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3088 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, USA

Support this place!

07 May 2013

New place, we found it on HappyCow (thanks!) and it is adorable. Small, cute, comfortable and interesting. The food was tasty. BF had vegan french toast and loved it, I had a soy-free scramble that was very well seasoned. Nice portions and the owner was so great. Convenient to I-95, too. They also have yoga classes and a cute metaphysical shop and workshops. The food took a while to come out, and we were the only ones there, but hopefully they are working out the kinks even as I type this. Great grassroots place, tell them what you want - I bet they will do their best to make it happen.

5820 N Classen Blvd Ste 1, Oklahoma City, USA


18 Jan 2013

Beautiful space, friendly staff, delicious food. We knew this place as a raw place, so were expecting the whole menu to be raw, but there were a few cooked things. It was all really tasty, though, and not so crazy-expensive as a lot of raw places. Would definitely go again if I were ever in OKC.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

What happened to Pure?

10 Oct 2012

We have been to Pure several times and always loved it. The last time we went, however, the food was so bad that we left most of it behind, and we NEVER leave food behind. Our waitress (who was very attentive and as helpful as possible) suggested that maybe it was because we normally come for dinner, which is usually more intricate and refined, but it seems to me that any time of day the food should be consistent and tasty. The juice was very good. We will not be going back anytime soon. I hope this was an isolated incident, that we just came on an "off" day, but from the reaction of the staff, I'm not sure. We would have given one cow, but for a vegetarian place you can't give lower than two.

16950 Jog Rd, Delray Beach, USA

Delicious Food, Fantastic Service

09 Oct 2012

Went there for lunch after the Morikami Gardens and we were so pleasantly surprised. The staff was very helpful and pointed out all the vegan dishes. The iced tea was delicious as was the lasagne, and the chef was happy to make the falafel wrap with tahini instead of tzatziki for us. The kale salad was so good, which is not hard to do, and yet almost nobody else seems to succeed with kale salad. I find that so many vegan places focus their meals on faux meat - tofu, tempeh, gardein, whatever, but to find a meal that is all about the vegetables is a rare treat. Such a pleasant surprise to have such a tasty, healthy lunch (low sodium, local, organic) and such fantastic service. Our waiter was a young guy, didn't catch his name, but he was great even during a busy time.

various locations, New Orleans, USA

Awesome, Friendly, Tasty!

09 Jan 2013

As a gluten-free vegan, it can be tough to find tasty meals that I don't make myself. Wandering Buddha had multiple options for me, which I really appreciate, and when I went to pick it up, they gave me lots of great info on the veg scene in NOLA (when I asked for info). The owners were great, the food was great, the kitchen looked super clean... What else is there?
They did forget my ice cream, but so did I, and I know they'll make it up to me... :)
The only con is that they use Bragg's liquid aminos in their gluten-free sauce, which is delicious, but also natural MSG. Maybe they will jump on the wheat-free tamari band-wagon soon.
I will DEFINITELY be back, and bring some friends. I really want to try their braised tofu, as I hear that the tofu chef is very picky about tofu, so it should be really good!

640 Westport Blvd, Salina, USA

Vegetarian Menu!

18 Jan 2013

We were also driving across the country, and found this place on Happy Cow. We stayed across the street and had a good vegan meal. They even made it gluten-free. Our waitress (Madison?) was great, too, and the interior of the restaurant was very interesting.

1649 Forum Pl, West Palm Beach, USA

Great food, lots of vegan options!

10 Oct 2012

Pretty, clean place, very good service, and they even made us palak with chole, though it isn't on the menu. Everything was delicious.

213 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Flavor! So good!

01 Sep 2011

We've been travelling in SE Asia for a while now. Even some of the better meals we've had in Vietnam have been a bit lacking in flavor. Karma waters awakened our taste buds! We had a lotus salad (lots of different flavors, delicious!), central asian noodles (subtle flavor, but very good) and shredded tofu salad, which said it was with mint, but it was with another green (also very yummy and filling!). We also tried the pumpkin pancakes, which were pretty plain, but came with a delicious sweet ginger dipping sauce and we tried the ice cream, which was awesome, like a frosty coconut rice pudding.
The owners were wonderful and very interesting, super passionate about their veganism and sharing it with their community. They have vegan, sustainable tourism, too, and have projects to teach a local community how to create a sustainable livelihood that is not based on fishing, their traditional income. (But the fish are nearly all gone now...) Owners are even trying to create a weekly day of free vegan for anyone who wants to try it, to encourage this lifestyle, and give free (donations accepted) cooking classes.
I would definitely recommend this place. There seem to be two locations, one one the water near the beach, and one closer to the old town of Hoi An. I biked to both quite easily, but only ate at the one close to Hoi An town.

1626 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA

Devil in the details

23 Apr 2013

Driving through the area we were happy to see a raw place. It was easy enough to find. We ordered the mediterranean pizza and the burger. I was a little surprised the they only offered one gluten-free entree. For two lunch entrees, no drink or desserts or appetizers, it was over $35, not including tip. It took a long time to get our food, and we were surprised that they use standard styrofoam to-go containers. The staff was friendly. The food was good-not amazing, but solid. The pizza crust was thick enough not to get soggy, which was nice. The portions were a good size, not too small but not big enough to warrant the price. I know that raw is expensive, but it just is not that expensive. I have run raw restaurants and eaten at many throughout the world, and it is hard to find the balance between expensive enough to make up for low sales in a raw-unfriendly market and moderate enough to let newbies try a new way of eating in order to build clientele in those markets, but this place is priced like the best raw restaurants in NYC, where everything is much more expensive anyway. So, the details: cost, eco-friendliness, time to get our food, are where the score come from. If that doesn't matter to you, give this place a try, the food alone would get four cows from us.

619 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

Worth the Drive

14 Apr 2013

We saw this place on Happy Cow, but weren't going to go so far from the highway for a veg-friendly place. The night before we were burned by a veg-friendly that had taken most of the veg off the menu. But then we saw their billboard on the highway, and it said vegan, so we decided to try it, because when do you ever see billboards for vegan anything?
It was maybe fifteen minutes from the highway, but easy to find and well worth the drive.
I ordered three entrees because I couldn't decide - calaloo, tofu escoveitch and curried palm hearts. They were all delicious, as were the cabbage and plantain sides and even the rice. The food was salty, but not unbalanced. It was heavily spiced (though not very spicy, to me, though I like spice a lot) and well-spiced. The salt was high to balance and complement the spice. I'm not a salt person, but it was delicious and well-done.
The best thing, to me, was the staff. Everyone was happy, and they seemed to enjoy being at work. They were kind to each other - really kind and caring - and to everyone who walked in, from regulars to delivery men to first-time customers like me. It seems like the kind of place where drama and pettiness are not tolerated. I know that's a strange call to make, but it was really striking to me. When I left, the server who took my order (we took it to go) shook my hand and asked my name and everyone around wished me a good day - not canned, or like they had to, just like they were happy to pass along their good cheer. It was so nice to see in a college town where the kids are often "too cool" for niceties.
They had no gluten-free vegan desserts, but they did have vegan desserts and said that they sometimes have raw cheesecake.
Definitely try this place! LOTS of vegan options, knowledge of gluten-free, very tasty!
I think this place would have five cows if Happy Cow allowed five cow ratings for non-veg places.

1180 Peachtree St, Atlanta, USA

Changed menu, very few options

14 Apr 2013

We ordered everything vegan on the menu and it was barely a dinner. They had some dips, olives, fries, boiled peanuts and a veggie plate with cucumber salad, pickled beets and very sweet Brussels sprouts.
The food was okay, salty and tangy to go with the beer, but not great on its own, and not a meal.
Decor is nice, very interesting, especially the bathrooms. Staff was great. Extensive, varied beer list. I wouldn't be surprised if this place had great non-veg food, but for a veg-friendly place, I think it's lacking.

224 W King St, St Augustine, USA


06 May 2013

We stopped in St. Augustine on our way north. We got dinner and dessert from Present Moment and it was so good that we got breakfast and lunch on our way out of town. I feel that I am a pretty tough critic of raw food specifically, and this place was great! It was really flavorful but not too heavy. Creative and solid. Not all the food is raw, not all the raw is 100% raw, but if you want an entirely raw meal, just ask and you will get something delicious. We had the samosa dinner and the pad thai, both with fantastic flavor, and the cobbler and ice cream for dessert. I wasn't crazy about the dessert, but it was good. Breakfast was raw pancakes and a loaded bagel (yum, yum) and lunch was a raw burger and a mushroom special with parsnip rice, both very good. Not very expensive, and a really cute place with nice, friendly patrons and staff. Nice music on Friday night, too. We will definitely go back anytime we are in St. Augustine, and will likely find a reason to get back there sooner than later for this place. Even the faded painting on the outside of the building is interesting. LOVE IT!

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