comes with it is incredible.


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02 Apr 2022

Terrific brunch spot

Cute spot in nice little neighborhood. Vegan breakfast skillet was amazing with tofu, potatoes, cheese, avocado. Couldn’t resist a vegan pancake on the side!

Pros: Tons of options

Cons: Menu hard to peruse using QR code


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13 Mar 2022

Worth the trip

Excellent and plentiful vegan options. Great customer service. Utterly charming casual brunch spot. My husband and I enjoyed eating here two days in a row and he quipped he was tempted to move to Chicago just for the soup! All the stars

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Inexpensive


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08 Jul 2021

Super Solid Breakfast Spot

It’s true: huge menu and delicious food.
Eggless Wonder was just so so good. The potatoes mixed in add this delicious labor that isn’t overpowering. Tofu was well done and all the veggies were fire.
Got the vegan French Toast flight and tried the different kinds. It’s just the toppings that are different. Blueberry was good.
Veg Sausage Patties, yum. Orange juice, excellent (although I think it’s just the fresh squeezed stuff from marianos). They provided vegan butter, and delicious multigrain bread.
They have outdoor seating and inside it’s busy in that bustling breakfast place kind of way. The venue description about sugar packets and saris is definitely not up to date. Just a basic but excellent diner/cafe spot.
Would definitely recommend for breakfast/brunch and will definitely be back.


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20 Jun 2021

Fantastic brunch

Incredibly good brunch, tons of vegan options

Pros: Lots of vegan options , High quality food


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09 Jun 2021

Awesome Place

My favorite breakfast and lunch place!! There are lots of vegan options and very friendly staff. They make the best vegan french toast. I highly recommend the southwest skillet (have to ask for vegan). 😋

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-22


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07 Jul 2020

Fantastic Menu, Disappointing Quality

Lucy's has arguably the best breakfast/brunch menu in Chicago. It has a seemingly endless list of things that look spectacular. They even have four different kinds of french toast that you can get as a flight. Unfortunately the quality of the food is really nothing to write home about. I've been three times because I really really wanted to love this place, but it's just okay. The service is good though.

Pros: Spectacular breakfast menu, Good service

Cons: Okay food


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04 May 2020


Blueberry Pancakes! Even had my non-vegan homies impressed!


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09 Feb 2020

The rudest people I have ever met

I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE EVER. This restaurant was so insulting I am disgusted. I have been going there since my daughter was in the womb. She is now 14 months and we go or try to go every weekend pending the wait. We were asked by the hostess to wait to be seated at 10:15am the restaurant was near empty. Then the waiter came and grabbed menus and said right this way and sat us. We made a couple changes to our meal like normal people do (potatoes on the side, beans on the side). My meal came and was drenched in salsa. I asked if they could please take the eggs and put them on new chips without the salsa as I didn’t realize how much their would be. At the end of the meal our bill had a remake charge of $5.00..... I have never in my life seen something like this. The chef / owner?!? Came out and said that we sat before we were told to when there is a sign on the wall that says please wait to be seated which is ABSOLUTELY not true. Then he said it takes time to remake meals. I said firstly I didn’t ask for it to be remade simply transported to different chips. He was so so rude I am in shock. We have been supporting this local business at least 3x months including non weekend days when they are dead empty, and I always tell people to go there. I am so disappointed and will never go back - I am absolutely livid at how they treat their customers and with a city like chicago and a million places to eat, there is no reason to accept treatment like what we experienced this morning

Pros: Food is fine

Cons: Rude , Remake meal fee, Slow service


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20 Sep 2019

This is a cool, bright place

. Family friendly, great neighborhood restaurant. From the food to the tea was delicious. The Broccoli Cheddar Soup was sadly vegetarian, so my sister had it but she enjoyed it. These were the best chocolate chip pancakes I have ever had and we loved our skillet bowls

Cons: I just wish the pancakes were a little bigger lol


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23 Jun 2019


My wife and I started our 10th anniversary weekend here Friday morning before spending our weekend in the Loop.
I had the vegan french toast flight and the Southwest skillet. She had the vegan and gluten-free blueberry pancakes. My wife had a taste of my skillet, and I ended up sharing half with her. Lol!! All were awesome!!!
I HIGHLY recommend the southwest skillet!!!
Had a crappy limited vegan breakfast downtown Saturday morning at a very popular breakfast joint. Just left my wife and I dreaming about Lucy's. :(

We are back at Lucy's again for breakfast on Sunday!!!

Safe to say that, if we didn't have to stay downtown for our weekend activities, we would have eaten at Lucy's all weekend.

Thanks Lucy's Cafe for all the love you put into your delicious food and thank you for making our anniversary weekend eating so much more enjoyable!!

Pros: Delicious food!!

Cons: None!!


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21 Mar 2019

Pretty Good

Wish they had more vegan options but pretty good.

Pros: Good Coffee

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options that are savory


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12 Dec 2018

Reopened now as Lucy's Café

Same location as the old Victory's Banner Restaurant.

Pros: Vegetarian. Some vegan options.

Cons: Not open for dinner.


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25 Sep 2018

Disappointed breakfast

They have a vegan menu but it’s really lacking. Their tofu scramble wasn’t crumbled into what looks like egg. It was blocked of tofu with potato and only 2 other veggies.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Expensive for what you get , Lack of vegan options , So real scramble tofu in their breakfast


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20 Mar 2017

Vegan dishes are an afterthought here.

When I first heard about this place I was really excited. Upon my first and only visit, I was left disappointed. For such a large vegetarian menu, the vegan options were extremely limited. I wound up getting the vegan pancakes which were served with butter anyway. My husband got the tofu scramble, which was ok.

If you want to substitute tofu for any of the egg menu options, there is an additional $1.55 charge. It does have a lot of gluten free options for my intolerant friends out there - but they charge extra for this as well.

Pros: no meat

Cons: limited vegan options


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17 Sep 2016

not for vegans

Not a lot to choose from for vegans. Portions are small and the food wasn't all that amazing. My meat-eating and vegetarian friends love it, but it's really not for vegans unless you want what is obviously store bought vegan versions of breakfast food. Sorry, I'll go elsewhere.


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28 Dec 2011

Great Brunch Spot

Victory's Banner is a small restaurant in the heart of Roscoe Village. With quaint stores and other neighborhood restaurants and bars along Roscoe Ave., Victory's Banner fits right in. During the summer in Chicago, you must sit outside to eat even if it is a hundred degrees outside. We spend far too long indoors during the winter/spring/fall to not do so. For brunch, we sat outside and the owner was very friendly, talking to us about the restaurant, menu, and asking about ourselves.

The restaurant is entirely vegetarian with many vegan options. The people that work there also are practitioners of meditation and followers of an Indian spiritual master. Don't be surprised to see the wait staff in sari's!

I had the tofu scramble. The tofu was seasoned very well. You have a choice of adding two types of vegetables to it. I opted for a side of mixed grilled vegetables in order to add more than just two. I also got a side of soy sausage (the soy bacon had egg in it). To top it all off, it came with some very hardy bread and soy butter and homestyle potatoes. To wash it down, I had some apple juice.

Victory's Banner is definitely a place to go to as a vegetarian or vegan on the prowl for a yummy brunch in Chicago! Highly recommend and I'll be going back sometime soon.

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Pros: great brunch, outdoor seating

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