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5939 4th St NW, Albuquerque, USA

Very Satisfying Food, Many Gluten-Free Options

We ate at Annapurna's twice in June of this year, and found the food, much of which is gluten-free, to be very satisfying. I enjoyed the Utthapam, which is sort of like a small, gluten-free pizza. It can be ordered with or without cheese (I had mine without). The spicy Sambar soup was a perfect complement to the Utthapam. My partner and I both loved the desserts. On our first visit, we selected several of the ball-shaped pastries, which are made with dates and other dried fruits and are scrumptious, particularly the chocolate-dipped ones! The second time, I had the sweet potato pie, which I think was the best I have ever tasted!

The service at Annapurna's was efficient, and we did not have to wait long for our food. The atmosphere was pleasant and calm. The restroom was extremely clean. Very nice restaurant.

7168 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Best Grilled Dumplings Around!

Yes, we LOVE Bulan's grilled dumplings, which are always delectable! I know of no other restaurant that has dumplings this good! We almost always order them for our appetizer. And, in general, the food is quite tasty. Some of my favorite entrees are: Eggplant Lover, Sizzling Pla Rad Prig, Pad Kee Mao "Drunken Noodles," and Chow Mein.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is tiny, and this factor has caused us not to go there nearly as often as we probably would if there were more room. Also, on at least one of our several visits, the noise level was very high, which we didn't like. The service, however, has always been good. Due to the tininess of the restaurant, we usually call for delivery, and the delivery time has usually been quite reasonable.

1357 N Highland Ave, Hollywood, USA

Unpleasant Atmosphere; Food Was Good

The food here was good at lunch today. My partner ordered the Reuben sandwich and I had the Thali of the day. My partner liked the Reuben, but didn't touch the salad because no utensils came with it. I told him that utensils were located close to the cash register, but he felt they should have been brought out with our order. I thought the Thali was satisfying and tasty (it included Saag with tofu, brown rice, salad, and spit pea Daal). I was glad that it came out soon, though, because I had mistakenly taken what turned out to be a Thali DISPLAY plate, thinking it was the Thali I had ordered, and the food on it was cold. (The cashier was right there when I took the display plate but didn't say anything. He did say they would call out our order when it was ready, but I thought he meant my partner's sandwich. Wish he had said something when I mistakenly took the Thali display plate, as the food on it was cold, plus I naturally would not have taken it had I realized it was just sitting there as a display. (I saw no sign or anything designating it as such. I thought another employee had probably set it there for me while I was paying.) Fortunately, when our food arrived to the table, the employee who brought it let me have the HEATED Thali and took away the rest of the cold display plate.

The atmosphere in the tiny cafe left a LOT to be desired. Some sort of construction work appeared to be underway on the patio, thus there was no place to sit out there (a long communal table had been set to the side of the patio). Inside, the very small eating area was very crowded with people who, I suspect, had been there for a yoga class or something like that. We were very fortunate to get one of two tables next to the window. There was a rather small communal table but it was full. It was also VERY noisy inside, with loud conversations and laughter coming from the communal table, as well as noise and conversations from the kitchen area. One customer kept standing up, sitting down, and walking around, right behind my partner's chair. I did appreciate the fact that we were next to the window, so I could at least look through it, despite the construction work that was going on outside....

It is a shame that the atmosphere at Nite Moon Cafe was so lacking, because the food, as I said, was quite good (once I got the HEATED Thali that I ordered). Because of the noisy, crowded atmosphere, we won't be returning.

6475 Avondale Dr, Oklahoma City, USA

Nice Setting, Great Salads

'Cheerful' is one of the adjectives I would choose to describe coolgreens, thanks to its great salads and attractive setting. We had lunch there twice in June of this year, and if we ever pass through Oklahoma City again, we would like to go back.

My partner very much enjoyed his build-your-own salad (they put the salad greens and toppings on for you, but you get to select them, and there are many to choose from) and a slice of pizza. I had the Tree Hugger Salad, which includes baby spinach, marinated tofu, edamame, pickled onion, mandarin oranges, crimini mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds, and is mixed with a delightful tomato/orange/basil vinaigrette. Such a fantastic combination! The marinated tofu was so good, I had to share a bite with my partner, who liked it as much as I did.

The pretty setting added to our enjoyment of the fresh, nutritious food. Coolgreens is almost circular, with glass walls completely enclosing the entire inside dining area. This produces a very pleasant, airy feel, and provides a nice view of the trees, grass, and passersby outside.

The coolgreens staff were friendly and efficient, and even thanked us for coming! Wow! Quite impressive!

21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, USA

Still Very Good

We were delighted to have lunch at Follow Your Heart again for the first time in 31 or 32 years! Not all that much has changed since then, and the food was still very good. My partner and I both had the Reuben sandwich, and he also had fries with his. The sandwiches were very large, tasty, and satisfying, but would have been even better had the rye bread been grilled in butter or margarine instead of just being toasted. I enjoyed the carrot chips that accompanied my sandwich and my partner really liked his baked fries. The garlic dill pickles were great!

Our server was pleasant and efficient, and didn't mind bringing a salt shaker to the table at my partner's request. I thought about requesting sweetener for my iced tea, but decided to skip it, and fortunately the tea was still quite good anyway. The server did ask if we would like mustard and ketchup, which we appreciated.

We were both very impressed with the cleanliness of the restroom, and of the entire restaurant and market. All of the employees we encountered were polite and helpful.

It would have been nice to have had a little more privacy, as the tables are fairly close together and, by the time we left, there were people seated on both sides of us. But, since no one was rude, we still enjoyed the atmosphere overall.

9341 Culver Blvd, Culver City, USA

Loved the Garden Burrito!

The Garden Burrito I had yesterday at lunch was one of the best 'wet' burritos I've ever eaten! Loved the green sauce, tons of onions, spinach, pinto beans, rice, sour cream, and guacamole! Was glad I didn't order a salad, though, because this burrito is of a very generous size! No need to use a knife with it, either, as the Garden Burrito is SO nice and moist. My partner really liked the Cantina Nachos.

Service was courteous and efficient and the atmosphere was pleasant. As it was a very hot day yesterday, we were thrilled that the air-conditioning was working perfectly and that most of the tables and booths were shielded from the sunlight.

I have no doubt we will be returning to Kay 'n Dave's on our next visit to Culver City!

320 S Regent St, Flagstaff, USA

Will Always Remember the Fried Cauliflower

The thing I will always remember about this nice restaurant is the fried cauliflower with tahini sauce that was on the appetizer specials when we ate there twice in June of this year. Golden brown and topped with scrumptious tahini, this was the best fried cauliflower we have ever tasted! When we complimented it to one of the servers, she said that yes, a lot of people really liked it, and had urged them to put it on the regular menu. It went perfectly with my white wine!

The Macro Platter was also very good, particularly the tofu. The second time we ate at Pita Jungle, my partner and I both had the Lentil Fetoosh Salad (after finishing the fried cauliflower, of course!). This huge salad features lentils and rice with caramelized onions, heaped upon a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, and cucumbers, with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. This was very enjoyable and extremely filling (especially after the fried cauliflower appetizer!).

The atmosphere at Pita Jungle was very pleasant, and the service was quite good. With almost all of the tables occupied, and the sound of laughter, happy conversations, and upbeat background music, it was clear that this was a popular restaurant and we could see why. If we ever spend the night in Flagstaff again, there's no question where we'll be heading for dinner.

712 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, USA


After lunch yesterday at Pure Luck, we headed across the street to Scoops for ice cream. NOT a mistake, as we found Scoops' ice cream to be very tasty and refreshing! I had two scoops of the pecan maple soy-based ice cream, and my partner had two other flavors (both dairy-based), one of which I think was called either Burnt Sugar or Burnt Cinammon; can't recall the name of the other one. We were both quite pleased with our ice cream, and also by the pleasant, very clean establishment. The server was efficient and helpful. I have little doubt that we'll be making Scoops a stop following future meals at Pure Luck!

16260 Ventura Blvd, Encino, USA

Excellent Indian Food!

Streets of India has some of the best Indian food I've ever tasted, and ALL of the food served there is either vegan or vegetarian: there are NO meat options (hooray!). At our lunch there today, my partner ordered the Masala Dosa, which was enormous and came with two sauces: one hot & spicy, the other mild & tangy. Despite the huge size of the dosa, my partner had no trouble finishing it, so I know he liked it. I had the Thali plate, which comes with 3 vegetable choices, either white or brown rice, raita, a side of relish, naan, and a beverage. My vegetable choices were spinach, cauliflower, and okra, all of which were delicious and nicely spiced: not too hot but just hot enough for my taste. (ALL of the other selections also looked great.) Instead of regular naan, I opted to pay a dollar extra for the garlic naan, which was superb.

We opted to sit outside on the front patio, as there didn't seem to be any air-conditioning inside. The patio tables all had umbrellas, which we appreciated, and they were very clean as well. Also, the patio is high enough and far enough away from Ventura Bl. that no dirt or car exhaust fumes blew on us or into our plates. Though the temperature outside was quite warm, we preferred to sit out there rather than inside where it felt even warmer.

There could have been better coordination behind the counter, but both servers were friendly, and both came out to see if everything was okay.

I wish Streets of India would open a restaurant in Hollywood, so that we could enjoy their fantastic, all-vegetarian food regularly.

6374-A Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, USA

Hollywood's Best Vegan Restaurant!

We've eaten here three times now as of today, and we love it! Some of our favorite foods here are the American Stack, B-Wing Salad, Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Fries, and Chili. Favorite beverages are Strawberry Lemonade, Lemonade, and Peach Black Tea. Veggie Grill really chose an ideal location with this one: right next to the Arclight Theatres and just across the street from Amoeba Records! So nice to have a good restaurant to go to for lunch after a movie or shopping at Amoeba!

8000 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, USA

Fried Chik'n Plate Was Quite Good, But....

We have eaten here a few times, but probably won't be going back much anymore. My partner and I tried the new Fried Chik'n Plate for lunch today, and I was generally quite impressed by it: the chik'n tasted great and had a nice, crispy batter; the cauliflower mashed potatoes and gravy were fabulous; but the kale was not hot. My partner's impression was much less favorable: he said the food was okay, but could use more salt. On past visits, the food was sometimes quite good, but other times just okay and not hot. Last time, my mac & cheese was lukewarm.

We have never liked the fact that the tables are so close together. Fortunately, we've always been able to have an empty table between us and other patrons, but today in order to have this minimal amount of privacy, we had to move dirty plates, utensils, etc. from a table that had not been cleaned. When the table next to us (to which we had moved the used plates, etc.) was finally attended to, the server only partially cleaned it, leaving a glass and a bottle of ketchup there.

Although on most of our previous visits the service has been cordial and fairly efficient, today the server was merely efficient: when she brought out our food, she did not bother to greet us. Without even smiling, she just asked who had which plate.

So, although I would enjoy having the Crispy Chik'n Plate again, I don't think we'll be returning any time soon.

760 S Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, USA


We shopped at this Whole Foods in June of this year and could hardly believe how gigantic it is! One really could get in a fair amount of exercise just by walking around the store several times! And seriously, it is easy for this to happen if you want to purchase items located at opposite ends of the market! It was nice not having to feel cramped, though, and we were able to locate everything we wanted to buy. Nice store, located very close to Veggie Grill!

6350 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, USA

Large Store

This Whole Foods is larger than the one in West Hollywood, where we went to shop for our Christmas and New Year's meals. We probably won't return to the 3rd St. location, because when we shopped there prior to Thanksgiving, my partner very much wanted Field Roast, but all they had was the frozen kind, and he wanted to buy it ready-to-eat in the deli section. (He was able to get it this way at the West Hollywood location.) Nor was he able to find a pecan pie. There was also a young child shrieking and running around in circles at the end of the frozen foods aisle, which made our shopping experience doubly unpleasant.

On the plus side, the store is large and attractive, and they do carry a number of good vegan/gluten-free items. (I do miss being able to get their peanut butter fudge.)

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