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Boca To Go Egg Free

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There is fantastic news for mock meat lovers who wish to forgo egg products: The Boca CO. has made the decision to eliminate eggs from their product line by 2010. The decision comes just after last month’s campaign sponsored by Compassion Over Killing teamed up with Mercy For Animals and the Animal Protection & Rescue League and a great many consumers.

The quick response from a major cooperation, in this case Boca, proves that standing as a united front on behalf consumer concerns actually works. In the wake of this momentous decision, I as a non dairy milk drinker, purpose a consumer driven campaign is which all vegetarians and lactose intolerant individuals band together in an attempt to get producers of mock meat products to eliminate cow’s milk from their product lines. We can take action my simply contacting makers of mock meat products. It seems logical to especially include the Boca Co., as it is apparent that they are open to the concerns of their consumer base.

Here is a short article highlighting Boca’s decision:

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