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Pure and Whole - JingAn

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98 Yanping Rd (at JingAn District), Shanghai, China,

The flagship location of this western-style vegetarian cafe. Offers a variety of salads, wraps, veg burgers, and pasta as well as smoothies and cleansing drinks. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Western, Juice bar, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (24)

First Review by meow123

good! - Edit

They have a menu online, but the in store one is slightly different and has more options. Unfortunately the one in store doesn't say which items are vegan. This is not a vegan cafe, so definitely ask! There are milk products in some of the desserts etc. We ordered the summer rolls, pasta, curry with brown rice and raw apple cake. All good. I really like how they have detailed nutritional info on the menu too.

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Best in Shanghai - Edit

It's an adorable place with amazing food!
Tried the different hummus platters, the curry, the pastas... Pretty much all amazing!
The place is cozy and intimate, it feel just like home to me!

Pros: healthy and organic ingredients , good selection , great atmosphere

Cons: a bit pricey

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Excellent Food - Edit

The food here really IS good! However, vegans will want to read the menu carefully; the colorful menu has all the ingredients listed. One can also question the staff when in doubt.

The staff is very courteous and helpful. Some staff speak a little English and the day Manager's English was excellent. Service was a bit slow, but suspect this is because the food is freshly made.

Pros: relaxed decor, clean, excellent food, some English

Cons: a bit slow if pressed for time

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I travel a lot... - Edit

...and this is probably the best vegetarian restaurant i've ever been to! The location is very cosy with just five tables and the staff is very friendly. And let's talk about the further important points:
They offer so yummy food and the best thing hereby is that it is very healthy as well!
They have a large menu with many different tastes so everyone will find something delicious for itself! The food is mostly organic (i had a raw power salad among others).
They also offer different smoothies which are very good and healthy!

Pros: Delicious, Healthy

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First Time - Edit

Went to Kush today to try the food. Pita with 3 dips - pesto, hummus, and another one - were very delicious along with the tomato cream soup my boyfriend tried. My brown and black rice salad was bland and could use some more spices and the raw salad was pretty good but could have used a little more spices as well. Overall the food was fresh and good just a little bland with some items.

Pros: location, fresh, soup

Cons: small place, bland

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Decent food, a little pricey - Edit

When I went here, I was so hungry that I ordered two entrees. I was unable to eat my second entree! That said, they have nice portion sizes. They also have quick and friendly service! That said, the food was just ok. The veggie burger was a little on the dry side and the coconut curry was fairly uninspired.

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Tasty, healthy, international cafe - Edit

I went here a few times while I was visiting Shanghai as it was close to where I was staying. The menu is mostly Western / international-style vegetarian food, and there are always lots of travellers or ex-pats in the place. I tried the greens soup, a black rice dish, an avocado smoothie, and the raw apple cake. It was all good, healthy, and wholesome. There are a decent number of vegan options (probably half the dishes can be made vegan), but you do need to talk to the workers about this to be sure. That's ok - they speak some English, understand what a vegan is, and the menu has English. The price was quite high - aimed at foreigners - eg one time I paid 107 rmb for a modest main, smoothie and a dessert. The cafe itself has a nice, trendy but relaxed atmosphere. But it's very small, and often full at meal times. You can sit next door in the sushi place to eat your vegetarian food, as long as you don't mind watching and smelling all the fish being prepared and eaten.

Pros: Tasty, Healthy

Cons: A bit expensive, Not much seating

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Nice staff and decor but food was off - Edit

Came here in a weekday afternoon for a late lunch. No problem finding a seat as the place was empty. Staff was friendly and spoke good English. They served typical western cafe food here: dips, rolls/wraps, salads, soups, a few simple main dishes, desserts and drinks. Menu was a bit ho-hum. They do use dairy and eggs, which are not clearly marked, so ask the staff if you're unsure. I ordered the lentil coconut soup and the jungle salad with falafel, both half-size. Was going to get a full-size soup but was suggested by the staff that it'd be too much for just one person. She was right; portions were pretty generous, good thing she advised me.

However the food was mediocre at best. The soup was very different from what I had had in mind. I thought it'd be thick, chunky and loaded with lentils/veggies, but instead it was thin and only had lentils and coconut milk in it. Think cooked lentils in coconut milk broth, that was it. As much as I love everything coconut, I found it too rich after eating just half the bowl. It was quite salty as well. The salad was OK, although a little overdressed. The falafel patties lacked depth of flavor and strangely had an aftertaste of honey to it. Also the texture was too smooth and mushy. At the end I got a slice of raw apple cake as well. It was refreshing but more like a soft pudding/mousse rather than a cake. Granted, raw cakes tend to have a consistency like that but this one was way too squishy. It shouldn't be hard to tweak the ingredients to make it firmer.

Place was very clean with a trendy decor. The booth seats, however, were too low for the table to be comfortable for dining (I have average height) and the beat-up seat cushions didn't help at all. The regular chairs should be better though as they seemed higher.

Actually I had tried their food at a party they catered back when they just opened. I had the dips with flatbread, rolls and lentil burgers, none of which were impressive. This time around, nothing was bad, but nothing was truly good either. Seeing that it is one of the only two places (as far as I know) in town that serves all-vegetarian non-Chinese fare using real food ingredients free of any fake stuff, I do get its appeal and may probably return at some point to try something else.

Pros: staff, portions

Cons: seats, bleh food

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Your typical neighborhood trendster spot - Edit

Near Changping Road metro and Jingan temple metro.

Food is pricey and portions are small. Western style presentation with western style prices is the name of the game here as you will see from the Western clientele.

Food is ok nothing to distinctive.

Pros: staff speaks English

Cons: not good value

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Probably the best place to eat out in Shanghai - Edit

In 3 days in Shanghai, we went to Kush 3 times: the place is relaxing, the food really yummy and healthy. All the ingredients in the dishes are justified and explained. Raw options. I love this place.

Pros: healthy and yummy cuisine, passionate people about food, clean, welcoming place

Cons: only 4 tables

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Mathew 25 Jun 2013 - You need to try other places.

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Super healthy, raw options, great juices - Edit

Love this place, especially since it's so hard to avoid the mock meat route of most Chinese vegetarian restaurants. Lots of healthy and raw options, the calories and nutrition facts are on the menu. Especially enjoyed the nori rolls, and the raw apple cake!

Pros: healthy, raw options, vegan options

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Shanghai Oasis - Edit

Vegetarians who want options other than mock meat will appreciate Kush. There are only four tables, but the place is clean and inviting. Made two visits and we tried multiple dishes. Dip trio is a nice starter, especially if you have been longing for hummus. Garden salad was fresh and light. Arabian and roasted veggie wrap were both tasty. Loved the lentil burger. The bun is a bit too thick, but it was great to have something whole grain. Mediterranean pasta had wonderful flavor. Only dish that was a disappointment was the roasted pumpkin salad, which was far too salty. English menu (can be viewed online) and friendly staff.

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A little bit of heaven - Edit

After living in China for 2 years it was so nice to be able to visit Shanghai and come to Kush. It was easy to find and even though I walked in without a reservation they still accommodated me (the restaurant is very small with only 4 tables!). I had the Kush jungle salad, at first I thought the portion was quite small but upon finishing I realised I was happily full, the salad itself was super tasty the only thing I would have recommended is perhaps serving the dressing separate so you can control how much you have but this is me nit picking! I found the prices reasonable for Shanghai and I am always willing to pay a bit extra for good healthy food. The nicest touch was the advice from Ally on each and every dish! A little piece of heaven!

Pros: Great flavours, Friendly staff, Quick service

Cons: Restaurant only has 4 tables

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Nurturing - Wholesome - Yummy - Edit

Kush is the best Vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai; I have visited it over and over again when I still lived there. Every friend I took there was delighted and they told me they would return. Once I even met a carnivore friend who lives in the neighborhood and eats at Kush quite often as he loves it. My favorites? Difficult to say: Spicy Tofu Burger and Lentil Burger are simply yummy. And the bun is edible! I am picky when it comes to bread, but these buns are just wonderful. I never really could make up my mind which of the wraps is the best. My solution: order half a Caprese and half an Island Wrap. They both come beautifully arranged on a bed of salad greens. If you go for half a portion they only give you half the wrap, but the full size salad greens, yeah!

The Raw Power Salad is just divine, I did not know that you could use coconut oil for salad dressings, and now I have started using it at home, too. And after reading Bruce Fife's "The Coconut Oil Miracle" I was even more impressed that a restaurant makes the effort to use the oil which is best for you in at least one of its dishes. Not to mention the lovely taste.

Portions are quite big, so I had to learn to share with a friend or just go for half sizes. After eating at Kush I always felt like my body was recharged again with energy as well as had refueled on vitamins and minerals. And that is what eating is about: refueling your body to nurture it, food should be wholesome to make sure you stay vibrant and healthy. But this alone would not get you far, you also need the good taste. I have read some not so good posts and I am always wondering why that is. Whenever I went to Kush I made the right choices and I love this place. Or did I make the right choices BECAUSE I love this place ;-) "As within so without"

Pros: nurturing, wholesome, yummy

Cons: portions too big, no coffee - but they get it fr next door

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Fabulous Kush - Edit

Thank Goodness that Shanghai now has a great Vegetarian Restaurant that is clean fresh and creative
My family always enjoy eating at Kush we love the juices smoothies veggie wraps and it has the best Miso soup award from me .............I can only say if you haven't been yet you are missing out on a wonderful experience that cultivates nourishment from the inside out.
Caitlin Reilly
Yoga Teacher
Musician / Artist

Pros: super Healthy, great Value, creative

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A Favorite Spot! - Edit

Kush is one of my favorite spots for a bite in Shanghai. The food tastes great and is super healthy. The menu offers a wide range of vegetarian fare, and I can find something that appeals no matter my mood or craving. I particularly recommend Kush's ultimate veggie burger and the rice paper, spring rolls. But seriously, it's all yummy! The clincher for me was when my foodie husband (who generally refuses all things vegetarian) shared with me his approval of Kush. This is a BIG deal people. Try it out, you'll love the food, and you'll leave feeling so good about yourself! :)

Pros: Healthy, Yummy, Nice Staff

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Where Herbivores Huddle - Edit

KUSH has become my sanctuary - my oasis from the bustling world. Coming from San Francisco, I have been searching for a venue that not only provides me peace but also - fantastic vegetarian food. And to my delight - I found my Nirvana in KUSH. Try the spring rolls - magnificent. Their house salad...light & luscious. And the green curry - hard to actually speak to people during dinner as I simply graze accordingly.

I'm at KUSH at least once a week if not thrice... and every time it's always hard to leave to re-enter reality.

Pros: Excellent food, Intimiate environment, Great Vibe

Cons: There is only 1 location

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We've tried.... - Edit

I already wrote a review on Trip Advisor, but have ordered from Kush quite a few times since then, assuming it must get better. Honestly, I'm starting to think the positive reviews posted on this site & others are from friends/family of the owners, as no one I've spoken to in person has enjoyed a meal at Kush, with the exception of the veggie burgers. I also don't understand this push to be considered a uniquely "Western" veg restaurant in Shanghai, when their menu is quite similar to Annamaya's & largely Asian.

The soups are good. The burgers are quite good, but still nothing special. Annamaya's burger is much more flavorful & has a better texture and better bun. I also once had a nice stir fry that was the meal of the day on Sherpa's. But it was just a stir fry & nothing I couldn't make better myself. We once had a decent stew that was also a meal of the day. The Kush dip plate is a rip off with terrible hummus, only one pita, & the pesto dip is really just basil-flavored oil. They should just sell the cashew dip separately as it was the only thing of value in the plate.

It all goes downhill from there. There are two Thai curries on the menu-green & red. Neither has ever been the color it claimed to be, veering more towards yellowish brown in both cases. One red curry had been so over boiled that the pumpkin or sweet potato (hard to tell which) had disintegrated which negatively affected the texture of the entire dish. However, the worst part is there is no nuance of flavor-the only flavor apparent is that of chili. Lapis Thai or Annamaya are much better bets for vegan Thai.

As a previous reviewer mentioned, both soba dishes are very oily. They are also very sweet. In fact, sweet would describe the vast majority of Kush's meals. The seaweed salad is mostly wild rice-not much seaweed. The spring nori rolls are bland & come with sweet sauce. The tofu cheesecakes taste overwhelmingly of coconut oil & not much else. I also find it annoying that the dessert ingredients are not more specific. It would be nice if vegan items were specially labelled. My Arabian wrap came with feta in it even though that was not listed as an ingredient on the menu, so I couldn't eat it. I've also been told it is not possible to order the spring tabbouleh without egg or the roast pepper wrap without feta. Not very vegan friendly.

I may be lured again by the promise of a healthy and delicious veggie meal delivered to my door, but for now I (& my husband) are done. 1 cow.

Pros: they're trying, delivers, decent portions

Cons: untasty food, doesn't label vegan items, inconvenient location

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Frank Steffen 22 Nov 2011 - Hi Flamekat,

how about you call me at 13818025592 or send me an email at [email protected] and we make an appointment to meet and eat - and talk about how we can make our menu better. We are already working on the next version and I think it would be great to get your input. It seams like you can see what is missing with our food to become truly great.

I look forward to meet you,

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Ever so fresh and friendly... - Edit

I've been going to Kush religiously since day one and never do I get tired of the food. Particularly the ChocaMaca shake, Wild Seaweed Salad and selection of veggie burgers. It's where I go when I know I need a dose of food packed with vitamins and minerals, and a surrounding of good people and good vibes.

Pros: Excellent Healthy Food, Good Value, Generous Portions

Cons: Small (but they have delivery!)

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Happy eating - Edit

My favorites! Arabian wrap, tofu cheesecake, detox drink, lentil burger, lentil soup, wild seaweed salad, spring tabbouleh salad (and likely more which I have yet to try). It is strange but true. Eating Kush food makes me happy. And it also inspires me to choose healthier when I am back at home preparing my own food. Thank you for the inspiration, Kush.

Pros: Lotsa greens, Option to go half size, So many drinks to choose from!

Cons: Sometimes inconsitent

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A Soul Food Haven - Edit

Kush is the place I share with all my friends who appreciate good food, ethically sourced - both vegetarians and carnivores alike. Their relaxing and welcoming environment is an added bonus as is their very friendly staff - not the rule here in Shanghai, unfortunately.
My personal favorites are too many to list - however, I can almost never resist ordering one of their delicious wraps with the Arabian one being a slight fave for me and I still wonder how they manage to make their veggie burgers so juicy - I've tried, and mine always fall apart but their chef has some kind of magic trick up his sleeve. Besides juicy, they're also TASTY and the buns are slightly toasted but still burger buns, which adds to the 'good burger' experience in my view. Only order the burgers if you're really hungry - the food here being good means it is also nourishing and very filling.
Their drinks are so balanced they're almost meals in themselves - the 'Green Goddess' is all you need when you're looking for sth light but healthy and tasty. Also, they have the world's - yes, I'm bold enough to make that claim! - best dessert: an orange chocolate cheese cake without sugar and without flour that has little orangey taste explosions all over your tongue - out of this world - even better than their ecstasy balls and those are already amazing!

Pros: half portions available, ethical, local sourcing, delivery

Cons: small space, too few tables, some dishes too salty

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Very average by world standards - Edit

Kush is nothing to write home about. The food is average at best, with most of it feeling like it is made by someone who does not really know how to cook. The burgers are terrible - white buns with some kind of mushy stuff in the middle. All desserts are non-vegan and packed full of things like cream cheese, which even omnivores should avoid if they value their health at all. The soba noodles were oily and devoid of flavour. What we did like were the salads and the juices, and in particular the one called Green Goddess. It may just be the one reason why this cafe is a necessary fixture in Shanghai (although it will cost you a fortune by Chinese standards). The other reason would be the free wifi, although there are only 4 tables so you do need to be careful not to get in the way if you decide to linger. We came here several times whilst busy with work to get our fill of raw veges, but have now opted to buy a blender and order organic veges home delivered to our hotel so we can make our own at a fraction of the cost and minus the pesticides and random things that keep on turning up in Chinese produce these days.

Pros: raw salads and juices, wifi, pleasant environment

Cons: terrible food, non-vegan desserts, not many tables

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Frank Steffen 22 Feb 2013 - Our food is created by Fela, a vegetarian yogi from London, who cooks vegetarian since 25 years. Our "white buns" are made from whole wheat and baked fresh in house. The "mushy stuff" in the middle is either a blend of garbanzo beans, lentils or tofu and has been voted best veggie burger in Shanghai by: http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/articles/mag-sh/best/shanghais-best-veggie-burgers/
None of our desserts contain cream cheese but some are done vegan with tofu. Our soba noodles are a bit oily, I agree and they'll be taken off the menu very soon. Our produce is increasingly organic so the pesticide level compared to local markets is rather low. Most of our clients are Chinese, so I guess our prices are ok, and actually if you consider how much quality and thought goes into our product, Kush is a really good deal. Next time you are in town, I hope you reach out and we can have a meal together - we'll keep improving in the meantime =)

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eatinggreen 22 Feb 2013 - Ok, we might take you up on that offer :) One suggestion - it would be really helpful if the ingredients of the desserts were made clear. We were unable to get a real sense what were in them other than that every one of them were full of things that vegans can't eat. We're not actually vegan but are health conscious so without further info they weren't very approachable. Really surprised the hear the burger buns are wholemeal, they certainly didn't seem it. Anyway, keep it at. It is a nice environment and a lot of people seem to be enjoying it (most we saw were foreigners who seemed to dig the Western vibe). Will stop by next time in Shanghai. Cheers.

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Finally western veggie food! - Edit

As much as all the Chinese vegetarian places in Shanghai are yummy, this place finally serves up some Western treats. The atmosphere is more like a cafe in very modern space. As you walk in you can already see the delicious desserts; we had the Tofu cake and it was incredible. Other than that, the salads are very innovative and not just a few lettuce leaves thrown together. The wraps are delicious, there is an amazing selection of juices and smoothies and all the other things on the menu like pasta and burgers sound yummy. The only downside is that the portions are relatively small for the price you pay. But I guess getting great vegetarian food that is nutritionally balanced (they work with a nutritionist!) has it's price. And I would always be happy to pay that and go back!

Pros: healthy food, plenty of vegan options, innovative!

Cons: maybe too small once popular, portion size

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