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Schocken 14-16, Tel Aviv, Israel

A pleasent stay

23 Dec 2007

A young spirited place with one standard dish (vegan) in a reasonable price. The food is simple and good, and most people love just staying on for the relaxed air in which it is served.

Pintor Fortuny 25, Barcelona, Spain

Good vegan options

22 Dec 2007

Nice place with a lively atmosphere. A wide selection for vegans, and nice healthy food.
A good place to go to on the whole, but the buffet always takes something out of the experience, and means that the food is a bit cold.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Best in Prague

20 Mar 2008

This is with no hesitation the best place in Prague. We came back there four times in a single week!!
The decoration is beautiful and peaceful, the menu elaborates on the ingridiants of all dishes in English (plus vegan / vegan-option marks), the staff is friendly and English speaking, the food itself is excellent and healthy. On top of everything else - it's all very well priced. We hardly never passed the 18 Euro line for a two-course meal for two people, including wine!
It is true that out of a very wide menu there are only reletivly few vegan options - but each and every one of them is really good (the spinach and tampa pasta is highly recommended).

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain


22 Dec 2007

Went to the Hospital branch.
A fun and lively place, with a young vibe. Both vegan friendly and English friendly.
Service is great, the juices original (just take anything weird), and the food tasty enough.
I recommend.

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 99, Geneva, Switzerland

Expensive and unimaginative

19 Oct 2009

A nice place with quite a few vegan options. No English menu, but the staff is English speaking and friendly.
However, the dishes are quite expensive (then again - it IS Geneva) and the food is unimaginative.
Nice to pass through if you're in the area, but don't go out of your way for it.

Junta de Comerc 11, Barcelona, Spain

Nice food with good surroundings

22 Dec 2007

A nice place to eat and rest for a while. It's a shame there's no service and it's all about the buffet (in which it's hard to make out what's vegan and what's not) - but the food is fairly good, some of the workers speak English, and the general air of the place is quite nice.
The food is good healthy food, and comes in nice big plates which can be filled time and time again.

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

Eclectic, nice, not too vegan-friendly

20 Mar 2008

This buffet-style place has a nice bio-organic air, and is right in the centre of town. The food is good, especially some of the burgers, but it's hard to figure out what's vegan and what not, and the lack of English speakers in the staff is clearly felt.
Prices are reasonable, but buffet is never too much fun.
This place can be good a a light lunch in a day of touring the old town.

Tynska 19, Prague, Czech Republic

Nice simple food

20 Mar 2008

A nice place that's close to the centre. The food is very cheep, and quite good in its own way. You get your dish out of a huge pot and into a metal platter. Filling - but not briliant. They don't speak that much English, and when I asked for no yogurt they just put it on the side and told me not to eat it if I don't want too...

30 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Amazing food - one of the best in town

22 Feb 2014

I live in Tel Aviv, and I know there's no lack of good vegan food here. Still, I used to go to Nanuchka even before the place went vegan, as the few vegan dishes they had were unbelievable.
Now that the whole menu is vegan one could simply move in there. It's highly recommended to go in big groups if you can, just so you can take everything and get a taste of everything. It's a bit pricey, but a meal to remmember.

Belehradska 120, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

A good place in a good location

20 Mar 2008

This is a very nice place, with a nice atmosphere, and is one of the only veggie/vegan places out of the old city - which is a great plus if you don't want to go to the centre each time you wanna grab a bite.
The prices are fair, the variaty is quite good (including explicit marks on vegan dishes), and the staff friendly and English-speaking.
The one bad thing is that they seem to fill you up a little too much on carbohydrates. Both dishes we took had a huge pile of couscos/rice, and reletively less of everything else.
But again - a nice place with very good food.

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

The BEST in Barcelona!!!

22 Dec 2007

This is the best place in Barcelona. A bit expensive - but very worth while.
High class cooking, with a wide vegan menu. English speaking staff and a warm atmosphere.
Every single dish, from the appetizers through the soup, the main course and to the cake - all had that special touch that turns just "good food" into an entirely wonderful experience.
The food is organic and local grown.

Escudellers 54, Barcelona, Spain

Good food, friendly staff

22 Dec 2007

On a great location at George Orwell place - this little resturant has a nice and friendly staff (who don't speak much English, but get along with the English menu). The atmosphere is good, the food deliciuos, healthy and cheap, and you can do take aways of the burgers. Very vegan friendly - with the list of the ingridiants on each dish.
Almost perfect.

Bordadores, 3, Madrid, Spain

Nice, but...

22 Dec 2007

All in all a nice vegeterian place with a wide range of vegan options too. The menu was in English, but the staff didn't speak any.
The food was uninspired, and served a bit cold. It was made out of all the right things, but lacked a certain passion, as if was not made with love.
The atmosphere was nice, and the price reasonable.

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