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C/ Peregrino, 2, Malaga, Spain

Was El Legado Celestial Restaurante Vegetariano, now a branch of Loving Hut international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Offers a Taiwanese food buffet. It's located a short walk southwest of Centro Alameda train station. Reported closed to HappyCow, July 2014.

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25 Reviews

First Review by brendabudgie

Oh no... CLOSED? - Edit

I was looking forward to another visit, having had a great meal here in May 2013.

The restaurant was closed on a Saturday evening at 9pm, the menu also removed from outside the door.

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Nice place for lunch - Edit

The staff are very friendly and welcoming, I agree that the lady owner is eccentric and seemed quite stressed, but I will reiterate that they were very friendly towards us. I really enjoyed all the dishes on offer!!
Compared to the other Malaga based veg/vegan places I have been so far, this is the best yet.
Will definitely be going back!

Pros: Really tasty, Great value for money, Friendly owners

Cons: Very quiet

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OK for vegans to eat a lot at small price but... - Edit

... food should be more attractively presented, even if the staff is very friendly.
The food was good but not amazing. However, it's good value to eat ad libitum their cold and hot buffets for only 7,95 €.

Pros: fully vegan, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: decoration and buffet not attractive, annoying music

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Bad experience at Loving Hut - Edit

Let me preface this by saying that in general, I love Loving Huts. They are adorable and I love the food served all the ones I've been to. Therefore, when I saw there was one in Malaga I decided to go on my first night. The buffet was empty when I arrived, but the owner quickly led me to a table and promised they would have it right out- fine with me. I first had olives from the salad bar as an appetizer. They then brought out food and I loaded up my plate. It looked decent- noodles, and lots of soy fake meat curry dishes. I did enjoy the veggie rolls. However, most of the other dishes I really did not like. The old woman who I believe is an owner just stared at me the entire time I ate. I didn't understand why until I tried to pay- and this is where it got weird. I asked for my check l, but instead I received a 5 minute up in my face lecture about how there are so many starving people in the world (especially in China) and how it was horrible to waste the food on my plate. She insisted I stay until it was all eaten. I told her I was full but she continued to argue with me. I was both extremely full and didn't like the food, so I refused and had to persuade them to give me my bill. It was a horrible experience and I left very upset and angry.

I almost always finish the food on my plate and am very considerate that there are starving people in the world. However, I don't believe that the food I don't eat magically goes to them. I do not understand the glowing reviews of this restaurant!! I can put up with a lot, but like I said this was just an upsetting experience. There are so many other amazing places to go in Malaga- don't choose this one.

Cons: Crazy staff, Bad food

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Tasty home-made Vegan foods & Super Friendly - Edit

My family truly enjoyed the home-made tofu and other deviously vegan dishes. Relaxing setting, friendly service, authentic Taiwanese/Chinese foods. It reminds me the traditional foods from my home country. My family vote this restaurant "The Best in Continental Europe".

Pros: super delicous foods, very friendly, near bus & train station

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Excellent - Edit

Un régal !! Avec en plus un très bon accueil.

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Walked in, looked at the buffet, and walked out - Edit

Reading the reviews about the place on this page was enough to motivate me to go with my wife our 14 year old son. We walked in there at about 14:15, there was nobody in the place, the lights were off and so it looked closed. As soon as we walked in, a little old chinese woman came to encourage us to sit down. But since I read it was a buffet, I wanted to take a look at it before. Incredibly, the buffet was totally empty and the "salad bar" was both untouched and incredibly frugal in the pejorative sense of the word: there was one tomato sliced in half slices spread out in a single layer on the bottom of the small metal container; it was the same for the cucumber, maybe at most 1/2 a small cuke sliced and spread out over the bottom of the container; a small handful of narrowly cut strips of whitish lettuce; and a few other things looking as pathetic as the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. The sight of this very poor excuse for what we call a salad bar was so pathetic that we walked back out. It's really too bad.

I understand some of the reviewers concerns to encourage vegetarian and vegan endeavours such as this one, especially in the totally meat-based culture that is the spanish, but we don't go to a restaurant to give charity. So, one the one hand I know it would be terribly depressing to fill a buffet full of food, and have to throw it all out because nobody has come to eat any of it. On the other, it is impossible to have customers with such an pathetic looking "buffet".

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A bit of up date for the restaurant! - Edit

I had great time there, especially the owner (old couple) super friendly and give warm greeting to almost all the customers, first I thought the place wasn't easy to find but actually there's a metro station just outside of the road about 2 minutes walk toward to the bus station direction.
The deco of the place honestly speaking may not be as great as all the other huts I have been to in different countries. it doesn't have as much option as they usually do but they do have great value buffet for lunch and dinner.
Apart form the Chinese vegan buffet, they have vegan burger and lasagna (I didn't try them thou..)
This place definitely needs support. Applause for the passion of promoting veganism and still working after the retire age~ Bravo
The opening hour is actually changed to:
Mon: 1:pm-4:30pm, Tue-Sat: 1pm-4:30 pm, 8:30pm-11pm
They have a facebook page called Lovinghut Ma¡laga, please like the page and spread the words!!

Pros: good price, nice service

Cons: needs more light, need more desserts and drinks

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Good food and all vegan - Edit

Seeing the concerns above, I want to Loving Hut and pretended not to be a vegan asking about the food and if they had any cheese dishes. The manager gave me an animal welfare flyer explaining why everything was vegan - so I was comfortable having the food and had fears put to rest. The place is a bit run down but the buffet is good. I still slightly prefer El Piano but this place deserves support too and you will not go away hungry with such a substantial buffet

Pros: Food quality, All vegan, Lots to eat

Cons: Slightly tatty

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With a Good Clean - The Food We Might Have Seen - Edit

We were going to eat here over the new year period. But compared with other Loving Hut restaurants we've been to we weren't impressed with the level of cleanliness. It wasn't awful, but the placemats were all slightly grubby, the table was only passably cleaned and the plates we were given had greasy finger marks on. Overall the place appeared shabby. So despite the owners evident hospitality, we decided to leave without eating.
As I say, we've been to other Loving Hut restaurants and not only been impressed with the food but also the quality of the restaurants themselves. So disappointing.

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Good food and good company with nice people there :)

Pros: Excellent food, friendly staff, the best one

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Another Loving Hut. Yay! - Edit

It was a little tricky finding this place, but I got a warm welcome when I did. Inside, there's a little sandwich board announcing the limited daily specials, which happened to be a veggie burger, vegan tart, and some kind of tofu thing the day I arrived.

I was encouraged by the staff to go with the all-you-can-eat buffet. Not a bad choice for €7.95. Drinks are cheap; I wish I'd gotten the fresh-squeezed carrot juice, which was less than €2.

The buffet is replenished when certain dishes start to dwindle. I helped myself to brown rice with bits of tofu mixed in, friend spring rolls, noodles, lots of fake-meat dishes with Chinese or Indian seasonings, mushroom dishes, more fake meat, and more fried things. There was salad, and sushi, too, which I went back for on Round Two.

A couple of items listed on the menu--which is really just a little plastic display on your table and not an actual menu--had me thinking the place wasn't fully vegan; ice cream was listed for dessert, as were two things with honey. I verified with the owners that everything they offer is 100 percent vegan, and the "honey" is made from sugar. (The cook even came out to show me the jar!)

Not a lot of ambiance and no beer or wine served (as is normal for the Loving Hut chain), but the food was filling and tasty and a good bargain. Much cheaper than France!

Pros: Filling and hearty, Priced fairly, totally vegan

Cons: No beer or wine, Not a lot of character or ambiance, a little hard to find

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Appearances can be deceiving - Edit

It might not look like much when you go in, but, the food is heavenly! Myself and my boyfriend LOVED the food here.

There was an elderly couple doing most of the serving so I'm guessing they're the owners, they were both really nice and came round to our table to ensure we were enjoying the food - I thought that was really lovely of them considering our Spanish was as good as their English (i.e. not great!).

Our one gripe - We tried to go back here again, but when we did the restaurant was closed - even though according to their sign, they should have been open.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Food was great, Open buffet

Cons: Opening hours are unclear, Cafe look and feel, so better for lunch

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fantastic - Edit

i firstly discussed with them what i eat and dont eat and the chef brought out vegetables from the kitchen to ask me to be sure he was only going to make something with ingredients that i am ok with, e.g. i don't like nightshade vegetables and so the chef was fine to cook me something without eggplant and tomato. Also i didn't want soya and so he made me dishes witout soya or tofu. After discussing the ingredients, the chef got straight to it in the kitchen and very quickly, i was brought numerous delicious dishes as they had been cooked, it was a really good meal. This place is very worth a visit. The owner and his son (who cooked) were really friendly and constantly came to check that everything was alright with the meal. i can only recommend this place, wonderful staff and wonderful tasting (chinese) food. They are very much into begin vegetarian, i found interesting the display on the wall of famous vegetarians and they gave me literature about vegetarian eating also.

Pros: vegetarian, tasty, flexible

Cons: not brown rice

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Lovely - but is it vegan? - Edit

Wonderful staff, wonderful (apparently) vegan buffet, but we were dismayed to see that milk and honey were listed on the drinks / desserts menu.

Some clarification of the vegan-ness of this friendly place would be appreciated, as I personally do not frequent any restaurant that is not 100% vegan.

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yum - Edit

funny owner, good asiatic food and very cheap : take all you want fot 6€95 : rice, noodle, vegetables, mock-meat ... Just check if your plate and fork are cleans (sometimes fat !)

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El dueño es muy simpatico - Edit

El verano pasado veraneando en malaga descubri este restaurante cuando fui a correos lo vi al pasar.No sabia que habia uno en Malaga.El señor que creo que debe de ser el dueño es muy simpatico, las 2 veces que fui me atandio muy bien.Creo que tambien hay uno en Madrid y quiero ir la semana que viene cuando vaya de nuevo a madrid.

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Fantastic food, Fantastic people. - Edit

We recently found ourselves in Malaga so, like all good vegetarians, we quickly consulted Happy Cow. Luckily The Loving Hut was on a couple of blocks away and more than worth a visit.

Location: I always use Google street view before heading somewhere new. There's nothing worse than being hungry and lost. Therefore if you use street view for this place , the image taken is of it's pre-'franchise' state and it's call 'Legado Celestial Vegetariano'. It now has a large light-up sign outside which make it more than easy to find.

Service: Now we set out at 8.30pm on a Sunday night in the middle of a crazy downpour of rain so I wasn't very optomistic it would be open. Amazingly it was. Though we were the only ones there, the buffet was still running -and- the owners brought us almost endless dishes of freshly made things to our table.

When we finally finished (Top tip... pace yourself with chopsticks :) I looked at my watch it was 10.45pm! It turned out I had forgotten to change my laptops clock from London time when we had set off so they kept the place open well past closing. With the numerous dishes we were never made to feel unwelcome at any point during this time and I believe they genuinely appreciated our custom.

The staff are more than friendly and you really don't need English -or- Spanish as a smile will get you through; the older gent is wonderful so all you need is a 'Muy Bueno!' and he's more than happy to help, the younger guy is very passionate about his cookery and the lady is wonderfully stotic and efficient.

I refute the 'unreliable hours' thing. Simply knock at the door and they'll let you in. They can't really leave the door wide open as there's food in there. Don't be embarassed by language :)

Food: I'll break this down into cold and hot buffet. Some things I'm not 100% on what they were but hey we went again the next day for dinner so no complaints:)

Cold buffet: Beanshoots, seaweed, white asparagus, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, beetroot, carrot, gerkins, lettuce, white noodles, a cabbage purree thing, and a beetroot purree thing.

Hot Buffet: I'm not great on descriptions here so I'll describe the meat / dairy variations. To reiterate. This place is 100% vegan so eat without boundaries! Battered Tofu with Sesame seeds, Tofu Curry, Black Bean Tofu, A kind of meaty tofu bite, 'egg; friend rice, special chow mein, Spring Rolls, 'Popcorn' bites, Pakoras.

Drinks: Herbal and leaf tea, Coffee, and Alcohol free beer.


Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly staff, Large Selection

Cons: N/A

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Teriffic Food - Wonderful People! - Edit

Great Buffet. Lots of variety and everything was fantastic! They make small portions at a time so it's always fresh and hot. It was cold and had been raining all morning and had just let up as we got there. We barely got sat down and the Owner ran (and for 86 he moved pretty darn fast) over to greet us with a piping hot pot of tea. Boy, did we really need it, and it was really good. They spoke very little english and we speak very little spanish, and certainly nothing of their native dialect, but they treated us like long lost family, and with surprisingly little trouble we "talked" quite a bit and got to know them. They quickly determined what we liked most and whipped up 3 fresh, wonderful dishes for us. We left full and happy! We have ate in literally 100's of veg restaurants from Hawaii to Turkey, and we had a first at this one - it was the first time we hugged the owner when we left! What an amazing experience, not just of great food, but of the love that filled that space and of feeling like we had made a new forever friend! Go there, eat, talk to the owner and his son - you will leave there feeling great, I promise!

Pros: Great Prices, Fresh Appetizing Food, Great Variety

Cons: It's in another Country, I can't go everyday, I miss my new friends

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great value for money - Edit

My boyfriend and I had an hour on our way to Malaga airport, and we just *had* to check out this place.
And we were not disappointed. For 6.5 EUR each we got a plate of salad, a HUGE plate of different thai-inspired dishes from tofu, seitan, dough, vegetables and rice/noodles. And a lovely jasmine green tea infusion. The old man tried to speak some Spanish, but both of us were obvious beginners. Nevertheless, he was extremely happy to find out that we both were vegans and was exceptionally friendly.

Pros: friendly staff, huge portions, cosy atmosphere

Cons: doesn't accept credit cards

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fabulous vegan Chinese buffet - Edit

I visited the Loving Hut on holidays in the area, and it was the best Chinese buffet I've ever had. I am not given to exaggeration, but I really did love this place. It's run by a lovely elderly Taiwanese couple, the husband and chef is effusive in discussing the dishes, unfortunately my Spanish wasn't up to the task, but I would have loved to engage him in proper conversation. My companion and I went at lunchtime on a Monday (many places closed in Malaga) and contrary to previous reports it was open on time. We were greeted with iced tea infused with mint and lemon (complementary), and what followed was a literal feast that left us both extremely full and very happy. There is a buffet counter with several tofu and seitan dishes (each very distinct and flavoursome), noodles, spring rolls, tempura, sesame dumplings, and lots of salad vegetables. We were feeling very satisfied (particularly liked a dish of aubergine and seitan in tamarind and soy sauce) when the proprietors started to come to our table with more food- a fried chicken style dish in sweet sauce, sushi, and some crazy chinese lasagne featuring lentils and tomato sauce with lots of spices. Everything was fresh light but very tasty, and while some food was fried, at least 70% was not, so it was easy to avoid if you want to. We were encouraged to eat more, and certainly got value for money(8 euros each, very cheap by local standards). I recommend it to anyone in the area, it's worth travelling to, although you won't have to if you staying in Malaga city as it's quite central. I certainly won't miss an opportunity to visit again!

Pros: Food, Range of food, Service

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Quirky with great intentions - Edit

My partner and I have just returned from a very filling meal at the Loving Hut. In a country where every other food outlet has the decaying legs of despatched ungulates adorning the walls or display windows of their establishment, it is lovely to be able to patronise a passionately vegetarian eatery.
Our Spanish is limited to casual greetings and the owner/operator seems to have a similar grasp of English. Not a barrier in a place that is exclusively vegetarian and capable of explaining if menu items are vegan.
We ordered the buffet, received endless glasses of lemon infused tea and a veritable banquet of vegan dishes. Yes, as explained by an earlier reviewer, there were many fried items, but they did taste good.
We would have continued eating the wheat noodles, sesame dumplings, tofu casserole and lasagne, but there isn't enough room!
The owners are charismatic, if a little shy, and they were eager to serve. We left feeling very satisfied with the quality of the fayre, the welcome we received and the value overall (€17) of our experience.
Veg*ns are passionate people, we should support businesses that serve our passion.

Pros: Portion Size, Willingness of staff, Variety of dishes

Cons: Language barrier

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Unreliable hours - Edit

We were only in the area a few days and really wanted to try this place. We tried three times over two days to eat here. The first time we arrived at about 3pm - in the middle of when they should have been open for lunch. Their door was open, but we were told it would be another 15 minutes for lunch and were shooed away - as far as we could tell no food was set out for the buffet yet. So we left. We came back for dinner. But they weren't open - however it was a little early - yet no signs of even starting to prepare. We had to be somewhere, anyway. So we left. The next day we tried again - this time for dinner. We arrived at 8:30 - when they claim to open. No one was there. Not even in the kitchen cooking. We waited a while. We were starving so we went to El Vegetariano instead. We stopped by at just before 10 and saw they had opened finally - however we had eaten and had to catch our train back to our hotel. That was the last time we looked at that place. We have no idea what the food was like - so we can't rate that. But service is lacking and they definitely do not stick to a schedule. It seems your options are: go in the middle of when they say they open, be willing to wait hours for food, or go somewhere else entirely.

Pros: Location (near train station)

Cons: Don't stick to a schedule

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A Unique Experience - Edit

This was one of the reasons I moved to Malaga. This is a mainly vegan (as far as I can tell everything except the Flan in the dessert menu) Chinese "open buffet"/eat all you can place which is family run and where food is prepared with love and spirit.

There is a wide tasty selection of dishes. I recommend the "little balls"- some made with sesame, some with soya, and the tofu dishes. I prefer the lunch experience. The staff are very attentive and if you have the pleasure of being able to communicate to the father, you won't forget it. The man is a legend- devoutly vegetarian and following the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai (of He is renowned for launching into spontaneous tai chi/martial arts poses proving the effectiveness of a vegan diet (he's into his 70's I think).

The juices are great, dishes include freshly made salads, sauces, noodles, rice, tofu dishes, spring rolls, lasagne, veg, fried battered mushrooms. All good fare. The menu (without drinks or desserts) runs at around 8€.

It is located near to the main correos/Postal office not far from the main Alameda Principal street. Check it out.

Pros: Great food, Great value, Great atmosphere

Cons: for early diners not so good as it opens

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Jeffrey 31 Oct 2009 - Hi Clare, I enjoyed reading your review of this place. I lived in Taiwan for many years and really miss those buffets! (they are everywhere in Taiwan)  

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Fantastic - Edit

Went to this restaurant as a solo diner and was made to feel very welcome. In fact, the staff did their best to encourage me to eat as much as I could!

Pros: Lovely food, all you can eat, nice atmosphere

Cons: backstreet location

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