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Plant-based chain founded 2006 and under ownership by Next Level from January 2024. Offering a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and more. This one est. 2012. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:30pm.

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12 Mar 2020

Always a 5 star for V GRILL

Although I’ve already reviewed my locations Veggie Grill, this is one of the first ones I’ve ever had so it is close to my heart.
There basically isn’t anything that I would say don’t get... veggie grill may be a chain but it’s a chain for a reason! It’s bomb
Some of my favorites:

Mondo Nachos
Buffalo Wing Salad
Straight up just the side buffalo wings
Pretty much any of the bowls

Pros: All vegan , Fair priced

Cons: Not the best parking but there is a paid lot , There is parking on the street over if lucky

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09 Feb 2024


We arrived for lunch right when they opened, you’d expect a place to be clean when they first unlock their doors, right? The bathrooms were disgusting. The smell and the sticky floors really set a bad tone for the rest of the experience.
The service was ridiculously slow. We were the second people to order and it took forever to receive our food. The food was not even worth the wait. You could tell all of their proteins were just frozen beyond meat or chicken. I would give this place only 1 star if I could. We felt like we were eating at a McDonalds.

Pros: All vegan , Friendly staff

Cons: Dirty bathrooms/sticky floors, Slow service , Fast food



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09 Jan 2024

Mess up orders a lot/take forever

This was my closest location for nearly two years. I ate there many times and they screwed up my orders or took 30-40 minutes in a nearly empty restaurant to feed one person a lot more than I felt tolerable. If is a chain, so set your expectations accordingly. There are some tasty dishes. I would get the santa fe chicken, crispy cauliflower, bahn mi sandwich, and their soups pretty often. The carrot cake was good as well as their strawberry lemonade.


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04 Jan 2024

Good healthy bowls

We always wanted to try VG as we've heard a lot of good things. The bowls we're healthy and filling. Taste was good. Not my favourite place but alright and 100% vegan!

Pros: healthy filling food, convenient location, 100% vegan

Cons: bowls could be bigger, more carbs


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28 Nov 2023

Pesto Chick'n Parm

What a fantastic sandwich!

Pesto Chick'n Parm Sandwich
Crispy chick'n patty, arrabiata sauce, cheese sauce, blistered cherry tomatoes, almond parmesan, basil, basil pesto spread, on a brioche

Pros: Very cheesy, Beautiful color, Really nice tooth


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26 Nov 2023


The food was soooooooo good.

Pros: The food was amazing, The stuff was super nice

Cons: There is NOTHING to dislike


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25 Nov 2023

Good selection of food

 we ordered two crunchy Caesar salads with chicken and french fries. Everything was great.


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27 Oct 2023

I've been to better Veggie Grills

This Veggie Grill was just alright, I've been to different locations that have better quality. I will say that I liked the area this Veggie Grill was in as it was convenient. Overall, not bad but I wouldn't recommend it.

Pros: Location, Easy to order

Cons: Just okay food


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07 Oct 2023

Excellent burger joint!

I had the VG burger and fries, my wife had the Caesar salad with beyond steaks. Great service, excellent food, will be back for sure!


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30 Sep 2023


Not impressed at all. The Banh Mi was the worst I’ve ever had. The BBQ mac burger tasted only like meat. The Santa Fe Chick’n was okay. The caesar wrap was bigger than I expected and the best thing I ordered. The portions of fries was pretty small (I ordered the large). Will not be going back, but happy I tried it.

Pros: Fresh ingredients

Cons: Not that great


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30 Sep 2023

Vegan; enjoy hot/warm soup birthday free treat/present/gift once annually signed up member getting emails.

Vegan; enjoy hot/warm soup birthday free treat/present/gift once annually signed up member getting emails. VEGAN! nice useful serrated culinary implement.

Veggie Grill, 6374-A Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Pros: near SubwayTrain Library&WALK of FAME/STARS*******, VEGAN! nice useful serrated culinary implement.


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01 Jul 2023

Delicious plant based fast food

In general I liked the space, the food and all the staff was very friendly

Pros: The food, The comfortable place, The friendly staff


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20 Jun 2023

Fast service and fresh food

Been there many times, always satisfied, with the food and the staff.
It's clean, quick annd good.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-05

Pros: service, quality, food

Cons: Loud , A/C too cold


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01 Feb 2023

Amazing food and staff

Friendly staff giving out recommendations amazing food, great portions and the cookies were delicious!


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23 Sep 2022

Amazing menu and friendly staff

Enjoyed our food here and the menu is really huge and gives you lots of options. Very reasonably priced. Service was brilliant and staff were very friendly.

Cons: Food could do with a bit more flavour / seasoning


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10 Aug 2022

Basic and good

I wouldn’t say that it was bad but I wasn’t overwhelmed by flavor and taste. I think this place was overpriced and small portions. I would come back if I needed a quick grab and go.


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20 Jun 2022

Good vegan fast food restaurant

We had a bowl which was okay, and a fish burger which tasted great! 👍 the additional sweet potato fries were tasty and quite large. For the drink you need a cup (only one size) and you get free refills.
Nice to see such a place, they should replace all McDonald's and BurgerKings there are :D

Pros: All vegan , Nice place

Cons: Too little dressing with the food (ask for more)


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02 Jun 2022

Great for fast-food

Great vegan fast food restaurant. Drinks refills and good food.
Staff was friendly

Pros: It’s all vegan, Staff


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08 May 2022

Great burgers and desserts

Very good burgers! We had a fish and the house burger and as dessert the chocolate parfait - very delicious!


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20 Apr 2022

Always a great go to…

It’s been a while since I’ve had lunch here but was good to be back. The area has suffered a little with the closure of the Cinerama Dome but this place is busy. Lovely vegan nachos and zingy tenders.

Pros: A huge menu , Well priced for the quality , Friendly and low key


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22 Mar 2022


I like the variety of options. The seasonal choices are usually good. For some reason though after going here 15 times, I don't find the food amazing. It's good but not a must try


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01 Nov 2021

Very good quality

I love veggie grill because their menu is fully vegan and they have great options, it’s always hard to choose what ti eat. They also deliver and have an special menu for thanksgiving!

Also gluten free options available.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Sustainable packaging, Fair price


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10 Aug 2021

Spoilt for choice

Great choice on menu. You can either go for the healthy options or the junk food route.

First visited in 2017 from U.K. and it was my first taste of the Beyond Meat burger (then not available in U.K.). Glad to see Beyond Meat has now become ubiquitous and not just confined to ‘specialist’ restaurants.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-10

Pros: Great choice


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16 Jun 2021

Wish we had these at home!

This was a convenient stop in the middle of our Hollywood touristy day. It is kid-friendly, fast, affordable and offers healthy options too. I love my kale quinoa salad with added tempeh, and my kids devoured burgers and mac and cheese. I wish we had these in Tennessee!


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18 May 2021

Vegan Fast Food

Typical fast food restaurant but with vegan food only. It was delicious experience.


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15 May 2021

Really good!

Great place great food. The only dish that ever dissapointed me was the mac n cheese. Everything else really delicious!


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25 Mar 2021

A Standard.

Not anything super groundbreaking, but honestly it’s THE vegan american food chain. Good burgers, good appetizers, a standard. Their rewards app is really easy to use and a fair rewards system.

I really recommend their buffalo sticks, extra crispy, extra buffalo sauce. They’re also tasty in the buffalo wraps. The Mondo nachos are tasty too. I’ll never forgive them for discontinuing my favorite burger, the Lucky Star, though. But try the new Reuben, it’s DELICIOUS. This Hollywood location is a super convenient walking distance to, like, everywhere. Perfectly located.

Pros: good taste, convenient location, good rewards program

Cons: seasonal menu = missing things when they’re gone


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09 Nov 2020

Fast, heathly and affordable

Everything you could want from a meat free 'fast food' chain, burgers and salads to kill for, friendly staff and great service.

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