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20, rue de la Pierre Levée, Paris, France, 75010

100% organic, mezzé, couscous. Saturday brunch costs around 28€. For vegan dessert phone ahead. Open Tue-Sat 7:00pm-11:00pm, Wed-Fri 12:00pm-3:30pm, Sat 12:00pm-4:00pm, Sun 11:30am-4:00pm.

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Reviews (37)

First Review by jrm212

Very good but too expensive - Edit

I have been to soya twice. first time for a Sunday brunch and the second time for a Saturday dinner. regarding food, it is really excellent: tasty, well prepared and nicely presented. price, if you consider: location, paper napkins, no table set, very basic stuff, it is extremely high. brunch is for 27€ and a main course is not less then 18€. service is very kind and people are very nice. that's a real pity that it's too expensive as i'd like to go more often :-(

Pros: very good food, waitress always smiling, eat as you can for the brunch

Cons: too expensive, very basic location

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Fantastic Sunday brunch - Edit

The Sunday brunch is out of this world. It is served as a buffet with lots of great hot and cold choices for starters, mains and desserts. The dishes are French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern and more. They are mostly vegan and there are many gluten-free options. For a fixed price of 27€, you get all-you-can-eat and you can keep coming back as much as you want for food, coffee, and several kinds of tea. Considering the quality and the quantity, it is not overpriced.
The style of the restaurant is relaxed and off-beat, with its high ceilings, wooden beams, and long wooden tables. It was once a warehouse and has kept an original style. The staff is particularly cheerful, smiling, and helpful and it is delighted to explain the dishes.
I recommend the brunch for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. My non-vegetarian friends loved it!

Pros: Wide variety of delicious dishes., Fiendly helpful staff., Pleasant and fun atmosphere.

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A great place! - Edit

I've been there a few times for dinner and it was always very good. The mezze was remarkable!
I really liked the cosy atmosphere too.
Only 4 stars because it's a bit pricey (I guess it's Paris...) and because I think they could easily make the effort to become totally vegan.

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A very good place for a brunch - Edit

A very nice restaurant, perfect for its buffet brunch with a lot of choices, with quite fine deserts. Dishes a la carte have nothing special though, unless you take the big Vegan assiette (filled with many different fine dishes). Expensive restaurant but good quality. A good place for a brunch, but there are better places for dinner.

Pros: delicious brunch, good food and quality, nice atmosphere

Cons: not 100% vegan, expensive, a bit noisy

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Very enjoyable brunch - Edit

A very cosy restaurant, with a great (though not completely vegan) selection for brunch. When we visited, the food was all-you-could-eat, and there was a wide selection of cooked vegetables, pastas and noodles, salads, pastries, and even a few desserts. Really enjoyed it, and would definitely visit again for a brunch or lunch.

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Simply delicious - Edit

There's something of the trendy pop-up about this gem of a restaurant. It has the industrial interior (all tungsten lightbulbs, stripped wood, iron and concrete) and there is no formal signage - just "Soya" and directions to the front door, handwritten on the window from the inside. It could all have been unbearably 'hipster' but somehow it wasn't.

I was warmly greeted by a waiter who showed me two areas to sit - the room you enter by, next to the bar and kitchen, and another which is reached by crossing a dark passageway. I chose the latter room, which, though still quiet, had a comfortable atmosphere, with tealights on the table and a stove in the corner. I wasn't the only lone diner and the place soon filled up and started to buzz. The clientele seemed to be mostly Parisians rather than tourists, which I think is a good sign.

I skipped the starter and went straight to the main course, choosing the Grand Mezze. The menu is all vegetarian and mostly vegan; the non-vegan dishes were clearly marked. Older reviews state that there is no English translation given but this is no longer the case. The waitress was obviously well acquainted with gluten intolerance, food waste issues etc because she checked I actually wanted bread before bringing it. The platter was simply delicious; fresh, high quality ingredients beautifully and simply prepared. There were several different vegetable dishes, plus humous with roasted nuts, two other dips and some thinly sliced tofu. The wholemeal bread was excellent. I had a glass of Pinot Noir, which was light but went well with the meal. For dessert, I had a selection of three sorbets, which were really tasty.

The Grand Mezze was €19.50, the sorbet €7.80 and the glass of wine was €5.40; total €32.70. So, it was relatively pricey but I didn't really mind because it's the best food I've had so far in Paris.

The service was a little uneven; I think I got forgotten about once or twice. However, the staff were nice. They kept responding to my French in English, which was well-meant but a bit annoying when I was trying to practise! I suspect those visitors who have found the staff don't speak English have not made the gesture of attempting a few words of French.

Pros: Delicious food, simply prepared, Nice ambiance, All vegetarian and organic

Cons: Relatively pricey

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Cool and trendy dining experience - Edit

The interior design and the lighting are excellent. Staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was great. Food was really nice but the two mains we ordered had the same ingredients changing only the sauce. I guess the offer could have been a bit more creative taking in consideration that is not cheap (although for Paris standards it may not be expensive either).

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Too expensive for not paying enough staff - Edit

Good (although not exceptional) food in an environment appealing to the young and trendy. But, as mentioned before, expensive. The staff was very friendly, but overstrained. To name just one example: One hour waiting time between the starter and the main dish isn't acceptable for this price tag. Glad the restaurant exists though - there are not many alternatives for vegan or even vegetarian friendly food in the area.

Pros: good quality, friendly, vegan choices

Cons: too expensive, understaffed

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Love this place - Edit

We have just been here for Sunday brunch...which is a self serve, all you can eat affair...hot food, interesting salads, a carafe of freshly squeezed juice and dessert, tea and coffee included for 27 euro..which I think was pretty reasonable by Paris standards ...Lovely staff and didn't book..(maybe we were lucky?) will definitely be going back to check out the evening menu.

Pros: Great food

Cons: Very busy

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Good food in a nice place - Edit

I had lunch once in Soya where I took the vegan couscous to share with a friend. It was really good and generous but the whole was a little pricey since it was a (good but) basic couscous. However, the place was pleasant (with an industrial style) and staff was friendly. I never had the opportunity to try their brunch but I will manage to!

Pros: vegan options, nice place, generous portions

Cons: pricey

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AMAZING food - Edit

Soya is the best food experience I've had in France (as a vegan). The interiour looks great, a bit on the industrial side. The food was perfect, every single bit I had. Been there one afternoon (I got there before they were opening and they were nice enough to let me in and I could even order a drink before opening time) and another Sunday for the brunch buffet. I found the price worth it (27 Euros) for an all you can eat buffet, which includes drinks, coffee, a freshly squeezed fruit smoothie. It's definitely a reason to look forward to going back to paris. Can recommend it to anyone without reservation.

Pros: amazing interiour, incredibly delicious food, perfect weekend brunch buffet

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too rushed during brunch - Edit

I went to this restaurant for a lovely French Brunch Buffet on March 30, 2014. The price increased to 27 euros. But it's all you can eat savoury stuff, desserts, chai tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juice, and bread. You have to ask what is vegan because not everything is vegan. The service was a bit rude. They are very rushed in there. You only have 1.5 hours to eat. We were barely done eating our first plate and only had 15 minutes left to eat desserts. The server interrupts you during your meal and asks you to pay. They literally pull you out of the restaurant once your 1.5 hours are up. They should extend the seating to 2 hours. Other than that, food is really good. It's still a little pricey. But the ambiance is lovely. Gorgeous interior. Too bad that not everything is vegan.

Pros: lovely and cozy interior, vegan options, easy to find

Cons: bad service, pricey, too rushed during brunch

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Reviewer Avatar

who knows? - Edit

Turned up at 12, they were open, only one table eating. All other tables were free, Was told that they were fully booked. Typical french experience.

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Great restaurant from starters to desserts! - Edit

Soya has a great ambiance. It looks like an old garage, there are candles on the closed tables... Not very parisian, it made me think of restaurants in London, San Francisco or NYC.
The food is really good. I took an amazing seaweed cream as a starter which was really really tasty. THen the couscous (the plate was big, which is quite rare in french restaurants). I particularly like the dessert, which was actually a mix of four different desserts, which was great, I didn't need to choose!
The waiters are very friendly. The prices are correct, a meal would be around 20-25 euros at the end. Some people will not like the small menu, but I liked it, you choose quicker and you know the food will be fresh.
Highly recommended, I'll come back!

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Without praise nor blame - Edit

I've been there for the Sunday bruch. In 25 euros you can have an all you can eat buffet, with a pretty big choice. Nothing is really special and nothing is particularly bad. You have one hour and a half to eat and after you should leave the place. There should be some vegan options, but it is not easy to understand what is vegan and what is not.

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Lovin it ... - Edit

I've been there with a colleague after a long working day and really loved it!
The food was great (choice, taste, presentation), the service was really nice and the prices are ok for Paris.
The Atmosphere was good as well (it was quite packed, but still nice) and the only minus would be the fact, that it is not so easy to get there with public transportation :)

Pros: Food, Service

Cons: getting their with public transportation

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Great food, but the atmosphere was so-so - Edit

I went to Soya with my boyfriend for dinner after searching through Happy Cow for veggie restaurants in Paris. My first impression was basically that it does NOT look like a restaurant since there was no restaurant sign and it wasn't very welcoming from the outside, it looked more like an abandoned garage or something). As soon as we figured out that it was the right place, we went in and sat down at a table. It was almost empty when we got there, but after about one-two hours people started coming in.

The menu is varied and there are a lot of good veggie options. We shared a vegetable dip (tofu) for entrée that came with some bread, it was really tasty. Then we both had the lasagna which also was very nice, I uploaded a picture here so you can see what it looked like. It came with a little side salad, and it was a large and filling portion. The meat sauce was delicious and overall it was a good and hearty meal. We had some kind of chocolate/hazelnut cookies for dessert which tasted good, too. Especially the chocolate ones, they were really fudgy and delicious, the hazelnut cookies felt kinda dry.

Overall I really liked the food at this place, unfortunately it wasn't very cozy and the atmosphere didn't impress me that much.

Pros: Good and varied menu

Cons: Not very impressive atmosphere

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Fantastic Brunch - Edit

Went here for Sunday brunch and left full and happy. It was 25 Euros which included all you could eat, 4 hot dishes, a bunch of delicious salads, appetizers and amazing deserts. It was a big selection. Also fresh squeezed OJ and cafe included. Everything is organic! Kid friendly as well.

Pros: all organic, great selection , very nice staff

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Loooove it - Edit

A lot of vegan options, nice place, food tastes really good.
The prices are a bit high, given that it is not really a "fancy" restaurant, but I still like it a lot !

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff

Cons: Prices , Booking imperative

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Warm and welcoming - Edit

This was a wonderful little restaurant! A mix of small tables and communal ones, but you never felt crowded. I had the grand mezzo plate and loved it. Most of items on the menu were vegan (the rest vegetarian), and the majority, if not all were gluten free. Our server was helpful and the desserts were excellent. We'll definitely be going back! P.s call ahead for reservations.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 25, 2013

Pros: mostly vegan, dessert selection, wine available

Cons: can be busy and need reservations

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Proper fine dining veggie spot - Edit

This is a lovely restaurant close to Republique. It's dimly lit which compliments the high ceilings and dark woods. Towards the kitchen is a large chalkboard with the specials listed.. on the ground a relaxed cat makes his/her rounds by swaying in and out of legs as folks enjoy their meals. It's all very chill. We started with some pumpkin soup which had a decent flavor but could have had more of a kick. The texture was great though and it came with some very hearty (and burnt) dark bread that didn't blow me away however I don't care for breads that you need a saw to cut through. Not bad necessarily, just not my thing. The mezze sampler was excellent overall. We couldn't tell whether it was the veggie dip or the hummus that had a strange, unflattering taste but something was a bit off about it. However the other dip was fantastic. Ended with some sort of zucchini bake topped with baked cheese (feta I think?) which was excellent. By far the best of the three items. The staff we encountered came across as a bit aloof and not terribly warm but what can you do? In closing, I'm not sure I'd ever come here unless I was on a date. It's a romantic, calm setting but the food was nothing out of this world.. not amazing enough or friendly enough to draw me back, especially for the price. Worth checking out though, I guess. Can't do half stars so we'll just go with 4.

Pros: Lovely restaurant, friendly cat

Cons: unfriendly staff, expensive

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Good food, great ambience = best Paris experience - Edit

We spent a week in Paris and only reached Soya on the last night of our stay. We had avoided it because it was listed as vegetarian and we are vegan. When we got there we found that over 75% of the menu is vegan and we had lots of options. We were also enticed by a review on another site that talked about their great selection of organic wines.

We arrived directly at 7pm because we didn't have a table. The place was empty but there were only two tables open. By 7:30 the restaurant was full (so it's wise to make reservations).

We speak French so I can't really comment on whether the staff is helpful in English or not. The menu was in French and I did have to ask what options were vegan . . . but when I asked for a wine recommendation, the server brought two bottles of her favorite red to taste before we ordered (which impressed me a lot).

I found the service attentive but unobtrusive. I have found generally in Europe you need to flag the server down if you have a specific request, otherwise they will leave you in peace to enjoy your meal and conversation.

I really enjoyed the ambience . . . candle light in an old industrial space with a modern edge.

The meal itself was great. We had a small mezze platter as an appetizer to share and our entrees were both interesting, subtle and very good. We had desserts and a really nice Cognac as a digestif. All this cost us about 100 Euros (food was pricier than most places in North America, but a great French wine was very inexpensive, so I feel we came away rather well overall.)

Besides Pousse Pousse, it's the one vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Paris I would return to without reservation or recommend to a friend. All in all it was a lovely way to spend our last night in the city.

Pros: 75%+ vegan choices, great ambience, good wine list

Cons: pricey (but not by Paris standards)

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Really tasty food - Edit

I agree with the previous reviewee. We weren't quite sure what we were getting as our French isn't perfect and there's very little English spoken. All we were sure of was that it'd be vegan. We ended up with the mixed plate of dips and salads which I'm not sure what it's called, but is really, really good. It's the sort of dish you'd think, hmmmm, that sounds boring, and maybe not order (if you could understand what was on the menu). But you'd not be disappointed because it is very tasty.
As for the menu, it seems to be in 3 price bands without any food mentioned. You choose the price you want to pay and the waiter tells you what's on offer. Great if you speak French. Our waiter was very patient with us which is why we got something vegan.
It's worth going though if you're in the area. Get there early because it gets very busy around 1pm.

Pros: easy to find, great food

Cons: hard to understand, gets very busy

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If you are an English-speaking vegan, NO! - Edit

I'll start by saying that the food at this place is without a doubt good. I got the mezze plate (actually never ordered it, or anything, but we'll get to that in a minute) and it was great. It wasn't the best version of this kind of dish I've had, but it was still great.

Okay, now to the point: the staff here do not speak English, and the menu does not have vegan options marked and is wholly in French. One woman there who did have English skill helped me for about two minutes...and then she was gone! In the space of that time I asked her very slowly if the mezze plate would be suitable for a vegan, to which she replied yes. I then asked what the salad of the ay was. She offered to show me. While that was happening, I noticed the grilled eggplant and then remarked that the mezze plate would be a good choice. After that the woman slipped into the back or something, and I didn't see her for the rest of the time I was there. I sat there for maybe 15 minutes or so, while the people around me, all of whom spoke French, were waited on before me, even though I arrived first. I wondered if the staff had forgotten me or were pretty much avoiding me because they didn't want to try to speak English. A bit later, the mezze plate was brought to me. When it was, I said to the men, "Ah, I actually haven't ordered." He just gave me a dirty look and said "I don't speak English." To be honest, I pretty much got the idea from his tone of voice and the look on his face that he could speak English but didn't want to. I was pretty let down because the other reviews of this place have been positive and as a vegan who doesn't speak French, I really needed a bit more info before I blindly ordered dishes. I'd wanted to order the large deal they offered--an entree, a main, a dessert, and a coffee or tea (at lunch time, not dinner) for 19 euros. Instead I left in a hurry after the mezze plate. I pretty much felt unwelcome and the staff paid literally no attention to me. They didn't ask if I wanted more food, they didn't ask if I wanted a drink. Hell, they didn't even ask me for my order.

The food here is good enough for me to recommend, but in some way, I base my verdicts of places on whether or not the experience was good enough for me to want to go back. Here, it was a bad experience. I would say to go to the place if you are not vegan, but rather vegetarian, or alternatively if you can speak French or will be going with friends who can speak it. Otherwise, don't bother.

Pros: Food good, Decor unique, Quiet location

Cons: Out of the way, Inattentive, non-English-speaking staff, Many tables were reserved

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Homey little spot in cool central Paris - Edit

The ambiance here is a rustic-chic. Think shared wooden tables, lots of windows and iron beams, and two resident cats who make diners feel like they're eating at a stylish Scandinavian relative's house. The homey meals--tempeh and veggie stews served over rustic grains, homemade hummus and bread, cozy soups--feel nourishing, and the all-you-can-drink tea marries well with whatever the vegan dessert of the day happens to be. All organic and always at least 50 percent vegan (all veg).

Pros: Location: near Republique/Belleville, Vegan comfort food, warm ambience

Cons: Not 100 percent vegan, Sometimes crowded/wait

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Great experiance - Edit

I visited the restaurant with my not vegetarian mother, she is a really difficult eater and doesn't like vegetarian/vegan food, it was the only restaurant in Pairs where she ate something, so I think it is quite good ;-)
We where there for lunch, the buffet was really expencive, but juice, coffee, tea and water are included and they had a great choice of vegan foods.
You just have to ask the waiter because they are not signed. There where some cold salads, warm dishes, small snacks, cakes and creamy desserts, and there was always a vegan choice. I've read in the other reviews that they had almost no vegan choices, but I really can't complain, there where even 3 (!) vegan desserts.
The food was really tasty, and there was always enough even if it was really full and most people had to wait for a seat.
The stuff is really frienly but I don't know if they speak english.
The only bad thing is, that it is not in the center of Paris, so there is nothing really intresting close to it, but it is easy to reach with the metro.
I'll visit it again in a few days :)

Pros: tasty, great vegan desserts, friendly stuff

Cons: expencive

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Great food, great service, a must visit! - Edit

Myself and my girlfriend went here for dinner last night and it was an amazing experience. The service was impeccable and very accomodating to our limited French. The waiter who served us spoke politely and slow enough for me to understand which was a nice change from waiters who either refuse to slow down in French or convert immediately to English (we need the practice so thank you!)

He explained and recommended the plat du jour which was a gourmet Falafel with a fresh, French salad which my girlfriend ordered. She really enjoyed it and said it was the best meal she's had so far in Paris. After trying it myself, I thought it was one of the best falafels i've tasted and the French Salad with a great dressing complimented it really well!

I had the cous cous with a vegetable tagine which was also very nice. They served it with extra marinated raisons and a fresh, spicy tomato puree on the side. Although it didn't knock me out like the falafel did it was a very fulfilling dish, that i thought really suited the surroundings - candlelit and warm, with a great bistro style ambience. It seems like a very popular restaurant too and I think we were lucky to get a table without making a reservation.

For dessert we had the zuchini and chocolate cake which also hit the mark in terms of taste. Served with thinly sliced apple, we thought at first was an unusual accompaniment but it was actually quite refreshening when combined with the rich chocolate. The prices for all of our meals were not the cheapest we've come across in exploring vegetarian Parisien restaurants, but between the two of us with two mains, a boutique French beer and a dessert to share combined with the whole experience coming under 50 E I thought was reasonable.

I would definitely say this is a must visit if you're vegan/vegetarian visiting Paris. The service was the best we've found so far and the food and ambience combine for a unique and memorable night out. We would definitely go again!

Pros: Great food, Great Service, A unique 11er experience

Cons: Expensive for a shoestring traveller

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A Parisian Gem! - Edit

This place is truly a gem! My first time, I went for the Sunday buffet. Excellent foods and plenty of vegan options (almost everything was vegan!).

For 24 euro per person, 'brunch' (which has more 'lunch' type foods) comes with a fresh-pressed orange juice, unlimited tea and a coffee.

The cold bar contains various salads (quinoa tabbouleh, seaweed, fresh veg, mixed greens, radish and olives, etc.) and dips (beetroot, creamy herb, nut) as well as other appetisers (roasted savoury tofu topped with a morcel of pumpkin.

The hot bar includes various dishes (eg. courgette curry, rich flour/algae croquettes in creamy sauce, chickpea Provençale), as well as various side dishes (sesame roasted pumpkin, carrot salad, oil-roasted potatoes, orange purée).

The desserts were also fabulous (gateau noisette, carrot cake, orange muffin, and incredible vanilla bean mousse).

The ingredients used were obviously organic and fresh, and the veggies were all local market veg. The coffee at the end was a REAL coffee i.e. espresso-sized and with a rich, delicious flavour that stayed in my mouth for over an hour after the meal.

The waitstaff was very kind and helpful in explaining to me which food options were vegan (even checking with the chefs when the were not sure) right when I got there, and again before I had dessert.

I will go back for sure!

Pros: Delicious, fresh food, Healthy and Nutritious, Kind and Helpful Staff

Cons: Location

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Good place - Edit

Were here on Easter bank holiday and met friends here for a lunch. We all had the buffet and managed to establish what was vegan in the cold bar (most of it), hot food (only 1 dish), and the deserts (quite a few) despite language problems. The buffet lunch also included free masala (spicy) chai tea and a glass of juice. I think it was 24 Euros for this option, but this wasn't indicated on the menu. Good flavours in the dishes. Low key 'trendy' atmosphere.

Pros: vegan options, tasty

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Reviewer Avatar

fresh and interesting - Edit

Funky, cool decor and good lighting were the first good sign. The waiter tried hard to communicate with us in pigeon English and us with him in pigeon French. We had a messed entree- 3 interesting dips and a few Mediterranean veggies with a seedy bread. Lovely. Husband ordered plat du jour- that day (monday) risotto with citrus. He said it was neither good nor bad, just meh. I had the tarte du jour- carrot, courgette and feta, with cheese and a tom sauce. Carrot may not sound like a good filling but this was amazing and the base remained crispy and full of flavour. It came with 2 salads- green and slaw-styled, both good. We shared the cheap house white which went well. It wasn't cheap, but mains were around 15ish euros. I really liked it, my husband so-so, I'd def give it a go and make a booking on weekends.

Pros: decor, ambience, some interesting food combos, helpful staff

Cons: no english menu- if you like that., not cheap, not particularly vegan friendly

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Cool place - Edit

On the first wet cold night of the Autumn, I met 3 other veggies here. We all got the plat du jour and it was very good. Three tasty creations on one plate, they had a little pot of a creamy gratin. And fried mixed mushrooms and tempeh with eggplant. It was all interesting and tasty but somehow just not tasty enough to take it to the 'excellent' level. And somewhat pricy. My companions all had chocolate or green tea mousse and weren't knocked out by those.
Worth a visit regardless. Unless you are allergic to soya!

Pros: inventive, fully vegan, great atmosphere and presentation

Cons: not cheap, not spectacular flavours

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Surprising - Edit

Soya has a different vibe to most other veg restaurants in Paris - it looks trendy and modern and somehow feels more London than Paris. The food was good, filling and tasty although on the expensive side. Service was a bit confusing and definitely not their strong point, but for a quiet weekday evening it was good enough. Will return.

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Delicious - Edit

Really impressed with the food. Interesting menu selection (with good vegan choices), though I was too full to look at the dessert menu.
I went on a quiet Tuesday evening and the service was good. It did take a few minutes to make it clear that I (a 20 something woman on her own)wanted to eat there and not book a table, but once that was sorted the vegan tangine was excellent.

Pros: Very close to HI youth hostel

Cons: Expensive

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loved this place! - Edit

this was a nice surprise, a new-to-us paris restaurant that completely accommodated our vegan diet. and wow, the food was delicIOUS (they're use of herbs was spot-on)! plus the cool vibe of the place, the friendly staff...and they even apologized at dessert time about not having a vegan option for us. they said they'd love us to email them vegan dessert recipes because they've been searching for good ones!

overall, this was special for us because it was off the beaten path, it had an underground feeling that didn't make us feel we were in a crunchy granola veg resto. nice to go for a post-dinner walk on the canal.

Pros: the food!, the ambience, the location, in a \

Cons: no vegan dessert (yet)

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