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Worth a trip to the 17e

This wonderful juice bar/vegan traiteur tucked inside the Batignolles covered market is a healthy herbivore's dream come true! Creative salads, soups, and desserts are prepared with care by Jennifer, the super-friendly, well-informed proprietor. Many of her dishes are infused with superfoods (hemp, maca)and most are gluten-free. I'm addicted to the
Green Machine smoothies, which includes a rotating blend of in-season fruits and veggies. The organic, fair-trade coffee is amazing, too! I'm lucky that My Kitch'n is in my neighborhood, but it's definitely worth a trip, wherever you happen to be in Paris.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cozy, Vegan-friendly Spot in a Great Neighborhood

I'd heard about this place for years and even though it's not 100-percent vegan, it was the first restaurant on my must-visit list in Amsterdam. Bolhoed has a relaxed, American coffeehouse-style vibe. Specials are written on a small chalkboard. Lunch items are limited; the menu expands at dinnertime (after 5pm). We stuffed ourselves on the two vegan daily specials, and at around €6 each, we thought it was a real bargain; the food was quality and wholesome and really tasty. Delicious organic wine was €4 a glass. Desserts were lovely to look at, slightly less amazing to taste, but most were vegan and that's something. We did't want to order two desserts, so I solicited the waiterperson's help. Should we get the pecan cake or bluberry cake? She said "why don't I give you half a slice of each for the price of one?" I loved that idea! I also loved the fat orange tabbycat who roamed the dining room and welcomed cuddles from us strangers.

San Bartolome 1, Plaza del Buen Pastor, San Sebastian, Spain

Vegan-friendly in a very ham-oriented city!

We had our hearts set on tapas, but finding vegan tapas was, sadly, no easy feat. In fact, we never did find anything that was entirely animal-product free in that category (and even for vegetarians, the spanish tortilla--made with eggs--is the primary option). But thankfully, we stumbled upon Caravanserai. Located between the train station and the old town on a pedestrian walkway, this lively cafe offers vegans a few options that, while not uniquely Spanish, will fuel you for a day of sightseeing. We were intrigued by their vegan burger offerings, and ordered the seitan-tofu burgers with fries. They were good, but nothing special. There are salads on the menu, plus vegan pate and crackers. Some dishes can be veganized by asking to be made without the addition of eggs or cheese.

8 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris, France

Food & Fashion in a Cool Location

This concept store/restaurant offers delicious, home-cooked Italian food and sartorial treasures for chic Parisians (and out-of-town visitors!). The owner, Carmen, and her adorable dog Pippo give all who enter a warm welcome, and every corner of the boutique is alive with color and texture and interesting things to look at. Vegans will appreciate the collection of vegan shoes, and hungry herbivores of all stripes will enjoy Carmen's cooking, which is simple, tasty, and filling.

20, Rue Nationale, Paris, France

Pretty OK mostly vegan Chinese

Way back when, another vegan Chinese restaurant, Tien Hiang, lived in this same spot. Today, they've got two locations on the other side of the river, but Green Garden isn't too different. The menu is full of familiar favorites--fried noodles, spring rolls, and lots of tofu and fake-meat dishes served either in a "marmite" (small covered clay pot) or in a standard dish. If you want dim sum, get there early; they stop serving it around 1 p.m. Sadly, no adult beverages are available, but this is the place to stock up on all your fake-meat needs, from faux shark fin to mock crab to big ham rolls. A few of the items had whey in them, so read the (english) labels carefully.

C/ Peregrino, 2, Malaga, Spain

Another Loving Hut. Yay!

It was a little tricky finding this place, but I got a warm welcome when I did. Inside, there's a little sandwich board announcing the limited daily specials, which happened to be a veggie burger, vegan tart, and some kind of tofu thing the day I arrived.

I was encouraged by the staff to go with the all-you-can-eat buffet. Not a bad choice for €7.95. Drinks are cheap; I wish I'd gotten the fresh-squeezed carrot juice, which was less than €2.

The buffet is replenished when certain dishes start to dwindle. I helped myself to brown rice with bits of tofu mixed in, friend spring rolls, noodles, lots of fake-meat dishes with Chinese or Indian seasonings, mushroom dishes, more fake meat, and more fried things. There was salad, and sushi, too, which I went back for on Round Two.

A couple of items listed on the menu--which is really just a little plastic display on your table and not an actual menu--had me thinking the place wasn't fully vegan; ice cream was listed for dessert, as were two things with honey. I verified with the owners that everything they offer is 100 percent vegan, and the "honey" is made from sugar. (The cook even came out to show me the jar!)

Not a lot of ambiance and no beer or wine served (as is normal for the Loving Hut chain), but the food was filling and tasty and a good bargain. Much cheaper than France!

H 20, Ward 4, Jodhpur Ghat, Pushkar, India

Vegan Treats at a Nice Guesthouse

The best part about my recent stay in Pushkar was discovering that my guest house sells vegan cake, croissants, cookies, and other treats made by Krishna, Pushkar's only vegan baker. Krishna's treats can be found at Pushkar Inn guesthouse as well as at his much smaller home shop at the address above. Also highly recommended are Krishna's marvelous, detoxifying Ayurvedic massages. Not for the meek, however: this is a no-clothes situation that might make more modest types uncomfortable.

13 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris, France

Good coffee and a few tasty vegan options

Next door to Bob's Juice Bar, the original hipster juice joint in Paris, Tuck Shop offers nice cups of strong coffee and a limited selection of small plates for vegans. (More possibilities for vegetarians.) The day I went, the vegan options were limited to to avocado on toast with lemon, and "sporty bread" with almond butter. I went with the former, and it was delicious but simple to the point of "I could have made this at home for half the price." Still, I'd go back for the chill vibe and to keep pestering the nice staff for more vegan options.

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unique, Fun, and Delicious Dining Experience

I'd never eaten at a "vegan collective" but was eager to try it after reading reviews here on happy cow. I did my best to follow the instructions and call between 4 and 6:30 to make a reservation, but I couldn't find a phone in time, so we just turned up around 7:15 (they open for dinner at 7pm) and hoped for the best. The woman said they had enough food and could squeeze us in. After asking if we knew how it worked (not really, we replied), she explained that the all-volunteer staff makes the food, we pay according to our ability (between 7 and 10 euro), and when we finish eating, we bus our own tables. OK! The atmosphere was relaxed and homey, with music thumping and people hanging out drinking and chatting on cozy couches and wood tables. Nice low lighting and interesting art on the walls. We paid for our meals, then got our soup and paid for our beer and wine (2.50 each; the wine was great and the beer was organic). The woman said she'd call us when the main course was ready. That night the soup was borscht; the main course was sushi (seitan/walnut--what a fabulous revelation!), served with roasted potatoes and a small salad. I loved the experience-- the food, ambiance, and novelty of it all. I also like supporting grass-roots cultural organizations, and really appreciated that De Peper is 100-percent vegan. I'd go back in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to others. In the hallway just before we left, there was a sign saying "free books--please take!" Rummaging through the stack, I found a brand-new and very popular vegan cookbook that I was happy to schlep home. Double score!

N 1, Derb Nakouss, Riad Zitoun Jedid, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Friendly Place, Tasty Food, & Delish Juices

The signs pointing to Earth Cafe bear the unfortunate words, "soup kitchen," but it was the word "vegetarian" that kept me on the quest to finding it. It's a short 5-minute walk off Jemaa El-Fna, and the signs are prominent. Upstairs off the street, the restaurant is divided into two dining rooms, one with a French menu on the wall, the other with an English menu. (The English side is brighter, overlooking the street.)

Vegans won't have a lot to choose from--there was just one vegan dish on offer the day I visited--but vegetarians have three or four choices; omnivores have the whole menu to choose from, which, in total, is really only about eight items.

Tea, fresh juices (carrot, beet, etc.), and coffee are on offer, and bread and delicious olive oil are served to diners before the meal arrives. The staff were very kind and helpful and can offer recommendations for things to do and see in Marrakech.

The sole vegan dish on offer the day I visited was a "veggie burger." The ingredients were seemingly at odds with each other (veggies seasoned with oregano, and finished with coconut and mango sauces?!), but the potato-based "burger" and everything on the plate was scrumptious and filling.

Prices are a bit high for Morocco; 70 dhiram is the going price for a meal here, but in terms of quality and presentation, the prices seem fair.

c/San Juan de Letran, 13, Malaga, Spain

Warm Welcome, Tasty Food

Located a two-minute walk from the house where Picasso was born, El Piano is a convenient stop for vegans/vegetarians/gluten-free to enjoy a tasty meal with a glass of natural wine or organic beer.

The formula is simple: You choose any five items from the deli case (some are hot, others cold; the hot bits get microwaved)and either a standard or large-size "boat," AKA a bamboo plate with curved sides to hold the food in.

The choices span the flavor spectrum, from curried potatoes and squash to mexican cabbage salad to corn fritters and falafel. Everything I chose was perfectly seasoned and delicious.

I didn't eat dessert, but there were several choices and each looked mouthwatering. I also appreciated the wine and beer selection, and the pour of natural red wine was generous.

Main Market Street, Laxmi Bazaar, Pushkar, India

Soymilk Smoothies and More

This is the place to go in Pushkar for soy smoothies and shakes, non-dairy coffee drinks, and fresh salads. Honey & Spice also offers homey, hearty main dishes that will cure travelers of their food-related homesickness after eating one too many chapatis.

Via Portoscalas, 1, Cagliari, Italy

Friendly and Delicious!

A wonderful spot for vegans in the center of Cagliari. The all-you-can-eat buffet lunch is 100-percent vegan and 100-percent tasty. An interesting selection of dishes is constantly being replenished, so if you didn't get the piping hot tempura vegetables on the first round, you'll have another chance! On the two days I ate here, I grazed among roast seitan with artichokes; pasta with vegetables; homemade hummos and fresh bread with a magnificently chewy crust; tempura vegetables; Indian-spiced rice; fresh green salad with tomatoes and fennel; soup; cabbage salad; and curried potatoes with garbanzo beans.

Condiments--salt, olive oil, pepper, vinegar, etc.--sit on a little shelf to the right of the buffet. Drinks and dessert are extra.

The first day, my meal--a huge glass of wine, the lunch buffet, and a carafe of filtered water--cost €15; the next day, the same meal was just €10, thanks to the generosity of the nice guy running the place, who comped me my wine for no particular reason!

The place is very popular during lunch hours; by the time I left each day, the place was packed to the gills with tattooed guys, middle-aged office workers, and families with children. Wonderful ambience, service, and food.

18 rue Camille Sauvageau, Bordeaux, France

funky cafe with an anarchist's coffeehouse vibe

We (two hungry vegans) were really happy to stumble upon this place on a tiny street in Bordeaux. It's just two blocks from the daily flea market at St. Michel, and they always have a vegan special. The menu is small--maybe five or six items in total, all veg, and generally vegan, including the soup du jour, which you get in a nice, big bowl, and which costs only €2. Expect extremely casual but friendly service, well-worn furniture and minuscule bathroom down a dark hallway in the back. We had the tarte du jour, which was parsnip and carrot. Slightly sweet, but hearty and filling, and "creamy" vegetable soup, which was hot and savory and good to the last drop.

16 Quai de Bacalan, Bordeaux, France

Warm welcome, great food + wine, vegan desserts!

As soon as I walked in the door at Rest'o, I knew I was in for something special. A weekday lunch crowd was already tucked into the small (10 table?) dining room, and from the way the proprietor greeted clients, most were clearly locals and frequent customers. The chalkboard menu listed three lunch options, two of which had cheese. I asked if the daily special had cheese, and was assured it was vegan. I sat down, and was soon brought a carafe of fresh mint-infused water, followed by some delicious bread. Next came a glass of wine and the piece de resistance: The daily special. (see photo!) What a wonderful experience! Every component--from the tiny bowl of veg stew to the stuffed tomato to the petite roulade--was brimming with flavor. The sauces were divine, with hints of curry, coconut, an mystery flavors I couldn't identify. Flavors were so rich, and I was assured that the creamy sauces were made with soy yogurt and tofu creme. The woman who served me explained that all the desserts were vegan and gluten free, so I settled on the chocolate-pear tart. It was rich and chocolatey, with a crunchy crust. Rest'o will be my haunt the next time I visit Bordeaux!

Dizengoff 78, Tel Aviv, Israel

Such a Fab Fashion-Forward Find!

What a wonderful stroke of luck to have wandered into this colorful, friendly, stylish store and discovered that--like magic--everything inside is vegan! The owner, Roni Kantor, was in the store the first day I visited (at the Jaffa boutique), and was so kind to answer all my questions and explain her cruelty-free fashion philosophy.

Beautiful leather-free shoes, bags, dresses, and other pieces fill both shops, and prices are reasonable and quality is really high. I visited the Tel Aviv store the next day to buy pair of shoes that I get loads of compliments on, and what a bonus: They're actually really comfortable!

I can wait to return to Tel Aviv, and Roni Kantor will be one of my first stops!

Eerste van der Helststraat 43, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delish all-you-can-eat salad bar, ho-hum falafel

We stumbled upon this vegetarian falafel joint near the Albert Cuyp market and, being hungry and uncertain whether we'd find something equally meat-free and tempting in the 'hood, decided to take a gamble. The fellow behind the counter was friendly and helpful, explaining what was vegan and what wasn't (only the tzaziki wasn't vegan). We ordered falafel and had the choice of whole-wheat or regular pita, with eggplant or without. The salad-bar offerings were varied and tasty: curried chickpeas, hummus, tapenade, and lots of different salads and several hot sauces. Just like its competitor, Maoz, Sonny offers all-you-can-eat falafel fillings, so you don't have to feel shy about going back for seconds. The falafel itself was sort of boring; not a lot of flavor, unfortunately. At least it was filling and hot. The fries were good, too: crispy and hot. We also got a special vegan dipping sauce (a mix of hot sauces) instead of the mayo-based stuff they usually serve. We appreciated the interesting drinks--lychee, tamarind, coconot--and the tables out front. Later, we discoverd a Maoz right around the corner, but I'm glad we tried Sonny, if only for comparison's sake.

20, rue de la Pierre Levée, Paris, France

Homey little spot in cool central Paris

The ambiance here is a rustic-chic. Think shared wooden tables, lots of windows and iron beams, and two resident cats who make diners feel like they're eating at a stylish Scandinavian relative's house. The homey meals--tempeh and veggie stews served over rustic grains, homemade hummus and bread, cozy soups--feel nourishing, and the all-you-can-drink tea marries well with whatever the vegan dessert of the day happens to be. All organic and always at least 50 percent vegan (all veg).

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