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Why Veganism Is Outpacing Meat-Eating For The First Time In History

A few weeks ago, I ended up racing a friend of mine who thought he could beat me in a footrace. Yes, it was as ridiculous and childish as it sounds, but bear with me a second. During the race, I remember hearing my other friend, who was umpiring the race, yell ‘vegan for the win!’ as I crossed the finished line. We all laughed, of course, but that proclamation…

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VegReady: A Ready-To-Eat Vegan Meal Delivery Service Coming To Your Plate Soon!

We are excited to share VegReady, a vegan meal delivery service. A lot of people want to make a change to a plant-based lifestyle, but give up because they find it too hard. VegReady wants to make that lifestyle easier, and more exciting. VegReady carefully sources ingredients, cooks them to perfection, and delivers meals right to your door. Every meal is ready to eat, and easy to travel with. Great…

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A Veg Village In Thailand

I heard about it the way one might hear about secret caves, fountains of youth, lost civilizations — through the veg grapevine. I had already visited the vegetarian cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh in India, having thoroughly enjoyed myself there while basking in the delicious compassion of vegetarianism, so I knew I had to go to Ban Phra Baht Huay Tom while in Thailand. About two and a half hours…

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Watch: Ireland Vegan Scene At Dublin Vegfest 2017

HappyCow’s Ken Spector traveled to Dublin, Ireland, checked out the vegan scene, and attended and spoke at Dublin Vegfest in Dublin, Ireland on September 23+24, 2017. Ken interviewed two Irish vegans who discussed highlights from the event and provided exclusive insider vegan tips. Vegan celebrities such as strongman Patrik Baboumian attended and spoke at the event. Below is our video containing interviews and highlights: For more information see: Watch…

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Video: Dr. Greger Interview – Vegan Myth or Fact / Top 5s

Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews physician/author/speaker Dr. Michael Greger of about vegan myths or facts. Hear Dr. Greger’s answers to the following and more! Is food combining important? Does cold water shock our system and inhibit digestion? Does drinking while eating dilute saliva and inhibit digestion? Is exercise just after eating bad for us? Is stopping eating after 7PM and not eating again before 11AM optimal? Is…

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Video: World’s First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise!

First All-Vegan Ocean Cruise / Tilbury, England  to The Norwegian Fjords, September 25 – October 5, 2017 Team HappyCow joined a group of over 1100 mostly vegan people on the world’s first all-vegan ocean cruise organized by Dirk Bocklage and his team at Vegan Travel, Ltd. Below is our video containing highlights from the cruise. Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews cruise director Dirk Bocklage and vegans traveling on…

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Three Exquisite Places In The World To Enjoy A Vegan Afternoon Tea

Being a lover of all things vegan, travel and afternoon tea has seen me seek out the world’s absolute top experiences for spoiling oneself while partaking in this very British tradition with a vegan twist. These are, in my opinion, the three most exquisite places in the world where you can enjoy an vegan afternoon tea in an elegant setting:   Fortnum & Mason, London This very British institution actually offers…

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How I Stay Vegan In Western China

As a China 22 (the cohort year) United States Peace Corps Volunteer, I knew that being vegan in another country would sometimes be tough. The first thing we do here in China is live in a hotel where breakfast is provided, and I ate most of my calories during morning meals during that time. In the beginning, due to culture shock and language barriers, I was afraid to venture outside…

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Five Things I’m No Longer Skeptical About Going Vegan (Plus GIVEAWAY)

When I went vegan it was overnight. I pretty much went to bed with chicken wing sauce on my fingers and woke up pressing tofu. In fact, my whole vegan saga is the subject of the new book The Skeptical Vegan (Skyhorse Press) coming out at the end of July. (Make sure to read through to the end for a GIVEAWAY!) I was the last person on the planet that you’d…

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3 Survival Tactics For Vegans In An Inter-Dietary Household

Whichever reason prompted you to go on the vegan path, it all started with one person making a choice. But ‘no person is an island’ says the oh-so-true edict, and many vegans have long standing relationships with others who have not (yet) made the same choice. This is the case with my love and I. When we became a couple she was already a vegan. I respect her choice, and…

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