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The Growth of Vegan Restaurants in Europe

Growth of Vegan Restaurants in Europe

In a previous  article, the “London Vegan Restaurant Scene Evolution” we took a look at the exponential increase of vegan (and vegetarian) restaurants in the UK’s capital.  We found out that there were major changes to the vegan scene in this city in 2015 and 2017, and that the number of vegan restaurants seem to be catching up with the vegetarian ones. In this article we continue this analysis and…

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London Vegan Restaurant Scene Evolution

The Growth of Vegan London

London ranked No. 1 in the world on HappyCow’s Top 10 Vegan Friendly Cities List 2019.  This doesn’t come as a surprise, many of us having already heard, or had the chance to experience first-hand, how wonderful the city’s vegan food scene truly is. The Top 10 Cities List was published in December of 2019, and after letting the results sink in, I couldn’t help but wonder: (1) When was…

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12 Tips To Help You Stay Vegan in 2020

Of all the people I know who’ve gone vegan, I’ve noticed that there is always a powerful, soul arising urge to embrace a more conscious lifestyle. Sometimes it’s for health reasons, sometimes it’s because we feel compassion for sentient life, sometimes it’s because we love the planet, and often, it’s a combination of all of those. We see the total rightness in it, we lunge forward enthusiastically with a passion…

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Vegan Oz: 20 Top Restaurants in Australia’s Biggest Cities

Both Melbourne and Sydney topped the world’s 20 most vegan friendly cities last year.  With an abundance of top-notch restaurants around the country, we’re pleased to bring you a run-down of the BEST places to find vegan food down under.   Tell us in the comments where you’ve been!  Sydney Currently ranked No 1 in Sydney is deli-cafe Shift Eatery, serving iconic vegan items such as a big breakfast fry-up, tomato…

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Top Tips To Get You Through Veganuary 2020

If you’re new to veganism – or have always been curious, but never made the jump – the international campaign known as Veganuary may be the perfect transition period to attempt it. According to their blog, “Veganuary set out to create a movement that would appeal to non-vegans throughout the world.” With more people starting the new year with new trends, new objectives, and newfound motivation, you surely won’t be…

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All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Buffets Around the World

– 7 restaurants in 6 countries where you can fill your plate with vegan dishes. As vegans, it’s a celebration to find entirely vegan restaurants. But entirely vegan buffets? That’s a tricky one!  The truth is: it just takes a little searching – and occasionally traveling – to find one. From east to west around the world, here are some of our favourite vegan buffets. The Poya Day Vegan Buffet…

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Restaurant Highlight: NuVegan in Richmond, VA

In Richmond, Virginia, settled within the rich array of trendy, new-wave eateries catering to the students of nearby Virginia Commonwealth University, you will find a game-changing restaurant for the plant-based soul food lover. As someone whose family was raised associating celebrations and barbecues with fried meats and greasy fare, every time I see a vegan soul food eatery, I see an opportunity to introduce them to a more positive way…

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Restaurant Highlight: Sayuri Healing Food Café in Bali, Indonesia

Are you into raw foods? I’m not talking about plain fruits and veggies, I’m referring to the real meals and creative ways that raw foods are being used to take vegan cuisine to another level! Raw foods typically include items that have not been cooked beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit. It is believed that anything cooked above this temperature loses a lot of its nutritional value. After visiting the busy city…

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Vegan Dining On The Island Of Enchantment

Despite being known for not so healthy cuisine, including fried foods and meat-heavy dishes, Puerto Rico is home to a growing vegan-friendly, health-conscious food scene. Even in the most remote destinations we visited, we were able to enjoy some delicious vegan dishes, either ordered straight from the menu as offered, or modified by request to be vegan. Below are some tips about where to find vegan delights in three different…

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