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Daiya Real VEGAN Cheese

“Daiya Real VEGAN Cheese that just might change the world”

Daiya cheese
Daiya Cheese (from their website)

IT Looks just like cheese
IT Shreds just like cheese
IT Melts Just like cheese
IT even Tastes just like cheese!
But OMG, it digests like whole foods, not cheese!

Pizza is a fun food.
However, for those that still eat dairy, you must be familiar with how it feels after eating a lot of pizza.  For me that memory is 20+years old, but I still remember it well.  Even many of the soy/rice cheese alternatives don’t digest that well in my stomach, and make me feel like I’ve been eating rubber.

Some of my expo sampling…
Some of my expo samplingIt’s one of the things that has always reminded me that it’s better to consume simple ‘whole foods’ over anything that’s been processed. While I didn’t consume a whole, large pizza pie at the expo, I did hang at the Daiya booth and try as many samples as I could get my hands on there.

It felt light once in my tummy, and I can say I had absolutely no heart burn or heavy feeling at all.

“made with whole-food plant-based ingredients”

33% less fat than typical cheese
Cholesterol Free
Trans Fat free
Dairy free
Free of all Animal products – Vegan / Parve
Free of Artificial Ingredients
Free of Preservatives

Free of Common Allergens: Soy, Casein,  Lactose,  Whey,  Wheat, Barley, Corn,  Rice, Gluten, Nuts

So what’s in this stuff and how come it’s so cheesy?  As far as I’ve learned, the main ingredient in Daiya cheese is “Cassava”, which comes from the Cassava root: (from Wikipedia)

“The cassava, cassada, yuca, manioc, mogo or mandioca (Manihot esculenta) is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America that is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. Cassava is the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food in the world, with Africa its largest center of production. The flour made of the roots is called tapioca.” – link

Some of the other ingredients are Arrowroot and pea protein.

A friend here on HappyCow was up in Vancouver this past weekend sampling all the veg places and stopped in at “The Naam”.  Turns out The Naam is one of the first places to use Daiya Cheese.  He told me that it looked so real that he couldn’t eat it, and didn’t trust that it was vegan.  Later he learned that it was Daiya cheese, (had he even known what it was)  though he missed the Expo and didn’t know the story behind it (he was planning to join me there).

From what I heard, Daiya is going to be targeting food services/cafeterias which is a great strategy.  Once people learn that “vegan” cheese can taste great, as good as real cheese, I really think it will help the overall opinion on vegan food.
The product has yet to launch in stores, but once it does, we need to all work on getting local pizzarias to start using it.
At the show, VegNews gave them the “2009 VegNews Magazine Best of Show Award”. Daiya was really the ‘hit’ of the expo this year for me and a lot of other folks (many non-vegetarians too). I feel a simple product like this is really what’s needed to help change the face of veganism.

Can’t wait until they start using it at places nearby.  I’m spreading the word to local eateries, hope everyone else will too!

Daiya at Expo West

Check out their site (which is still being created):

Note: this is not a paid ad for Daiya, it’s just an awesome product that deserves all the raves!

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