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62 Marshall St, Rochester, USA

Nice Market, Good Atmosphere, Eclectic Selection

Abundance is a nice community. It has a nice selection of organic and local foods and sells quite a few things that you cannot find elsewhere in Rochester. The bulk section has a very nice assortment of dried fruits, nuts, granola, and baking supplies. Although I prefer the bulk section at Lori's, Abundance has an unbeatable location; it's actually in city center. Apart from the one Wegmans location in the city, Abundance is the best place to get groceries in city center. Abundance has a wide selection of frozen foods and a nice mix of non-dairy ice cream. They also have very delicious prepared sandwiches (try their chicken-fried tofu!) and entrees (the dumplings are great)! On top of this, they have an area with tables and chairs, fee wi-fi, and a bike rack. My main complaint is that their produce section is a tad small and pricey (although it is all excellent and I think this means that their farmers get a fair price).

288 Winton Rd N, Rochester, USA


I love Balsam Bagels! The bagels are delicious and have an excellent texture. To sweeten the deal, Balsam sells 5+ flavors of Vegan Cream Cheese! They blend some of their own flavors with different flavors of Tofutti. Although the stock often runs low on Balsam's custom flavors, they tend to always have the French Onion in stock. If nothing else, go here and buy a bag of day old bagels and Vegan cream cheese for a treat!

1583 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, USA

Simply Terrible

The selection is large enough- as well as the slew of very positive reviews. A meat-eating friend and I went there. He was rather neutral to his dish. I got the faux orange chicken. The broccoli was under-cooked but the "meat" was... somehow it was overly chewy, dry, sharp, crusty, and difficult to swallow. The decor on the inside was intriguing with little room to sit. It was also a little slow.

697 South Ave, Rochester, USA

Great Frostings, Decent Cakes

I have went to Eco Bella quite a few times and have been pretty happy that I went. The best thing that I had (ironically, the first thing) is the peanut butter brownie. Heaven! Their brownies are pretty good, but when it comes to their cupcakes or moon pies... well, I've had a few and have always enjoyed the frosting. Still, the cake part always tastes a little stale to me. I prefer to stick to the brownies, but, to each his own. Still, don't hesitate-- it's a vegan bakery!

Level B2, Taiwan Pavillion, SML Center, 618 Xu Jia Hui Road, Lu Wan District, Shanghai, China

Great Place!

My boyfriend and I have been here upwards of 5 times and it never gets old! Cheap food (especially for the area), excellent selection, and very tasty! Try the vegan hard boiled eggs or one of their large hot and sour soups! Mmm~! Excellent faux meat.

691 Monroe Ave, Rochester, USA


This is one of my favorite places to bring friends and family from out of town! It is always a fun experience for everyone. They have a wide selection of toppings for veggie dogs, a veggie burger, a veggie sausage (my favorite!), and even vegetarian garbage plates.

428 S Dawson St, Raleigh, USA

Amazing Experience!

We had heard great things about FK and tried to call ahead for a reservation. We were told that it was first come, first served. We made the journey to Raleigh and were not disappointed! It seemed like everyone got the memo about how great it was too- the place was full up and we saw a couple of groups have to wait a bit for a table. They also had sold out of a few of their specials! When the food came, it was very apparent why. From the appetizer (the tasting plate- wow tempeh pate and cashew cheese? yes!) to the main courses (I had the pulled "pork" and it was succulent and well spiced) to the dessert (all three choices were vegan- blueberry donuts, chocolate ganache pie, cheesecake with oreo crust and strawberry sauce), everything was WONDERFUL. After we ate, we all planned our next trip back asap.

The main drawback is it is fairly loud in the restaurant and the seating is pretty limited. Don't let that hold you back from having some of the greatest vegan food in the area!

4-1-9 Kinshi, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

My Favorite Restaurant!

It's Vegetable is an absolutely amazing restaurant. The food is delicious and varied, the restaurant intimate, and the staff very friendly! The owner recognized my friend and I each time we returned and would often send us off with gifts of vegan brownies or other treats. The fake meat is, by far, the best I've ever had. It gets very crowded in here around lunch time! The restaurant is very close to the station. Highly recommended!

Jiuru 1st Rd, Unit 426, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Excellent all around!

Beautiful atmosphere, large selection, and everything is very, very tasty! The fake meat was well made, the soups and juices were excellent, and the chocolate fondue on mochi was icing on the cake. I would love to go back and try it again, but the price definitely calls for a special occasion. That said, the service, the food, and the atmosphere were all wonderful!

900 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, USA

Pricey, but a nice selection

Since I do not have a car, I often find myself biking to get groceries and Lori's is the easiest place to bike to (apart from Tops, which I feel doesn't have a great selection). Lori's has friendly staff, a lot of off-beat products, and a nice atmosphere. My favorite thing is the bulk bins in the center. They have a nice selection of spices to buy in bulk and Lori's is where I go to get my spices. They also are the only place in Rochester that I know of that sell Carob cubes.
What isn't nice about Lori's is the prices. Everything is a dollar or more extra here than it is at Wegmans. Also, the produce section is fairly small. If you can, Wegmans and the Public Market are a better selection- unless you want something like Vegan Marshmellows!

288 Monroe Ave, Rochester, USA


I have never been to their buffet, but their dinners are AMAZING! I don't know if I would call their Ethiopian selections "authentic," but all the meals I've ever had here were great! They use fresh ingredients, have friendly service, are quick, and also cheap. What more could you ask for? =D

98 Yanping Rd, Shanghai, China

Decent food, a little pricey

When I went here, I was so hungry that I ordered two entrees. I was unable to eat my second entree! That said, they have nice portion sizes. They also have quick and friendly service! That said, the food was just ok. The veggie burger was a little on the dry side and the coconut curry was fairly uninspired.

228 Jiuru 2nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Decent Food, Poor Service

When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted the Dim Sum or to order off the menu. When we asked to order off the menu, the staff seemed surprised and a little annoyed, but we were ushered into the room for menu-selection. The staff crowded around us and switched off on us, refusing to listen to us when we spoke Mandarin, but not speaking good enough English to warrant it. When we asked to order a large sized dish, one of the waitresses stared at us for a quite long time, until I asked if the dish was too big. She made us order the small, but a medium would have been better. we were still hungry when we left. At one point, they brought a cook out from the kitchen and had him speak random English to us. It become readily apparent that we were more an amusement than customers. When we did leave, the woman checking us out didn't even look up or acknowledge us, except to give us our change. We gave her usual courtesies, but she ignored us in favor of chatting with another staff member. The food had been decent, but not good enough to make up for the absolutely unprofessional service.

75 Marshall St, Rochester, USA

Hands down amazing!

Want vegan desert? Check. Want a wide selection of vegan sandwiches? Check. Vegan Appetizers? Mmmm check. Entrees? Oh yes! The Owl House has it all! I have never been disappointed with food I have ordered from the Owl House. My favorite selections include the Vegan Cigarillos, Olek's Buffalo Stance, and the Vegan Cake. A must visit for Rochesterians and visitors alike! Reservations are recommended for weekend nights and holidays, but, good news! You can reserve through Open Table! Yippee!

808 Sanyuan Road, Nanhu, Jiaxing, China

Excellent, Friendly, Delicious!

Vegetarian Garden is a true haven in Jiaxing. The food is delicious, the service friendly, and the interior gorgeous. After 10 visits, you can receive a VIP card, which entitles the owner to 12% the food bill each time.

The staff is all very friendly and very patient. The most important thing to note is you need to get their attention when you are ready to order- if you wait for them to come back, you will be waiting quite some time!

Suggestions include the Xiaolongbao (although they are small), the Dan Dan Noodles, the Hot and Sour soup, Tomato and Wheat Gluten soup, and any of the fake meat (especially the Meatballs), but everything has been top quality.

They offer a lunch menu as well, although the selections are only in Chinese.

77 Songshan Rd, Luwan, Shanghai, China


Delicious food, nice selection, good staff, great hours! It's a little tucked away, but it's not too difficult to find. They also have a small market attached that sells fake meats and vegetarian snacks (mmm... faux lamb skewers).

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