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4-1-9 Kinshi, Sumida-Ku (at Yotsumeitori, 1 minute walk from J), Tokyo, Japan

This vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo features around 100 dishes on its menu, most items vegan. Reservation suggested. Directions: take a Sobu line train from Akihabara towards Chiba, Kinshicho is the third station, go out via the North exit, turn right and follow the railway tracks crossing the main road for about 1 minute, restaurant is on the right hand side under the tracks. Address in Japanese: 東京都墨田区錦糸4-1-9. Confirmed closed May 2017 - the owners went on to open a different restaurant called Veggie House.

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27 Reviews

First Review by bunjil

The restaurant has closed down. - Edit

I went there today but the place doesn't exist anymore (I saw where it used to be). Pity :( They still have a website with this address, so I ignored the warning about the closure on Google Maps - don't make the same mistake.

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Super friendly, tasty vegan options (ask for vegan menu), bit cramped. - Edit

We really enjoyed our meal here. The owner is really friendly and speaks decent English.

We had a trio of cold seasonal starters which were tasty, followed by a 'squid' dish and sweet & sour 'pork' with vegetable fried rice. Plates were either medium or small -we went for medium and they were still a little on the small side by western standards. Lovely drinks too.

Bad news though - the restaurant will be closing on the 16th of April. The owner is looking to open in larger premises so hopefully that will happen soon.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, English spoken, super fri

Cons: Relocating soon

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It was good!! - Edit

도쿄에 대만 채식 음식점이 있다고 해서 가봤는데 진짜 괜찮았어요.
긴시쵸역에서 내려서 북문 출구로 나오면 바로 오른쪽으로 꺾어서 2분 정도 가면 보이는 곳에 있습니다.(4/16에 가까운 곳으로 이사가신다고 하니 참고)
도쿄에 놀러가신 분이라면 이곳도 가보시길 추천드려요. 점심은 뷔페 형식으로 운영되고, 저녁은 메뉴판 내 음식들을 마음대로 주문할 수 있는데요.
외국인을 위해 영어메뉴판도 따로 있고, 각각 s와 m 사이즈 요리를 선택할 수 있으며, 종류도 정말 많고(음료, 술, 콩닭고기요리,콩돼지고기요리.콩생선요리,콩소고기요리.두부요리.야채요리.볶음밥,라멘 등등), 각각의 요리들마다 비건인지 락토오보인지가 그림으로 표시되어있으니 비건 분들도 걱정하지 않고 주문하시면 됩니다.
저는 콩고기 요리들 맛이 너무 궁금해서 로스트치킨, 생선튀김, 탕수육같은 것과 마파두부, 너겟을 주문했었는데요. 생선요리가 진짜 생선같아서 놀랄 정도였고, 다른 것들도 맛있었어요. 다만 야채요리도 시켰으면 좋을 뻔 했다는 것!

가실 때 친구분들이랑 여럿이서 가신다면
술과 함께 s사이즈로 여러가지 다양하게 시켜서 맛보시면 좋을 거 같네요.

그리고 제가 먹어본 음식들의 블랙빈 소스 생선튀김과 식초칠리 탕수육같은 음식은
기대한 단짠맛과는 달리
짠맛과 식초맛이 더 강했기 땜에
단짠을 즐기고 싶은 분이 있다면
어떤 음식이 그런지도 물어보고 시키시는 것도 좋을 듯 합니다.

암튼 이곳 좋았어요. 이 글 읽으시는 한국분들도 함 가보시길!

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Great food with great service! - Edit

I came here for dinner, and it was worth the trip. It's conveniently located near the subway station Kinishicho and is in a popular area.

The owners, especially the man, are really friendly and hospitable. Their food was mid priced, yummy, and had various options. The menu even specified which dishes were Vegan and which were Vegetarian. I was so pleased the difference was known!

I did take take a star off because they are cash only and their portion sizes (Small or Medium) are a bit small. Someone with a large appetite like mine may need to order more plates or food. Other than that, I enjoyed it!

Pros: Delicious fake meat dishes, English speaking owner

Cons: Cash only, small portion sizes

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Lovely place, friendly ownera - Edit

We had the lunch buffet. Their mock sweet and sour pork is brilliant, the curried seitan is great and so is their curry sauce for rice. The husband and wife team running the place are lovely and he speaks excellent English. Recommended.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. English language menu. Easy

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Hospitable and kind. - Edit

The food here is fantastic. The husband and wife who run the restaurant make you feel at home with their gentle nature and warm smiles. The food is all vegan and delicious. I have been here many times and it is among my favorite restaurants in Tokyo.

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Such amazing food! And incredible prices too! After a whole trip of finding Macrobiotic Vegan food, we decided to look up something a bit different. And ended up spending so much but it was so worth it!
Cocktails starting at ¥450 and meals from ¥690, being our last night in Japan, my partner and I shared around 8 dishes and not one disappointed. Amazing food and the staff were incredible. Such lovely people and the owner came to speak to us about australia which was lovely. I can't wait to come back to Japan and come to Its Vegetarian!

Pros: Great Prices, Wonderful Staff, Amazing Food

Cons: a bit of a walk from Asakusa, but definitely worth

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Nicest vegan experience so far - Edit

I never felt more comfortable in a vegan Restaurant. It is Not so in ya face vegan and öko like Most vegan Restaurants, just a normal Restaurant that happens to be vegetarian/vegan.
and the owner is so sweet and he helped me a lot! On the Menue you can see easily what is vegan and what contains Milk. the prices for the dishes are 630¥ for size S and 840¥ for M, and S got me Full together with some Rice and a service miso soup :)
a really great place, I will definetely eat here again!

Pros: Nice atmosphere, yummy food, funny owner, Not expe

Cons: Not really

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I'll be back (again and again and again) - Edit

Funny story. I visited this restaurant on a Monday, only to found out it's closed on Monday. Yet, I poked my nose through the door and the owner noticed me. I told that I came all the way from the other side of town (Ebisu) and that I was very hungry. So, the owner let me in and made me the simplest dish on the menu. However, I had to promise to come back for a real meal.

About a week later I was back for a proper visit. The owner recognised me immediately and we chatted a little. The dinner menu is huge (Japanese and English), so I asked for a recommendation. The owner recommended the "Roast Chicken Style" (apparently the most tasteful dish on the menu) and "Stir Fried Flower of a Lily" (typical Taiwanese food). Without asking rice and miso soup were served, as do most Japanese restaurants.

At first I had a little trouble with the "Roast Chicken Style" because it looks so much like real meat that I didn't find it appetising at all. After reconfirming once more that it really wasn't meat I hesitantly tried it and I must say it has a highly original taste; very different from the usual soy nuggets and other meat substations frequently served in Japan.

The lily flowers were tasty as well and again a nice "diversion" from the usual vegan food one gets in Tokyo.

The miso soup was a bit disappointing as there's nothing in it, no tofu, no sea weed. Without asking the owner even brought me a little dessert made of lintels and some sweet liquid which apparently cleanses the stomach. Thank you!

A while later I tried lunch at It's Vegetable. Lunch is buffet style, which allows guests to taste a little of everything. Again, some of the meat substitutes look very real but the staff reassured me once again it was fake meat. The self service lunch is cheap, tasty and once again recommendable.

After these experiences "It's Vegetable" totally works for me. I like the food, I like the atmosphere in the restaurant and I like the people running it. I'll be back!

Updated from previous review on Sunday November 15, 2015

Pros: good, original food, fair price, friendly owners

Cons: closed on Monday, not exactly in the centre of Tokyo

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Friendly staff and lots of yummy food to try! - Edit

First let me start by saying that the owners are great! So friendly and they really like to joke and talk with everyone. He was really helpful and can explain in English if you're confused by the options available.

A lot of people are bothered by the lunch buffet and how they weigh the food. However, I thought it made a lot of sense!
The owner is also really nice about it. He was super sweet and let my boyfriend go over the weight limit a bit, by holding the scale up so it appeared lighter.. hahah. On top of that, he brought us over leftovers when they changed a dish out.

If you don't want to be bothered with it, there's also a lunch time set meal or a bowl of noodles that you can order. I wouldn't be surprised if they let you order items off the dinner menu as well. So no need to feel like you HAVE to go at dinner time to avoid the confusion of the lunch buffet.

I'll post a menu picture. There's 3 options for the buffet; we ordered 2 medium plates. Weigh your plate as you add food to make sure you balance your meal well! The goal is to get about 300 g of buffet items, then the rest is rice and curry. Rice is heavy, so the owner is trying to make sure you have enough open space to add it without going over.

They also offer really good soup for free with the meal and it's better than the typical miso!

And lastly, the most important part- the food!
I really enjoyed it. It was fun getting to try sooo many dishes and for only 850 yen!!
We were SO full. Maybe it was because he let us go over, or gave us a little bit extra, but regardless, the food fills you up! It was great. Definitely try the sweet and sour dish! I don't know the names of everything else, but the fried goya was a favorite as well.

Note: They also have the option of takeout at lunchtime. You fill up the tray and they package it for you in a cute box!

Pros: cheap for the amount, many options of yummy food, friendly owners who know english

Cons: break time between lunch & dinner

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delicious Chinese style vegetarian - Edit

We went here twice as the food is delicious. I am partial to the Chinese style mock meat dishes, especially sweet and sour pork. They do it so well here.

Our first visit was at lunchtime, well, just after the buffet lunch closes but the friendly owner still let us in and stayed open for us to have lunch. The whole buffet by weight system was confusing but we just served up our meals on the plates and paid the price. No charge for rice or curry which you serve yourself after weighing.

We came back for dinner on a really cold and wet December evening and were the only customers there. We had a la carte this time and again it was delicious. Hot and sour soup and some other nice chinese dishes.

Well worth the trip. Just across the street from the subway exit with the 7/11. Very convenient.

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Best food in Tokyo - Edit

I visited this restaurant twice when I was in Tokyo in October 2013. Superb food, cozy atmosphere and a very friendly owner. One of the best vegetarian restaurants I have ever been to! Next time I go to Tokyo I will definitely eat here again!

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good but strange - Edit

Strange little cafe. I liked the food a lot but found it strange to weigh my food. Small portions but tasty food and friendly staff. Really interesting vegan buffet at lunch.

Pros: tasty

Cons: weigh plate

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Wonderful restaurant! - Edit

I just visited It's Vegetable for the first time with my boyfriend and I look very forward to another visit. We had a wonderful experience. Went for dinner and ordered the seasonal vegetable, which was one from Taiwan called kawa-nana. The very nice, friendly owner explained what it was and even showed pictures of the vegetable! We also ordered fried chicken, kimchi fried rice and hot and sour soup. All phenomenal! I had a fresh grapefruit sour to wash it all down. We were also given a mangosteen to enjoy at the end. We bought kimchi and 2 treats to go. Highly recommend!

Pros: worth every penny, healthy, fresh and tasty, very kind, sweet owners!!

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terrible - Edit

This place is honestly the worst food I've eaten in a long time. They put no effort at all into it. I got a small plate of sweet and sour chicken and it came out not even close to the description. It was like eating pure sugar with tinned vegetables. And maybe MAYBE 3/4 of a cup of food on the entire plate. The spring rolls were just as bad. This place - avoid it at all costs. Plus the owner yelled at his employee the entire time.

Pros: none

Cons: food, owner , terrible

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Many vegan dishes - Edit

The food was tasty and whenever I get a chance I will go there again.
The owner was friendly and spoke some English.

However, I fail to understand why they need such an annoying/complicated weighing system and why they can't sell the food simply by gram, without those strange weight limitations.

They have a small corner with packaged products (instant ramen, frozen soy meat, TVP etc) and there is a small health food store very close to the place (same owners, I believe).

Pros: Tasty food, easy to find, Very good value for money, One of its kind in Tokyo

Cons: Very strange weighing system

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nice buffet - Edit

Nice restaurant with dishes from Taiwan. We tried the buffet. Most of the dishes were vegan. The system of weighing the food felt a bit complex but other than that the food was good.

Pros: good food, lots of vegan options

Cons: complex weighing system

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My Favorite Restaurant! - Edit

It's Vegetable is an absolutely amazing restaurant. The food is delicious and varied, the restaurant intimate, and the staff very friendly! The owner recognized my friend and I each time we returned and would often send us off with gifts of vegan brownies or other treats. The fake meat is, by far, the best I've ever had. It gets very crowded in here around lunch time! The restaurant is very close to the station. Highly recommended!

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Great Taiwanese Veg place - Edit

We went for the lunch "buffet" - it sort of is, tho' you must weigh you dish and the owner keeps an eye on you. Just tell him you will pay for anything over and he will relax. Having said that, the food was very good! Lots of tasty soy meat Chinese dishes, good number of choices, every dish was really tasty and satisfying. They also have lots of frozen food to go and veg ramen and soy meat bits to buy. Nice guy, good food, lots of English available. We will be back! By the way, exit 5 has now changed and if ou follow the escalators all the way up to street level (thru the Lotte building and past shops and restaurants) you will this this restaurant across the street as you leave the escalator on street level. Easy!

Pros: Great food and all vegetarian, Easy to find, Lots of choices and in English!

Cons: The weigh- it buffet at lunch

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Good restaurant w/ lots of "veggie meat" options - Edit

This is my second all vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've visited since arriving to live in Tokyo. The staff was pretty friendly, and even spoke some English and Korean to me! (my two native languages)

I came for the lunch buffet, and there was indeed a wide variety of food, and most of it was really good. Like previous reviews say, the buffet is NOT "all you can eat". In fact, it is the OPPOSITE. They are VERY stingy with the amount of food you put on your plate, so be careful about that.

On the other hand, I suppose it's understandable they don't want you to take too much food, although some people may be frustrated about that. Still good food at a fair price.

Pros: Wide variety of good food, Close to the station

Cons: A bit pricey, Stingy w/ amount of food at buffet

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lunch in Kinshicho - Edit

Kinshicho is interesting, old men gambling, right wing sound trucks, heaps of filipino hostesses wandering around. Its also good for thai and chinese massage, reasonably priced and good professional quality. there is also this great little restaurant called its vegetable. North side of JR entrance, turn right, cross the big road and its about 200 metres down on the right. Its an older building and is not sophiticated or trendy at all. I did lunch which is a buffet style, you pay for a plate and then fill it up with the things you fancy. they also have an a la carte in the evening. its fairly small, maybe seats about 20 all up. The owners were quiet but enjoyed chatting in japanese after initial introductions. the food was delicious, and I had arrived late, but it was still good. the soup in particular was heaven. You know you had good vege food when you eat a lot but dont feel full. This lady is a great cook.

Pros: kinshicho, taste, atmosphere

Cons: kinshicho

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Won't be going back. - Edit

I was very disappointed with my dining experience at It's Vegetable. They used to be eat-all-you-can, then they changed to fill your plate up only once. Or so I thought. We went there and I ordered the medium plate since I was pretty hungry (there are 3 sizes to choose from: small, medium and large). I started to fill up my plate and I was not halfway through when the owner told me to weigh my plate. It exceeded the weight limit and he said I should pay for a large. I didn't want a large. I lost my appetite right there and then. They seem to be too kibishii about the portions. My friend got the small plate and she was not asked to weigh her plate but the amount of food she got was almost the same as my medium plate (small plate is 350 yen cheaper than the medium plate). I just felt that the owners were too concerned about profit and not about customer satisfaction. Extremely disappointed and won't be going back.

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Best Ever - Edit

The food at this restaurant is Taiwanese Buddhist food, and almost all vegan. It was by far the best vegan food I had in all of Japan. The staff is most friendly, and hospitable. You will never regret your visit.

Pros: Healthy, Friendly staff, Delicoius

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Great Place - Edit

I went here with my omni Japanese friend who'd never been to a vegetarian restaurant before and she was very impressed and planned to return with her sister.

The staff were super friendly and made a great attempt to convert my friend to vegetarianism. But in a very gentle and humorous way. They weren't at all pushy.

The food was divine. We asked for their recommendation and were very pleased with what we got. We ordered several different dishes. I don't remember their names but we both loved the eggplant dish and a creamy noodle soup.

The staff were very good at pointing out which things weren't vegan. Most of the dishes were vegan. I also picked up the super handy bilingual "Pocketguide to vegan resaurants in Japan" here.

It is also one of the few restaurants handy to Asakusa and east Tokyo where there are a lot of tourist sites and accommodation.

Pros: Yum!!, Very friendly staff, Great seletion of vegan food

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Friendly - Edit

The staff were really friendly and spoke English. We were made to feel really welcome. They even took our photo outside! The decoration and atmosphere of the place was good too - very warm and down-to-earth.
The food was great - I loved the dish I had - deep friend mock meat in breadcrumbs - naughty but nice! Healthier dishes were on the menu too.
A good night out!!

Pros: Friendly, Food, Spoke English

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Good, call ahead and make a reservation. - Edit

This restaurant was quite yummy and had a fair-sized menu. The directions are good and it is quite easy to find. However, I showed up by myself and although the restaurant was empty, they said I needed a reservation. As I was hungry and vegan food is hard to find in Japan, I ordered a couple of dishes for take-out and just ate them outside. It was good, not excellent, but good. The portions were on the smaller size (one person will need two dishes to make a supper) although that may have been because I was taking out.

Pros: vegan friendly

Cons: somewhat expensive, small portions, call ahead

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Check this place out! - Edit

This place has great food. Great for vegetarians. Meat eaters could also be satisfied here as they have mock meats that look and taste a little like meat. All vegetarian though which is nice to see. The owner of the place is very friendly and explains how certain things there are made. The lunch buffet very reasonably priced at under 1000yen. Good selection of other food on the menu. And it's smoke free! So rare in smoker friendly Japan. Just wish they wouldn't use disposable plastic cups and spoons. Other than that, check it out!

Pros: great food, frienldy staff, non-smoking!

Cons: plastic disposable cups, plastic disposable spoons

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